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Java Lead Resume

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Eden Prairie, MN


  • Over 16+ of experience in IT technologies, Experience in analysis, design, implementation and testing of scalable, high available, high performance JAVA, J2EE enterprise applications, Strong leadership skills.
  • Experience with latest java technologies JDK1.6, JDK1.7, Spring MVC, Hibernate, H2 in memory databases, caching, JAX - WS, Restful web services and deployed the application into JBoss 5, JBoss 7, WebLogic, WebSphere, Tomcat in Unix environment
  • Hands on experience in designing and developing applications using Java/J2EE platforms
  • Object Oriented analysis and design using common design patterns like Abstract Factory, Factory, Singleton, Adapter, Observer, Command, Facade, DAO, MVC
  • Strong experience with Java core
  • Taking responsibility for the design, coding, testing, and documentation (as defined by the SDLC process)
  • Knowledge of Cloud computing
  • Experience with SOA (WSDL/XSD/XML)
  • Strong Web Service, XML technologies (SOAP, JAXB, WSDL, XML)
  • Strong knowledge JUnit and Test Driven Development practices
  • Strong domain experience in Finance, Experience in working all tiers of J2EE applications including Web (HTML, DHTML, CSS, Servlet, JSP, JavaScript, Spring MVC, JSF, Struts, Tapestry), Swing UI, Extensive back end (Hibernate, Distributed caching, JMS, JTA, JPA, JNDI)
  • Experience in developing multi-threaded applications with H2 in memory database for high performance
  • Experience with end to end performance tuning/monitoring of enterprise applications using heap analysis, SQL tuning
  • Working knowledge of SDLC, waterfall and agile development
  • Experience with SQL, relational databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Informix, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Good knowledge of caching mechanism: EHCache
  • Experience in Continuous integration (CI) and tools like Jenkins, CruiseControl, TeamCity
  • Experience using build technologies like Maven
  • Experience in UI technologies such as AngularJS, RequireJS
  • Experience in writing Domain modelling using UML tool Visual Paradigm, Rational Rose, StarUML, wrote use case diagrams, class diagrams, sequence diagrams, collaboration diagrams, state diagrams and design documents
  • Experience in writing SQL, stored procedures, triggers, functions, query tuning, created indexes for performance in Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and MySQL relational database, Worked on OR mappers like Hibernate
  • Experience in SAX, DOM Parsers using JAXP, Xerces
  • Experience in Vitria technology (BusinessWare 3.1.7, BusinessWare 4.2, BusinessWare 4.3)
  • Experience in writing unit test cases using Junit and Mockito
  • Experience in projects of data migration for Banks ( Confidential - Banamex)
  • Experience in automated testing using tools such as Webdriver, Selenium, TestNG, AutoIt, Sikuli, Jenkins, Grinder
  • Experience with bug tracking tools (Jira, HP Quality Center)
  • Interaction with product managers and business users, business analysts, for requirement clarifications, coordinated with QA team, production operations team and addressed issues in a timely manner
  • Extensive experience in Version control systems using SVN, CVS, VSS, SharePoint
  • Experience in RUP and Agile methodologies (SCRUM, Kanban)
  • Experience migrating applications from JDK1.6 to JDK1.7
  • Experience in migrating applications from JBoss 5 to JBoss EAP 6.2
  • Experience in task assignment, task breakdowns, offshore coordination, validating the releases, and code reviews
  • Designing software modifications from supplied requirements and design specifications using agreed standards and tools, achieving well-engineered results
  • Experience in UNIX environment
  • Experience deploying applications in Unix servers
  • Coaching to less experienced staff across a geographically dispersed teams
  • Report progress, delays and risks on assigned activities to project lead
  • Experience teaching (momentum program for undergraduate)
  • Analytical and problem solving skills for design, creation and testing of programs
  • Ability to work as part of team and independently
  • Able to work under minimal supervision
  • Interpersonal skills to interact with team members
  • Communication skills to work effectively with team members, support personnel, and clients


Languages: C, C++, Perl, Java, JDBC, JSP, JSTL, JMS, RMI, SQL, XML, J2EE, JDOM, PL/SQL, JavaScript, HTML, XML, JavaScript, DHTML, XSL, Visual Basic, Jython, Python, BusinessWare

