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Java Automation Engineer Resume

Ann Arbor, MI


Confidential, Ann Arbor, MI

Java Automation Engineer


  • Maintain and develop tests using Java, WebClient, Junit 5, and Lombok.
  • Routinely run static analysis in all our projects for enhancing and fixing potential bugs, research all flagged issues found and evaluate the benefits before refactoring.
  • Create Jenkins jobs, branch, and merge code, and maintain BitBucket repositories.
  • Manage releases and routine deployments.

Technologies used or familiar with: Java, Postman, Curl, Jenkins, Cucumber, Git, Spring, Junit 5, Lombok.

Confidential, Grand Rapids, MI

Java Developer / DevOps


  • Manage user access by creating user accounts and managing their access through Access and Resource Groups through UI and CLI.
  • Create, modify, and delete all IBM Cloud resources including API Connect via UI and CLI.
  • Work directly with the internal financial group to provide detailed usage reports and audits. Provide for 24/7 internal support to include interfacing with IBM support.
  • Assist our dev teams and IBM by using Insomnia to troubleshoot requests and responses when communicating with IBM API’s.
  • Build environment support - Manage and support Bitbucket repositories for supported dev teams.
  • Create and maintain Jenkins Pipeline and Freestyle jobs with integration to Bitbucket.
  • Create Groovy scripts to be used in the Jenkins pipeline file.
  • Utilized Docker to create development environments that included Jenkins, Bitbucket, and Artifactory to name a few. Built Docker images using Dockerfile to copy files into the image, set entry points, and run commands.

Technologies used or familiar with: Docker, Linux, Insomnia, Jenkins, IBM Cloud Admin, and VS Code. Secondary experience with Python, Bitbucket, and Artifactory.

Confidential, Bellevue, WA



  • Refactor, design, develop, test, and troubleshoot the agent booking app and associated API’s.
  • Create JUnit tests when at all possible and continuously verified the results.
  • Investigate build breaks and fix or assign issues to the owners.
  • For every issue owned by my team I ran a code analyzer, created bugs, and fixed all reasonable issues or assigned it to the owning dev.

Technologies used or familiar with: Java, JUnit, IntelliJ. Secondary experience with Tomcat and Visual Studio.

Confidential, Seattle, WA

Configuration Engineer


  • Designed and developed Java Messaging tools to be used for managing prod and non-prod messages, brokers, queues, and topics.
  • Tested and troubleshot every component of the messaging infrastructure and verified JUnit tests were created for all foreseeable issues.
  • Used Java static analysis tools to look for bugs and enhancements in all related dev code.
  • Verified Hibernate and database logic and data.
  • Also used SonicMQ(Aurea) interfaces to manage domain managers, brokers, queues, topics, and messages.

Technologies used, but not limited to: Java, Junit, Javax JMS, SonicMQ, SMC, and SQL.

Confidential, Bellevue, WA

Software Engineer


  • Developed various Tableau dashboards and R-based data analysis scripts used for analyzing, monitoring and automating device, and user data.
  • Validated web apps and databases for relative content between them.

Technology used, but not limited to: Java, JUnit, R, Tableau, Jenkins, Eclipse, Jira. Secondary experience with MSSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, and Hive.

Confidential, Bellevue, WA

Lead Sr. QA Engineer


  • Job duties include ensuring the quality of Confidential sites across mobile and desktop platforms.
  • Lead off-shore (Taiwan), full-time and contract testers.Designed and developed Java/Selenium automation for PC and Mac desktop browsers and ensured matching manual test cases for every reasonable automated case.
  • I verified mobile browser experience(manual), quality, and performance using Mac and Android native browsers on smartphones and tablets.
  • Tested web security, performance, and manual and automated testing of websites, web applications, web services, mobile apps(manual), and database content e.g. content catalog, Product catalog, E-Commerce, user registration.
  • Created a Java test harness to prime content by calling web RESTful services during production releases to ensure the user impact was minimized.
  • Created RESTful web services environment to match preproduction environments and performed load and stress testing and monitoring.
  • Created custom performance, load, and stress tests using Java.

Technologies used, but not limited to: Fiddler, Android SDK, Eclipse, IDE Code Analyzer, Java, JUnit, TestNG, Selenium, Cucumber, JMeter, JSoup, JSON, Gson, RestClient, LoadStorm, SVN, Git, Eclipse, Jira, Autonomy/HP Interwoven (TeamSite), MSSQL, and MySQL.

Confidential, Seattle, WA

Quality Assurance Specialist


  • Primary responsibilities is to review and approve Java code for changes to, and new implementations of sensitive infrastructure applications.
  • Work seamlessly with developers to expose customer issues and resolutions through various means, including code reviews.
  • Troubleshoot, design, research, and develop changes to existing applications and implement code solutions for stability, performance, and requirements.
  • Design and develop automated and manual test tools to interface applications for performance and load testing, reproducing customer issues, and scenarios, including research and proof of concept. Create testing documentation and detailed testing steps to ensure application stability and customer requirements.
  • Maintained a java developer test harness for prod and non-prod environments.

Technologies used, but not limited to: Java, JUnit, Sonic MQ, Java Messaging Service (JMS), Apache Tapestry, Rational Functional Tester, SOATest, JavaScript, DB2, Apache Tomcat, WebSphere, Windows Active Directory, LDAP, Eclipse, Ant, CVS, Maven, Sonar, Solaris, Unix.

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