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Senior Android Developer Resume

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Boston, MA


  • 7 years’ experience in designing and developing Android mobile applications that are enterprise and customer - facing.
  • Published apps to Play Store: 6
  • Skilled programming and Android development using various Android SDKs and Java and Kotlin in Android Studio and Eclipse.
  • Worked with Hardware abstraction layers in my projects
  • Work well in an Agile Scrum environment and provide constructive contributions to Sprint Planning, Grooming and Backlog meetings.
  • Design and implement Android application architectures with MVC, MVP, and MVVM.
  • Experience designing new apps and implementing architectural patterns and revision and transitioning existing apps in architectural and design pattern changes.
  • Collaborate well with product teams, design teams, and quality testing teams.
  • Skilled Kotlin and Java programmer, and RxKotlin and RxJava frameworks.
  • Work with back-end teams to ensure effective connections and responsiveness in RESTful web service calls.
  • Interacting with Kernel to manipulate hardware
  • Work with mobile app database frameworks for onboard storage and caching such as Firebase real-time database, MongoDB, and Realm.
  • Familiarity with embedded firmware design
  • Used Flutter to better the UI's aesthetics and effeciency Reused a code base to create multiple apps across platforms
  • Experience with SQLite, Room DB and CoreData for Data Persistence as well as User Ps.
  • Debugging process used to finding and resolving bugs
  • Work with Git, GitHub, GitLab, SVN, SourceTree, BitBucket, and Gradle in managing code base.
  • Use of Jenkins continuous integration server and GitLab for web-based testing.
  • Experience in working with Video, Static content, and advertising.
  • Expert troubleshooter and debugger skilled at profiling Android applications.
  • Experience with RESTful web services using JSON and GSON.
  • Integration with various APIs (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • Well-versed in the most modern Android third-party libraries such as Volley, Retrofit, Picasso, YouTube, Location API, Maps View, Google View, Google Maps, PayPal, Stripe, Android pay, QR Droid, Butterknife, Dagger, Google Wallet payments, Android Annotations.
  • Work Agile environments with strong Scrum and pair programming fundamentals.
  • Experience with consuming third-party APIs in Android development projects.
  • Experience with continuous integration tools like Jenkins or Travis CI and automated testing frameworks such as Espresso and Mockito.
  • Experience with embedded local storage solutions such as SQLite.
  • Passionate about best UI/UX best practices implementing fragments, diverse layouts, animations, Material Design, Compound Views and Custom Views.
  • Capable of understanding business objectives and being able to translate that business logic into technical design.
  • Usage of Firmware in hardware components and design
  • Good experience with Push Notifications, Google Maps, Navigation, GPS.
  • Understanding of mobile encryption algorithms, analytics, and marketing channel integrations.


Architecture and Design Patterns: MVC,MVP, MVVM, Singleton, Dependency Injection,Builder, Factory, Fa ade, Proxy, Command, Observer

Frameworks: Android SDK, Fabric,Firebase, Reactive-X (RxAndroid,RxJava), AndroidJetPack(Room,LiveView,LiveData, Download Manager)

IDE: Android Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ

Memory Management: ART, Dalvik, Memory Mapping, leak Canary, Bluetooth Low Energy

Testing: TDD, Unit Testing (Junit), Automated Testing, JIRA, Jenkins, Written Test Cases, AndroidTesting (Robotium), Espresso,Robolectric, Mockito

Project Management: Agile/SCRUM, Sprints, Daily Scrums, Sprint Retrospective, Sprint Planning, Backlog, Kanban, JIRA, Redmine, Basecamp,Slack, Atlassian Stack, BitBucket, Git, GitHub, SVN, Tortoise

Programming Languages: Java, C#, Kotlin, C++, Visual Basic

Libraries: KSoap, Jersey, Java Swing, GWT, Retrolamba, NineOldAnroids, RXJava, RxKotlin

Debugging/Issue Tracking: JIRA, DDMS tool, ADB,LeakCanary, Firebase Crash Reporting, FabricCrashlytics, Mockito, Espresso

Database & Data Analysis: SQLite, Firebase Real time Database, Room Database, Mongo


Multimedia: Picasso, Glide, Fresco, Flutter

MiscellaneousTechnology: Dagger, UrbanAirShip,Volley,Push Notifications, video streaming tools, SpongyCastle, Dependency Injection, GCM (Google Cloud Messaging, Retrofit, MetrowerksPowerPlant, Parse, Remote URLs, AsynTask, Recycler View,Nougat, WorkManager, Services, Foreground Services, BroadcastReceiver, Fragments, ViewPager, NFC (Near field communication) technology


Confidential, Boston, MA

Senior Android Developer


  • Assigned to an Agile development team (5 members) that practiced daily Stand-Up meetings, Scrums, bi-weekly Sprint planning meetings and bi-weekly Retrospectives.
  • Performed technical work using Android Studio IDE.
  • Focused attention on MyOrders page.
  • Utilized GraphQL to leverage API calls.
  • Utilized Layout Inspector to inspect view hierarchy at runtime.
  • Used RecyclerView and Linear Layout to display data.
  • Worked on a VIPER architectural base.
  • Participated on one of Confidential live Streaming events nationwide using Exo player
  • Removed deprecated components and replaced them with working components.
  • Added Chevron Arrows to the MyOrders page.
  • Applied JIRA for bug tracking and fixed multiple bugs.
  • Implemented Confidential performance, analytic and logging libraries.
  • Led 1 Stand-Up meeting.
  • Implemented push notifications features with Firebase’s Cloud Messaging Service.

