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Sr. Ja Developer Resume

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  • Around 7 years of experience on Cross Platform (Web & Client - Server) application development and design using Object Oriented Programming,Core Java, Java/J2EE technologies.
  • I have experience in various domains like Telecom, Retail, Financial services, Health Care.
  • Strong experience in CoreJava skills including Multithreading, Collections, Garbage Collection.
  • Experience in developing applications using Spring, Struts Framework and implementing Hibernate Data base access methodologies.
  • Generated Report Forms by using XSL, XSLT transformations.
  • Extensive experience with server-side programming technologies such as JMS, Servlet, JSP, JSF and Web Services.
  • Experience with Design Patterns such as MVC, DAO and good experience with CoreJavaand Collections.
  • Good exposure with application servers and web servers like Apache Tomcat, Web Sphere and IDEs like IntelliJ.
  • Proficient in creating server-side components, designing and implementing business tier objects, unit testing, debugging and deployment.
  • Experience of working in JQuery, JavaScript, CSS and HTML.
  • Good understanding in implementing web application using Angular JS framework.
  • Have knowledge in Relational Databases like PL/SQL, MY SQL.
  • Experience in working with API’s, REST and SOAP Web Services using AJAX, JSON
  • Worked extensively with IDE’s like Microsoft Visual Studio, Adobe Dreamweaver and Eclipse, Netbeans.
  • Hands on experience using the version controls like SVN and TFS and project management tools like JIRA,QC.
  • Experience with Browser testing, knowledge of cross-browser/cross-platform compatibility.
  • Excellent working knowledge and thorough exposure on compatibility issues with different versions of browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.
  • Experienced working in both AGILE and Waterfall based development environment and participating in SCRUM sessions.
  • Self-motivated Team player with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.


Programming Languages: C, C++, Java/J2EE

Frame works: Spring,Hibernate,Struts,Angular JS

Scripting Languages: Entry level experience on JavaScript, jQuery

UI Web Technologies: HTML/HTML5, XML, CSS/CSS3, JSP

Web/App Servers: Apache Tomcat, Exposure on Web sphere

IDE’s/API’s: Visual Studio, Adobe Dreamweaver, Eclipse, Sublime Text Editor,MyEclipse, Netbeans, JDBC,IntelliJ

RDBMS: SQL Server, Derby,Oracle,Postgres SQL

Operating Systems: Windows, Ubuntu, Linux (Red Hat)

Version Control: SVN and TFS

Methodologies: Agile, Water Fall

Others Software Skills/tools used: MS Office, Visio, Adobe Photoshop,Git,JIRA,Version One, Sonarqube, Pinpoint, nexus, artifactory, jenkins


Confidential, VA

Sr. Java Developer


  • Participated in project planning sessions with team members and with points of contact from other teams to analyze requirements. Also, outlined, proposed, coded, deployed and automated approved solutions.
  • Actively involved in requirements analysis, Conceptual Design, Detail Design, Development and Unit testing.
  • Developed Rest API using core java, Spring and JDBC, also Implemented scheduler Job with Spring Scheduler.
  • Implemented custom exception to handler different use cases.
  • Made application more rewritable and clean by using Spring Annotations, Spring-Jdbc templates, Data source implementation.
  • Deployed the application on Amazon Web Service as Cron Job using Shell Script.
  • Worked on Jenkins to build the project and have done migration from nexus to artifactory.
  • Performed CRUD operations on Mysql and Oracle and created Data Models.
  • Wrote ATDD Scenario’s using Java-cucumber.
  • Implemented Micro-services using Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform build upon Spring Boot Services.
  • Configured Splunk to see the logs and created dashboards.
  • Low level experience with SSO (single-sign-on) worked on RSA and ForgeRock.
  • Managed source code by using GIT repository and created Jenkins Jobs to build Projects.
  • Created, maintained EC2 stacks that are used for web-scale cloud computing.
  • Uploaded cookbooks and environment files to the Chef server.
  • Created Cloud Watch Dashboard and setup Alarms to monitor server instances. Metrics monitored using Cloud Watch include: CPU Utilization, Threshold, Latency & Dimensions like: Auto Scaling Group, ImageId, InstanceId, InstanceType.
  • Providing support to the QA team by reviewing the test scenarios and make them understand the features of the application and test it.
  • Worked in Agile based development environment and participated in Retrospective sessions.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Spring, SOAP, Restful web service, JSON, JAXB,, Jenkins, Jira, Maven, Unix, Source tree, GitHub, IntelliJ, Eclipse, LDAP. AWS Cloud (Amazon Web Services), EC2, S3, SNS, SES, IAM (Identity and Access Management), Cookbooks, Bogie, Chef,nexus,artifactory Terraform.

