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Soa Integration Specialist / Java Developer Resume


  • Experience in Deploying, Monitoring and Supporting Java Web services in Pivotal Cloud Foundry.
  • Knowledge of application development for Cloud platforms using technologies like Java/J2EE, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Micro Services.
  • Experience in Deploying, Monitoring and Supporting Java Web services in AWS.
  • Experience in Micro Services and Spring Boot application development.
  • Expertise in client scripting language and server scripting languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSP.
  • Hands on experience in working with Collections, Exception Handling and Multithreading.
  • Analysis, Design and Development of J2EE Business applications, Web - based and n-tier applications using the following core technologies - Java, Servlets, JSP, JSTL, and XML.
  • Experience in Spring Framework such as Struts, Spring IOC, Spring Resources, Spring JDBC, Spring MVC, Spring Security, spring Boot, JSF, Junit, Hibernate, Jasper reports.
  • Expertise in Verification and Validation tools for coding used in Python.
  • Experience in writing the SQL queries in Oracle, MYSQL, DB2 and SQL Server. Worked on NoSQL Mongodb and apache Cassandra.
  • Developing Data Models using NoSQL data stores like (MongoDB, Cassandra)
  • Participated in troubleshooting issues on AWS, Netflix Eureka and Cloud environments.
  • Experience in development, deployment and troubleshooting Web based and enterprise-based applications on Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms.
  • Experience in developing web-services using REST, SOAP, WSDL and Apache AXIS2, UDDI, WSDL, JAX- RPC, JAX-RS JAX-WS, JAX-B.
  • Experience in designing transaction processing systems deployed on various application servers including Tomcat, Web Sphere, Web logic, JBoss.
  • Good Experience on Quality Control, JIRA, Tracking the tickets like accepting the tickets/defects, Reviewing Code and closing the tickets etc.
  • Used CVS, Git and SVN for Source code version control.
  • Experience with various IDEs like Eclipse, IntelliJ, Spring Tool Suite.
  • Excellent Experience in Code Refactoring.
  • Expertise in implementing client-server business applications using Micro services.
  • Actively involved in the DevOps streamlining process through Jenkins CI and CD Release Automation.
  • Experience in building tools like ANT, Maven, Gradle.
  • Experience installing and developing on ELK.
  • Hands on experience in creating Docker images to solve containerization issues.
  • Involved in Automation Feasibility Study for Web based applications.
  • Hands on experience working in WAMP (Windows, Apache, MYSQL, and Python/PHP) and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Python/PHP) Architecture.
  • API design and implementation (remote vs local APIs, routing and reverse proxy, load balancing, optimization techniques)
  • Developing bash shell scripts to parse and load data into database and created build scripts
  • Managed local deployments in Kubernetes, creating local cluster and deploying application containers.
  • Container management using Docker by writingDocker filesand set up the automated build on Docker HUB and installed and configured Kubernetes.
  • Used Curator API on Elasticsearch to data backup and restoring.
  • Monitored servers using Nagios, Data dog, Cloud Watch and using EFK stack Elasticsearch Fluentd kibana.
  • Excellent Client interaction skills and proven experience in working independently as well as in a team.


Operating Systems: Windows, LinuxLanguages Java, XSLT, SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, JSON, AJAX

Databases: PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MySQL, Sybase, MS Access, Stored Procedures, DB2.

Technologies Frameworks: Java8.0, J2EE, Servlets, JSP, JSF, Spring, Hibernate, Java Mail, DOM, JAXB,JSON, XSLT, JUnit, Ant, Maven, Log4j, Ajax, Mockito.

Business Integration: WebServices, JDBC, Hibernate, JDO, JPA, SOAP, WSDL, Restful Web Service, Jersey

Design Methodologies: UML, J2EE Design Patterns

Tools: Eclipse, IntelliJ, Spring Tool Suite, Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka, Kibana, NiFi,Elasticsearch, GIT Bash, XML Spy,ETL Tools Talend, Visio, CVS, APIC, PCF CLI, AWS CLI.

Servers: Web Sphere, WebLogic, Tomcat, Apache, Jboss, Glassfish.

Cloud Services: Pivotal Cloud Services, Amazon Web services and Google Cloud Platform.



