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Java Developer Resume Profile

Atlanta, GeorgiA


  • Accomplished software developer with a substantial experience in the IT industry. Demonstrated competence to perform
  • all phases of job duties independently, set own priorities and meet designated deadlines. Ability to accept responsibilities
  • to be organized, creative and work with people at all levels. Excellent qualifications in IT operations, support, team
  • building and staff management. Green Card Holder.

Technical Skills


HLASM High Level Assembler , C , COBOL, PL/1, REXX, Basic, Easytrieve, LINC.

Operating System

zTPF , MVS z/OS ,, VM/CMS, UNIX, WINDOWS 2000, NT Server, DOS/VSE.


TPFDF, ISO-C, C/C , Assembler, Sabretalk PL/1 , MASM Macro Assembler , SPM, CMSTPF, SST, GI, IDE, Toolkit.




Edifact, TCP/IP, Host to Host, SDM, XML.

TP Monitors


Control System

Panvalet, Librarian.




Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Visio.


Lotus Notes, Domino, Rational Rose Enterprise.


IBM mainframe, IBM RS/6000, Unisys A series, IBM-PC compatibles.


Customer Reservation Systems : Amadeus, Apollo, Delta, Sabre and Worldspan background.


Instructor of computer programming and design courses. Courses include: IT Fundamentals, COBOL and TPF Application Programmer Course concepts and techniques, Assembler, SPM, Macros and Commands, TPFDB, IPARS SR RES .

Professional Experience

  • Design, develop, test and maintain new or existing applications throughout the production lifecycle. Preparation of
  • project plans and reports. Determination of system design, development of resource requirements and elaboration of
  • work estimates. Development of functional specifications and code basic to moderately complex technical programs.
  • Preparation of system test plans, test criteria and test data. Debug and resolve problems in the production environment.


Java Developer

  • - Support, maintenance and enhancement in DL2 Reservations and OSS Flight Operations System .
  • - Programs conversion and testing from TPF 4.1 to zTPF.
  • - Supporting and testing DL/Northwest merger in Schedule Change and NW Inventory cutover and Fleet Migration to Deltamatic.
  • - Implementation of Aircraft Fuel Distribution Advisory Message data capture in TPFDB assembler to send via SDM
  • Structured Data Message to UNIX Distributed Side.
  • - Implementation of Aircraft Weight Payload Planning data capture in TPFDB assembler to send via SDM to UNIX.
  • - Implementation of Currency Conversion Table data capture in TPFDF C to send via SDM to UNIX.



  • - Credit Card Authorization/Authentication via CyberSource
  • Implementation of a multi-currency centralized Credit Card authorization Error mappings TMP - Transaction Middleware
  • Processor and ICS- Internet Commerce Suite . Develop Assembler/XML Program Specifications. Test acceptance.
  • - WCI - Web Check-In Offload Process that allows the passengers to remove themselves from checked-in status.
  • Developed program specification, performed offshore code review, and test activities in TPF environment.
  • - Assigned for the 2D Barcode PDF417 on Itinerary Receipts and Boarding Passes/ Electronic ticketing.
  • Analyze Customer Technical Requirements, Develop Assembler/XML Program Specifications and Perform Testing Activities.
  • - Assigned for the DCS - Departure Control System - Change Fees Thru Kiosk and Web Check In.



  • Designed and successfully implemented software for the ACI - Automated Check-In - Easy Check-In New Architecture.
  • Enhancement implementation with inputs from Kiosk terminal and WEB. Load fixes and enhancements. Review and Fix LOG.
  • - Coded and implemented the download of group of more than nine passengers.
  • - Supported the improvement of a new Keyed Logical Record KLR request to process the Electronic ticket Involuntary
  • Indicator that provide information about whether an E-ticket is eligible for transfer in an involuntary reroute situation.



  • Worked with IBM Mainframe environment with functions of analyze and programming.
  • - Technical Leader to make suitable the Worldspan Sign in/Program security system for United Airlines. Managed a team of
  • four programmers that supported three subsystems containing 33 production programs.
  • - Designed and implemented under budget and ahead of schedule, mileage enhancements to the frequent flyer and flight
  • operation system for Delta airlines.
  • - Created and implemented an application to expedite and facilitate airport processing for Delta Airlines agents. This
  • implementation impacted Schedules/Availability, Inventory and End Transaction.
  • - Selected to the team that converted the Continental Airlines Fare display to the Worldspan subscription services.
  • - Delta Airlines' Crew Meal application, with implementation of Passenger Meal Plan, Flight Attendant Report SSR Report.
  • - The interface between Generic Edifact routines and Power Pricing application. Responsible for the analysis and tests.



Successfully designed and implemented the TPF 4.1 upgrades to the American Airlines Flight Operating System.


  • Solely responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining projects in the real time and off-line including the airline
  • reservation and message switching systems for Varig Airlines.
  • Activities included analysis and programming in Assembler, SPM and COBOL, and performing trouble shooting tasks on
  • Airlines System Application, working closely with the business users. Responsibility for maintenance and support of assigned
  • production functionality including investigating discrepancy reports, fixing production problems and providing rotating pager
  • support. The administration of their Expert System LISP language , that is a reservation system automation which saves
  • airlines money by automating many of the tasks which otherwise would have to be done by reservation agents.



  • Effectively designed and implemented airline applications for the MVS/TPF ALCS real time and off-line systems. Assigned to
  • PNR and Message Switching areas. Worked with PNR, ET, Availability, Inventory, Ticketing, Schedule Maintenance,
  • Message Switching TTY , Edifact Customization between Varig and Amadeus and Sahara Hotel booking . Major projects
  • included Coded and implemented programs in PNR synchronization with Amadeus, Message Switching routines and Back Office
  • System. Technical Leader responsible to perform and consult on the development and execution of any testing related activity,
  • including but not limited to risk analysis, test plans, test case or results analysis, working closely and communicate effectively
  • with Varig users and management.
  • Instructor of TPF Application Programmer Course Concepts and Techniques of TPF, TPF Assembler BAL , SPM, TPF
  • Macros and Commands, TPFDF and IPARS SR RES . Mentoring peer and junior staff on functional and technical concepts.
  • As Coverage/Trouble Shooting Analyst 1993/97 , determined problems and took corrective measures for Varig Reservation
  • System. Coded and implemented programs in flight scheduling areas, including Flight Index Purges, File Maintenance, Daily
  • Flights Creation, Schedule Change KM , OAG, DCS, Message Switching and Edifact package. The administration of their
  • Expert System. Analysis and programming in Assembler, SPM, COBOL, Easytrieve, and LISP. Other tasks include DB2,
  • HLASM, IMS, CICS, COBOL and Easytrieve. IBM/390 and Expert System IBM RS/6000 and Texas TI Explorer computers .


  • Responsible for the complete life cycle of projects supporting base business systems for a major department store company.
  • Systems are deployed across mainframe and midrange platforms including but not limited to the IBM/MVS and Unisys/MCP
  • operating systems. They include Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Returns, Sales
  • Reporting and Data Warehouse. Analysis, programming and support were done in LINC and COBOL languages, DMS II and
  • DB2 databases, and CICS. Unisys A-10 and IBM/390 Mainframe.

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