Java/Web: Spring MVC, Spring ORM, Spring Transactions, Hibernate, Restful, JAX-WS, JAXB, JSP, Servlets, Struts, Swing, JDBC, JNDI, JMS, JSF, Junit, Maven, Castor, Jasper Reports, Confidential technology

Caching/In memory: DBGoogle Global cache/ H2 in memory database

Architecture: MVC (Spring, Struts, JSF, Groovy and Grails, Tapestry, Casper), SOA

App Servers: WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Apache Tomcat, JBoss 5, JBoss 7, WebSphere, JRun, Netscape Application Server

Methodology: SCRUM, RUP, SDLC, Agile, CMMi, PSP-TSP

Database: Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Informix, MS-Access

OR Mappers: Hibernate, Kodo

IDE: Eclipse (Indigo, Juno, Kepler), NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Café for Java, Visual Age for Java

Tools: SQL, Toad, My SQL work bench, Ant, Putty, Visual Paradigm for UML, JIRA, Bugzilla, Rational Clear quest, Mercury quality control, WinScp, TOAD, MS Office 95, MS Office 97, MS Office 2000, MS Office XP (Version 2002), MS Office 2003, MS Office 2007, MS Office 2010.

Version control: WinCVS, TortoiseSVN, VSS, SharePoint

Design pattern: Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD), Core J2EE pattern and GOF design patterns

Operating System: Unix, Linux, Fedora, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Business Areas: Finance, Healthcare, Supply chain management

Knowledge: EH Cache, AJAX, JQuery, Axis2, Maven, Ant


Confidential, Eden Prairie, MN



  • Responsible to manage day to day work and lead a team of 27 resources
  • Assist QA and production testing and deployment
  • Assume ownership of the work until it passes successful production verification test
  • Ensuring smooth transition of application into production
  • Software Design, Programming and Unit Testing
  • Extensive use of SCRUM agile methodology
  • Use of RequiredJS to improve performance in the UI
  • Daily stand up meeting to report advance and road blocks
  • Resolve security issues reported by SCABBA
  • Implementation of technical design for some use cases
  • Coordinate Sprint retrospectives
  • Implementation of code Reviews as strategy for quality assurance
  • Implementation of peer reviews as strategy for quality assurance
  • Work with the project lead to schedule features into releases
  • Sprint Planning
  • Road block escalation
  • Timesheets approval for team members
  • Risk management (implementation of root cause analysis, Fishbone)
  • Use of Personal Software Process (PSP) and Team Software Process (TSP)
  • Implementation of unit testing code using JUnit and Mockito frameworks, Sonar and Eclemma plugin
  • Widget framework improvements
  • Increased code coverage for Ecosystem, Manage, Search, CTA and IDAMS
  • Upgrade from Attivio 3.1.0 to 3.5.0
  • Automated testing using Webdriver, Selenium, TestNG, AutoIt, Sikuli, Jenkins
  • POC to implement web sockets in Ecosystem
  • POC to upgrade Spring from 3.0.5 to 4.0.5
  • Installing Customer Metrics for applications
  • Fix defects assigned in HP Application Lifecycle Management tool
  • POC to migrate vehicle details page from Java to WebRatio
  • Support to production releases
  • Implementation of REST web services
  • Merging data from branches to trunk
  • Migration from JBoss 5 to JBoss EAP 6.2 to improve the performance of applications
  • Technical design implementation to define the strategy to get static content from Fatwire CMS
  • Creation of configuration guides and setup guides for Ecosystem, Manage, Search, CTA and IDAMS
  • Coordinator of Security Awareness for the company (year 2012, 2013)
  • Coordinator of internal trainings in the team
  • Prepare monthly billing for customer
  • Development of J2EE best practices and standards guidelines for Java projects
  • Support to servers and networks team to migrate some applications to cloud servers
  • Development of UI checklist/Java checklist

