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Sr. Full Stack Java Developer Resume

Nyc, NY


  • Around 8 years of experience in designing and developingmulti - tier web-based client-server applications using data solutions, Intranet/Internet Enterprise Software applications for financial, insurance and healthcare domains using Angular, Java, JSP, JMS, MDX, Servlets, EJB, AJAX, JMS, ORM, JDO, JAAS, JNDI, Web services, JDBC, RMI, Applets, Swing, XML, JavaScript, Free Marker, JBoss, Oracle, Hibernate, GWT.
  • Experienced in Software Development life cycle using various methodologies like waterfall, agile and test-driven development.
  • Strong knowledge of OOAD (Object Oriented Analysis and Development), OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and applying OO principles in full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and extreme Programming.
  • Developed full-stack web applications which processed, analyzed and rendered data visually using rich internet technologies (Angular, React.js, Vue.js).
  • Experience in developing applications using SDLC methodologies like Waterfall, Agile (SCRUM) and Test-Driven Development.
  • Developed the application using Java 1.8 and implemented its features like Lambdas Expressions, Time API, Streams, functional interfaces, collectors, default methods, type interfaces, and foreach.
  • Developed Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Micro Service Architecture based J2EE applications.
  • Experience in developing and deploying applications on Cloud Platforms like Amazon Web Services.
  • Managed Amazon Web Services like EC2, S3 bucket, ELB, Auto-Scaling, SNS, SQS, IAM, Elastic through AWS Console and API Integration.
  • Experience Defined AWS Security Groups which acted as virtual firewalls that controlled the traffic allowed reaching one or more EC2 instances.
  • Experience in developing web-based applications using Java/J2EE, Servlets, Struts (Struts, Tag Libraries and Struts custom validation rules, Tiles), Spring IOC, Spring MVC, Spring AOP, Spring Security, Spring Boot, Spring Web Flow, Spring Data, JDBC, Web Services (SOAP & Restful services).
  • Experience in developing REST-based Web Services.
  • Experienced in implementation of JMS to exchange information over the reliable channel in an asynchronous way by using Rabbit MQ, Kafka as message queue.
  • Worked with SQL databases like Oracle, My SQL to manage extremely large data sets.
  • Hands on experience in writing SQL queries, PL/SQL stored procedures, Triggers and creating business tables.
  • Hands on experience in working with like Junit, Mockito, Selenium.
  • Portable deployment of applications as a single object using Docker.
  • Actively involved in the DevOps streamlining process through Jenkins CI and CD Release Automation.
  • Used version controller tools like Git.
  • Experience with understanding of Micro Services. Created and consumed Micro Services based on Web API.
  • Expertise skills in Angular/Angular JS, Java Multithreading, Exception Handling, Servlets, JSP, Custom Tag Libraries, Angular, Java Script, AJAX, CSS, HTML, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Enterprise Java Beans, JDBC, RMI, JNDI and XML related technologies.
  • Strong Knowledge in XML technologies including XML, XSD, XSLT.
  • Experienced in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and publishing Web Services that include several components like WSDL, SOAP, UDDI, Axis and JAX-WS.
  • Hands on exposure to multiple Application Servers like JBoss, IBM WebSphere Server and BEA Weblogic.
  • Expertise in IDEs and tools like RAD, WAS, Eclipse, JBuilder, Visio, Rational Rose, TOAD, Maven, Cruise Control etc.
  • Expertise in back-end procedure development, for Database Applications using Oracle, DB2, NoSQL, SQL and PL/SQL, SQL Server.
  • Hands on experience on writing Queries, Stored procedures, Functions and Triggers by using PL/SQL, I- baits.
  • Experience withMavenbuilds tools.
  • Hands-on experience working with Continuous Integration (CI) build-automation tools such as Maven, SVN, CVS,Jenkins,and Apache Ant.
  • Experienced in Design Methodologies like MVC, OOP, and OOD.
  • Proficient in unit testing the application using JUnit.
  • Experienced in building tool ANT and logging tool Log4J.
  • Experience in writing Components, Pipes and Services to separate concern and handle different situations by using Angular.
  • Good knowledge in version control system tools like CVS, SVN, GIT and Clear case.
  • Experienced in Documenting the Software Requirements Specifications including Functional Requirements, Data Requirements and Performance Requirements.
  • Good technical abilities and skills developed by determining work ethic and self-learning.