Confidential, Wichita, KS

Senior Android Developer


  • Worked on a team utilizing Agile/Scrum methodologies with daily stand-ups and 2-week sprints.
  • Worked in Android Studio with coding in Kotlin using an MVVM Android app architecture.
  • Programmed in Kotlin supported by RESTful services.
  • Applied RxKotlin in conjunction with RxAndroid and RxBinding libraries to make app multithreaded and perform synchronous operations.
  • Applied Kotlin extension functions to efficiently re-use existing codes and reduce code duplication to its bare minimum.
  • Created custom UI UX across company’s internal Android applications and for reusability making the development process faster and smoother.
  • Created custom libraries for internal network calls for security purposes.
  • Used RecyclerViews and populated lists to display the lists from database using RecyclerView adapters as the most efficient method.
  • Used Bitbucket as the version control tool to commit and update the project from the server.
  • Utilized Mockito and Espresso for testing.
  • Basic usage of Firmware conducting system tests
  • Used reactive frameworks such as RxJava, RxAndroid, RxBluetooth, and RxKotlin.
  • Implemented various user interface components such as WebView, ListView, ImageView, TextView to display the data for the application.
  • Applied Git for code versioning control.
  • Documented using Confluence.


Sr Android Developer


  • Worked within an Agile/iterative development methodology and Scrum process.
  • Developed program specifications, wrote code, tested, and implemented program changes and program development
  • Maintained ongoing direct communication with Team Leads and Project Managers to ensure task scope was clearly defined and understood, and that deliverables met target deadlines.
  • Applied multi-tier web architectures, and OOP design patterns and concepts to the Android app development.
  • Developed in Android SDK in Android Studio.
  • Programmed in Kotlin and Java using the latest version of Android Studio.
  • Developed modules in Kotlin using MVVM app architecture for ease of maintainability and extensibility, as well as improved quality testing.
  • Migrated code base from Rx1 to Rx2, including support for both Java and Kotlin.
  • Converted old responses using Rx2 error handling methods.
  • Transmitted a live stream Event for the hole State and embedded it to a website for viewers to stream using Exo player
  • Used Android Studio to implement the RESTful API endpoints in Java.
  • Tested the API endpoints using Postman.
  • Developed test plans and tested/debugged all programs prior to implementation.

Confidential, New York City, NY

Mobile Android App Developer


  • Worked in large codebase with MVVM data binding library to declaratively bind UI elements, notify views of any database changes, and manage UI-related data in a lifecycle-conscious way.
  • Implemented NDK to embed C or C++ (“native code”), reused existing libraries, and built Java Native Interface (JNI).
  • Orchestrated composite sequential REST API calls using functional reactive programming and avoided ‘callback hell’ issues.
  • Created API request to generate the token request from client app and send encrypted user data with RSA/ESA asymmetric algorithm to backend.
  • Integrated Apptimize SDK to target a feature or customized UX to a certain segment of users, A/B testing and Release Management.
  • Included web push, email, and in-app messages using OneSignal SDK.
  • Included Stripe payment mechanism to transfer funds to stock portfolio and buy additional products.
  • Defined the programming interface that both the client and service agreed upon to communicate with each other using inter-process communication (IPC).
  • Performed integration testing using Roboelectric and automated UI testing using UI Automator library.
  • Loaded list of stocks and significant amounts of financial news and articles on demand from data source into RecyclerView with Paging library.
  • Implemented support for multiple DEX files using MultiDex library.

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Android App Developer


  • Used Agile methodology and Scrum practices for project management and development.
  • Developed the application in Android Studio using MVP architecture pattern.
  • Implemented SQLite database for persistent data storage and fast data retrieval.
  • Stored data of the task bonuses in SQLite.
  • Used Intents and Intent Filters to initiate activities and pass information between Activities and Fragments.
  • Helped implement Material Design UI/UX as well as alignment to guidelines.
  • Used Espresso and Mockito for testing the UI and App functionalities.
  • Implemented login security using OAuth.
  • Connected to the camera with Implicit Intent.
  • Gave maintenance to the Lookout feature and fix bugs.
  • Worked with Broadcast Receivers to receive system notification which was later used to send out reminders.
  • Used Subversion to manage repositories versioning control.
  • Designed custom animations for transitions between application activities.
  • Handled Fragment data retention to ensure data integrity on screen rotation with the onSaveInstanceState and onRestoreInstanceState methods.
  • Introduced Parcelables for object transfers within activities.
  • Used JIRA for new requirements, issues, bug tracking, and project planning.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Android Developer


  • Worked in an Agile development environment with peer engineers daily to scope, develop and deliver a software experience that realizes the product strategy.
  • Gathered and documented client requirements and managed client expectations.
  • Planned and conducted code reviews and refactoring activities following best practices.
  • Worked closely with back-end team to redesign RESTful web services.
  • Created a Push Notification Server using NodeJS and implemented MongoDB and MSSQL databases to store unique device keys.
  • Participating on live streaming events for website viewers
  • Designed application workflow and wireframe for new modules.
  • Improved the performance of the UI by implementing Fragments and RecyclerView.
  • Improved the user experience by including android wear compatibility
  • Worked closely with designers to create the look and feel of the application meeting Google’s design standards while following company’s corporate identity guidelines.
  • Integrated Facebook and Twitter for social networking.
  • Designed and implemented a module for users to review their historic travel information.
  • Utilized Git version control tool as the source control management system.
  • Followed Test-Driven-Development (TDD) and used Mockito PowerMock and Espresso for our default testing frameworks.
  • Utilized Jenkins for continuous integration.

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