SOA Integration Specialist / Java Developer


  • Design, develop, deploy and maintain Enterprise API’s in a PaaS Pivotal Cloud Foundry using Springboot-1.0.x to 2.1.3.
  • Experience with PaaS technologies like Cloud Foundry, OpenShift, Containerization
  • Experience in developing Cloud computing microservices using Spring Boot, Spring Cloud and Netflix based Eureka Discovery server.
  • Setup and connect to MongoDB enterprise database server on PCF, which include designing queries/indexes and connect using JDBC Templates.
  • Bind MongoDB to Spring Boot API’s using create and bind service instances using CF CLI.
  • Created indexes in Mongodb on single, embedded field and embedded documents.
  • An E-commerce project initiated to move the legacy systems to AWS cloud clusters, to work around SAP Hybris system and provide best E-commerce solutions across markets.
  • Strong programming skills in designing and implementation of multi-tier applications using web-based technologies like Spring MVC and Spring Boot.
  • Wrote Rest-Controller w.r.t RESTful standards in Spring MVC to connect model with view
  • Expertise in developing SOAP, RESTful Web Services and APIs with JSON and XML.
  • Wrote queries to select data present in Cassandra cluster using CQL (Cassandra Query Language) to create, read, update data.
  • Expert in version control tools like GIT and SVN; build tools like Maven and Gradle; continuous integration tools like Jenkins, and issue-tracking platform like JIRA
  • Used Micro service architecture, with Spring Boot based services interacting through a combination of REST and Apache Kafka message brokers.
  • Implemented Different data formatter capabilities and publishing to multiple Kafka Producer.
  • Kibana is used as a data discovery tool and analysis to produce visualizations of graphs.
  • Developed file cleaners using Python libraries and made it clean.
  • Utilized Python Libraries like Boto3, numPY for AWS.
  • Worked on Python OpenStack APIs and used Numpy for Numerical analysis.
  • Design stand-alone process flow using NIFI, also including Jolt transformations.
  • Worked on ElementTree XML API in python to parse XML documents and load data in the database.
  • Design and implement RESTful services with proper HTTP/HTTPS specifics.
  • Built CICD Pipeline to automate the code release process using Integration tools like GIT, GitHub, Jenkins and artifact repo.
  • Installing and configuring Jenkins, installing plug-in, configuring security, creating a master and slaves for implementation of multiple parallel builds.
  • Installed and configured monitoring tools Nagios for monitoring the network bandwidth and the hard drives status.
  • Enabled Log4j logging to connect log and store data in Enterprise Splunk Security with the help of Firehose.
  • Create Splunk dashboards to provide customized analytics, application security, incident management, advanced threat detection for all enterprise APIs using logs from Log4j.
  • Provide Slack, E-mail integration for notifications of errors, quality check reports, job runs and analytic reports.
  • Enforce coding standards of clean code and 12-factor authentication with Micro service architecture.
  • Lead and provide solutions to the team for a better approach to architectural, functional or design challenges.

Environment: Java,JDK1.8, Python 2.7, Eclipse, Docker, Kubernetes, Traefik, Zookeeper, Kafka, NiFi, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Quay Repository, XML, Linux Environment, GIT bash, Oracle VM box,ORaaS,Talend Spring boot 1.5.19, Restful, Oracle 10G, JMS-Kafka, log4j, Mockito, Maven, Gradle, Postman, AWS cloud 9, IBM APIC


