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Software Engineer Resume

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Nyc New, YorK


  • 10+years of experience in the Information Technology Industry providing technical solutions for business applications which include design, development, build frameworks, a test of Web as well as Middleware multi - tier distributed environments.
  • Roles include Software Engineer and Mentor wif expertise spanning designing, implementing, testing, re-engineering multiple corporate web applications/products.
  • Experience dealing wif performance-oriented issues, enhancements, and architectural level advancements using various best practices such as MVC, JAVA design Patterns, Confidential Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, and CI/CD
  • Hands-on expertise in designing, developing, and deploying applications using J2EE technologies including JSP, Servlets, GWT, MVC, JDBC/ODBC, Hibernate, Junit, XML, XPATH, and RDBMS.
  • Expertise in developing Restful Web services.
  • Design and development of production pipelines for analyzing location data. Heavily using big data tools such as Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Cassandra, RabbitMQ, Apache Pig on colocation clusters.
  • Experience in designing, implementing, deploying, managing applications for Cloud-based platforms.
  • Expertise in web technologies including JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, GWT, JQuery, Ajax.
  • Proficient using (version, change) SCM tools like Git Hub and Perforce.
  • Facilitated application's release and build management using tools like Ant, Maven.
  • Well-versed wif different SDLC methodologies.
  • Strong background in supporting production environments and meeting customer needs.
  • Full life cycle experience, including customer reviews/meetings, requirements gathering, architectural review, high- and low-level design, coding, peer walkthroughs, testing, acceptance, delivery/installation, technical support, and maintenance tasks.
  • Experienced in logging and tracing tools like log4j on web applications.
  • Self-motivated, quick learner wif excellent communication skills and an appetite to take on new challenges.
  • Experienced in leading low and high-budget SW projects.
  • Domains I has served include, Internet, Health Care, and Ad Tech along wif other services on very large to small scales. Application areas include web-based transactional systems to traditional large database-driven ones to technology-focused products such as programming languages and middleware.


Java/JEE Technologies: Java, JEE, JDBC, JSP, Spring Boot, Servlets, Junit, Log4j, Ant, JavaScriptJSP, Servlets, JDBC, SOAP and Design Patterns

Languages: Java, Python

Web Technologies: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, GWT,, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax


Database: MySQL,MongoDB, Confidential AppEngine,Neo4j, Cassandra,PostgreSQL

Cloud Platforms: Confidential Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure

IDE Development Tools: Eclipse, Neo4j, Intellij

Operating systems: Windows, LINUX, MAC OSx

Big Data Technologies: Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Pig, Hive


Confidential, NYC, New York

Software Engineer


  • Implemented e2e simulation for a new user, existing/returning user and guest user checkout flow for 2 different interfaces named as tab-less and faceless of MasterCard click to pay online payment checkout system using fluent builder pattern and emvco standards
  • Implemented unit and functional test cases for the submodules and implemented code clean up for the various different submodules of the e2e simulation of the online payment system
  • Interacted wif the requirements and architecture team to understand the business and system design flow of the online payment system

Technologies used: Java, JUnit, Mockito, Spring Boot, Azure, Jenkins, Rally, Bitbucket

Confidential, NYC, New York

Software Engineer


  • Lead development effort of the new version of API layer using hibernate/CriteriaBuilder API
  • Lead development effort of history chatbot sub-module to save user interaction information on chatbot feature of Terrain Insights platform
  • Implemented ML Behavioral Analytics pipeline to predict behaviors of server entities in cooperation wif Confidential Research Team
  • Implemented API layer for the ML Behavioral Analysis to fetch the prediction data for the server entities on the network

Technologies used: Java, Python, JUnit, Mockito, Kafka, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Azure, PostgreSQL, Docker, Jenkins, Mockito, JIRA

Confidential, NYC, New York

Sr. Software Engineer


  • Helped lead API team of 6 onshore and offshore developers building Digital Platform for Confidential Client
  • Responsibilities included sprint planning, designing micro-services, and halping the team resolve blockers
  • Implemented Health Score model to calculate health score using user’s activities to reward their healthier lifestyle and Implemented spark job to read user profile and activity messages from Kafka cluster and save it to Cassandra DB for PAYL Insurance project
  • Implemented KYC workflow graph data model for a case management tool that enables users to track cases using Neo4j graph database
  • Implemented spark job and Junit test cases for rule builder and alert generation module of transaction monitoring for anti-money laundering (AML) project

