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Senior Java/j2ee Developer Resume

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Phoenix, AZ


  • 8 years of experience in Analysis, Object Oriented Design, Development, Implementation and Maintenance of software applications using java/j2ee technologies.
  • Expertise in Object Oriented Programming using Java and J2EE related technologies.
  • Expertise in developing Use Cases, Activity Diagrams,GWT2.5 (MVP, Activity and Places framework)based systems Sequence DiagramsandClass DiagramsusingUMLmodeling tools likeEnterprise Architect and Microsoft Visio.
  • Developed different Web components such asJSPs, Servlets,Filters,Custom Tag Handlersand business components such asWeb Services.
  • Good knowledge ofspring’sIOC,Spring MVC, SQL DBMS design, agile full - stack web development, project management, Web flowand spring's integration withHibernateandStrutstechnologies.
  • Extensive knowledge in usingJDBCandHibernatefor persisting data to different relational databases.
  • Current assignments include working with Java developers building J2EE Portlets for aLiferay platform to develop a unifiedLiferayTheme.
  • Expertise inusingJ2EE Application Serverssuch asBEA Web Logic, IBM Web Sphere 6x, 7x, Apache Tomcat and JBoss and Web Servers asTomcat.
  • Extensive Experience in working with various databases likeOracle,SQL Server, MySQL.
  • Hands on experience in working withPL/SQL statements, Stored ProceduresandTriggers.
  • Proficient in Source Code Management tools likeCVS, SVN, VSSandPerforce, YANG elements, JAVA classes and interfaces.
  • Possess excellent leadership qualities, good Interpersonal Skills, team-working attitude, and take initiatives with a proactive approach in problem solving and providing best solutions.
  • Exceptional ability to learn and master new technologies and also to deliver outputs in short deadlines.
  • Expertise in using various Development environments like Eclipse IDE, Net beans IDE and Spring IDE.
  • Good working knowledge on CVS, SVN.
  • Proven track record of producing generic, modularized, high quality, thoroughly tested, scalable and -robust software components under aggressive schedules delivering great value to business in fast paced product based start-up environment as well as large enterprise environments in various domains.
  • Experience with cloud computing platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Experience in UML, RUP,Agile,Scrummethodology.
  • Extensively worked on JavaScript, DOM scripting, HTML, Angular JS, Spring boot, XHTML, HTML5, JSP, Java UI, DHTML, AJAX and CSS.
  • Extensive hands-on experience with AJAX,JSON, JavaScript,Angular JS.
  • Strong experience in Object Oriented Design, JAVA, JVM memory management, java class loading, J2EE, JIVE, Design Patterns, web services (REST and SOAP), SOA architecture, Portal architecture, Spring framework, JPA, ORM, databases, JMS, scripting, in-memory and distributed caching solutions
  • Extensively worked with project teams through Agile development process using JIRA/Confluence, GitHuband Jenkins for CI on highly available AWS platforms.
  • Experienced in working in all phases of software life cycle(SDLC) including Analysis, Architecture, Design, Development, Unit testing, production support, and post production analysis and monitoring and reporting
  • Good Knowledge inEndecaSearch and BI tool.
  • Experience in Supporting application build onEndecaEnterprise seach platform
  • Well versed with front end web technologies Java script, HTML(5), Backbone JS, React JS, Ruby, CSS(3), LESS, JQUERY, Responsive designs, JSTL.
  • Ha-nds on experience on NoSQL databases likeElastic Search, Neo4j.
  • Neuro/Cognitive Psychology UsabilityAnalysis Data Management
  • Experience in developing Single Page Applications (SPA) using JavaScript MVC frameworks such as using Angular JS, backbone.js and Node.js frameworks with Express.
  • Good understanding of java based work flow engines and rules engines.
  • Provided the organization with innovative Web Content Management solutions usingAdobe AEM/CQ5 enterprise solution, including as Teamsite to CQ5 Migration, CQ5 Health Check Remediation, SEO Components, Digital Content Custom Components and CQ5 Workflow for properties.
  • Increasescalability, reliability of proprietary user synchronization product which is a hybrid cloud solution that integrate with Exchange, Domino and Office 365.
  • Experience with cloud computing, Cloud foundryplatform as a service(PaaS) originally developed by VMware and now owned byPivotal Software .
  • Developer Center Portal Based onLiferayusing Agile methodology.
  • Good knowledge on Creating ETL jobs to load Twitter JSON data into MongoDB and jobs to load data from MongoDB into Data warehouse.
  • Exposure to automated testing tools like QTP 10, Selenium 2, WebDriver.
  • Can adapt really well with different cultures and environments, and can work as a team player as well as independent developer.
  • Familiarity and working knowledge of Hadoop Map/Reduce, NoSQL, BDD, Java8 Lambda Expressions.