Full Stack Developer


  • Actively involved in Analysis, Design, Development, System Testing and User Acceptance Testing. Followed Agile methodology in the Scrum Cycle model where requirements evolve through collaboration between teams.
  • Designed and developed the UI using spring view component HTML 5, CSS 3, Ajax, Bootstrap and AngularJS.
  • Leveraging AngularJS resources for all data access, encapsulating URLs and standardizing data access.
  • Developed Algorithms for forms for the user event handling and validations using JavaScript and AJAX.
  • Used Multi-Threading and concurrency and implemented threads while preparing and generating mails.
  • Involved in writing Thread Safe blocks for multithread access to make valid transactions.
  • Implemented Executor Service in the application, can execute tasks in the background, like a thread pool.
  • Used advanced Java 8 features like Lambda expressions for array operations, collections. Enhanced concurrency methods etc. throughout the application for well-defined programming.
  • Used Hibernate, object/relational-mapping (ORM) solution, technique of mapping data representation from MVC model to Oracle Relational data model with SQL-based schema, Transactions, Interceptors.
  • Strong experience on Spring Dependency Injection to use constructor arguments for mandatory dependencies.
  • Developed Microservices using Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud.
  • Used a Microservices architecture, with Spring Boot-based services interacting through a combination of REST and Spring Boot.
  • Used Microservices are designed with the individual database and project with no dependencies.
  • Created REST based web services by establishing links using HATEOAS from Spring based applications.
  • Hands on experience with MongoDB Installation, Configuring, Monitoring and Designing Shared Environment.
  • Worked on MongoDB concepts such as locking, transactions, indexes, replications, schema design.
  • Created Stacks using Amazon Cloud Formation templates to launch AWS Infrastructure and resources. Used AWS Lambda to run the code in the AWS comprehensive, evolving cloud computing platform.
  • Implemented Model View Controller (MVC) framework and Spring regarding flow of request by Dispatcher Servlet.
  • Developed Maven scripts and developed builds using Maven and continuous integration servers like Jenkins.
  • Used Git as Version Control System for the application and JIRA as defect management.
  • Upgraded Apache Tomcat 8.0 in Production servers to the latest version, configured and tested successfully.
  • Developed JUnit test cases for unit testing the integration layer.
  • Developed test cases for unit testing in the integration layer using Mockito framework.
  • Worked on DAO's to pull data from source Databases and converted into JSON formats, published into Kafka.
  • Responsible for migrating existing modules in IBM MQ to Kafka to integrate with Apache Storm.
  • Used GIT as version control and Spring Tool Suite (STS) as an IDE to develop the application.
  • Worked with production support team in debugging and fixing various production issues

Environment: Agile Methodology, Java1.8, J2EE, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Spring MVC, Spring IOC, Spring Boot, Spring Security, OAuth2, Spring AOP, Spring Batch, REST, SOAP, Hibernate, Micro Service Architecture, Active MQ, Docker, Web Sphere, AWS, EC2, S3, RDS, MongoDB, Web Sphere, Oracle, Mockito, JUnit, Kafka, Maven, Jenkins, JIRA, GIT, STS, Linux.


Microservices Developer


  • Designed and developed asynchronous RESTful Microservices using Spring boot, Couchbase and RXJava that are consumed by other microservices with an average response time of 30 milliseconds.
  • Implemented all the components following a test-driven development methodology using JUnit and Mockito.
  • Integration with external services like user service, item services, inventory, budgeting, store locator services, and tax service using REST API and SOAP.
  • Worked with Business Analysts, Business Owners, QM Analysts, and Application Support Teams to understand all stakeholder requirements.
  • Worked closely with Architects for requirement analysis and designing engineering solutions for complex business problems.
  • Hands-on experience in using CI/CD pipeline and Jenkins for deploying the code.
  • Implemented a search algorithm on the list page that returns the search response with product details in less than 30 milliseconds.
  • Worked in a fast paced bi-weekly sprint environment following Agile principles and methodologies.
  • Developed a Standard Cloud Native frameworks using Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Data and Spring Frameworks.
  • Integrated PostgreSQL that serves as a database to maintain all the Customer information, Wrote Queries to execute add and edit operations to access the data.
  • Implemented service layer using Spring IOC and annotations and Controllers using Spring MVC.
  • Created User Interface screens usingHTML, JSTL, CSS and Javascript.
  • Developed Manifests YAML files to deploy spring boot application to pivotal cloud foundry.
  • Build Patterns using Microservices on Pivotal Cloud Foundry adhering to 12 factor and cloud native principles.
  • Effectively participate and drive design solutions, roll up your sleeves with hands-on development, mentor individuals, and perform code reviews.
  • Experience with CRM system.
  • Developing solutions with Cloud providers including AWS.
  • Created Epics, stories and tasks to track the work progress in Jira and documented the PMO and Visio in Confluence.
  • Used Postman as API testing tool for testing in various Environments by configuring domains for dev test and prod environments.

Environment: Java 8, Rest, SOAP, Spring, Struts (WCS - Analyzing old code), Stripes, EJB, JSF, JQuery, Ajax, Jira, Maven, Couchbase DB, NoSQL, CI/CD, Jenkins, ActiveMQ, WebLogic, Node.js, Bootstrap, Sybase, Backbone.js, Angular.js, JavaScript, Oracle 11g, Aegis Security, Junit, Mockito, Agile, UML, JSP, JBoss, SOA

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