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Sr. Mobile App Developer Resume

Sparks, MD


  • 7+years of experience in Android Development, testing and deployment in both consumer and enterprise based mobile applications.
  • Great understanding of Unit and Functional testing.
  • Over 8+ years of experience in J2EE/J2SE and Google Android development using Java, Android SDK, SQLLite, Eclipse, Android Debugger, Phone Gap (Cross Platform tools)
  • Served as a technical lead within the company to develop the technology stack.
  • In - depth experience in using Kotlin withAndroid Studio and Eclipse withADT plugin, designing UI layouts usingLinear Layout, Relative Layout, Frame Layout, Table Layout, List View, Grid View and using Android native widgets and custom Widgets.
  • Experience developing rich application UI's. Conducted regular 1 - on-1s with team members to provide career and technical mentorship.
  • Solid background in OOP and knowledge of software design patterns/best practices.
  • Work with Product Management, Delivery teams and Project Management to translate requirements into tasks for deliverables. Have strong knowledge and demonstrated experience using Android Studio.
  • Developed Cross-Platform Mobile app using Xamarin Forms with code sharing between all platforms (Android, IOS and Universal Windows apps)
  • Have working experience on SDK development in iOS.
  • Strong understanding of server-side software, scalability, performance, and reliability.
  • Have been the single point of contact for all Android-related matters, heavily interfacing with the Product team and Marketing team.
  • Ability to debug and fix complex issues. Experience working with deep learning algorithms.
  • Conducted interviews and contributed to the continuous grow the engineering team.
  • Familiarity with the Android tool ecosystem for development, testing, debugging, and performance benchmarking. Real-world experience is building very large scale, high availability applications.
  • Developed User Interfaces usingHTML,HTML5,CSS.
  • Designed User Interface usingcustom layouts,dialog boxes,buttonsandalert boxes.
  • Experience in usingJDBCfor connecting to database for data exchange and retrieval.
  • Expertise inObject Oriented Programming(OOP) andObject Oriented Analysis and Design(OOAD) concepts.
  • Leveraged cutting edge technology like Kotlin, Android JetPack, Retrofit, Navigation, ViewModel, Room, Actions.
  • Retrofit and MVP pattern knowledge and worked on crash reporting tools like ACRA, Criticism.
  • Worked on RXJava, Dagger Dependency Injection in Android.
  • Experience writing apps from scratch in Kotlin.
  • Experience inJSON/XMLbased development forREST web services.
  • Experience in developingUML Diagrams,Use Case DiagramsandClass Diagrams.
  • Experience in usingSQLite,MSSQL,SQLServer 2008,MySQLandOracle 9i, 10g.
  • Experience with version control systems (GitHub).
  • Experience in different types of testing such asfunctional testing,regression testingandEmulator testing.
  • Expertise in working with public APIs, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube and in using third party libraries and GitHub.
  • Experience in implementing native libraries in application by using Android NDK.
  • Experience in developingJUnit test cases.
  • Often use project libraries like Android Support Library, Dagger 2, Butterknife, Picasso, Retrofit, GSON EventBus, ViewPager, Rx JAVA, ORMLITE and other common libraries.
  • Achieved a great level of decoupling by implementing Dependency Injection with Dagger 2.
  • Experience in Android debugging tools such as ADB,Trace,DDMS,Log Cat,Eclipsed ToolsandMonitor.
  • Good Experience on 3rd party libraries likeDagger,RX-Java, andRX-Android.
  • Good exposure in troubleshooting and debugging android applications.
  • Hands on experience in deployment & publish android application on Google Play market
  • Motivated highflier with excellent verbal/written communication skills, admirable presentation capabilities, efficient requirement gathering ability and effectively convey them to other members in the team.


Programming Languages: C/C++, Java 8/1.6,1.5, SQL, XML, JSON, Struts 2

Database: Oracle 11g/10g, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, SQLite, MS Access

Web Technology: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSP, Servlets, Angular 6, Ionic Framework

Web Services: REST, SOAP

IDEs: Android Studio, Spring STS, Eclipse, NetBeans, Visual Studio Code

Tools: Apache Web Server, Tomcat, Android SDK, Gradle

Version Control: GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, SVN

Methodologies: Waterfall/Linear, Spiral Model, Agile, Scrum, V Model

Operating System: Android (2.2-9.0), MS-DOS, Windows 10/8/7/XP, Linux Ubuntu, RedHat, MacOS4

Testing and QA Tools: SDK, Junit, Crashlytics, Espresso, Mockito, DDMS, Logcat, Hudson, Test link, Bugzilla, Quality Center

Third Party Libraries: Picasso, phone gap, Espresso, Volley, ION, OpenGL, Cordova, Dagger, Retrofit, Jackson.

