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Java/j2ee Developer Resume

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Seattle, WA


  • Having 7+ Years of progressive experience in all the phases of software development life cycle including Design, Development, Integration, Maintenance, Implementation and Testing of various client/server, N - tier and web applications. Experience working as a Programmer Analyst, Designer in executing web based information decision-making projects using Java/J2EE related technologies.
  • Proficient in Application Development with Web Technologies, B2B products, Distributed Technologies and Client-Server Architecture environment in Automotive, Financial, HealthCare and Education Industries.
  • Creating e-learning systems integrated in the platform to do exercises integrated withSCORMand our own test system using javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3,PHP.
  • Highly proficient in application development using HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JQuery, Angular, Backbone, JSP.
  • Experience on WCAG guidelines intended for web content developers and standard for web accessibility.
  • Good a developing Single Page applications using Angular JS.
  • Responsible for checking cross browser compatibility and hence worked on different browsers like Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome.
  • Good noledge for designing, building, and deliveringe-learningacross a wide variety of topics. Projectsrange from small to enterprise-wide.
  • Developed reusable Server side code modules with Enterprise Java Beans Integrated with Remote method Invocation (RMI) to access remote Servers and invoking Databases with JDBC
  • Experienced in implementing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with XML based Web Services using Top down Approach and Bottom up Approach.
  • Extensive Knowledge on databases like Oracle 9i/10g, DB2, and MySQL. Experience in writing complex SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Cursors, and Functions.
  • Good in using XML Parses like DOM, SAX, JAXB.
  • Good working noledge on database tools like TOAD, PL/SQL, DB Visualizer and SQL Navigator.
  • Expertise in design and development of multi-tiered web based applications using J2EE technologies like JSP 1.x/2.x, Servlets 2x/3.x, EJB 2.x/ 3.x, JDBC, JNDI, JMS, LDAP, IBM MQSeries and RMI.
  • Experience in unit testing the applications using JUnit Framework and developed logging and standard mechanism based on Log4J.
  • Well experienced in fixing performance, solving and stabilizing problems of Java applications/products
  • Many of my java applications are successfully implemented and complied using different IDE tools like Eclipse, RAD, WSAD (Web sphere Studio Application Developer) and Net Beans.
  • Excellent analytical ability, consultative, communication and management skills.
  • Self-motivated, easily adaptable to new environments and ability to work independently as well as in small groups.


Enterprise Application Integration: IBM WebSphere Integration Developer (WID) / IBM Integration Designer (IID) 6.0/7.0/7.5, IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus (WESB) 6.0/7.0/7.5, IBM Rational Software Architect (RSA) 6.0/7.0, Data Power.

Operating Systems: Windows 98/2000/XP/NT/VISTA/7, Sun Solaris, Linux, Unix (AIX), MS-DOS.

Java Technologies: J2SE, J2EE, JSF,JSP, Servlets, EJB, Swing, JDBC, JMS, MQ Series, MDB, JNDI, Web Services, Design Patterns, JAVA Beans.

Web/App. Server: Tomcat 5.x/6.x, Web Logic 7.x/8.x/9.x/10.x, Web Sphere 4.x/5.x/6.x, JBoss 3.x /4.x.

Frameworks & IDE Tools: Struts1.x/2.x, JSF1.2/2.0, Spring 1.1, Hibernate 3.0, JUnit, ANT, AJAX, Log4J, Eclipse 1.0/3.1, WebLogic Workshop 9.2, TOAD.

Web-Development Technologies: JSP, XML, XSLT, DTD, DOM, HTML, Java Script, CSS, Servlets, JSTL (Tag Libraries), JSF (Java Server Faces), RUP, i18n, ANT, JUnit, MQ Series

RDBMS: ORACLE 9i/10g, SQL Server 6.5, MS Access, MS-SQL Server.

Web Services: RESTful, SOAP, UDDI, WSDL, SOA, JAX-WS


Confidential, Seattle,WA

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Gatheird requirements from client, analyzing and preparing the Requirement specification document.
  • Worked on design and development to build the one page application with responsive designs (minimal mobile, desktop).
  • Used SCORMPOOL to retrieve the data using the proxy server from the remote data center or user.
  • Involved in UI design and provided the design directions for the mobile approaches.
  • Followed WCAG guidelines for front end development which helps the web page to reach the standards it needed.
  • Used database transactions and transaction management along with Spring ORM and DAO.
  • Worked on Database design and provided the support to Back-Endteam.
  • Used HTML5,CSS,JavaScript and Angular JS for front end development and processing of data.
  • Provided the technical support to the team.
  • Provided solutions for the various business requirement.
  • Involving in design review and testing.
  • Involved in Angular based application development.
  • Designed and developed queries using Hibernate Query Language and data validation via the Hibernate validator framework.
  • Developed additional UI Components implemented an asynchronous, AJAX (JQuery) based rich client to improve customer experience.
  • Used Spring AOP for cross cutting concerns and IOC for dependency injection.
  • Developed RESTful services using JAX-RS Specification. Used Jersey to implement REST Web Services and used JAXB parser for marshaling and Unmarshaling.
  • Worked on application enhancement work and the production issues.
  • Prepared Test Cases and Unit Testing performed using Junit.
  • Experience working in a global team and with offsite onshore model

