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Sr. Full Stack Java Developer Resume

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Scottsdale, AZ


  • Around 7 years of experience in all the phases of Software development life cycle which Includes Requirement Study, Analysis, Design, Development and Integration Using JAVA/J2EE technologies in domains namely Public sector, Health care and Finance/ Banking.
  • Proficient in various Agile methodologies like Test Driven Development (TDD), SCRUM, Domain Driven Design DDD, Pair Programming and Waterfall software development processes.
  • Hands on experience on developing Software as a service (SaaS) Applications.
  • Developed and deployed Front End components (UI) using JS, JSF, JSTL, JavaScript, Angular JS, jQuery, AJAX, HTML, DHTML, HTML5, XHTML, JSON, CSS3 for projects based on java platform.
  • Experience on working with CSS Backgrounds, CSS Layouts, CSS Positioning, CSS Animations, CSS Text, CSS Borders, CSS Margin, CSS Padding, CSS Table, Pseudo Classes and Pseudo Elements.
  • Experience in developing UI applications using AngularJS, BackboneJS, React JS, ExtJS, Vanilla JS, NodeJS, EmberJS, JavaScript, JQuery, TypeScript, Redux, CSS3 and Photoshop.
  • Experience using Express, Node, Rest framework and developed backend services using NodeJS.
  • Expertise in developing Web pages using jQuery plug - ins for Drag and Drop, AutoComplete, AJAX, JSON, AngularJS, Bootstrap and JavaScript.
  • Experienced in MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular JS, Node.js) full stack programming.
  • Extensive experience in development using Spring framework (MVC, IoC, AOP, Security, DI, JDBC, Boot, Cloud), Servlets,ORM tools (Java Persistence API, Hibernate and MyBatis), along with other java technologies like EJB,Junit, Apache Struts 2, Apache Axis, JFC (SWING, AWT, Java 2D) and JSTL.
  • Highly skilled in Hibernate 3.x, Hibernate Caching, HQL, Connection Pooling, Hibernate Transactions, Collections, Optimistic Locking.
  • Worked on Creating clusters inGoogle Cloudand manage the clusters usingKubernetes(k8s) and used Jenkins to deploy code to Google Cloud, create new namespaces, creating docker images and pushing them tocontainer registryofGoogle Cloud.
  • Worked withJasmine, Mochaunit test framework to write unit tests for JavaScript code.
  • Experience in creating adhoc reporting ready universes using Business Objects Universe Designer.
  • Proficiency with Elastic Path software.
  • Been an active member and has worked on developing utilities usingC,SYBASE, ORACLE PL/SQL, with UNIX PERL, UNIX Shell Scripting.
  • Very Good Understanding of Partition, Indexing and Optimization Goals of Sybase 15x.
  • Extensive experience in using various design patterns such as MVC, Singleton, Session Facade, DAO, DTO, and Business Delegate in the development of Multi-Tier distributed Enterprise Applications.
  • Experience in developing enterprise applications using Scala.
  • ExperienceinDesigningEndto End, B2B and B2C application usingJEE&J2EE technologies such asServlets,JSP,EJB,JNDI, JPA, REST, Jersey, JTA,JMS,JDBC, JAXP, JAXB.
  • Worked on messaging appliances like WebSphere MQ, AMQ, EMS.
  • Skills in Oracle ATG modules DAS, DAF, DPS, DSS, DCS and Web application servers - WebLogic, WebSphere, and JBoss.
  • Proficiency in working with all databases like Oracle, MySQL, MS SQLServer, SQL, DB2, MongoDB, Cassandra. And datasystems like Kafka, Spark, HDFS.
  • Proficient in RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) concepts and worked with MySQL, Sybase, Oracle and DB2.
  • Experience with Apache Tomcat on Amazon AWS.
  • Experience in Web Services Technologies like SOAP with WSDL and RESTful with JAX RS, Jersey, Spring, Apache camel, Apache CXF and Node-JS and implemented SOA architecture with web services.
  • Experience usingOAuth 2.0 tokenfor http Communication to access Translate APIs.
  • Worked on Web Services development using both SOAP/REST.
  • Experience withApacheCassandraandApache SOLR.
  • Good knowledge in XML related technologies using JAXB, VoiceXML, STAX, SAX, DOM API, XSL and X-Path.
  • Good experience in creating automation testing framework from scratch usingCucumber, Selenium RC, Java, and Eclipse
  • Experience in unit testing by using Junit and information of Log4j, ANT and Log back tools.
  • Proficient in usingJenkins, Docker for continuous integration and continuous builds with Maven, Gradle and ANT.
  • Implemented Logging using Apache Log4j for the Data Extraction.
  • Hands on experience in software configuration/change control process and tools likeSubversion (SVN), Git, CVS, Clear Case, ClearQuest, Bugzilla, and Jira.
  • Experienced in socket development using UDP and TCP/IP methodologies.
  • Worked proficiently with various IDEs including Eclipse, My Eclipse, Net Beans, IntelliJ, RAD and WSAD.
  • Hands on experience in configuring and deploying multi-tier applications using servers like Web Sphere, Web Logic, Tomcat and JBoss.
  • Experience in building and deployment of EAR, WAR, JAR files on the test, stage systems in IBM Web Sphere application server v7.
  • Initiative in providing value addition solution to enhance business and infrastructure capabilities.
  • Very much comfortable in analysing, debugging, troubleshooting and solving problems and issues in theapplication.
  • Excellent analytical and critical thinking, creative problem solving, quick learning, leadership, interpersonal and client interfacing skills.


