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Senior Middleware Consultant Resume Profile

Houston, TX


  • Expert in J2EE Application Server's installation, configuration, administration and troubleshooting WEBLOGIC, WEBSPHERE, TOMCAT, JBOSS
  • Excellent skills of automation scripting on UNIX platform Bash, Python
  • Solid experiences of Unix OS systems like Solaris , RHEL, HP-Unix
  • Good understanding of J2EE Technologies Servlets, JSP, EJB, JNDI, JDBC, JMS RMI, XML , SOAP and Web Services
  • Good knowledge of DATABASE ORACLE, MS SQL, MYSQL and SQL script

Professional Experience


Senior Middleware Consultant

  • Involved in Enterprise Application Integration projects
  • Consolidated and migrated old legacy applications to J2EE enterprise application architecture
  • Worked on documents including topology , solution architecture, capacity planning
  • Participated application Implementation including installation, tuning , troubleshooting, monitoring
  • Bash /WLST/Python Scripting for automation
  • Installed /configured Websphere App Server 8.5 ND servers, profiles, nodes, clusters , IHS plugins and Load balancers
  • SSO integration SAML with DATA power appliance
  • Worked on mixed J2EE enterprise application environments based on Apache HTTP server , WebSphere App Server , Weblogic App Server 11g, Tomcat, MQ, Informatica, Callidus , Business object, AIX , RHEL , OPENDJ LDAP Server, Active Directory, Oracle Database.


Integration Engineer

  • Worked on multiple wireless security projects based on Tomcat, Oracle Weblogic Application Server 11g , F5, Veritas Cluster service, Oracle Database 11g , Solaris 11, RHEL5.8.
  • Perform installation of OS RHEL, Solaris and third party applications Weblogic Application server 11g and Tomcat, Oracle Database
  • Application performance tuning on OS, JVM, Application Server and Database.
  • Deploy NGM/OP5/Nagios monitoring packages
  • Install OpenDJ LDAP server and configure replications
  • Install and configure Apache reverse proxy server and virtual hosts
  • Set up SSL certificates on Weblogic, Tomcat and Apache web servers.
  • Create Oracle DB instances and DB models.
  • Create SQL script for maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Develop automation scripts implementing various tasks e.g. App server administration, Weblogic domain migration, Deployments and JDBC/JMS creation.


Technical Specialist

  • Support Telus wireless J2EE enterprise applications environments over 300 Weblogic application servers.
  • Work on BEA Weblogic application servers including installation, Create Weblogic Domains and configurations JDBC,JMS,SSL Certificates
  • Perform deployments and configuring business and proxy service on Weblogic Enterprise Service Bus OSB
  • Maintenance of SOA Server runtimes and make configuration changes Repository manager, Service manager, policy management
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting n-tiers J2EE enterprise applications .
  • Integration of Oracle Identity Manager with Weblogic Application Servers.
  • Maintenance of F5 load balancer system including configure VSA, POOL, iRULE, DATA GROUP.
  • Environment monitoring with HP Sitescope
  • Develop scripts Bash, WLST, python to automate J2EE application deployments and server lifecycle management

Automate Applications Deployment project :

  • Export App and Server configurations from Weblogic MBean servers to a DB
  • Link app auto deploy tools with configuration management DB
  • Create deployments report for different Releases and environments

Provisioning Data Management project:

  • Based on Java web and JDBC technologies
  • Dynamically create web page view of the testing data for QA team
  • Build in Algorithm and business logic to create new testing data


Technical Support Engineer

  • Supported Quest Java/J2EE monitor and performance product including JProbe , Performasure and Foglight
  • Responsible for integrating Quest products with J2EE Application Server Weblogic, Websphere, JBoss, OracleAS, Apache, Tomcat
  • Various levels of performance tuning w/ Quest Products e.g. OS, JVM, App Server

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