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It Intern (java) Resume


  • Experience in working wif Network Security tools, such as Cain and Abel, Wireshark, Tcpdump.
  • Analyzed network protocol, routing protocols on a multi - platform.
  • Capturing data, filter language and reconstruct a stream of TCP session.
  • Monitoring intruders, Evaluates firewall change requests inflow traffic through teh network hub.
  • Use of decrypting encrypted passwords, Cryptanalysis attack, recording VoIP conversations.
  • Managed required updates on Intrusion Detection Systems, and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool rules.


Programming Languages: C / C++ or C#, Java J2EE

Databases: SQL (Oracle, MySQL)

Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, XML

Frameworks: Spring

IDE: Eclipse



IT Intern (JAVA)


  • JDBC connection is used to connect My SQL database.
  • Insert, retrieve, update and delete queries are used to access teh data from MySQL database.
  • Coding and developing using Swing, JSP pages.
  • Testing various components and application that runs teh User interface to show teh detection of unauthorized ports.
  • Managed Java application based on Spring and Hibernate frameworks wif XML/XSLT running on Web Sphere
  • Developed frontend Java application using JFrameBuilder, Editplus, Java and JQuery
  • Used Eclipse IDE to develop Java project wif integrate process and environment.

Technologies Used: MySQL, Swing, Spring, XML, JFrameBuilder, Editplus.



  • Performed requirements specifications analysis of a system, develop code, execute and perform testing on an Android based devices.
  • Use of Java SE, Android Studio and Android SDK tools
  • Analyze code for testing and debugging using Eclipse Juno and Data base SQLite.
  • Deploy teh applications in Real-time Android devices to test developed application.

Technologies Used: Android SDK, Java SE, SQLite

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