MS Office Tools: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Access


Confidential, Sparks, MD

Sr. Mobile App Developer


  • Developed new features for the Android application used on phones and tablets worked with other developers to develop top tier solutions for United's customers.
  • Working in POD structure, defining, and implementing solutions in alignment with United's guidelines and roadmap.
  • Worked excessively on core JAVA / Kotlin / SWIFT concepts like polymorphism, inheritance, serialization, synchronization and exception handling
  • Design and implement services, applications, and frameworks for mobile platforms to change how user interact with the content; integrate solutions into innovative core technologies and frameworks.
  • Developed update patches, modules, and components for different applications
  • Experience in Cross-Platform Mobile Development usingReact Native + Type Scriptbased mobile app.
  • Help React Native developers create plugin functions in the Android app to fetch information for the React side.
  • Worked on Android Framework Customization whichsupports easy XML parsing using a convention over configuration-based XML pull parser, new adapters and widgets, such asList Adapter with Progress, anImage Loader which can load images from the web asynchronously, backed by a FIFO cache etc.
  • In-depth knowledge of Android (Java / Kotlin) and iOS (SWIFT) technologies, Databases and Software Development Life Cycle. Familiar with Android and iOS development.
  • Streaming Plug-in for its own and third-party real-time streaming services.
  • Real-time P2P communication between mobile devices.
  • Created handset specific user interface UI for mobile phones and tablet PC's
  • Participated in developing the UI for the app using Web Views, middleware apps, Buttons, 9-patch images, dialog, and Alert dialogs.
  • Worked with Android UI components such as Layouts, Menus and Action Bars.
  • Participated in designing of various screens by using design principles.
  • Researched on application acceptance andsolicited feedback from usersto make the new and existing applications more user friendly
  • Wrote technical specifications and maintained all reports pertaining to application development process
  • Experience in testing frameworks like Express and with Android SDK tools.
  • Integrated Retrofit Network library in code to improve application network performance
  • Worked withRetrofitto consume RESTful web services.
  • Achieved a great level of decoupling by implementing Dependency Injection with Dagger 2.
  • Worked on the local data storage usingshared preferences, SQLite databaseand file system.
  • Created worker threads for handling long term operations to ensure best UI performance.
  • Tested the widget for multiple devices, densities, and screens.
  • Implemented the NDK for the smooth functioning of the location-based services on Android.
  • Handledtime constraint issues, exception, and error handling for the app.
  • Involved in post-production support and Change Request process to fix the bugs
  • Implemented a well-versed error handling system in the application.
  • Involved in developer testing by porting the application on multiple devices with various screen sizes
  • Wrote unit tests for mobile code and debugged critical application issues such as crashes, exceptions, memory leaks, and concurrency problems.
  • Good knowledge and experience about Bluetooth (Version 4.0, both BR/EDR and BLE).
  • Worked on Bluetooth services, for scanning, connecting, and transferring data through Bluetooth connected devices.
  • Managed tasks within Agile framework and cleared most of the assigned task within the given sprint.
  • Fixed bugs and improved application performance.
  • Partnered with analysts, QA, and internal developers to maintain best practices.

Environment: XCODE 8, Kotlin, IOS 7, IOS 8, IOS 9, IOS,10+, Swift 3, Objective-C, C#, .NET, JAVA Script Tibco, Agile Methodology, Cocoa, AppKit, ASP, REST API, Xamarin, MSSQL, Atlassian suite, Jenkins, HTML, CSS, Quality Coding, Android studio.

