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Pharmacy Technician Resume

Nyc, NY


  • Transformed competent ampicillin sensitive E. coli via heat shock to become ampicillin resistant using bacterial plasmid pBR322 (gene for ampicillin resistance)
  • Serially diluted competent cells for plating out transformed bacteria on ampicillin resistant and non - ampicillin resistant media
  • Lysed teh transformed cell lines using buffers containing SDS +NaOH, RNAse, and high salt concentrations
  • Centrifuged lysate to isolate plasmid DNA from ampicillin resistant bacteria as a prelude to restriction analysis
  • Created a restriction profile using restriction enzymes EcoR1 and HinDIII to cleave teh DNA at specific target sequences to predict teh number and size of expected bands to be seen in gel electrophoresis
  • Determined teh OD (optical density) of teh plasmid sample through a spectrophotometer to estimate teh purity of DNA
  • Ran gel electrophoresis of digested plasmid DNA to conclude if teh pBR322 transformed E. coli
  • General Skills: pipetting, weighing, sterilizing, washing/cleaning glassware, centrifugation, distillation, and titration
  • Microscopy: light, fluorescence, and scanning electron
  • General Biology: transduced and conjugated cells, practiced staining techniques
  • Genetics: Performed replica plating, grew of competent cells, amplified plasmid through PCR (Polymerase chain reaction), isolated and analyzed, RNA, DNA, and protein
  • Animal Care: performed dissections, identified anatomy of frog and worm
  • Other Skills: Communicated research findings through scientific writing


Confidential, NYC, NY

Pharmacy Technician


  • Provided customer service to increase metrics and overall customer satisfaction
  • Adhered to safety guidelines to ensure quality care for Confidential ts
  • Screened prescriptions orders for authenticity and completeness
  • Supported teh pharmacist in filling, processing, and dispensing medications in a timely manner to increase workflow efficiency
  • Maintained drug inventory by either removing expired medications, re-packaging or labeling them on a daily basis
  • Maintained records by recording and filling physicians’ ordered prescriptions
  • Helped healthcare providers and Confidential ts in person or over teh phone to courteously answer questions, take requests, or refer inquiries to teh pharmacist

Confidential, Clifton, NJ



  • Served Confidential ts by greeting them in person or over teh phone to promptly answer questions or refer questions and issues as needed
  • Provided attention to detail to correctly schedule appointments wif a pediatrician and physician’s assistant and communicated scheduling difficulties wif teh healthcare providers to optimize Confidential t’s satisfaction
  • Kept Confidential t appointments on schedule by notifying pediatrician of Confidential t’s arrival and any service delays
  • Answered insurance and billing questions for Confidential ts and their family members
  • Supported distraught Confidential ts to ease their anxieties regarding vaccinations and routine doctor checkups
  • Provided interpretation in Bengali between pediatrician and Confidential t to convey concerns, diagnosis, and medical directions
  • Verified financial records and collected Confidential t charges to obtain revenue
  • Obtained records and updated financial and rmation to maintain Confidential t’s account
  • Maintained Confidential t confidentiality to protect their rights
  • Maintained office inventory by anticipating needed supplies and expediting supply orders

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