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Senior Solution Architect Resume Profile

Glen Allen, VA

IT Security Professional, Developer, Leader

  • Accomplished leader of development, integration and security initiatives 17 years of experience leading, architecting and implementing mission-critical projects leads by example customer focused
  • Skilled in iterative methods of software/system development and integration adept at working with minimal up-front requirements expert in translating business requirements into use cases into technical solutions
  • Skilled in multiple domains of IT security, infrastructure and development Extensive experience with: Network, transport and messaging protocols Programming languages Development tools and APIs Supporting infrastructure Soup to nuts
  • In the trenches mentality Have proven technical skills many times over Walks the walk and talks the talk

Technology Summary

Languages: Perl, VBScript, ASP, JavaScript, PHP, T-SQL, PL SQL, HTML, CFML, Java, C , OGNL, Groovy, Shell Scripting

Protocols/Standards/Etc: SAML, OAuth, OpenID Connect, SCIM, REST, JSON, XML, WS-Security, WS-Trust, Kerberos, TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, LDAP

Methodologies, Tools, Frameworks/APIs: Agile Software Development, Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, Oracle SQL Developer, Eclipse, COM, Siemens GSM, CCOW

Software: CA Siteminder PingFederate PingAccess Shibboleth IBM SAM ESSO Splunk JIRA Sentillion/Caradigm Vergence VMWare VSphere Citrix XenDesktop Raptor/Symantec Firewall Cisco CSS Microsoft SCCM Symantec Anti-virus Sophos Endpoint Security Checkpoint Full Disk Encryption Mobile Iron MDM, IBM WebSphere, Apache, IIS, Sun/Oracle LDAP, Active Directory

Systems: Windows, Linux, Solaris

Databases: MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Access

Incredibly analytical, customer-focused, solution driven, clutch player.


  • Systems Integration
  • IAM Practices and Protocols
  • Event Analysis
  • Software Development
  • Requirements Analysis
  • ETL
  • Automation
  • Project Management
  • Team Building Leadership
  • Continued on

Professional Experience


Senior Solution Architect

Key Accomplishments:

  • Research, develop and document repeatable process to enable single signon for public cloud hosted applications via SAML and the Shibboleth SP Integrated with existing enterprise WAM solution SiteMinder via PingFederate. Outcome: enable rapid migration of enterprise applications from legacy data centers to public cloud hosting.
  • Research, develop and implement integration between SiteMinder and Amazon Web Services for Virtual Private Cloud management accounts Leveraging PingFederate, SAML, RadiantOne VDS for group membership to multi-valued attribute and OGNL attribute transformation. Also develop POC for same as web service utilizing PingFederate STS, Java and Ping Identity WS-Trust SDK. Outcome: enable seamless login for management of public cloud infrastructure and configuration.
  • Research, develop and implement integration between SiteMinder and Egress Switch email encryption solution. Leveraged PingFederate STS, WS-Security, WS-Trust, Kerberos and SAML.
  • Function as technical lead for evaluation, POC and pilot of multiple strategic IAM initiatives. Focus on cloud identity brokering and multiplexing, identity externalization and WAM reverse proxies Extensive requirements analysis, architecture and use case development Personally execute POC's and pilots.
  • Architect and design a SAML, OAuth, OpenID Connect and STS service that provides a single globally available FQDN via a dispersed PingFederate global cluster with regional sub-clusters. Scheduled production in 2015.
  • Leverage Splunk operational intelligence platform to report, alert and visualize multiple compliance, continuity and capacity pain points. Field extraction, Dashboard development, teaching peers to fish for themselves.

From building Riverside's first Intranet and designing their physician portal security to managing the development of mission critical clinical and financial applications, was an indispensable technologist and manager, culminating in role overseeing the majority of Riverside's software development activities and endpoint strategy. Manage a 2.6M R D budget and a 9-member development/integration team. Complete oversight of software project management, leading the research, design, development, documentation, testing, integration and rollout of enterprise applications.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Architect, design, develop and maintain large corporate Intranet and associated web-based applications. Includes applications that effect: Document Management EDM Identity Management IDM Single Signon SSO Extraction, Transformation and Loading ETL Payment Processing
  • Mentor development team in Agile SDLC and version control.
  • Integrate and implement enterprise server and endpoint solutions including: CA Siteminder IBM SAM ESSO Sentillion/Caradigm Vergence VMWare VSphere Citrix XenDesktop Raptor/Symantec Firewall Cisco CSS Microsoft SCCM Symantec Anti-virus Sophos Endpoint Security Checkpoint Full Disk Encryption Mobile Iron MDM

Project Results

  • System-wide policy and procedure system resulting in standardization of policy format and compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Automated provisioning of Active Directory user accounts from HR system resulting in labor cost savings and improved on boarding experience.
  • Core clinical application single signon resulting in improvement in ease of use for physician community
  • Payment processing and tracking system for physician practices resulting in savings of 130K/yr in credit card processing.
  • Clinical scanned document archival and EMR integration system resulting in savings of 35K /yr in software licensing
  • Client based SSO and Patient Context Linking system resulting in more timely execution of patient care.
  • Server virtualization solution resulting in reduction of infrastructure costs and simplification of system management.
  • Provider database transactional feed to downstream systems resulting in reduced data entry effort and standardization of data elements for clinical and financial systems.
  • Virtual desktop solution for point of care users resulting in reduced login and patient selection time for clinicians.
  • Full disk encryption and device management for mobile endpoints resulting in safe harbor protection of patient data.

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