Confidential I San Rafael, CA

Sr. Mobile App Developer, Android


  • Participated in complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for proper analysis, development, testing, deployment, and enhancement of the code.Involved in Requirement gathering, writing design specification document and identified the appropriate design pattern to develop the application.
  • In-depth knowledge of Android (Java /Kotlin) and iOS (SWIFT) technologies, Databases and Software
  • Used Dagger2, Butter knife and implemented the MVP design pattern. Converted complete app Activities into Fragments, Used Shared preferences to store data
  • Experience on Android UI components such as Menus, Dialogs, Action bars for various layouts in Application development. Migrated app to Android X
  • Developed Application for Security in stores using Google Geofencing and used Services to trigger alerts.
  • Implemented dependency injection framework Dagger2 to create reusable, interchangeable modules in the application.
  • Actively usedDagger 2forDependency Injection.
  • Updated application from List View to Recycler View to display Data. Utilizing AsyncTask, Thread, Handler, Services to provide smooth UI Experience.
  • Jenkins for Continuous Integration. Provided builds for QA Testing and Google Play Store.
  • Developed Augmented Reality application using Google AR, Easy AR to provide different promotions.
  • Developed application for connecting two Devices using WIFI Direct, WIFI Hotspot and Broadcast Receiver.
  • Used internal Disney libraries to develop and to reduce the code size for the app.
  • Working on Multiple projects Simultaneously. Good understanding of Restful Web Services, XML Parsing and JSON.
  • Worked as Web and Mobile apps developer, done 3 projects in Web by using React native Js+Redux with Material UI(React native js).
  • And I have done 1 React native app for which I have created UI as well and managed data using Redux and Redux-thunk (as middleware to manage Asynchronous data)
  • Implemented the Kotlin with Android studiofor smooth functioning of the location-based services GPS, Bluetooth on Android.
  • Generate the test cases against the developed code and test the application using Junit, Expresso, Robotium and Mokito libraries.
  • Tested the app across different versions ofAndroid and differentAndroid phones to assure quality and performance. Used Espresso, Junit for Instrumental Testing.
  • Experience with GIT, JIRA, Maven, Jenkins, Jabber tools
  • Used Agile process programming with 2-week sprint cycles.
  • Implemented Broadcast Receivers for Android
  • Used Shared preferences to store data and Implemented Push Notifications
  • Participated in daily stand-up meetings and involved with Scrum project estimation meeting on bi-weekly basis
  • Designed the Custom Dialog using the Fragment Activity.
  • Created test cases and test data for testing the application.

Environment: Android SDK, Augmented Reality, Kotlin, Core Java, Objective C,WIFI Direct, GIT, Google Geofence, Shared preferences, Retrofit, Restful web services, JUnit, Dagger2, Recycler View, Butter Knife, Espresso, Jenkins.

Confidential - Lake Mary, FL

Sr. Android/Java Developer


  • Involved in requirement gathering, UI design and development.
  • Participates in development phases of SDLC from analysis, design, development, and test to deployment and support.
  • Used Android SDK and Android Studio for development.
  • Developed the activities and UI layers for the application as per requirement using Views and Widgets.
  • Expert in React native Js development and have experience React.js, angular.js, Responsive design.
  • Used fragments to build small re-usable pieces that are easier to manage and allow for a more design and can adapt to tablet.
  • Improved the current data model architecture by usingMVP patternand also usedDagger 2dependency injection to avoid hard coupling.
  • Participates in designing software solutions by writing sections of Design Specifications, description of framework, interfaces, services, reports, business components, and interaction between the components under the guidance of the Architect.
  • Used SQLite Data base to maintain the data by using the methods to Insert update and to delete the data.
  • Developed the SQLite database to store and display data when application would be offline.
  • Integrated with web service and mobile device to share information with each other.
  • Integrated with different Androidversions.
  • Replaced Google Analytics with Firebase SDK for push notifications, Analytics, Crash Reporting, and Authentication services
  • Used Dagger 2 for dependency injection throughout the app
  • ImplementedKotlinfor Android Extensionsframework.
  • Implemented Application architecture using Dagger, RxJava, and enhanced code quality by converting Java to Kotlin.
  • Implemented XML service to parse user's data coming from server.
  • Utilized Dagger2 for reliable injection across different activities.
  • IncludedDaggerfor dependency injection for mocking JSON with Mockito into RESTful API web service.
  • Embedded Google Maps API, GPS Location Data into app with zooming controls.
  • Given the code to generate the Latitude and Longitude values to trace out the location services.
  • Given the code to generate the accelerometer for the location services.
  • Implemented Notification Manager to display updates on the notification bar.
  • Worked on push notifications with the help of GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) Services.
  • GCM integration for push notifications, Chat Integration, Animations Support, Custom Seek Bar Integration, Social Media Integration.
  • Reducing reaction time needed for major upcoming changes such as SDK upgrades, architectural changes, or implementation of major features.
  • Design screens using MVC pattern for the application with Android Studio IDE.
  • Work closely with the web application development team to ensure proper integration between Mobile application and Web application.
  • Used Retrofit for SOAP requests and responses
  • Used Retrofit to retrieve and upload JSON through a REST webservice at the various stages in the app development cycle and parsing the JSON responses back from the web servers according to the application requirement.
  • Used Git for continues integration, bug fixing and Source Code Management.
  • Worked on debugging the application using ADB Logcat, DDMS.
  • Debugged and tested the application on different android devices.
  • Responsible for ensuring quality delivery of code through static and dynamic testing techniques.
  • Worked closely with QA team with fixing bugs and performance issue.