Languages: C, C++, Java, J2EE, SQL, PL/SQL

J2SE / J2EE Technologies: JSP, JDBC, Servlets, EJB, JPA, Java Beans

Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular JS, Backbone JS, TypeScript,Vanilla JS, React JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Express.Js, Node.js, AJAX, JSON, Adobe Flash

Frameworks: Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Struts, Log4J

Web/Application Servers: IBM WebSphere, J2EE Server 1.6, Apache Tomcat and JBoss, WebLogic.

Design Patterns: MVC, Front Controller, Session Facade, IOC, Singleton, Data Access Object, Business Delegate.

Version Control Tools: GIT, CVS, SVN, VSS and Rational Clear Case

IDE / Tools: Eclipse, My Eclipse, Net Beans, IntelliJ, RAD, WSAD.

Data Systems: Oracle, MongoDB, IBM DB2, SQL, NoSQL, MySQL,Cassandra, MS SQL Server, Kafka, ODBC, PL/SQL

Build Tools: Gradle, Jenkins, ANT, Maven,Docker.

Platforms: Windows 98/2000, windows XP, windows 7/8/10, UNIX, LINUX.

Web Service Technologies: SOAP, REST

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, UNIX, LINUX, Solaris, Windows Server

Software Development Methodologies: TDD, SDLC, UML, Design Patterns, Unit testing, SOA, OOAD, EAI, Agile, Scrum, Waterfall model


Sr. Full Stack Java Developer

Confidential, Scottsdale, AZ


  • Assignments involved addressing Resilience/Scalability issues with the current technical infrastructure
  • Requirement Gathering, Designing & Developing business logic
  • Designing & Developing business logic in service class as per Business requirements with Java core, collections, and java 11 features like creating resource classes, lambda expressions, Local Date objects, fetching documents from database.
  • Extensively working on IntelliJ, Eclipse for code development and debugging purposes.
  • Migrating Shared directory legacy web applications to spring boot like Cli-tools and ONS-admin webapp (which are used by the Zelleclearxchange customer support) to reduce development time and increases productivity.
  • Creating several SOAP/REST endpoints to allow communication between applications through web services frameworks.
  • Test Driven Design and Development of application and Integration with Hibernate using Spring Boot/MVC framework as well as Testing frameworks.
  • Developing DAOs using JPA, hibernate persistence API for the database operations to interact with Oracle 12c Database.
  • Creating several Rest endpoints for ECM (Enterprise client manager) Project such as create an organization or update debit card details of a customer or get payment details or delete payment transactions of an Identifier such as token.
  • Developing Web services for SD to allow communication between applications through SOAP over HTTP using Apache Axis2.
  • Design and Development of web application and Integration with Hibernate using Spring MVC framework.
  • Working on spring framework features such as dependency Injection to inject dependency into objects and to wire objects of business classes.
  • Migrated an Cli-tools application spring to springboot 2.0.
  • Configuring beans in spring configuration file with Spring IOC, Spring AOP concepts.
  • Using Spring Boot modules and Spring Validation framework for Server-side Validations.
  • Developing Shared directory clear change UI web pages using JSP and Java script and HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Writing SQL queries such as Insert, Update, Delete, Alter, and Joins to fetch the required data from SD database using SQL developer.
  • Involved in Migrating an existing Zelle on-premises application to AWS.
  • Used Amazon Cloud Watch to monitor AWS and Amazon Cloud Watch logs to monitor Shared Directory application.
  • Creating log files in Linux environments for debugging and monitoring purpose using Log4J logging API framework.
  • Handling Kafka brokers failures and converted applications to send Kafka messages in an asynchronous way.
  • Involving fixing security code vulnerabilities with static code analysis tool such as Fortify Scan or find bugs and generate the reports.
  • Identifying and developing test cases and test scripts to perform load tests for Performance and regression testing.
  • Developing the maven script to generate the jar bundle for deployment in Dev and QA environments and configured it with the Bamboo tool for release management.
  • Participating to fix production issues within hours by checking the logs using Splunk.
  • After code development of Rest APIs for end-to-end testing writing spocktests using Groovy.
  • Implementing unit test cases for the code snippets that I developed used Junit.
  • Working on Atlassian products like Jira, Bitbucket, and Confluence for Issue tracking, Code review and documentation.
  • Using Git, Configuring and Managing Source Code and Resolving Code Merging Conflicts in Collaboration with Application Developers.
  • Following Agile methodology and SCRUM meetings to track, optimize features to customer needs.