Java Technologies: Java SE 6/7/8, JDBC, JavaEE, Servlets, Collections API, multithreading, Callables, Executor Service, Ruby Annotations, Generics, Enum Spring

Framework: Spring 2.5, 3.x, springboot, Spring cloud, WebFlow, MVC, Core, DAO, AOP, Context, Django, WebServices, ORM

J2EE Technologies: JSPv2.1, Servletsv2.x, JNDI, JIVE, JMS, JTA, JavaMail, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, JAXB, StAx, JSF

Development Frameworks: GWT2.5, GXT, Cloud foundry, MVP

ORM: iBatis v2.1, myBatis, Hibernate

Programming Languages: Java, C++, C, groovy, shell, perl

Web Technologies: HTML(5), DHTML, Angular JS, RESTful, React JS, Backbone JS, CSS(3), jquery, responsive design

Database servers: Oracle 10g, MySql, MS SQL Server, Sybase Oracle ATG &Endeca, WebSphere, Elastic search, Neo 4jMongo DB

Case, Build Tools: Maven1.x/3.x, POM, CMS TOOLS,Liferay, Ant

Application Servers: Web logic 9.0/10.0, JBoss v4.2, Tomcat 5.x/ 7.x

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Unix

Tools: JUnit, Log4j, EzMocks, Powerocks, Mockito, DBUnit, SoapUI Maven, Jenkins, Usability testing, GIT/Stash, SQL*Plus, TOAD, SQL Developer and SQL*Loader.

Project Management Tools: Rally Dev, XPlanner

Design Modeling: UML, AGILE, Scrum

Version Control Tools: CVS, SVN, Perforce

Utilities: Toad 8.0, SQL Developer, Putty, FTP, SSH, Agile, Scrum, Pair programming, SOAPUI


Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

Senior JAVA/J2EE Developer


  • Involved in various phases of the Software Development Life Cycle.
  • Implemented the functionality of fetching of data from different sources and persisted the data through Hibernate, to separate DAO layer from Database layer and using corejavaclasses.
  • Implemented Spring MVC framework to develop and configure the views and controller of Spring MVC implemented database persistence, and integrated the web application with the persistence layer.
  • Had regular interactions with customers and gathered requirements inBigDatacollation, summation, filtering and normalizing thedata..
  • Developed DAO persistence layer using Hibernate.
  • Enhance the user interface using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript Libraries like JQuery,AngularJS.
  • Responsible to create and Implement theTIBCO EMSarchitecture across enterprise using good routing techniques and MQ adapter, Database Adapter and File Adapter.
  • Build this application usingGroovy/Grailsas a RESTAPI server and BackboneJS as a single application.
  • Created customized AMIs based on already existingAWSEC2 instances by using create image functionality, hence using this snapshot for disaster recovery.
  • Developed single page application by usingAngular JS backed byMongodBand NodeJS
  • Used JPA to manage data between business layers to the database layer.
  • Developed web services by WSDL, SOAP and XML schema support.
  • Used WSDL to structure the data.
  • Dynamic web pages are developed usingJSF2.0, JIVE, JavaBeans, XHTML, JavaScript and Custom Tags.
  • Build and deployment of artifacts in Jive application servers.
  • Enhance client's Jive portals by developing custom Jive plugins and widgets.
  • Used Perl and shell scripting to automate the batch process and run SQL scripts.
  • Used ApacheCXFto create web services.
  • Used JSON for message transformation.
  • Implemented Harvest to create and test XML configuration.
  • Involved in creating Restful web services using JAX-RS andJERSEYtool.
  • Implemented Test Driven Development to develop the robust web application.
  • Involved in providing support during integration testing, component system testing and product system testing.
  • Experience with different PaaS project also used the name Cloud Foundry, and was written inJavaforAmazon EC2.
  • Deploying the version of Cloud Foundry involves interfacing with the underlying infrastructure using the Cloud FoundryBOSH (bosh outer shell)deployment scripting language, another open source tool from Pivotal.
  • Involved increating server side alarm processor that filtered alarms usingDroolsand sent to proper user's in all devices
  • Installed and Configured Redhat 4.5, 5, 6 OS
  • Worked on implementation of migration module, which loads relational data and populates Mongo DB documents.
  • Managed release and deployment of the operational risk management platform.
  • Used Rational Application Developer (RAD) tool to improve the performance of an application.
  • Used Oracle coherence to find POJO beans from the deployed WAR file.
  • Worked with Maven project file to automate complicated repetitive tasks and for automating standardized build processes.
  • Implemented all the targets in the Jasper reports.
  • Design and implementation of business logic and data processing routes using Apache Camel.
  • Implemented function tests using groovy scripts.
  • Worked with IBM Info Sphere, WPS to manage the master data of multiple data base objects.
  • Used XSLT transform to translate XML input data to HTML output.
  • Implemented GUI using JQuery, AJAX, CSS 3.0, Bootstrap, HTML5.
  • Developed Maven scripts for deploying the system into WebSphere Application Server.
  • Used JIRA 5.2 for the issue tracking and bug reporting.
  • Involved in POC onCassandraDB.