J2EE Technologies: Spring, Struts, Hibernate, Junit, Log4J, Node-JS, Spring Boot, REST Web Services, SOAP, Spring Boot, Micro Services, ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, REST API

Languages: Java1.7,1.8, PL/SQL

Web Technologies: HTML4/5, CSS2/3, JavaScript, AJAX, XHTML, JSON, XML 1.0, XML 1.1, REST, SOAP, XML-RPC, Java/j2ee

Workflow & Delivery: Responsive Web Design, Mobile Development, Single Page App

JavaScript Library: JQuery, Angular, React.Js, Redux, Thunk, Redux-Saga

Programming Languages: Java, J2EE, Python, C++, C, .Net

Databases: SQL Server 2008, Oracle 11g, MySQL 5.1, NoSQL, MS Access 2007

Operating Systems: Windows (7, 8), Linux, and Mac (10.1-10.7)

IDE: Visual Studio Code, Notepad++ and Eclipse, Net Beans, IntelliJ IDEA, spring suite, IntelliJ idea, GIT

Debugging tools: Visual Studio, Firebug and Chrome Developer Tools


Confidential, NYC, NY

Sr. Full Stack Java Developer


  • Gathered client requirements and designed features and functionality for different modules.
  • Prepared Business Use-Case Analysis based on different Data models.
  • Designed and Developed wireframes for UIs and webpages using JavaScript, HTML, CSS.
  • Develop design documents, user guides, maintenance documents, project documentation, and release documents.
  • Integrated ServiceNow with third party applications using REST web services, WSDL, and transform maps.
  • Developed aMicro Service Oriented applicationwithReact JSin the front end andSpring Boot services.
  • Developed and implemented views usingHTML5, CSS3/LESS,Bootstrap 4.0,AJAX.
  • Worked on responsive design and developed a singleISOMORPHIC responsive websitethat could be served to desktop, Tablets and mobile users usingReact.js.
  • Worked withReact JSto build Bootstrap components for responsive UI Objects and linked with API data to view render the virtual DOM dynamically.
  • Implemented various screens for the front end usingReact.jsand used various predefined components fromNPM (Node Package Manager)andredux library.
  • Used ReactRouterto create aSingle Page Application(SPA) which can bind data to specific views and synchronize data with server.
  • Pleasant Experience inReact.jsfor creating interactive UI'susing One-way data flow, Virtual DOM, JSX, React concepts.
  • Performed Unit testing on applications using toolsJestto testReact JScomponents.
  • Used the fundamentals ofJava 8like parallel streams and filters throughlambda expressionsto handle the searching.
  • Used completeannotation drivenapproach to develop the application usingSpring Bootand also involved in setting up theSpring bean profiling.
  • Developed and deployedMicro Servicesbased applications usingSpring Boot and Spring Cloud.
  • Expertise in usingSpring Security Moduleby utilizing itsSite Minder, OAuth 2.0 Configuration, OpenID Connect for Enterprise Application Authentication and Authorizations.
  • UsedSpring IOCfor specifying the dependencies of the objects using dependency injection.
  • ImplementedORM frameworkssuch asSpring Data.
  • UsedWADL(Web Application Description Language) for modelling the resources. implemented transaction management in the application by applyingSpring AOPFramework.
  • Worked withspring batchto convert xml files to data base records.
  • Used a highly durable messaging system calledApache Kafkafor asynchronous exchange of vital information between multiple business applications.
  • Worked withJenkinsContinuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD).
  • Creating, managing, and performing container-based deployments usingDocker imagescontaining Middleware and applications together.
  • Deployed thedroolsrules as a service inJ2EEstack environment.

Environment: Spring, Spring boot, Spring MVC, Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Bootstrap, HTML5, Web services, JPA, Liberty, Spring Boot, AngularJS 4, Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Bootstrap

Confidential, Omaha, NE

Full Stack Java Developer


  • Created Frontend components using Angular.
  • Created a single-page, responsive web application using client side MVVW Design using Angular and the frontend framework.
  • Involved with UI development and handled production defects in parallel.
  • Used Angular Model-View-View Model Capability and its features for data binding, validation and Ajax requests/response.
  • Wrote complex SQL queries using joins, sub queries and correlated sub queries.
  • Experience pushing, pulling, merging, and resolving conflicts with GIT in conjunction with GitHub.
  • Wrote queries for the modifications to existing database structure.
  • Improved the performance and response time of the application by implementing AJAX.
  • Designed and documented REST/HTTP APIs, including JSON data formats.
  • Responsibilities include design, planning, development, testing, documentation, and production support.
  • Work closely within the team to evaluate, research, recommend, and implement complex business requirements and processes.
  • Developed and modified stored procedures and trigger to store and access data in the Database.
  • Used Log4j to capture the log that includes runtime exception and for logging info and are helpful in debugging the issues.
  • Extensive experience in SQL queries, stored procedures, triggers and Query optimization, also written queries for insert, update and modification operations.
  • Coordinated with QA team to ensure the quality of application.
  • Demonstrate ability to deliver solutions within defined budgets and timelines while adhering to project standards and best practices.

Environment: Java 1.8, Maven, Windows, Core Java, JavaScript, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, JUnit, Web Services, GIT, Oracle Database, PL/SQL, Oracle WebLogic server etc.