Environment: Android SDK 5.1, 6.0, 7.0, Java SDK 1.6, Android NDK, JDK 1.7, SQLite 3.8, REST API, GCM, JSON, Android Studio 3.1.1, Proguard, XML, SQLite, Google APIs, Retrofit, GIT.

Confidential- New York, NY

Android Developer


  • As a part of a development team, responsible for developing clean, clear and efficient code.
  • Created and worked on 10+ fully functional Android applications.
  • Developing applications with Web Service and implementing API Integration.
  • Using design patterns to create applications and utilization for business logic.
  • Analytically user in maintaining the version control using GIT.
  • Consummate collaboration with client, management and other team members to understand the requirements.
  • Implemented Application architecture using Dagger, RxJava, and enhanced code quality by converting Java to Kotlin.
  • Involved in Agile activities such as iteration planning, grooming feature dive - ins, sprint retrospectives.
  • Dependency injection using dagger 2
  • Network calls and background multithreading using RxJava, Retrofit, Volley and AsyncTask.
  • Worked on Firebase server to provide various functionality like cloud storage and streaming.
  • Responsible for API integration and social-media integration like Facebook, Google, Linked-In, etc.
  • Refactored the legacy code with Dagger dependency injection library to create reusable, testable interchangeable modules.
  • Experience in testing frameworks like Express and with Android SDK tools.
  • Incorporated ThreatMetrix External SDK detect any breaches to the host application, Strong Device Identification and Send events showing high-risk signals to Firebase backend cloud database
  • Developed modules implementing payment integration like Confidential and Stripe.
  • Worked with applications demanding technologies like Face detection and Augmented Reality.
  • Experience in managing sessions for video calling and broadcasting with third-party libraries like QuickBlox, TokBox, and Twilio.
  • Developed a cross platform application which runs on IOS,Androidand UWP usingXamarinStudio and Visual Studio.
  • Included dependency injection with Dagger 2
  • Worked with local database SQLite and databases on a server like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle 10g, 11g and responsible for writing SQL queries.
  • Create and execute test cases in JUnit for unit testing application.
  • Connected the app to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, by integrating their SDKs.

Environment: Java7/6, Android SDK, Android Studio Framework 3.1.1, 2.3.3, SQLite, Windows 10, MongoDB, MySQL DB, MVC, XML, Google APIs (Direction, Maps, YouTube).

Confidential, Boston, MA

Android Developer


  • Took part in Native application development using the prebuilt libraries.
  • Worked on linear, frame and relative layouts in Android Studio.
  • Good knowledge in SQL queries and used these to perform insertion, Updation, and deletion from Oracle databases.
  • The Android mobile application was written natively with the Android SDK, and it supports devices starting from KitKat.
  • Responsible for implementing google maps and adding google play services libraries into the project libraries.
  • Used SVN as a version control system and transferred the application data between client and server using XML.
  • Work with Conviva SDK for improved quality of experience (QoE) and video-streaming quality
  • In corporate the tab navigation using the View Pager Indicator third party library
  • Worked on GPS location services which are used to get the location of the driver for every 10 minutes in form of pings.
  • Actively usedDagger 2forDependency Injection.
  • Generate the test cases against the developed code and test the application using Junit, Expresso, Robotium and Mokito libraries.
  • Worked on getting the data from the Contact on the device using content providers. Design screens for an application with Android Studio IDE using MVC pattern.
  • Integration of the Android based mobile applications with RESTful web services.
  • Implemented Push notifications to notify users for all crucial information.
  • Used Navigation Drawer, List View, and View Pager to develop an UI for most of the application modules.
  • Responsible for implementing third Party libraries like volley and MP Chart for progress cards and daily reports on various reporting factors and access data from Oracle DB and update product search data as project skeleton for the development.
  • Developed the SQLite database to store the articles offline as per user requirements. Used shared preferences to store data. Exchanged and stored data using JSON.
  • Java Servlets and JSP pages were deployed on the Web Logic Application Server for retrieving user information and posting related data.
  • Converted HTML/CSS non-functional pages into dynamic JSP pages by working with backend developers.

Environment: AndroidVersion 2.3-5.0,AndroidStudio, JSON, MVC, XML, and Google Maps API, Androidapplication, AndroidFramework Java,AndroidSDK, JSP, Servlets.

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