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Senior C++ Consultant Resume

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New York City, NY


  • 10+ years of experience in design, development using C++ on UNIX and Windows
  • Extensive experience in object oriented design and development using C++11 and C++14
  • Experience with Microsoft Technologies (MFC / SDK / COM)
  • Experience in Finance (investment banking/hedge fund), Healthcare, Image Processing and Internet of Things (IOT)
  • Experience in client - server applications, multithreaded applications, server oriented architectures, database applications, web/ desktop applications, security/smart card applications, biometric based access control systems.
  • Extensive experience in SQL, query optimizations and tuning
  • Experience in socket programing and TCP-IP/HTTP network protocols
  • 3 years of experience in USA
  • Strong ability to learn new Technologies, Languages, APIs quickly
  • Hands on Experience in Waterfall as well as Agile Methodology
  • Excellent written and oral communication, analytical and logical skills.
  • Experience in performance improvements, low-latency development.
  • Experience in designing, developing and leading projects and teams


Languages: C, C++ (C++14), Visual C++, .NET, SQL, Java, Go, Python

Operating Systems: LINUX (RH6) / Solaris / Windows / DOS / MAC OS

DEV Libraries: BOOST, ACE, STL (Standard Template Library), RogueWave, Windows SDK, MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes)

Scripting Languages: Shell Scripting, Perl

Messaging Framework: Google Protocol Buffers, Informatica (UME/LBM), IBM MQ7, Solace

Multithreading Libraries: PThreads, Boost Threads, Intel TBB, OpenMP

Unit Test Frameworks: UnitTest++, Google UnitTest, CPPUnit

Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, Intersystems Cache, MySQL, Sybase, SQLITE3

Source Control: Tortoise SVN, VSS, GIT, Rational Clearcase

Designing Tools: Rational Rose, Microsoft Visio

Documentation Tools: DOxygen

Windows Technologies: Microsoft Office, Crystal reports, Visual Studio, ODBC, COM/DCOM, ATL, OLE, Crystal Reports

Unix Tools: gcc, clang, vim, gdb, valgrind,make,cmake

Benchmarking Tools: Google Benchmarking

Other: XML, Eclipse, TOAD, SQL Developer, Jira, Reviewboard,Klocwork,ODBC, ClearQuest


Confidential, New York City, NY

Senior C++ Consultant


  • Rearchietecting the c framework to C++ framework with C++11 features Implementation of Reference ( Static ) Data Library for database tables Implementation of Caching framrwork in Reference Data Library Implementation of new features in Settlement Engine Implmentation and support of payout alogirithm.

Confidential, Coopersburg, PA

Senior C++ Consultant


  • VIVE helps customers to control lighting systems using mobile devices.
  • Mobile devices send HTTP request to a web server, which are then converted to commands for CORE processes to process.
  • CORE processes process these instructions and send radio frequency signals for devices to that controls the light.
  • Database performance benchmarking (Google benchmarks) Database optimization and SQL query tuning Development of modules and classes (C++11, STL, Boost, multithreading) Cross platform development on LINUX and deployment to ARM.


As Tech Lead (Assistant Vice President)


  • Requirement understanding, Collaboration with Sales team to understand new requirements and workflow modifications Jira project creation, Jira story creation, story estimation, story prioritization Writing functional specification and design specification System and class design (Microsoft Visio, Jira) Development of modules and new servers (C++11, STL, Boost, multithreading, LINUX, Python) Upgrading to use LLVM/Clang compiler from GCC and remove all warnings from the code.
  • Unit testing of modules (Google test and Unit Test++) Database management i.e. create schemas, functions, triggers, views etc. (SQL, Oracle) Parsing of messages, creation of trades by populating data-structures (Google protocol buffer, xml) Writing to database (Oracle, SQL) Handle amendments to trade, validation of trades, and enrichment of trades Scripting of utilities (Python /Shell and Perl) Deployment and configuration of DEV and UAT environments for testing Discussions with stake holder and tech leads for code and document reviews (Reviewboard) System testing, integration testing, support and maintenance (Klocwork)


Senior C++ developer


  • Requirement understanding, agile project creation, system and class design (Microsoft Visio, Jira)
  • Development of modules and classes and new servers (C++, STL, Boost, Intel TBB, OpenMP, ACE)
  • Unit testing of modules (Google test and Unit Test++)
  • Creation of schema i.e. tables, functions, stored procedures and triggers for new entities (Oracle)
  • Listening to trades on sockets, writing to a high speed cache (Boost, Intersystem Cache)
  • Retrieving trades from cache, perform validation of trades, enrichment of trades (Boost threads)
  • Writing trades to database and sending trades to position calculator (Oracle, Boost multithreading)
  • Trade synchronization and recovery of trades in case of failures
  • Calculation of positions of incoming trades (TBB, OpenMP and Boost threads)
  • Transfer trades to downstream applications for report generations (socket programing, Google protocol buffers, Informatica, Solace, IBM MQ7)
  • Deployment of systems on RedHat 6 and Solaris for QA testing and as live environments
  • Scripting of utilities (Python /Shell and Perl)


Senior C++ Developer


  • Working closely with traders and fund managers to understand new reporting requirements for clients (existing and new)
  • Designing and Setting up client’s portfolio LIVE monitors and Historical monitors.
  • Development of new mathematical P&L models, risk models for new instruments (C++)
  • Unit testing of modules (Google test and Unit Test++)
  • Configuration of new clients/desks or accounts to use portfolio monitors (XML)
  • Setting up QA environments / Signoff environments / Production environments
  • System testing, integration testing, support and maintenance


Senior C++ Developer


  • Requirement understanding, system and class design (Rational Clearcase)
  • Development of modules and classes and new components (C++, STL, COM, VC++)
  • Unit testing of modules (Unit Test++)
  • Functional testing / Integration Testing and System Testing

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