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Java Developer Resume

Frisco, TX


  • 7+ years of experience in Analysis, Design, Development, Maintenance and Implementation of enterprise web and client server applications using JAVA, J2EE Technologies.
  • Hands on experience inspring and Micro services using Springboot, Spring Cloud, Netflix OSS, Cloud Foundry and Modularity using OSGI framework
  • Experience in Developing web application for processing huge data sets using Big Data Ecosystems like Hadoop, MapReduce, HDFS, Sqoop, Flume and Hive.
  • Extensive experience in multi - tier projects using J2EE, JSP, Servlets, JMS, Spring, Hibernate, JDBC, SQL, HTML, Java Script, AJAX, CSS, XML.
  • Experience in Software Development Life Cycle (Requirements Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Deployment and Support).
  • Experienced in implementing applications with Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern using Spring and Hibernate.
  • Experienced in Development Methodologies like Agile Development methodology, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Waterfall Development models.
  • Expertise in backend server SQL coding, implementing Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers and Packages.
  • Worked on development of Hibernate, including mapping files, configuration file and classes to interact with the database.
  • Expertise in spring framework, include Spring IOC/Core, Spring DAO support, Spring ORM, Spring AOP, Spring MVC and Spring Integration.
  • Experience working with UNIX Shell Scripts, UNIX commands.
  • Have knowledge on SOAP, REST Web Services.
  • Experience in developing user interface using JavaFX.
  • Proficient in using variousIDEs like Eclipse, RAD7.5andGlassFish.
  • Experience in Developing J2EE applications on Eclipse IDE, NETBEANS IDE.
  • Experience in using Web Servers like Apache Tomcat.
  • Designed and implemented a real time application Hubble Portal using Java/J2EE technologies.
  • Done number of Academic Projects from scratch like A Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Based E-Shopping System, E-Commerce Application using IBM Bluemix, Healthcare Data Analytics
  • Highly committed individual with proven ability to learn fast and work well under pressure.
  • Experienced in working fast paced complex web environments.
  • Excellent inter-personal and communication skills and the ability to adapt and quickly learn new technology skills.


Programming Languages: Java, C, SQL, HTML, HTML5, XML, JQuery, JavaScript, JSON and CSS, Microservices using Springboot, Spring cloud, Docker containers, PCF, OSGI Modularity framework, Spring (Core/MVC/AOP)Java Technologies: J2EE, Servlets, XML, JSP, JDBC, JMS, Ajax

Web Technologies: JavaScript, Spring, Hibernate, SOAP, and Restful Web Services

Big Data Ecosystems: Hadoop, MapReduce, HDFS, Sqoop, Flume, Hive

Operating System: MS-DOS, Windows, Linux

Databases: Oracle 9i/10g, MySQL, HQL

Web Servers: Apache Tomcat 5.5, JBOSS

SQL Programming Tools: SQL Developer

Development Processes: AGILE

Frame works: Hibernate, Spring

Build Tool: MAVEN 3.0

IDE: Eclipse 3.x, Net Beans 6.x

UML Modeling Tools: Rational Rose


Confidential, Frisco TX

Java developer


  • Working on J2EE technologies like Spring, Hibernate.
  • Defined Controller, action mappings, forms and View pages for employee management system using Spring framework.
  • Created Hibernate mapping files, sessions, transactions, Query & Criteria to fetch the data from MySQL Database.
  • New library development with micro services architecture using Rest APIs, spring boot, spring cloud, Netflix OSS.
  • Involved in second level cache using EHCache in Hibernate at table level.
  • Used Core Java to develop Business Logic.
  • Extracted reusable modules from a monolithic application into libraries for use in new micro services.
  • Reduced programming effort and increase the performance by using Collection frameworks.
  • Designed, developed and deployed various data gathering forms using JSP and Servlets.
  • Used JUnit for unit testing of the application.
  • Involved in doing build & deployment using Maven.
  • Developed and designed the front-end using HTML, CSS and JavaScript with Ajax and tag libraries.
  • Developed the entire application implementing MVC Architecture integrating Hibernate and spring frameworks.
  • Involved in development of presentation layer using JSP and Servlets with Development Tool Eclipse IDE.
  • Involved in injecting dependencies into code using spring core module and used Spring Core Annotations for Dependency Injection.
  • Involved in developing code for obtaining bean references in Spring framework using Dependency Injection (DI) or Inversion of Control (IoC).
  • Used HQL and SQL for fetching and storing data in databases.
  • Designed and developed the Validations, Controller Classes and Java bean components.
  • Designed and Developed Stored Procedures, Triggers in Oracle to cater the needs for the entire application.
  • Developed complex SQL queries for extracting data from the database.
  • Used Apache Maven for the build process.