Environment: Agile Methodology, Eclipse, Spring, Spring boot, Hibernate, Apache Tomcat, Soap Web services, Oracle 12c Database, SQL Server, Windows, Unix, Linux Servers, HTML5, CSS3, JSP, Java script, AngularJs, Kafka, Soap UI, HP Fortify Scan, Maven, Bit bucket, Git.

Full Stack Java Developer

Confidential, Dallas, TX


  • Exposed to Software Development Life Cycle (Scrum) with JIRA Agile following Agile methodology.
  • Developed the application as Single Page Application which can switch to different components using Angular 2 also worked on Angular 6 controllers and created functions factory to interact with the RESTfulServices using AJAX services like $http and $resource.
  • Designed and developed User Interface, application modules using Angular 2,JSP, spring,Servlets, Vanilla JS, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, Redux.
  • Worked as Java Developer, replaced Stored Procedures for legacy databases to Restful Microservice using Spring Boot, Spring Data, Cloud Config server, JPA, Hibernate.
  • Developed Restful Microservice using Spring Boot to listen RabbitMQ queues and store in SQL Database.
  • Producer API’s are exposed via proxy usingAPIGEE.
  • Managed highly available and fault tolerant systems in AWS, through various API's, console operations and CLI.
  • Restful API’s are created to handle real-timerequest/response.
  • Consumer API’s communicate to other services or API’s via APIGEEproxy, and some consumer’s use Rabbit MQ as a medium to delegatemessages.
  • ImplementedELK (Elastic Search, Log stash, Kibana)stack to collect and analyze the logs.
  • Monitored the error logs using Log4J and fixed the problems.
  • Solved SonarQube issues which detects bugs, vulnerabilities, code smells in the services.
  • Generated Jacoco reports for unit test cases for every layer of service.
  • Build Services using CICD tools such as Jenkins.
  • Involved in writing Jenkins and docker file using groovy script.
  • Experience withDockercontainers, creatingDocker Images/ containersimages, pushing images,integration ofSpring boot.
  • Plan, deploy, monitor, and maintain Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure consisting of multiple EC2 nodes and VMware Vm's as required in the environment.
  • Used Jenkins as Continuous Integration tools to deploy the Spring Boot Micro services to AWS.
  • Developed connectors AWS Dynamo DB, SQS, SNS, S3 and writing Terraform scripts.
  • UtilizedAWSLambdaplatform to upload data into AWS S3 buckets and to trigger otherLambda Functions including AWS EC2 focusing on high-availability, fault tolerance, and auto-scaling.
  • Involved in creating SPLUNK dashboards and SPLUNK alerts to monitor the behaviour of applications which are in production.
  • Breaking out metrics and traces using Data Dog and building the Data Dog dashboards to identify the trend of the requests hitting the services.
  • UsedGradleas build and dependency management tool for creatingEAR, WARandJARfile to be deployed in application servers and integrated withGitlab, Jenkins, and Jenkins Jobs, docker file.
  • Developed and deployed the micro services applications in Docker cloud platform.

Environment: Core Java, Java 1.8, JSP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, JSON, Angular 2, Hibernate, ELK stack, Spring (IOC, MVC, Security, AOP, DI), Docker, Gradle, Maven, Oracle 12c, Sybase, REST and SOAP Web services, WSDL, JIRA, Spring Boot, Jenkins, Gitlab, Rabbit MQ, IntelliJ, Postman, Maven, Servlets, Log4J, GIT, Unix, WebSphere, SoapUI.