Confidential, Richmond, VA

Sr Java Developer


  • Development activities using Java, J2EE, Spring, Hiberbnate, React JS, Database Management and SQL.
  • Acquiring process awareness for software development and deployment.
  • Software development activities and ensuring process adherence and quality deliverable.
  • Participated in development of a well responsive single page application using React.JS framework and JavaScript in conjunction with HTML5, CSS3 standards, with front end UI team.
  • Designed RESTFul and SOAP services for TSYS and AIS API’s.
  • Implemented Custom Exceptions depending on the API Responses.
  • Designing and deploying AWSsolutions using E2C, S3, EBS, Elastic Load Balancer, Auto scaling groups, console configuration.
  • Performed AMI, Security group up gradation.
  • Used Postgres SQL as RDBMS and created Data Models.
  • Integrated third party application with our ProcessApp API for credit score.
  • Implementing a Continuous Delivery framework using Jenkins, Maven in Linux environment.
  • Developed automation test cases through Ruby-Cucumber, Java-Cucumber.
  • Wrote ATDD Scenario’s using Java-cucumber.
  • Designed and developed the RESTFul web services using the JAX-RS API to communicate over the network.
  • Data and log analysis using Splunk, ELK stackand created dashboards using logs, generated reports into excel and PDF templates.
  • Generated reports using Sonarqube which covers different areas of Code quality like potential bugs, code coverage, coding rules and also fixed Sonar issues like Major, Minor.
  • Used Pinpoint tool for API health check and performance.
  • Using Liquibase performed DataBase versioning, Running a single script will create schema’s and tables in different environments like Dev, QA.
  • Designed API Life Cycle template for the API business objectives before building programmatically accessible platform.
  • Experience in writing unit tests using JUnit, Mockito and EasyMock.
  • Tested Performance of our API using SOAP UI, POSTMAN and JMeter.
  • Participated in team Demo’s and mid-PI demo’s of all other teams in small business train.
  • Worked in Agile based development environment and participated in Retrospective, Scrum session for better understanding, communication among team members.

Environment: JDK 1.7/1.8, Spring, Hibernate, Linux, Maven, Postgres, RESTful Web Services, AWS, Chef, CFT(Cloud Formation Template), Jenkins, HTML, CSS, React JS, Splunk, Pinpoint, ELK stack, DB Versioning Liquibase, Postgres SQL, API LifeCyle, JUnit, JMeter, Mockito, Git, VersionOne, Jira, Java-cucumber, Putty, Sonar, Agile.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Java Developer


  • Worked closely with SME’s, developers and other IT teams to understand the scope of the project and accordingly, gather functional requirements of the project in order to design and implement the application.
  • Developed an Asynchronous AJAX based client to meet the requirements.
  • Used Spring framework and O/R mapping tool Hibernate for rapid development and ease of maintenance.
  • Good Experience with Ant, Maven for build and deploying the projects. Worked on SVN repository and Participate in Unit Testing using JUnit and Performance Testing using JMeter.
  • Created a custom, single-page, responsive web application to replace a legacy line-of-business web application, developed using client side MVC Design using Angular JS front end framework.
  • Implemented Transactions and Batch Updates using Spring framework.
  • Worked with the team in the development of the Application front-end using AngularJS with the help of HTML and JavaScript.
  • Extensive experience in writing PL/SQLPackages, Functions, Procedures and Triggers to implement the business logic.
  • Developed business services with, JSON, XML, SOAP and Restful Web Services technologies.
  • Involved in write application level code to interact with API’s, Web Services using AJAX, JSON.
  • Implemented various Validation Controls for client-side validation and implemented custom validation controls with JSP validation controls.
  • Participated in meetings with the end-clients to develop Components that are cross browser compatible.
  • Used JIRA extensively for organizing issues, tracking the assigned work, and following team activity.
  • Followed Agile methodologies with sprint planning every two weeks and daily stand up meetings to monitor the status.

Environment: Java/J2EE, Servlets, Spring, Hibernate, HTML/HTML5,AngularJS, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, JUnit, Web Services(SOAP and REST Apis),SOAP UI, Apache tomcat, XML, JIRA, Agile methodology, Maven.


