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Senior Android App Developer Resume

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New York, NY


  • 5 years of experience in Android
  • 5 apps on Play Store.
  • Experience interacting with RESTful API and data formats like (JSON, XML, etc.).
  • Experience with continuous integration tools like Jenkins or Travis CI and automated testing frameworks such as Espresso.
  • Utilize coroutines to implement cooperative tasks, exceptions, event loops, iterators, infinite lists, etc.
  • Knowledgeable about building scalable code using different libraries (Dagger, RXJava, Retrofit/Volley, Room DB, Volley, ViewModel, LiveData).
  • Hands on applying Hilt to optimize the implementation of dependency injection.
  • Skilled working UI/UX design with experience including RecyclerView, Animations, ConstraintLayout, Vector Drawables, 9Patch PNG, and Bottom Navigation View.
  • Hands on with Zeplin collaboration tool.
  • Work in Agile environments with strong SCRUM and pair programming fundamentals.
  • Cultivate an environment of excellence, through code design, code reviews.
  • Set up proper interactions of the front - end design and implementation with backend servers.
  • Ability to manage competing priorities in a complex environment and maintain high productivity.
  • Collaborate with the product team to identify, prioritize, and document detailed product requirements.
  • Skilled programming in Kotlin and Java languages.
  • Work with JetPack components.
  • Created multiple instances of Content Providers using a native approach, SimpleContentProvider, and Schematic.
  • Efficiently consumed and managed RESTful web services with XML and JSON formats.
  • Hands on experience migrating old Android Media player to the ExoPlayer streaming library to support dynamic adaptive streaming.
  • Well versed on requirement gathering, technical documentation creation, and wire frames.
  • Knowledgeable of the structure and parsing process of JSON, XML files used to store data (GSON, Jackson, Moshi, Protobuffer).
  • Comfortable with source control software programs such as GIT, GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, etc.
  • Experienced with Android Layouts and using ConstraintLayout to build complex UI/UX.
  • Experienced implementing application data persistence using SQLite, SharedPreferences, and External and Internal storage.
  • Proven skill with reporting systems such as Play Console Reports, Firebase Crashlytics, Splunk, InstaBug, and Fabric.
  • Demonstrated skill applying dependency injection using tools such as Koin, Dagger2 and Hilt.
  • Demonstrated sill applying threading with tools such as RxJava, RxAndroid, Kotlin Coroutines, Intent Services, Work Manager, Handler, Threads, and Loopers and Loaders.
  • Hands-on applying web services, including JSON, XML, GSON, and CharlesProxy.
  • Adept at applying Object Oriented Programming (OOP) architecture and design patterns (e.g., Singleton, Dependency injection, Builder, Factory, Model-View-Controller (MVC), Model - view - presenter (MVP), Model - view - view model (MVVM), etc.) to Android Mobile application developments.
  • Skilled with testing/debugging tools such as JUnit, Leak Canary, Espresso, and Android profiler.
  • Experience developing rich application UIs.
  • Experience with social media web services, libraries, APIs and SDKs such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Google + and Twitter.
  • Experience working a significant consumer app dat is currently available in the marketplace. Good experience with Push Notifications, Google Maps, Navigation, GPS


Programming Languages: Kotlin, Java

Tools: Android SDK, Android Studio, Eclipse IDE, Gradle, MySQL, NDK

Dependency Injection: Butterknife, Hilt, Koin, Dagger2

Google API: Google Maps, Google Places API, Google Play services, Google Invites/Pay, ExoPlayer

Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, XP, Waterfall, TDD, Kanban

Testing/Debugging Tools: Espresso, Mockito, MockK, Android Profiler, Leak Canary, Robotium, Logcat, UIAutomator, Monkeyrunner Traceview, Hierarchy Viewer, DDMS, TestFlight, Crashlytics, SonarQube, TestCloud

Cloud Messaging: Firebase, Airship, Pushwosh, MixPanel, GCM

Databases: MySQL, SQLite, Realm, ORMLite, Room

Continuous Integration: Circle CI, Travis CI, Jenkins, Teamcity, Bitrise


Confidential, New York, NY

Senior Android App Developer


  • Migrated to Jetpack Compose by adding compose to an existing screen built using Android views and managed state in composable functions.
  • Performed gRPC autantication, including gRPC’s built-in error codes with use of SSL/TLS to autanticate server and encrypt all data exchanged between client and the server.
  • Implemented the UI and integrate custom analytics and security SDKs for new features and initiatives, working closely with iOS developers and backend services.
  • Implemented LiveData components.
  • Worked to complete migration from RxJava into Kotlin Coroutines and Flow from the Data layer to the Presentation layer (MVVM).
  • Applied Hilt to so simplify Dagger-related infrastructure for the app.
  • Made use of the Zeplin plug-in.
  • Used RecyclerView, CardView and SwipetoRefresh to improve performance and user experience.
  • Worked in Android Studio IDE.
  • Built UI layout using standard Android dev tools and adhering to best-practice principles for Android.
  • Worked in a MVVM architecture.
  • Autanticated users via Fingerprint scan API and implementing the user interface for the fingerprint autantication flow.
  • Ensured Room data persisted to was transparently encrypted and decrypted with standard AES-256 encryption.
  • Utilized Hilt for dependency injection.
  • Utilized two-way data binding to communicate between ViewModel and XML files.
  • Performed unit and system tests with JUnit, Mockito, MockK, and Espresso.
  • Utilized Cucumber for TDD (Test Driven Development).
  • Utilized JIRA for tracking stories and the story progression through the Development, QA, and Acceptance Testing.
  • Programmed in Kotlin as the main code language for the Android application.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Android Mobile Application Software Developer