Java/J2EE Developer

Confidential, Kansas City, MO


  • Involved in study of User Requirement Specification. Requested insufficient.
  • Information and helped clearing ambiguity in requirements document.
  • Involved in design, develop and implementation of the application using Spring Boot.
  • Designed and implemented application using JSP, Spring MVC, Spring IOC, Spring Annotations, Spring AOP, Spring Transactions, Hibernate, Oracle.
  • Developed microservices using Spring Boot.
  • Developed cloud native microservices using Spring cloud and Spring Boot.
  • Used Microservice architecture, with Spring Boot-based services interacting through a combination of REST and MQ and leveraging AWS to build, test and deploy microservices.
  • Involved in developing Class diagrams in UML showing generalization and other relationships, sequence diagram describing the interaction of objects over time.
  • Used JMS template for publishing and consuming messages from Active MQ.
  • Analysis and Design of various modules using SOA and J2EE stack.
  • Implemented Spring data JPA for accessing persisting and managing data between java objects and a relational database.
  • Migrated an application developed in Angular 4.0 to Angular 5.0 recently.
  • Responsible for creating efficient design and developing User Interaction screens using HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Angular 6 and Node JS.
  • Enhanced application performance by Angular 6 Component based development in view of future Angular framework transitions.
  • Implemented Angular Router to enable navigation from one view to the next as customer performs application tasks.
  • Implementeddocker-maven-pluginin maven pom to build docker images for all microservices and later usedDocker fileto build the docker images from the java jar files.
  • Implemented the application using the concrete principles laid down by several design patterns such as Singleton, Data Access Object, and Adaptor.
  • Modified existing Shell scripts in Unix to call daily sub routines.
  • Wrote annotated POJO classes, which contain business logic to map database tables with java objects.
  • Created connections to database using Hibernate Session Factory, using Hibernate APIs to retrieve and store data to the database with Hibernate transaction control.
  • Assisted Oracle DB development team in developing stored procedures and designing the database.
  • Used GIT as versioning system and Maven for project builds.
  • Wrote Unit test cases using Mockito.
  • Interacted with Business Analysts to come up with better implementation designs for the application.
  • Design and Development of software components like Interface, Action Handlers.

Environment: Java JDK 1.7,1.8, Hibernate 4.x, SOAP and Restful Webservices, Spring Framework 4.x, Springboot, HTML4.0/5.0, JUnit, Angular JS, Eclipse, JDBC, PL/SQL, XML, Windows XP, Oracle 12g, Web logic Application Server 10.3, Tomcat 7.0, Maven, Agile scrum.

Java Developer



  • Involved in requirements gathering, preparing Technical Specifications.
  • Developed the application in MVC design patterns using Struts, JSP, and java Servlets.
  • Developing the front-end using HTML, JAVASCRIPT, JSP and Servlets for the server-Side programs.
  • Developed AJAX scripting to process server side JSP scripting.
  • Involved in design, code & test major enhancements.
  • Responsible to writing JDBC programming to persist the data in Oracle database.
  • Implemented spring and Hibernate framework to realize data manipulation function based on Data Access Object (DAO) pattern.
  • Used Spring validation framework for server-side validation of user data submissions.
  • Design of application components using java Collections and providing concurrent database access using multithreading.
  • Designed dynamic and multi-browser compatible pages using HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript and AngularJS.
  • Used AngularJS components like modules, controllers, and built-in and synchronizing models with single page Applications (SPA).
  • Worked on Docker open-source project by automating the deployment of applications inside software containers.
  • To achieve Continuous Delivery goal on high scalable environment, used Docker coupled with load-balancing tool Nginx.
  • Prepared test data for UAT testing and provided support for functional and End to End testing.
  • Used JIRA as project management tool and to track work items.
  • Used JavaScript for Client-side validation and JUnit framework for unit testing.
  • Used Hibernate for Object Relational Mapping.
  • Used Log4j for logging, debugging and used Junit extensively for testing.
  • Activity participated in Bug fixes.

Environment: Java, XML, JSP, Servlet, jQuery, Struts, Hibernate, JavaScript, HTML, Maven, CSS, Eclipse3.0, Eclipse 3.8, Oracle 9i, Windows/Unix, Maven, Junit.

Java Developer



  • Designed and developed user interface using Struts tags, JSP, HTML and JavaScript.
  • Developed user specific Highlights (dashboard menu) section, Home page, Admin home page, user module (Modify/search users, create user’s screens with assigning various roles) using Spring MVC framework, Hibernate ORM Module, Spring Core Module, XML and JSP.
  • Involved in multi-tiered J2EE design utilizing MVC architecture (Struts Framework) and Hibernate.
  • Implemented functionality using Servlet, JSP, HTML and Struts Framework, Hibernate, spring, JavaScript, and Web logic.
  • Developed Scalable applications using Stateless session EJBs.
  • Used Axis Web Services using SOAP to transfer the amount from an application that is remote and global to different financial institutions.
  • Involved in designing the user interfaces using HTML, CSS, and JSPs.
  • The required changes to the record and save the updated information back to thedatabase.
  • Involved in writing shell script to export oracle table' s data into flat files and performed unit testing using JUNIT and used Log4j for logging and automatic batch jobs.
  • Developed stored procedures and triggers using PL/SQLto calculate and update the tables to implement business logic.

Environment: Core Java, Jsp, Servlets, Struts Framework, Hibernate Framework, Spring, Oracle, Eclipse, My Eclipse, Html, Uml, JavaScript, Junit, Xml, Oracle Glassfish

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