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Sr. Java/ J2ee Developer Resume

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  • Around 7+ year’s software development and design experience and expertise.
  • Strong experience in open source technologies and tools (Spring, Struts, Hibernate, Ant and Maven).
  • Hands - on with variety of IDEs such as RAD, Eclipse and IntelliJ.
  • Developed applications using Core Java, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, EJB, Struts, Spring, Java Beans, Hibernate, node.js, API, JPA and MVC architecture.
  • Extensive Experience in using MVC (Model View Controller) architecture for developing applications using JSP, Java Beans and Servlets.
  • Experience in front-end application using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, AngularJS, Struts Tag libraries, spring and JSP.
  • Extensive experience with design and development of J2EE based applications involving technologies such as Java Server Pages (JSP), Java Messaging Service (JMS), Java Data Base Connectivity (JDBC), Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI).
  • Experience in the functional usage and deployment of applications in WebSphere, JBoss, WebLogic, Portlets, IIS and Apache Tomcat Server.
  • Experienced in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Experience in Web Services, Java/J2EE Design Patterns including singleton, Factory, MVC.
  • Experience working with AWS(Amazon Web Services), working with EC2, RDS, Dynamo DB, S3, Cloud Formation Templates.
  • Implementing data persistence through Hibernate and JDBC methodologies through ORACLE, DB2, SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Experience in NoSql databases like Hbase, Cassandra and MongoDB for data extraction and storing huge volumes of data.
  • Strong experience with JUnit in performing unit test and determining the application functionality.
  • Experience in various Agile methodologies like Test Driven Development (TDD) and SCRUM.
  • Good command over designing & developing dynamic web content using AJAX, JSP, HTML, XML, JavaScript & other web development tools/technologies.
  • Extensively worked on TOAD SQL worksheet to develop applications in database.
  • Experience with middleware technologies like (MQ-Series, Oracle Fusion(BPEL and OSB), Apache CAMEL and TIBCO Messaging ).
  • Experience with using IDEs like Eclipse 3.x, Version Control Systems like CVS, SVN, GIT and continuous Integration tool Jenkins and Configuration management tool Puppet.
  • Good Knowledge in building and deploying Apache ANT/ MAVEN scripts for deployment and customizing WAR/ JAR/EAR file management for web applications.
  • Experienced in dealing performance and scaling of servers using tools like JProfiller, JMeter, VisualVM.
  • Support development, testing, and operations teams during new system deployments.
  • An excellent team player and self-starter with good communication skills and proven abilities to finish tasks before target deadlines.


Languages: Java1.5/1.6, C, C++, SQL,PL/SQL, NoSQL.

Operating Systems: Windows 7/XP/2003/2000, UNIX.

Modeling Tools: Rational Rose, UML.

Core Java: Java 1.7, Data Structures, Collections, Generics, Serialization Reflections, Concurrency/Multithreading, RMI, Swing, PL/SQL, C++

J2EE Technologies: JDBC, Servlets, JSP.

Frameworks: Struts 1.3/2.3 Hibernate3.0, Spring3.0.

IDE: Eclipse, IntelliJ, NetBeans, RAD.

Web/Application Servers: Tomcat5.5,WebLogic 8.1/9.2/10.3 , websphere5.1/6.1,JBOSS

Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, XML, Ajax, node.js, Web Services, WSDL, SOAP, jQuery, HTML, JAXB, JAXWS, JMockit, Jupiter.

SOA: WebServices, SOAP, XML, XML Beans

Tools: TOAD, Ant, log4j, Maven.

Testing: JUnit, Mockito, selenium, cucumber.

Databases: Oracle11g, Microsoft SQL Server 2012, MySQL, Mongo DB

Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, Waterfall.

Version Control: GIT, Perforce, SVN, ClearCase.