  • Developed modules in Kotlin using MVVM app architecture.
  • Worked with ViewBinding to manipulate UI elements and used kotlin Coroutines for asynchronous tasks.
  • Applied relational DBMS skills using MySQL, PostgreSQL, and other DBMS products.
  • Utilized LiveData to simplify data retention and updates during configurational changes.
  • Used GIT for code repository and maintaining current and historical versions of the Android app source code.
  • Integrated Hilt dependency injection.
  • Implemented multithreaded programming to handle long running operations in the form of suspend task using Coroutines building block launch and async.
  • Used Pending Intents along with work manager to handle database updates after a boot was completed.
  • Added Push Notifications through Backend support with Push Notifications and FCM.
  • Applied Git for code versioning control.
  • Worked on the feature to sign up and create a user account for mobile payments.
  • Included some pair programing and code reviews, and mentored Kotlin developers on Android best practices.

Confidential, Austin, TX

Android Application Software Developer


  • Pair programmed to integrate Stripe Billing APIs to create and manage invoices, recurring payments and configure future changes to subscriptions using Subscription Schedules API.
  • Generated app build on MVVM architecture.
  • Added databinding from Android JetPack to add new features to MVVM architecture modules.
  • Implemented observable data patterns using JetPack LiveData to make server data observable.
  • Created Kotlin coroutines for asynchronous execution and databinding.
  • Integrated Kotlin Koin dependency injection to describe dependencies into modules and sub-modules, provide a factory bean definition, and resolve a component dependency.
  • Handled the stream of data asynchronously dat executes sequentially using Flow API.
  • Integrated MockK for unit and integration tests, create a Partial Mock with Spies and Mock a Call dat Uses Kotlin Coroutines.
  • Implemented live streaming feature to render video stream between two endpoints using ExoPlayer and Comscore SDK.
  • Used Git with GitHub and GitLab servers for source control.
  • Debugged API requests/responses through the Charles web proxy.
  • Used Dagger 2 and Hilt for dependency injection.
  • Improved efficiency and readability of defective code modules through code refactoring and optimization utilizing SOLID principles.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Android Software Developer


  • Used constraint layouts for new screens.
  • Worked on third Party tools and libraries with QR scanning, custom dialog boxes and progress bars, as well as various API’s to help calculating travel (such as Google’s Distance Matrix API) and Braintree Payment Processing to ensure safe transactions.
  • Used Android Studio as IDE in Android application development.
  • Performed programming in Java and Kotlin.
  • Programmed new functions in Kotlin and converted some existing Java functions to Kotlin.
  • Helped convert architecture from MVP to MVVM.
  • Utilized Dagger for dependency injection.
  • Created multiple scripts in the Gradle file for test automation, reporting, signing and deployment.
  • Made use of testing libraries and frameworks JUnit, Espresso, and Mockito.
  • Utilized Room persistence library to save web service responses and to act as the single source of truth for the application data.
  • Designed CustomViews to implement UX designs and for the reusability of the views created.
  • Used social media autantication such as Facebook and Twitter APIs for incorporating features such as logging in, liking items, and sharing product announcements
  • Used a private Git repository for the Android code base working with BitBucket.
  • Used custom views to easily reuse components built to UI/UX design specifications.
  • Implemented services and broadcast receivers for performing network calls to the server.
  • Worked with Jenkins CI server for continuous integration and followed Test-Driven Development (TDD) methods.
  • Analyzed and troubleshooted the application using tools like the Android Profiler, and DDMS.
  • Integrated PayPal SDK to receive a one-time payment from customer's PayPal account or payment card (scanned with card.io).

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Android Software Developer


  • Integrated custom DSK to link PayPal account, communicate with Customer Balance Transactions API, Visa token service, ATM locator and Visa card eligibility Restful web service
  • Replaced legacy Java code with Kotlin coroutines, sealed classes, Anko, extension functions, delegate properties, null safety checks and higher-order functions.
  • Refactored code base from MVC architecture design pattern to clean code 3-tier architecture in MVP,
  • Enabled Google Pay configuration to return appropriate payment credentials for transactions subject to Strong Customer Autantication (SCA) with Payment data cryptography.
  • Integrated OpenCensus library to collect application metrics and distributed traces, tan transferred the data to backend database.
  • Integrated Ad Science SDK to measure ads and to address issues around fraud, view-ability and brand risk in TDD environment
  • Wrote custom services using JobDispatchers library to download pdf statements, credit score history and spending history.
  • Utilized functional interfaces, SOLID principles and code common modules to create accounts and set passwords, add or remove accounts and read Google service configuratio

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