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Sr. Atg Developer Resume Profile

Eden Prairie, MN


  • More than 7 years of experience in software design and development of various web applications using Java, J2EE technologies spanning the entire Software Development Life cycle.
  • Very Good at Droplets, Repositories, form handlers, DSP tags B2B Commerce, Shopping Cart, Merchandizing, Product Catalog.
  • Over two years of experience in ATG Dynamo application, ATG Commerce, Personalization, Promotions and Scenarios etc.
  • Knowledge on DAS, DPS, DSS, ACC, Content management tool.
  • Experience in object-oriented analysis, development, testing, support functions and software requirements study.
  • Experience in implementing Object Oriented Programming using JAVA/J2EE technologies like JAVA Beans, JDBC, JPA, JSP, Servlets, EJB, JAXB, JAX-WS, JNDI, RMI, JAXP, AJAX, Maven and Web Services.
  • Strong hands-on experience with Frameworks like Struts, Spring and Hibernate.
  • Oracle Certified Application Developer.
  • Experienced in SQL, PL/SQL Programs, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Cursors and Dynamic SQL.
  • Working experience in relational databases like Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Sybase, MS SQL Server using SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Expertise in using Web Service technologies like SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, RestAPI to implement Service oriented Architecture SOA .
  • Experience in using HMTL, DHTML, XML, DTD, XLST and CSS to develop web interfaces.
  • Hands on experience with scripting languages like JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, Angular JS and ExtJS.
  • Strong experience with the deployment and release of the application with the ANT building tool and application logging using the Log4J.
  • Experience in developing Business Applications using BEA Web logic, Web Sphere, JBOSS, Tomcat and various IDE's like JDeveloper and Eclipse.
  • Working knowledge with version control software tools CVS, ClearCase and Sub Version.
  • Professional experience in designing Test Cases and Test Scripts for Windows and UNIX environments. Worked with analysts and testers to get requirements and test the application.
  • Good team player with professional attitude having excellent analytical and communication skills.
  • Debugged and fixed several production issues
  • Working experience in retail, healthcare domains.

Technical Skills:


JSP, Servlets, Struts, Hibernate, Spring, JSTL, EJB, RMI, JDBC, JMS, Web Services


Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g, MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL, DB2 ,Sybase

Web Technologies

HTML, DHTML, XML, XSLT, CSS, Ajax, JSON, JQuery, SOAP, JavaScript, Angular JS and ExtJS.


Web logic 8.x/9.x/10.x, Web Sphere 6.x/7.x, Tomcat, JBOSS 4.x/5.x/6.x/7.x, ATG 9.x/10.x

Developer Tools

Eclipse, Net Beans, JDeveloper, JBuilder, WSAD, RSA, RAD

Operating Systems

Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/7/8 ,UNIX

Configuration Tools

Rational Rose, JUnit,Log4j, CVS, SVN, ClearCase, ANT

Commerce Suite

ATG Dynamo 4.5.1/5.6.1/6.1

Professional Experience:


Sr. ATG Developer

Roles Responsibilities:

  • As a developer I was involved in Design, development and implementation phases of the application modules under agile methodology.
  • Participated in business meetings to gather the requirements and wrote functional requirements document based on it.
  • Worked on page development using DSP tags, droplets and form handlers.
  • Worked on ATG Repositories to create the new fields in the catalog and template URL'S to display in JSP'S.
  • Developed Java Beans, Droplets. Developed the personalization application, which targets the user, based on profile information collected at the time of registration.
  • Created profile overview, add/edit address, update profile information UI. Worked on billing profiles, order history and profile components for lightweight shopping cart model.
  • Extensively worked on for profile Form Handler, Shopping Cart Form Handler, Cart Modifier Form handler, Shipping Group Form Handler.
  • Worked on user registration and address book functionality as part of my account section.
  • Developed dynamo servlets for querying ProductCatalog Repository, rendering product and SKU details, inventory checking, for sorting, pagination and categorizing products by brand and price.
  • Developed Custom Catalogs to account for subCatalogs in rootCategories.
  • Created custom droplets for displaying listing with pagination.
  • Used Connection pools and Relational views and SQL Repositories to save/retrieve the data from database.
  • Dynamic content page embedded in to JSP page from XML files. Extensively used XML content Repositories to read the data
  • HTML, DHTML, AJAX and JavaScript used in creating user interface screens.
  • Written the java classes and corresponding configurations files.
  • Worked with deployment team to build and deploy the application team.
  • Debugged and fixed several production issues and update in meetings.