Java/J2EE Developer


  • Spring MVC framework was implemented to build the middle-tier of the application in a consistent and productive manner.
  • JavaScript, AngularJS and AJAX,JSON were used to support the functionalities of the front end.
  • Implemented productive application development using ORM Framework (Hibernate) to reduce development time, complexities and increase flexibility.
  • Invoked the stored procedures in the data base using JDBC and Spring.
  • Designed and developed account module which authenticates the access level for the users.
  • Monitor and manage the incidents & Alerts for all the WAN devices from stores through Service-Now and NMS tools
  • Worked closely with requirements to translate business rules into business component modules.
  • Developed Client-side Scripting using JSP and Java Script.
  • Supported in Creating Tables, Writing Stored Procedures, functions using PL/SQL server.
  • Integrated the various modules of the application and performed the various unit test cases using JUnit .
  • Reviewed input from project teams to perform Independent Verification and Validation (IVV) of systems artifacts.
  • Involved in the Development of various layers to accommodate the application as per the MVC design Pattern, DAO and DTO patterns using Spring, Hibernate.
  • Worked closely with the architect teams and gained good exposure in implementing the various design Pattern’s.
  • Contributed in decision making of the software and hardware requirements and tool evaluations.

Environment: Java/J2EE, PL/SQL, JSP,JSON, PL/SQL, JavaScript, AngularJS, AJAX, MVC, JDBC, Spring, JUnit, Servlets, Hibernate.


Java Developer


  • Designed the system according to J2EE specification and Struts MVC architecture.
  • Hibernate query language (HQL) has been implemented to write SQL queries for hibernate data objects.
  • Designed and implemented Servlet module to capture the XML as request and parse XML.
  • Implemented J2EE Design Patterns like DAO, Value Object, Factory, for the integration of application modules.
  • Deployed transaction management and created log using dynamic proxy.
  • Used Web Service calls to access the remote services in different applications.
  • Used spring transaction management API’s and coordinates transactions forJava objects.
  • Developed different controllers that return the response both in JSON and XML.
  • Changed code on Client specific framework Presentation services which is customized version of struts with AJAX.
  • Collaborated in the design of program logic with BA to implement required functions.
  • Interacted with the users for solving technical problems.
  • Developed the application using Eclipse IDE and worked under Agile Environment.

Environment: J2EE, XML, Hibernate, JSP, Servlets, Agile methodology, Eclipse,JSON, Web Services,Struts.


Core Java Developer


  • Developed the application using Struts Framework that leverages classical Model View Controller (MVC) architecture.
  • Responsible for coding SQL Statements and Stored procedures for back end communication using JDBC.
  • Responsible for changes the management and employees role by writing SQL Queries.
  • Involved in discussions with the System Analyst to identify the technical requirements.
  • Implementation of Web Design based on CSS, HTML, and Bootstrap Front-End Framework.
  • Used Eclipse IDE for code development along with Visual Source Safe (VSS) for managing the code.
  • Automate the deployment process using ANT scripts.
  • Configured Spring to manage Actions as beans and set their dependencies in a Spring context file and integrated middle tier with JSF web layer
  • Responsible for performing unit tests on various project modules using JUnit, SpringTest, and other Test frameworks.
  • Developed presentation layer using Java Server Faces for rich UI.
  • Involved in various technical and architectural design discussions with back-end teams as well as front-end team to integrate front-end and back-end.

Environment: - HTML, CSS, Java, JSF, JDBC, ANT, SQL, JUnit, Agile methodology, Eclipse.


Junior Java developer


  • Involved in daily scrum meetings, worked on the sprint tasks in the Agile Scrum development.
  • Configured and set upJavaWork space which included setting up server and theme installation and configuration. Became familiar with using and navigating throughJava Work space (Eclipse).
  • Debugged Javaclasses used to modify web pages such as Business Objects, and Data Access Objects.
  • Implemented JDBC to perform the database calls from theJava layer.
  • Tested many components of web application and documented my observations.
  • Used Servlets as interface between the client and server.
  • Used JDBC to persistJava Objects into the database.
  • Refactored existing project to make it more RESTful and thread-safe.
  • Developed different modules using J2EE (Servlets, JSP,JSON)
  • Involved in creation of dynamic web pages with the use of JSP and HTML.
  • Used Spring framework MVC in development of new modules based on requirements.
  • Participated in analyzing the requirements and depicted them through use cases and scenarios.
  • Participated in unit testing, integration testing and installation of the system.
  • Contributed in decision making of the software and hardware requirements and tool evaluations.

Environment: HTML, CSS, JSP, JDBC, Core Java, J2EE, JSON, Servlets, Spring Framework, PL/SQL, Hibernate.

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