Technology: Java 6, Java 7, Oracle 10g, JPA, Hibernate, Spring Framework, TeamCity, Web services (RESTful and SOAP), SOA, Eclipse IDE (Juno, Kepler), SoapUI, StarUML, HTML 4, HTML5, AngularJS, RequireJS, SQL Developer, ZipGenius 6, TortoiseSVN, Microsoft Office 2010, Windows 7 Enterprise, Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Visio 2010, Microsoft Project 2010, Jasper Reports, JQuery, JBoss-5, JBoss-7, Omniture, Attivio Search engine, Fatwire CMS, Apache HTTP server, SCRUM, Rally, ALM, CMMi, Collaboration, PSP/TSP, WebRatio, PPM, SQL, HQL

Confidential, Mexicali, BC

Java Developer/Web Developer


  • Responsible for the technical implementation of this project
  • Participated as senior level developer on the development team
  • Documentation of Java components (High Level Designs & Javadocs)
  • Improved architecture hosting in production servers
  • Improved performance of applications
  • Use of Agile Software Development & CMMi
  • Designed and developed handling equipment module
  • Implementation of interface SCU-Netcom Payment Data Management
  • Testing application SVU Queretaro
  • Review of Application SVUWS
  • Validate impression of MI contract against outstanding DI payments
  • Delete conditions for registration of Takeout
  • Maintenance & support for Sistema de Ventas Urbi (SVU)
  • Maintenance & support for Sistema de Compras Urbi (SCU)
  • Creation of store procedures
  • Creation of indexes to improve performance
  • Creation of sequences
  • Creation of triggers
  • OXXO receipts
  • ROC-INFO contract changes
  • Depuration of CX and CX-WS
  • Generate the test cases for the application CX

Technology: JDK 1.5, Oracle 10g, Spring, Hibernate, Axis2, SoapUI, StarUML, NetBeans, Eclipse, CollabNet Subversion Client, Checkpoint SecureRemote, Crystal Reports, Maven, Apache Tomcat, DBDesigner, DiffMerge, PrimoPDF, TortoiseSVN, Cognos, JQuery, WinRAR, Kintana tool for projects tracking, Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Visio 2010, Notepad++, SourceGear DiffMerge, Cavaj Java Decompiler.

Confidential, Monterrey, NL

Project lead


  • Responsible to manage day to day work and lead a team of 31 resources
  • Responsible for the technical implementation of this project
  • Implementation of complex algorithms for data extraction and data validation
  • Report progress, delays and risks on assigned activities to project lead
  • Data extraction from AS-400 system
  • Data extraction from pages of web applications
  • Learning of data migration techniques
  • Learning of technologies used for data validation
  • Experience in bug tracking tools
  • Day-to-day planning
  • Tasks prioritization
  • Issues tracking and resolution
  • Requirements reception
  • Requirements gathering
  • Analysis of requirements
  • Design implementation
  • Status reports
  • Risk management
  • Configuration management
  • Changes administration
  • Identification and involvement on strategic issues for the three areas of the project (Screen Compare, CDF)
  • Generation of reports from QC for senior management
  • Attend daily status meeting with business team
  • Attend weekly meeting to review defects in Quality Center tool.
  • Data validation for GFU PRX, Cuscatlán Acceso and GFU AS/400 during normal exercises, Dress Rehearsals and Go Lives

Technology: Serena ChangeMan Dimensions, AutoIt v3, VBScript, WinRunner, QTP, WinRunner, JDK 1.4, Oracle 10g, The Grinder 3, Test Director for Quality Center, Grinder, Python, Groovy and Grails, Spring, Hibernate, PHP 5.2, Kintana tool.

Confidential, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Project lead/.Net Developer


  • Project leader role for development of application HR Document Imaging phase I
  • Analysis of requirements
  • Creation of design using UML and patterns
  • Daily test plan revision
  • Test plan strategy
  • Peer reviewer of test cases
  • Code review to the code generated per module finished
  • Coordination of QA & development team
  • Tracking of defects in Quality Center tool
  • Deployment of new releases of application in UAT environment
  • Provide daily status and review with the customer the project plan
  • Creation of configuration guide
  • Creation of deployment guide
  • Participation in analysis and design meetings to identify and prevent potential implementation problems
  • Deliverables: test plan strategy, test cases, technical design, configuration guide, deployment guide and the code generated for this application
  • Improved analysis skills
  • Knowledge in the educative area
  • Improved project management skills
  • Responsible of the day-to-day planning
  • Coordination and prioritization of all services
  • Improved English communication skills

Technology: Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Windows Server 2003, Internet Information Services 5.1, VB.NET 2.0, ADAM 1.1.3790.2075 , AZMAN 5.2.3790.0 , ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX 1.0, Team Foundation Server.