Technologies used: Java, Python, Spark, Kafka, Cassandra, RabbitMQ, NumPy, pandas, Neo4j, JUnit, Spring Boot, AWS, Azure, PostgreSQL, Docker, Jenkins, Mockito, JIRA, AWS Web Services

Confidential, NYC, New York

Software Engineer


  • Design and development of production pipelines for analyzing location data. Heavily using big data tools such as Hadoop, Spark, Pig on colocation clusters
  • Implemented Residential data filtering Pipeline for raw data cleansing and structuring of consumer data using internal device graph
  • Implemented Location Intelligence Serialization pipeline to update the schema of ad logs and consumer movement data to Avro format

Technologies used: Java, JUnit, Python, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Pig, Azkaban, JIRA, Avro

Confidential, Iowa City, Iowa

Software Developer Intern


  • StatsAgg Monitoring Tool: Implemented API layer for metric aggregation and alerting platform used at Pearson to send email alerts in case of any abnormality on online test applications
  • Implemented new User Interface and added administration page feature to the StatsAgg
  • Worked on providing alternate Graph Database solutions wif product development team for StatsAgg
  • Participated in week-long hackathon learning about Docker and dockerizing applications
  • Implemented pagination on StatsAgg monitoring page to improve the page load time and caching mechanism and fixed several user interface bugs on StatsAgg
  • Did a successful proof-of-concept wif Amazon's ECS service by deploying a running instance of StatsAgg docker container on Amazon EC2 container service

Technologies used: Java, Servlet, JUnit, jQuery, Mockito, Tomcat, MySQL, Docker, AWS EC2 Container Service


Research & Teaching Assistant


  • Designed and developed of tool for Graph Data Modeling for political communication scholars to study information diffusion among US presidential candidates, senators, and house representatives on Twitter using Neo4j Graph Data Models, Python, Confidential App Engine, and Twitter API
  • Designed 25 sets of queries about political communication on Twitter among presidential candidates, state reporters, house representatives, senates, and senators
  • Developed a Python-based Confidential App Engine application using Twitter API to collect tweets from Twitter’s handlers of the aforementioned political actors
  • Designed five different graph data models and determined the most efficient data model for our set of queries written in Neo4j’s query language called Cypher

Technologies used: Python, Django, Neo4j Graph Database, Twitter Search API, App Engine

Confidential, Mountain View, California

Software Consultant


  • Integrated Dashboard wif Confidential Developers Site that involved rewriting dashboard code wif 100% unit and integration test coverage
  • Updated Dashboard to use Twitter API v1.1 release rather than deprecated Twitter API v1.0
  • Implemented various other miscellaneous features and fixed bugs on Dashboard
  • Mentored new joiners to work on Dashboard
  • Confidential Developers Expert: Developed GDE’s main page displaying GDE’s profile and edit page for GDE’s to edit profile information
  • Developers Showcase: Developed admin page for importing sites and applications developed using Confidential API’s and implemented pagination on the showcase page
  • Handled real-time data logging using the LOG4J framework and designed a UI dashboard to show the daily and weekly activity of each connected device.
  • Helped keep iGoogle + top default gadgets up
  • Developed YouTube iGoogle gadget version 3 (having over 10 million users)
  • Added live­ preview support in iGoogle directory for YouTube, To-Do, concierge and twmap gadgets
  • Optimized Flood­It gadget to render faster
  • Developed "Quotes of the Day" gadget
  • Upgraded gadgets to use gadgets.* API: Kayak & CNNMoney gadget
  • Various bug fixes and implemented new features in gadgets such as YouTube, tip of the day, Global football, Confidential Videos, and Captions

Technologies used: Java, JUnit, Python, PyUnit, Django, JavaScript, AngularJS, JsUnit, GWT, XML, JSON, OAuth, MySQL, Appengine (NoSQL)


Research Assistant


  • Researched Health Level 7, a set of international standards for the transfer of clinical and administrative data between software applications used by various healthcare providers.
  • The standards focus on the application layer, which is "layer 7" in the OSI model and Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) is a popular, flexible markup standard developed by Health Level 7 International (HL7 ) that defines the structure of certain medical records, such as discharge summaries and progress notes, as a way to better exchange dis information between providers and patients
  • Developed module using Java and XML for conversion of IEEE 11073 data into Health Level 7 Clinical Document Architecture format according to Personal Healthcare Monitoring Report (PHMR) implementation guide that carries personal healthcare monitoring information, or patient measurement data taken by consumer medical device

Technologies used: Java, Servlet, Apache Tomcat, MySQL, XML, HTML, CSS

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