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Senior Software Engineer Resume

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Scottsdale, AZ


  • 15 Years of Java and J2EE of Information Technology experience in System analysis, Design and development using Application server, WebServer and Databases.
  • Expertise in Perl and Shell scripiting in UNIX ane Linux environment.
  • Strong Work experience in Java, JSP, Struts, Webwork, Spring, Web service, CORBA, EDI and EJB with Web sphere
  • Expert knowledge of Static code analysis tools Sonar, PMD, Checkstyle and Findbugs gained by complete implementation for projects.
  • Expertise in using Design and Architectural patterns.
  • Strong work experience in Database design, Normalization, PL/SQL and Stored procedures.
  • Experience in leading J2EE Development and Testing projects of team size more than 15. In wide variety of Web applications.
  • Experience in using Rational unified process for systems development.
  • Agile Process champion implementing best practices and code review tools Code Collaborator to speed up development activities
  • Extensive experience in Microsoft Chart and Excel API's for generating the Reports.
  • Extensive experience on SNMP, MIB and HPOpenView networking products.
  • Analyze and resolve problems related cryptography products and services


Programming Languages: Java, Perl

Technologies: J2EE, JSP, Spring 3.0, SOAP, REST, Spring AOP, JSON, Struts, XML, JDBC, Applets, Servlets, Beans, Ajax, Tiles, Hibernate, EJB, Hessian.

Web/App Servers: Weblogic 8.x, Websphere, Tomcat, JBoss

RDBMS: SQL Server 7.0 / 2000, MS Access, Oracle.

Markup Languages: HTML (with CSS), XHTML, DHTML

Tools: & Utilities: Maven, Maven plugins, Sonar, Code Collaborator

Operating systems: Windows, MAC OS 9.0, Solaris, Linux

XML Technolgies: XSLT, XSD, Castor, JAXB, XMLBeans and Xpath.


Confidential, Scottsdale, AZ

Senior Software Engineer


  • Design of spring application (Alert dispatcher) from scratch and presentation to architect and team for approval
  • POC and development of Alert dispatcher using Spring components
  • Developed the spring framework components from scratch for this project
  • Testing of different layers of application Service, DAO using Junit and Mockito.
  • Development of new features for Alerts application
  • Wrote Stored procedures, cursors for generating data for alert revenue billing reports

Environment: Java, SpringIO, SpringJMS, Spring JDBC, Rest Webservices, XML, Mockito, Clover ETL, JBOSS, Oracle, Rally, Crucible

Confidential, CA

Technical Lead


  • Product requirements analysis by actively participating in requirement discussions
  • Performance analysis of the application
  • Preparation of Design documents to address the identified performance bottlenecks.
  • Implementation of key components of the design using Spring and Rest webservices.
  • Running Static code analysis tools on trunk build and fixing the violations.
  • Code Review using Code collaborator tool.
  • Furnishing the guidelines and checklists for effective and quality code delivery.
  • Preparation Story checklist for monitoring of Backlog stories.
  • Design review of key architectural changes and validating key changes.
  • Unit test Coding using Mockito framework.
  • Production release support for iterations.

Environment: Java, SpringIO, SpringMVC, Rest Webservices, XML, BDB Cache, JUnit

Confidential, MA

Associate Architect


  • Analyzing the existing application and define the new architecture for the proposed cloud migration based on the cloud principles
  • Stake holder proposal presentation
  • Creation of technical documents (DLD)
  • Identifying key business functionalities of the existing system and documenting the user storys.
  • Implementation of base framework using Abstract classes encapsulating the key functionalities
  • Implementation of service classes using client proprietary framework developed in GWT.
  • XML mapping of Pricing API Service request and response variables.
  • Running Sonar report and fixing the violations and testcoverage to ensure code quality.
  • Handling scrum meetings, and Project Schedule preparation
  • Knowledge transfer over the conceived application Framework
  • Suggestions and revision on the application framework
  • Cloud deployment and unit testing of application using user profiles.
  • Delivered the cloud migration with 90% Agile Score compliance.
  • Review of Vulnerability of the application and fixing the issues viz., SQL injection.
  • Key framework and issues resolution support.
  • Production support and KT support