Environment: Java/J2EE, Weblogic 12.1.1 Server, SQL database,HQL,Spring, JavaFx, RESTful/SOAP web-service, JSP, jQuery, JavaScript, AngularJS and HTML5.



  • Follow the complete Software life cycle.
  • Writing UI / Business validations for the owned use cases.
  • Coding, Code Review (Offshore), building and bouncing the servers.
  • Handling master pages, page layouts and item style "XSLT" files also used jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Visual Studio, Adobe programs.
  • Used Spring MVC (Model View Controller) to handle/intercept the user requests and used various controllers to delegate the request flow to the Backend tier of the application.
  • Developed Stateless Session Beans to transfer calls from presentation tier to data services tier.
  • Extensively used Hibernate 3.x in data access layer to access and update information in the database.
  • Design and Implemented Restful Webservice layer for authorization, address validation using JAX-RS.
  • Responsible for coding POJO Classes.
  • Consumed Web Services (WSDL, SOAP, and UDDI) from third party for authorizing payments to/from customers.
  • Creating Test plan documents and testing using JUnit.
  • Developed a Controller Servlets for Single Point of Control and fetching Connection from Connection Pool.
  • Created Client Jars for the interfaces and connection classes.
  • Integrated testing, System testing, black box testing and white box testing.
  • Writing SQL queries to retrieve data and store data from database.
  • Configuring environment at different levels of testing.
  • Team meeting to improve offshore morale during downsizing.

Environment: Java/J2EE, Swings, JSP, JMS, HTML, Servlets, Oracle11g, Eclipse, VPN, Web logic 11g, mySQL, Hibernate.



  • Implementation and coding according to the design document.
  • Designed and Developed the Server Side Components (Session Beans, DAO, BO and DTO) using J2EE and Java design patterns.
  • Involved in integration efforts between the Struts Action classes and Spring
  • Involved in writing SQL prepared statements, stored procedures, handled SQL Injection and persisted data using Hibernate session, transaction, and session factory objects.
  • Used MAVEN for compilation and building JAR, WAR and EAR files.
  • Used Hibernate for Object Relational Mapping (ORM) and data persistence.
  • Creating Test plan documents and testing using JUnit.
  • Integrated testing, System testing, black box testing and white box testing.
  • Involved in integrating and business layer with DAO layer using custom frameworks, which internally uses Hibernate.
  • Creating SOAP input xml and getting SOAP output xml from Mainframe system
  • Writing SQL queries to retrieve data and store data from database.
  • Involved in writing all client side validatiofns using Java Script
  • Worked on different environments like Production, Development and Integrated Testing.
  • Solving the production issues(Previous version Bugs). mySQL to access data in the database at different Levels.

Environment: Java/J2EE, Struts, JSP, HTML, JQuery, AJAX, XML, XSLT, CSS, Servlets, WebServices, SOAP, Oracle10g, Swings, Eclipse 8, HP Quality Centre, VPN,Websphere Server, mySQL.



  • Set up Development environment like, Framework Setup (Spring), ANT Build, JDBC Configuration,JavaMail/SMTP Setup, Sub Version Control.
  • Used apache tomcat for creating and running application.
  • Used SVN (version control tool) 2006 for control versioning.
  • Used Spring MVC Framework to develop the application by implementing Controller, Services classes.
  • Used Annotation based Spring Framework for auto wiring and injecting the required dependencies to implement business logic.
  • Used JSP for user Interface and Used SQL server 2000 database for maintaining data.
  • Used JDBC for database connection and Used Hibernate for data persistance.
  • Wrote SQL for business services needed for this application.
  • Used AJAX for displaying various tabs based on the assigned role for the user.
  • Involved in Production setup like Framework Setup (Tomcat Installation, Struts, etc), ANT BuildJavaMail /SMTP Setup, SQL Server Setup (Installation, DB Creation).
  • Prepared test cases for "ADMINSTRATION" functionality.
  • Involved in different phase of testing like Unit Testing, Integration/Interface Testing, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Customer Acceptance Testing, Bug Fixing.
  • Followed agile methodology.

Environment: Java,J2EE, Spring, JSP, ASP, SVN version control tool, XML 1.0, SQL, Hibernate (persistance framework), JDBC, SQL server 2000, eclipse IDE, AJAX.

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