Environment: Java1.8, Spring Boot1.5, AWS, Swagger, Spring Cloud, Spring1.5 Framework, Netflix OSS (Zuul, Eureka, Hystrix), JPA, Spring security with Json Web Token, Sleuth, Docker container, JIRA, ReactJS, IntelliJ Idea, GIT, Postman, Confluence, Splunk, Jenkins.

Confidential, Louisville KY

Java developer


  • Developed various Java Bean components for implementing business logic.
  • Developed JAX-WS (Soap) layer on top of this middleware application as a communicating interface.
  • Used AJAX components in developing UI.
  • Installed and configured Apache Plug-ins for WebLogic.
  • Involved in writing complex multi-table joins and conditional queries in Database.
  • XPath expressions are used to extract data from the XML files.
  • Build RESTful Web services using JAX-RS API.
  • Fixed software bugs using JavaScript and CSS.
  • Designed and developed API with all the CRUD capabilities using SOAP.
  • Used Agile development methodology of software development.
  • Involved database design and responsible for creating and modifying database objects.
  • Solved problems using a combination of JavaScript, JSON and JQUERY.
  • Involved in interacting with end users for requirement analysis using Soap WS.
  • Involved in performance tuning of JVM and used Garbage Collection Algorithms for better performance.
  • Extensively worked with Java Collections classes like List, Set etc.
  • Responsible for writing code for error behavior like time-outs and no match menu options.
  • Done code review and configuration-built management for the application using Maven.
  • Provided UNIX Scripting to drive automatic generation of static web pages with dynamic content.
  • Involved in validating caller input behavior.

Environment: Java1.8, Web-services, Apache cfx, Agile, JAX -Web services (Soap), Eclipse IDE, Multithreading/concurrency, XML, JavaScript, WebSphere, Maven, Unix, Restful, Apache Tomcat.


Java/J2EE developer


  • Developed Log4j logs to record the application events to provide the debugging, monitoring and auditing capabilities to the application.
  • Developed Test cases, Test scenarios Test scripts for Unit testing and Black box testing.
  • Extensively used WebSphere as the portal server.
  • Used Oracle as relational databases and created E-R diagrams for database tables.
  • Used Struts-config.xml file for defining Mapping Definitions and Action Forward Definitions.
  • Collaborated with the business and technical teams and took the responsibility to document the functional and technical specifications in the business requirements analysis phase.
  • Struts MVC framework for developing J2EE based web application.
  • Built the admin module using Struts framework for the master configuration.
  • Implementation of DistrubutedMap using DnyaCache for implementing the distributed cache on a clustered environment.
  • Developed server-side common utilities for the application and the front-end dynamic web pages using JSP, JavaScript and HTML/DHTML, developed EJB components encapsulating business logic.
  • Create build environment for testing application on Eclipse.
  • Preparing the design documents and review with analysis team, development team and testing team.
  • Interacted with the client leads directly to help them integrate their application with MNP.
  • Extensively worked on presentation layer and stimulators developed with Struts.
  • Creating XML based configuration, property files for application and developing parsers using JAXP, SAX, DOM technologies.
  • Design and developed business objects, data objects, view objects and helper classes.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Servlet, JSP, Struts EJB, XML, Log4j, Webservices, Oracle8.0/9i, WebSphere 5.1, WSAD5.1, Windows, ANT, UML

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