Environment: Java, ATG Dynamo 10.1.1 , ATG B2B Commerce, ATG B2C Commerce, Catalog, Droplets, Repositories, form handlers, DSP/DSPEL tab library, Servlets, HTML, JavaScript, JBOSS, CSS, Ajax, JavaScript, Log4j ,Sub Version, SQL server, Oracle 10g, Windows Environment.


ATG Developer

Roles Responsibilities:

  • Interacted with clients to understand their business requirements.
  • Researched for e-commerce application design and implementation of the same.
  • Involved in technical discussions and overall architecture as well as to communicate with the other integration teams.
  • Involved in the implementation of ProductCatalog and SearchCatalog.
  • Customized the OOTB ProfileFormHandler and CartModifierFormHandler to include application specific properties.
  • Implemented new droplets like BestSellItemDroplet and GroupItemDroplet to display the most popular SKU and 3 related SKUs respectively.
  • Designed the discount strategy during online checkout process for the users. Created a new Pipeline servlet to serve the discount functionality when the coupon or catalog code applied on the order.
  • Implemented rules for Item price Calculator, added new discount calculator in the pricing engine.
  • Developed Payment Group, Price Order pipeline and customized ExpressCheckoutformHandler, CartModifierformHandlers for adding to existing accounts.
  • Created an ATG Commerce pipeline process for authenticating user before checkout process.
  • Worked on enhancements to portal personalization of the site. Created and managed content groups/user profile groups.
  • Implemented profile objects to change user profiles and passwords. User profiles included user details, site preferences, saved bins, saved searches and updating passwords.
  • Defining the targeting rules and implementing rule based personalization.
  • Customizing Scenario Server for Advanced time and event based targeting.
  • Designed and documented different training materials for business users and systems administrators
  • Supported in build and deployment process and code check-in to CVS.
  • Built the jar files using Ant built scripts.
  • Extensively worked on JSP, Java Script.

Environment: Java 1.6, ATG Commerce Suite .1,Personalization,checkout,Repositories,Droplets,Handlers, JSP, WebLogic10.2, ATG Control Center ACC , AJAX, XML, Oracle10g, Eclipse 3.4, CVS.


Sr. Java Developer

Roles Responsibilities:

  • Involved in Analysis and Designing the Application
  • Development Process is based on Water Fall and Agile.
  • Worked on Service Oriented Architecture to develop the application using SOAP.
  • Implemented the spring framework based on MVC design pattern.
  • Developed the application with Spring Framework for dependency injection using the IOC feature.
  • Created stored procedures and packages using PL/SQL, SQL in Oracle and implemented complex SQL queries
  • Worked on stored procedures, triggers and cursors, PL/SQL and SQL queries in Oracle 9i.
  • Designed and developed the business logic layer and data access layer using different kinds of Data Access Objects DAO's .
  • Responsible for writing/reviewing server side code using Spring JDBC and DAO module of spring for executing stored procedures and complicated SQL queries
  • Used spring, JDBC and JPA at persistence layer DAO .
  • Used Share Point and SVN as a documentation repository and version controlling tool.
  • Designed and developed the UI using JSP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Used JQuery for validations and UI development.
  • Spring Mail API to send Email's to users after a successful task completion.
  • Invoked Web services to generate Java classes.
  • Wrote and consumed Web Services using SOAP, WSDL and published it on WebLogic Application Server
  • Implemented Log4j for logging and developed test cases using JUNIT.
  • Configured and used Log4J for logging all the debugging and error information.
  • Used various tools like Toad and SQL Developer to write various queries and stored procedures for the application.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Ajax, JNDI, spring, JDBC, Weblogic 6.1, JQuery, CSS, SOAP, JavaScript.