Confidential, GA

Sr. Java/ J2EE Developer


  • Handled Analysis, Design and Development of the project.
  • Involved in SDLC Requirements gathering, Analysis, Design, Development and Testing of application using AGILE methodology (SCRUM).
  • Designed and developed web-based software usingJavaServer Faces (JSF) framework, Spring MVC Framework.
  • Maintained CSS and HTML, XSL, XSLT,JAVASCRIPT, JSF, Angular JS, for designing Webpages.
  • Used Ajax for intensive user operations, Web object oriented programming and client-side validations, Using JavaScript for client side validation.
  • Developed application service components and configured beans using Spring IoC, creation of Hibernate mapping files and generation of database schema.
  • Used Web Services for creating rate summary and used WSDL and SOAP messages and used XML parsers for data retrieval. Also Developed and consumed REST base web services.
  • Expertise in web development and related software Angular.js, Html5, CSS3.
  • Involved in writing Spring Configuration XML, file that contains declarations and business classes are wired-up to the frontend managed beans using Spring IOC pattern.
  • Spring ORMto integrate Spring Frame work with hibernate and JPA.
  • Creating custom JSF Facelet tags for error handling, data tables, true/false markers etc.
  • Developed JMS components to send messages from one application to other application internally.
  • Involved in creating various Data Access Objects (DAO) for addition, modification and deletion of records using various specification files.
  • Provided various reports related to performance of the system. Memory leaks.
  • Used Apache Solr for data analysis.
  • Developed Maven Scripts for the build process and deployed in IBM WebSphere and Tomcat.
  • Used shell scripts to maintain production and test AWS EC2 instances.
  • Implemented Log4J for Logging Errors, debugging and tracking using loggers, appends components.
  • Implemented Business processes such as user authentication, Transfer of Service using Session EJBs.
  • Used Tortoise SVN as version control across common source code used by developers and MAVEN as building tool.
  • Deployed the applications on IBM Web Sphere Application Server (WAS).

Environment: Agile methodology, Java SE 7, J2EE, Springs 3.x, Spring MVC, Spring JPA, Java Swings, Hibernate, Spring Security, Spring Batch(Quartz Scheduling), Rest Services, SOAP Services, Angular JS, JavaScript, WSDL, XML, XSLT, XSD Schemas, Apache JMeter, JProfiller, AWS(Amazon Web Services EC2, RDS, S3, Cloud Formation Templates), HAProxy load balancer, PL/SQL, Eclipse4.3, Maven, Log4j, Apache Camel, WebSphere7.0.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Sr. Java/ J2EE Developer


  • Involved in business requirements gathering and Analysis, Design, Development, Integration and Testing of application modules.
  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) as requirement gathering, data modeling, analysis, architecture design & development for the project.
  • Flavors of Agile Methodologies (SCRUM) are used to improve the control over the project and reduce the dependence on individuals as the project has significant number of teams
  • Designed applications using Java Design Patterns such as Singleton and Factory.
  • Used Collections, abstract classes, interfaces and multithreading concepts extensively for the business logic.
  • Developed UI and backend applications using Hibernate, Java, Spring, JSP,HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, and AJAX.
  • Architected, designed and developed a rich internet application using Javascript, CSS,AJAX, JQuery, DHTML and Java which allows users to visually allocate, plan and place products into a 2 dimensional shelf space.
  • Developed Web Services using SOA, SOAP, WSDL and JAX-WS, JAX-RPC programming models.
  • Developed RESTful Web Services in Java that provides support for JAX-RS APIs and serves as a JAX-RS (JSR 311 & JSR 339) using Jersey RESTful Web Services framework.
  • Used Spring Framework to integrate with Struts and used ORM mapping tool called Hibernate.
  • Created Spring Restful Web services consuming and producing JSON / XML .
  • Deployed the application in WebSphere Application server and configured WebSphere Application Server to access the Database by setting up Data source.
  • Used SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) for user authentication and authorization.
  • Used Eclipse as IDE tool to develop the application and JIRA for bug and issue tracking.
  • Used PL/SQL programming in Analysis, Design and Implementation of Business Applications using the Oracle Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).
  • Used ANT as build-tool for building J2EE applications.
  • Wrote SQL queries, applying optimization techniques.
  • Used Log4j for logging.
  • Prepared JUnit test cases, Mock Objects to unit test individual components.
  • Prepared Acceptance and Integration tests.
  • Version control of the code and configuration files are maintained by CVS.
  • Used JAXB to marshal and unmarshal the xml-java object, java objects-xml.