Environment: Java, J2EE, AWS, Servlets, JIVE, JSP, Struts, JSF2.0, Spring, Hibernate, WebServices, Perl, JIRA, Maven, HTML,HTML 5,CSS,CSS 3, AJAX, Angular JS, Node JS, Bootstrap, IBM RSA, Web Logic 8.1, Eclipse IDE, Struts 1.0, JDBC, Cloud, JavaScript, TIBCO EMS, Drools, Apache camel, Redhat, JPA,XML, ANT, Log4J, VSS, WSDL, JSON, PL/SQL, MongoDB and Oracle 11g.

Confidential, NYC, NY

Senior Java/J2ee Developer


  • Keeping track of latest internet security vulnerabilities and fixes.
  • Drafted the overall architecture design and delivered detail design documentation for system integration as a part of a key deliverable to the client
  • Effort estimation and planning for various development activities.
  • Coordinating with Citi VA security team for verification of proposed security model.
  • Programming and Development of web pages using Struts, Servlets, JSP and JavaScript.
  • Developed user interface using JSP, Java script and CSS.
  • Integrated Struts to enrich the front end.
  • Updated the required data in the Oracle database to save and update the database using JDBC, Hibernate
  • Involved in analyzing and implementing the Jive’s V2 REST based web services with which Accounts in the client’s sales force tool were mapped as Groups in Jive community.
  • Corresponding to actions performed in the front end.
  • Used JMS and MQ to send/receive asynchronous messages within the application and also with third party applications.
  • Used tools like PL/SQL developer and Toad to write SQL queries.
  • Writing the test cases using JUnit as part of unit testing
  • Used Log4j to capture the log that includes runtime exceptions and created log files on a daily basis.
  • Extensively worked with Browser Testing while developing functional and UI Test Scripts in Java/Selenium
  • Preparing Unit & System testing execution plans
  • Code review of all code components that are being developed under the system integration and data conversion
  • Stream so that best possible standards are delivered.
  • UAT and production co-ordination and support.
  • This team has a very high exposure level. There is one-to-one interaction with the client SMEs on-daily basis.
  • Applications which I have worked on are mainly from loan originations like: Broker Web, Correspondent Web, Document Exchange - SDX, VSS, Image Handler, Closing Docs, Credit Card, My Home Equity, All these applications are consumer based

Environment: Java, J2EE, JSP, JIVE V2 rest, Servlets, Hibernate 3.0, Struts 1.2, Spring, Tiles, XML, HTML, JMS, MQ, CSS, JDBC, Oracle 10g, selenium web driver, Ant1.3, Log4J 1.2, Junit3.8.1, Websphere, Windows, UNIX/Linux, PL/SQL Developer, Toad