Java/J2EE Developer

Roles Responsibilities:

  • Involved in SCRUM process of AGILE methodology in Requirement gathering, Design, Analysis and Code development through iterations.
  • Using the UML methodology, developed Use Case Diagrams, Class Diagrams and Sequence Diagrams to represent the dynamic view of the system developed in Visual Paradigm.
  • Designed and developed Application based on Struts framework using MVC design patterns.
  • Involved in writing the struts-config files.
  • Designed and developed the UI using Struts view component, JSP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Developed Struts Action classes and Form Beans.
  • Implemented session beans using EJB 2.0.
  • Hibernate is used as persistent at middle tire for providing object model over relational data model.
  • Code Reviews, customization and maintenance of code across applications.
  • Developed custom tags, JSTL to support custom user interfaces.
  • Build application with ANT tool and deployed the application on IBM Websphere application.
  • Involved in JUNIT Testing on various modules by generating the Test Cases.
  • Implemented Log4j for logging errors.
  • Code Reviews, customization and maintenance of code across applications.
  • Responsible for release of code into production and its integration with other Applications.
  • Identifying and developing test cases and test scripts to perform load tests for Performance and regression testing
  • Used SVN for version control and Clear Quest for bug tracking

Environment: Java 1.6 , J2EE 5,Struts1.3, Weblogic 6.1, Eclipse, EJB 2.0, Hibernate, XML, XSLT, JSP, JDBC, Visual Paradigm, JavaScript, JSP, JQuery HTML, JUNIT, DB2 Java 1.6 , J2EE 5 ,JSP 2.0 , PL/SQL, AJAX , Eclipse IDE, SVN, ANT, IBM Web Sphere application server.


Java Developer

Roles Responsibilities:

  • Built web applications using struts MVC framework.
  • Involved in analysis, design and development of the project.
  • Developed server side applications using Servlets, EJBs and JDBC.
  • Developed the application using J2EE architecture.
  • EJB components were developed for middle tier component implementation and business logic implementation.
  • Designed and developed web pages using HTML and JSP.
  • Used Entity Beans to persist the data into database.
  • Used JMS to establish message communication.
  • Developed Session Beans which encapsulates the workflow logic.
  • Used Entity Beans to persist the data into database and also used Message Driven Beans to notify the bean state.
  • Responsible for the performance PL/ SQL procedures and SQL queries
  • Implemented the project using JSP and Servlets based tag libraries
  • Involved in developing JSP forms.
  • Deployed applications on JBOSS 4.0 server
  • Used Web Services-WSDL and SOAP.
  • Developed Session Beans which encapsulates the workflow logic
  • Used Log4j logging framework to debug the code
  • Used CVS for the concurrent development in the team and for code repository
  • Deployed applications on Linux client machines.
  • Deployed the EARs and WARs in Websphere Application server using ANT script.
  • Involved in regression testing, evaluating the response times, and resolving the connection pooling issues.

Environment: Java ,J2EE, Servlets, Struts , EJB, JSP, JMS, JBOSS 4.0, SQL Server 2000, Ant, CVS, PL/SQL, WSDL, SOAP, Eclipse, CVS, Linux,log4j


Java Developer

Roles Responsibilities:

  • Implemented design patterns like MVC, Singleton.
  • Server side validations in the UI are achieved using Struts Validation.
  • Configured controllers using Struts Framework.
  • Developed the user interface using Java script, CSS and HTML.
  • Developed the web components using JSP, Servlets, and JSTL
  • Involved in writing all client side validations using Java Script.
  • Involved in the complete development, testing and maintenance process of the application.
  • Designed and created a web-based test client using Struts test case on client's request, which is used to test the different parts of the application.
  • Involved in writing the test cases for the application using JUNIT.
  • Used extensive JSP, HTML, and CSS to develop presentation layer to make it more user friendly.
  • Developed back-end stored procedures and triggers using Oracle PL/SQL, involved in database objects creation, performance tuning of stored procedures, and query plan
  • Supported the application through debugging, fixing, production support and maintenance releases.
  • Automated daily monitoring work with JavaScript.

Environment: JDK 1.4.1, JSP, Struts Tomcat 5, JDeveloper, JavaScript, CVS, JUNIT, Ant, XML, MySQL,

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