Confidential, Tucson, AZ

Project lead/Java Developer/Web Developer


  • Project Leader in charge of coordinate +20 team members (off-shore team)
  • Create implementation plans and change management requests as assigned
  • Planning the activities for the week
  • Assign requirements to the team members
  • Analyse requirements
  • Implementation of technical design
  • Code solutions
  • Test the products developed
  • Use of continuum integration to launch to production
  • Business Analysis
  • Quality Assurance
  • Provide daily and weekly status report of activities to the customer
  • Implementation of local repository and reverse proxy to improve performance of builds

Technology: JSF, Facelets, Struts, Oracle ADF, JDO, Kodo, Kintana, J2EE through Eclipse IDE, Apache Tomcat, Apache Struts 1.x, Tortoise SVN, Oracle 9.2, SQL Server 2005, JDO, XML, Ant, Maven, Groovy 1.5 (Agile dynamic language for the Java Platform), the Grails Framework, Spring, Hibernate, Jira, SQL, HQL

Confidential, Monterrey, NL

Java Developer/Web Developer


  • Analysis of requirements
  • Creation of technical design using UML
  • Java developer
  • Creation of database objects like stores procedures, functions and triggers
  • Functional testing
  • Deployment of releases in UAT environment for QA team
  • Creation of deployment guide

Technology: Apache Tomcat 5.5.17, Oracle 9i, Maven 2.04, Squirrel SQL 2.3, dojo 0.3.1, Eclipse 3.2, JDK 5, Subversion 1.4.0, Tapestry 4.0.2, JUnit 3.8.1, MySQL Server 5.0, Mozilla Firefox, HiveMind 1.1.1, HSQLDB 1.7.0, Log4j 1.2.13, Kodo JDO 3.4.0, Internet Explorer 7, Java Script, HTML, DHTML.

Confidential, Monterrey, NL

Project lead/Business Analyst/Java Developer/Web Developer


  • Project management
  • Participation to define system architecture
  • Business requirements gathering
  • Business requirements analysis
  • Creation of architecture document
  • Creation of prototype with HTML and JSP
  • Creation of functional specification document
  • Creation of design document
  • Creation of project development plan
  • Coding of web site
  • Functional testing
  • Tracking of project using Kintana Tool
  • Risks administration
  • Issues escalation
  • Hosting of web site in Unix server

Technology: JavaServer Faces Technology 1.1, Apache Tomcat 5.5.17, Maven 2.04, MySQL Administrator 1.1.6, Eclipse 3.2, JDK 5, Subversion 1.4.0, StarUML 5.0, JUnit 3.8.1, MySQL Server 5.0, Mozilla Firefox, Log4j 1.2.13, JSTL 1.1.0, Acegi Security 1.1, Internet Explorer 6.1, Spring, Hibernate.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Project lead/Business Analyst


  • Analysis of requirements for Confidential site ( Confidential Admin, Confidential Supplier and Confidential Partner)
  • Technical Design of Confidential site
  • Creation of prototype for Confidential site using Confidential technologies
  • Creation of functional specification of Confidential site

Technology: Visio, JSP, HTML, Confidential components, MS Office 2007

Confidential, Monterrey, NL

Java Developer/Vitria Developer/Python Developer


  • Analysis of requirements
  • Implementation of technical design using UML
  • Implementation
  • Unit Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Extensive use of XML and IDL (Interface Definition Language)
  • Learning of the loan business
  • Implementation of solutions using Vitria technology
  • Enterprise Application Integration with SQL Server, Cobol and Web layer