Confidential, Plainsboro, NJ

Senior Java/J2EEDeveloper


  • Actively participated in Object Oriented Analysis & Design sessions of the Project, which is based on MVC 2 Architecture using Spring Framework.
  • Involved in Design, Development and Support phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Used AGILE methodology and participated in SCRUM meetings.
  • Designed the system based on Spring MVC Model architecture. Developed a business logic layer using Spring Framework and integrated Hibernate.
  • Designed Java components and integrated using Springframework for Hibernate Object/Relational persistence mechanism.
  • Involved in migration of project fromSpring, Hibernate, SQL Server based framework for JDBC, Oracle based framework.
  • Involved in the integration ofspringfor implementing Dependency Injection (DI/IoC).
  • Used spring Object relational mapping (ORM) and hibernate for persistence in Oracle, created DAO's. Implemented ORM Hibernate framework, for interacting with Data Base. Developed build Scripts using Maven to build and deploy the application.
  • Consumed Web Services for transferring data between different applications.
  • Worked on publishing and testing the web services(JAX-WS) and interacting with the internal teams who consumed the web services.
  • Involved in coding of Servlets and EJB communication.
  • Developing the RMS application to maximize the revenue by forecasting the demand based on the statistics.
  • Responsible for developing DAO layer using Spring MVC and configuration XML’s for Hibernate.
  • Handled all the client side validations, slide show, hide and show controls, dropdown menus and tab navigation usingAngular JS and JQUERY.
  • Consumed Web services for transferring data between different applications. Extensively used XML Web Services for transferring/retrieving data between different providers.
  • Extensively involved in developing Restful Web services which were exposed to cornerstone power builder product.
  • Worked on generating the Web services classes by using Service Oriented Architecture SOA, WSDL, UDDI, and SOAP.
  • Involved in developing JDBC DAOs and DTOs, writing Hibernate HQL queries, PL/SQL stored procedures.
  • Actively involved in writing complex named queries, mapping persistent classes and managing the associations in the mapping files.Involved in creating various Data Access Objects (DAO) for addition, modification and deletion of records using various specification files.
  • Conduct daily status meeting with offshore and client team and document the project status.Implemented several design patterns like Singleton, Factory, Front controller.
  • Developed JMS components to send messages from one application to other application. Deployed the application in the WebLogic application server.
  • Setting up the automatic build and deployment automation for Java base project by using JENKINS
  • Participated in the technical code reviews, prepared unit test cases, detailed time estimation, traceability matrix, and impact analysis and code review documents.

Environment: Java7.0, JSP, Spring, JSF, Eclipse, EJB 3.1, Hibernate, XML, HTML, CSS, SVN, JavaScript, Tomcat, SQL Server 2008, JUnit, Web Services, JAX-WS, SAX, DOM and Windows.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Involved in an analysis, design and development of e-bill payment system as well as account transfer system and developed specs that include Use Cases, Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams and Activity Diagrams.
  • Involved in Design documentation and implementation.
  • Implemented Struts Validation Framework for Action form Validations and Tiles framework in designing different layouts for the JSP’s in the presentation layer.
  • Responsible for Documenting Status Reports in Payment transaction Module.
  • Implemented Payment transaction module for the customers by developing all the components using Java, JSP, Hibernate, Spring environments.
  • Developed UNIX shell (ksh) scripts in order to automate most of the engineering and testing.
  • Developed XML Web Services using SOAP, WSDL.
  • Used XML parser APIs in the web service’s request response data marshaling as well as un marshaling process.
  • Developed JUnit test cases for all the developed modules.
  • Used CVS for version control across common source code used by developers.
  • Used JDBC to invoke Stored Procedures and database connectivity to ORACLE.
  • Resolved technical issues reported by Client.
  • Used MyEclipse for writing code for JSP, Servlets, and Struts.
  • Implemented the application using the concrete principles laid down by several design patterns such as MVC, Business Delegate, Session Facade, Service Locator, Data Access Object, Singleton and Factory.

Environment: Java, J2EE, JSP, Spring, Hibernate, EJB, Oracle, DHTML, XML, DOM, SAX,ANT, Rational Rose, MyEclipse, UNIX, LOG4J, JBoss, CVS, Unix shell Scripts, Websphere Application Server, SOAP, WSDL, Webservices, JDBC, JUnit, Design patterns


Java/J2EE Developer


  • Designed Struts to develop the business layer.
  • Implemented JSP for views and used Tiles to develop the page layout.
  • Used Hibernate for accessing data from the database.
  • Involved in POI API to generate Excel reports.
  • Configured LDAP authentication to access application.
  • Worked on Tomcat to deploy the application in different environments.
  • Used ANT to build the application artifacts.
  • Implemented HTML and CSS for view page designing.
  • Worked on JavaScript and EXT JS client side development for DOM manipulation and Ajax in JSON response format.
  • Developed Command Line pattern for AJAX calls.
  • Implemented application using Command Line, Factory, DTO and Singleton design patterns.
  • Used JDBC to access database.
  • Worked on IntelliJ IDEA as IDE and SVN as source code repository.
  • Supported the application in production with 24/7 prod support.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Struts, HTML, CSS, JSP, Tiles, Hibernate, Tomcat, LDAP, POI, JavaScriptEXT JS, Ajax, JSON ANT, multithreading, JDBC, IntelliJ, IDEA and SVN.

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