Environment: Agile methodology, Java SE 7, J2EE, Springs 3.x, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Rest Services, SOAP Services, WSDL, XML, XSLT, XSD Schemas, Apache JMeter, JProfiller, SAML, Oracle, PL/SQL, Eclipse, Maven, Log4j, WebSphere7.0.

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Developed presentation layer using JSP, HTML and CSS.
  • Participated in the design and development of application using JSP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Developed user interface using JSP, HTML, CSS, AngularJS and JavaScript.
  • Extensively worked on Servlets, JSPs, Struts and Tiles, Java script, Ajax, Expression language, JSTL, JSP custom tags.
  • Used Spring Framework for Dependency injection and integrated with Hibernate.
  • Used Apache CXF web service stack for developing web services and SOAP UI and XML-SPY for testing web services.
  • Used struts framework and Oracle 10g for development and JSP, HTML for UI development.
  • Help maintain interfaces from third party systems for import/export into/from Oracle EBS R12.
  • Implemented MVC architecture using Spring Framework.
  • Used Spring framework to achieve loose coupling between the layers thus moving towards Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) exposed through Restful and ATG Services.
  • Implemented Logging, Auditing using Spring Framework's Aspect Oriented Programming(AOP).
  • Used Spring Framework to integrate with Struts and used ORM mapping tool called Hibernate.
  • Used Spring IOC framework to wire the Spring Beans.
  • Extensively worked with the retrieval and manipulation of data from the Oracle Database by writing queries using SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Used Log4j for logging errors, messages and performance logs.
  • Developed test cases and performed unit and integration testing; performed using testing using Used JUnit.
  • Using Maven as the build script and SVN as source repository.

Environment: Java 1.6, Servlets, JSP, Struts, Spring 2.5, Eclipse 3.6, BEA Weblogic 10.3, Hibernate 3.0, JUnit, SOAP, XML, JavaScript, AngularJS, Spring Batch framework, Spring ActiveMQ, UML, Maven, SVN, Apache Camel, Log4J, Oracle 10g, Oracle EBS.


Java Developer


  • Involved in digital signing of applet for mainframe interaction window for one of the applications.
  • Used Struts Tag Libraries to develop the JSP pages.
  • Deployed the code in Tomcat server and also Weblogic Server for ADF applications.
  • Configure Weblogic Application Server 8.1 to run both Weblogic MQ Workflow Web Client and Weblogic Business Integration Monitor on the same application server.
  • Involved in unit testing and validation of the application.
  • Used JavaScript and jQuery for client side validations.
  • Involved in bug fixing and functionality enhancements.
  • Developed the code satisfying the Section 508 compliances like JAWS, MAGIC and DRAGON.
  • Implemented various J2EE design patterns like DAO pattern, Business Delegate, Singleton etc.
  • Developed Ant scripts to configure and deploy the application.
  • Used Rational Clear Case for configuration management.
  • Involved in designing the workflow and screen workflow.
  • Involved in Troubleshooting and Bug fixing.

Environment: Java, JSP, Servlets, Struts, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Weblogic, Oracle 10g, JNDI, CVS, ANT, Log4j, Apache Tomcat.


Software Engineer


  • Understand business requirements, design and document technical design for the business requirements.
  • Used Hibernate as the DAO layer to access the database.
  • Involved in front end design using HTML, CSS, JSP, JavaScript and JDBC to create web Servlets.
  • Used Struts framework to design the MVC model for the application.
  • Worked on SOAP based Client and Server WebServices.
  • Identified the Action and DynaAction form Classes, based on the Struts framework to handle the pages.
  • Created tile definitions, struts-config files and resource bundles using Struts framework.
  • Developed web pages using JSP, HTML and DHTML.
  • Developed XSL templates and XSL schemas to generate the view part of MVC architecture.
  • Designed and Implemented backend database in Oracle to store all time sheet data.
  • Developed Stored Procedures using SQL.
  • Involving in Unit, Integration and Pre-production testing of the application.
  • We create work order, delivery order numbers and track the project’s progress and we can assign employees to different work order projects.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, HTML, XML, Weblogic 8.1, Oracle 9i, UML, JavaScript, Struts1.3, Hibernate2, UNIX Windows 7/XP.

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