Environment: Java, Clients proprietary framework, GWT, Java, Ajax, Web services, Oracle

Confidential, IA

Technical Lead


  • Guided and mentored a team of 8 people in design and development of the Receiving Closing Fees Module.
  • Interfaced with business analysts and clarified the requirements.
  • Designed and code the html screens using javascript with excellent look and feel controls appreciated by Business owners.
  • Designed and coded the rest web services and integrated with the module.
  • Wrote complex hibernate mapping classes to interface with pricing calculation systems.
  • Identified, Planned and executed the different tasks involved in the module.
  • Wrote extensive testcases using testing to improve the code coverage of Rate Management application.
  • Business showcase and sign - off of Rate management application with 100 users watching my online demo
  • Successful Production Release support for Rate management.

Environment: Java, Web services, Hibernate, Log4j, Eclipse, JBoss, Tortoise, Oracle, Teamworks, TestNG

Confidential, PA

Senior J2EE Consultant


  • Designed and developed the user admin reports module and integrated with other modules in 5 days with 0 defects.
  • Analysed and wrote over 60 Sql scripts for migration of User admin Gold data from Testing to Production environment in just 2 weeks involving over 20 tables.
  • Created detailed execution plan for important of User admin Gold data migration this was executed seamlessly in production.
  • Designed and coded the appeals module to replicate the declined credit applications to further proceed for approval with the necessary changes.
  • Designed the Comparison utility to compare the Credit applications to check whether repricing is required for over 125 scenarios.
  • Created the generic castor mappings and applied XSLT to generate the SOAP request, to invoke the middle-ware services.
  • Identified and resolved super critical defects which blocked the testing team (30 people) to test over 200 scenarios for over 3 months.

Environment: Java, JSP, Web services, Hibernate, Log4j, Eclipse, JBoss, Subversion, Castor Mappings, Direct Web Remoting, Spring, XSLT, WebWork, Oracle, TOAD.

Confidential, CA

Senior J2EE Consultant


  • Designed and Developed the Case Initiation module
  • Integrated the module with case search and Case Maintenance modules
  • Maintenance and enhance support of Case initiation module
  • Developed Message Driven Beans (MDBs) for receiving and processing data from IBM MQSeries
  • Developed WebService SS ORDER VALIDATION on Server side.
  • Coded the module inline with V4framework and best practices
  • Performed the code review and suggested best practices to be implemented.

Environment: JSP, Tiles, Java 5.0, J2EE, Spring 2.5, Struts 1.0, MDB, Oracle 10g, Weblogic Application Server 10.3, Eclipse, JUnit, Ant, Rational Rose, JWS Webservices, Eclipse, PL/SQL.

Confidential, NJ

Senior J2EE Lead Consultant


  • Designed and Coded the Indicator Detail Edit and Read-only functionalities using MVC Struts flow (JSP, Action, Façade, DAO, DTO, Form Beans and XML).
  • Written highly complex stored procedures and functions for Indicator lifecycle New, Check In, Check Out, Approve, Publish and Decommission based on different Metric Administration Roles Author, Publisher.
  • Designed and Coded the DCW Screens using DHTML, Inner Frames and Inner HTML.
  • Excelled in Ajax implementation for on the fly database manipulation for value keyed by user.
  • Implemented the XML Parser logic using DOM and XPath API for generation of different reports based on XML
  • Designed and Implemented one of the best summary report, change report and detail reports in Adobe Acrobat PDF, Excel and XML using JFreeChart, JExcel API and XSLFO.
  • Created exhaustive test plans and tested the application flow logic simulating real user scenarios.

Environment: HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, XML, AJAX, JSON Java 1.4.1 (Core Java, Multithreading and Collections), J2EE (Java Beans, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, Java Mail), JFreeChart, JExcel API, XSL, XSLFO, PL/SQL Procedures and Functions, SQL, MVC Struts (Model, View and Controller), Eclipse, WSAD 5.1.2, Visual SourceSafe(VSS), MSSQLServer 6.0, IBM's Websphere, FAÇADE, DAO, DTO, Singleton patterns, Adobe Acrobat

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