Confidential, Princeton, NJ

Full Stack Java Developer


  • Developed front end for the entire website using React.Js, Redux.
  • Converted raw images and layouts from a graphic designer into CSS/HTML themes
  • Implemented web page using the semantic markup and page layout of HTML5 and implemented the new CSS3 border-radius property for the design layout and CSS3 transitions to change property values over a given duration.
  • Used SASS for creating CSS frameworks store things like colors, font stacks, or any CSS value.
  • Redesigned the existing module with React.Js according to the client requirements.
  • Created a custom, single-page, responsive web application to replace a legacy line-of-business web application using React.Js.
  • Leveraged angular resources for all data access, encapsulating URLs and standardizing data access interfaces.
  • Created custom components in React.Js, Redux for re-usable components (multi-field form elements, background file uploads, etc.).
  • Involved in implementing the complete Application in the in-build MVC Architecture with React.Js.
  • Followed Web Accessibility Guidelines while coding the website.
  • Implemented various JavaScript/JQuery effects on the pages.
  • Extensively used JQUERY, JSON, AJAX and DOM scripting to create interactive web applications like message posting and auto complete form validations.
  • Created dynamic webpages making AJAX Calls, using the XML Http Request Object.
  • Used jQuery for interaction between JavaScript and HTML.
  • Worked with the design of the templates and skins in CSS.
  • Called the restful web service calls for POST, PUT, DELETE and GET methods.
  • Used JQuery to make REST API calls and Designed/documented ofRESTAPIs for collection and retrieval of high data
  • Good experience with Spring MVC, Used Spring MVC to send the request from UI to Controllers.
  • Proficient in database development: MySQL 5.1
  • Setup Jasmine for UNIT and Functional Testing of JavaScript.
  • Designed responsive UI to work on cross browser and multi devices.
  • Designed Responsive Web pages using media queries and Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Working with Bootstrap twitter framework to Design single page application.
  • Used Web Developer, Firebug, and IE developer toolbar for debugging and browser compatibility.
  • Debug the issue in firebug for Firefox, web developer tools in Chrome, Safari and IE 8, 9, 10 browsers.
  • Been an active team player, helped in fixing bugs and also carried out troubleshooting
  • Adhered to corporate standards with respect to problem, change and configuration management
  • Involved in releasing code across the different environment.
  • Involved inbug fixingand assistedQAteamin navigating through the pages.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React.Js, Redux, Thunk, JQUERY, Bootstrap, AJAX, JSON, Windows 7, REST(web service), Java/J2ee, Spring MVC


UI Developer


  • Worked with HTML5, CSS3, XML, JSON, JavaScript, JQuery and JQuery UI for developing user interface.
  • Designed and developed various Web forms using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Front-end validations are done using JavaScript
  • Wrote unit testing of various components with JUnit framework.
  • Wrote code to fetch data from Web services using JQUERY AJAX via JSON response and updating the HTML pages.
  • Involved in writing application level code to interact with APIs, Web Services using AJAX, JSON, XML and JQuery.
  • Implemented dynamic loading of JSP’s using AJAX.
  • Designed table-less layouts using CSS3 and appropriate HTML5 tags as per W3C standards.
  • Created optimized graphic websites and application interfaces using HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery UI framework.
  • Designed and developed intranet web applications using JavaScript and CSS.
  • Handled all aspects of the web applications including maintaining, testing, debugging and deploying.
  • Good knowledge of debugging JavaScript and html code with Firefox Firebug and Google chrome JavaScript debugger.
  • Developed Architectural Design Documents and Block Diagrams.
  • Participated in the research of new technologies like JQUERY for few potential mobile app development efforts.
  • Worked with QA team on daily basis in fixing the reported bugs/defects and checking cross platform compatibility.

Environment: HTML 4/5, CSS 2/3, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, JQuery UI, JSON, Visual Studio.


 Software Engineer


  • Utilized "agile" process to streamline development process with iterative development and that includes daily scrum with team.
  • Used spring framework’s Dependency Injection (IOC) frameworkto configure application components
  • Requirement Analysis and development of business functions.
  • Wrote AngularJS controllers, views, and services for new website features
  • Used AngularJS for client Script Design.
  • Involved in the entire software solution including code development, JUnit testing, SONAR quality compliance using Java/J2EE.
  • Involved in maintenance phase of the POS project.
  • Used Model Driven Architecture Framework to create Adapter and its handlers
  • Used Tibco for designing the xpdl of the flow.
  • Worked on Ejb, Http and DB handlers.
  • Expertise with soap web services handling.
  • Worked extensively with wsdl’s in the creation of Http Adapters.
  • Worked extensively with query’s and stored procedures in the creation of database adapters.
  • Created XML schemas for the Request and Response of the Adapter Handlers.
  • Extensively used Maven build tool and SVN(subversion) for version control.
  • s and Acknowledgements

Environment: Java, J2EE, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Spring MVC, Rest, JQuery, Ajax, JavaScript, JSP, Angular JS, Servlet, DB2, Eclipse, Log4j, JUnit, Maven, AWS, Bootstrap, Ant.