Technology: Vitria Technology (BusinessWare 3.1.7, BusinessWare 4.2, BusinessWare 4.3), AXT (Advanced XML Transformer), IDL, JDK 1.3.1, JDK 1.4.2, Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA 4.5, TextPad, Microsoft Visual Source Safe, Lotus Notes, Microsoft SQL Server, Sun One Server, Terminal Services Client, Microsoft Office, Jakarta Struts 1.2.8, JDK 1.5.0, TortoiseSVN, Poseidon For UML CE 4.0.1, Mozilla, JavaServer Faces v1.1, DBDesigner4, CruiseControl for a continuous build process.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Business Analyst/Java Developer/Web Developer


  • Requirements gathering
  • Requirements analysis
  • Creation of functional specification
  • Design implementation
  • Coding implementation
  • Unit testing
  • Functional testing
  • Performance and stress testing
  • Security testing
  • Deploy to production
  • Two months of production support

Technology: Servlets, JSP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JS, SSO and STRUTS framework, JDK 1.3.0, JUnit framework, WinCVS, NetBeans IDE, Eclipse IDE, Oracle, NetBeans IDE, TOAD, JProbe, JTest, WinCVS, BEA WebLogic 7.0, Oracle 8i, Jakarta Struts 1.1

Confidential, Albany, NY

Business Analyst, Project Leader, Java Developer, Web Developer


  • Analysis, design, implementation and testing of HR Reports System (phase I and phase II)
  • Analysis, design, implementation and testing of Lessons Learned system
  • Analysis, design, implementation and testing for several enhancements of Milestone Tracking System Long Cycle (Intranet and Extranet version)
  • Analysis, design, implementation and testing for Milestone Tracking System Short Cycle (Intranet version)
  • For design phase were applied patterns such as MVC, Singleton, Factory
  • Analysis, design, implementation, testing and Transfer to Maintenance team for Actuals application
  • Analysis, design, implementation, testing and transfer to maintenance for Control Point Summary application (phase II and phase III)
  • Analysis, design, implementation and testing for MORIS application (phase III)
  • Analysis, design, implementation, Functional Testing, Performance and Stress Testing, Security Testing, Creation of Database objects (Functions, procedures, sequences, packages) for Finance Information Management (FIM) application.
  • Class diagrams, activity diagrams, sequence diagrams and UI prototypes
  • Creation of database objects such as functions, procedures, sequences and packages
  • Participation in peer reviews and code reviews during analysis, design and coding phases
  • Creation of functional specifications according Confidential standards
  • Creation of architecture documents according Confidential standards
  • Creation of design documents according Confidential standards
  • Creation of configuration and deployment guides using Confidential templates
  • Support to production environment

Technology: JDK 1.1.6, JDK 1.2, JDK 1.3.0, JRun 3.0, Visual SourceSafe, JTest, JProbe, Visual SourceSafe, Oracle, BEA WebLogic 6.1, BEA WebLogic 7.0, Visual SourceSafe, Oracle, Servlets, JSP, HTML, JavaScript, UML, MVC pattern, Java Coding Standards, CSS, Single Sign On (SSO), XML, XSL, MVC framework, Coding Standards, SSO, TOAD, Casper Framework, WinCVS, NetBeans, Oracle 8i, JUnit, NetBeans, Eclipse, Jakarta Struts 1.1, Six Sigma methodology.

Confidential, Monterrey, NL

Java developer


  • Participated as senior developer on the development team
  • Analysis, design, implementation and testing of GEES Customer Communications System (phase II)

Technology: JDK 1.1.6, Confidential Team Site tool, Oracle.


Java Developer


  • Analysis, design and development of module credit card payment
  • Development of horizontal and vertical banners to display important news to customers
  • Development of a calculator to help tellers operation (F12 key to show or hide)
  • Development of modules SAM300 control from Bank mail orders
  • Development of PENSIONES module
  • Development of WORK-FLOW control phases of internal projects
  • Migration of modules from Cobol to Java
  • Developing with AWT and Swing applications useful for branch offices.
  • Database design
  • Creation of queries
  • Generation of documentation for products developed

Technology: Servlets, Applets, HTML, Swing, AWT, JavaScript, UML, JDK 1.1.2, OS/2, Visual Café for Java, Visual Age for Java, DB2, SQL, Livewire, Lotus Smart Suite, Lotus Notes, Windows, Windows/NT, Unix, Netscape Application Server.

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