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Senior Java Developer Resume

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  • Certified Java professional with 8+ years of hands - on experience in IT industry involved in Software Process Engineering, Designing and Building Web Applications using Java/J2EE Technology and using other open source technologies for Health Care, Banking, Insurance, Finance and e-commerce Domains.
  • Worked with complete Software Life Cycle Development (SDLC) process which incorporates Requirement Gathering, Analysis, Designing, Developing, Testing, Implementing and Documenting the whole life cycle utilizing different approaches like Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, Test Driven improvement (JUNIT, Mockito) and Rapid Application Development.
  • Worked on identifying defects, problems, suggesting and determining the extent of programming required and performance tuning of the applications.
  • Strong working Knowledge on Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, SimpleDB, Dynamo DB, RDS, ELB, SQS, IAM, Cloud Watch, EBS, Cloud Front, VPC, Elastic Beanstalk, Security Groups, EC2 Container Service (ECS), CodeCommit, CodePipeline, CodeDeploy, Auto Scaling, Security Groups, Redshift), using the Elastic Search APIs (Document, Search, Indices, Cluster, etc.)
  • High expertize working on building projects and Integration using Build Tools CI /CD (Jenkins, BuildBot, Bamboo, Maven, Ant, Chef, Puppet, Gradle)
  • Strong working expertise in implementation of Java Development Kit (JDK), Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Java Run-time Environment (JRE), Just In Time Compiler (JIT), Java Compiler (javac) to develop different Java based applications.
  • Expertise in Core Java with strong understanding & working knowledge of Object Oriented Programming (OOPs) concepts like Abstraction, Polymorphism, Inheritance, Encapsulation..etc. and also API’s like JAVA Persistence API (JPA), Java Reflection API (JRA), Java Persistence API (JPA), Java Transaction API (JTA), Garbage Collection, Collections, Multi-Threading, Exception-handling.
  • Worked on developing applications using Java/ J2EE technologies include Applets, Swing, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, EJB, JNDI, JAF, Java Mail, JMS, Apache Camel
  • Adept skills in working with applications developed using Object Relational Mapping (ORM) frameworks like Hibernate and MVC frameworks like iBatis, Struts, JSF etc., and IOC frameworks like Spring and its subsidiary modules such as Spring MVC, Spring DI, Spring JDBC, Spring IOC, and Spring AOP
  • Good Implementation knowledge of base classes, setting up framework classes/configuration files for implementing J2EE application using complete set of JAVA SDK and available J2EE APIs.
  • Experience with various IDEs like IntelliJ, Eclipse, NetBeans and Web sphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD) and Rational Application Developer (RAD), Visual Age Java, Tortoise GIT.
  • Good knowledge on IIS, Tomcat, Apache, WebSphere, JBoss, WebLogic, Nginx, Open VPN, Sensu, logstash and also in design patterns such as Model View Controller (MVC), Strategy Pattern, Command Pattern, Factory Pattern, Inversion of Control and Singleton Pattern.
  • Strong working experience with Database Management systems like Oracle 10g, 11g, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS-Access, Mongo DB
  • Experience in developing critical and responsive GUI /front-end components using HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Angular JS, Node JS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Typescript, AJAX, JSON, JQuery, React JS, Ember JS, DOJO, Knockout JS,
  • Experience in implementing Web Services based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) using SOAP, REST, Restful, JAX-WS, UDDI, WSDL, WADL.
  • Experience in working with XML technologies like XPath, XSL, DTD, XSLT and parsing XML with SAX and DOM parsers.
  • Experienced in developing database to create its Objects like Tables, Functions, Views, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Cursors using on PL/SQL in Oracle and T-SQL in MS SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access and Sybase
  • Configuration and Version control management using CVS, Git, GitHub, Bitbucket, Rational Clearcase, Perforce and SVN.
  • Good testing experience with Testing like Selenium, Cucumber, TestNG, JUnit, Jmeter, QUnit, Karma, Jasmine and integrating Unit Tests.
  • Experience with Bug Tracking tools like Atlassian JIRA, Remedy, BugZilla, ServiceNow, Greenhopper.
  • Strong Background in C, C++, Java on UNIX, Linux, and Windows NT platforms
  • Used Log4j, Logback, JBuilder for logging mechanism and developed wrapper classes to configure the logs.
  • Designed and developed various web applications using scripting languages as Unix Powershell, JavaScript, PHP, BeanShell, Tcl, Python, R, Ruby, Perl and JQuery
  • Experience in Requirement gathering & analysis, designing UML - for developing application specific Object model, Use Case diagrams, Class diagrams, Sequence diagrams & State diagrams.
  • Excellent team player, quick learner and self-starter with effective communication, motivation and organizational skills combined with attention to details and business process improvements.


Languages: Java, J2EE, PL/SQL, C, C++

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Unix

SDLC Methodologies: Agile, Waterfall, Scrum, Test Driven improvement

JAVA Technologies: Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, JNDI, EJB, JSF, Spring Framework

Web Technologies: HTML, XML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, AngularJS, Node Js, Knockout JS, React JS, Bootstrap, ADF

Distributed Technologies: RMI, EJB, JMS, APACHE CAMEL.

Middleware Technologies: Web Services(SOAP, REST, UDDI, WSDL, WADL and Restful)

XML: XML Schema, DTD, XSLT, XPATH, SAX and DOM parsers.

Application Server/Web Server: IIS, Tomcat, Apache, WebSphere, JBoss, WebLogic, Nginx, Open VPN, Sensu, logstash

Modelling Tools: Visual Paradigm for UML, Rational Rose, MS Visio

Databases: Oracle 10g, 11g, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS-Access, Mongo DB

MVC Frameworks: iBatis, Spring, JSF, Tiles Framework, Srtuts, Play

ORM: Hibernate, Django, SimpleORM

Version Control Tools: CVS, Git, GitHub, Bitbucket, Rational Clearcase, Perforce and SVN.

IDE: Eclipse, Oracle Jdeveloper, NetBeans, RAD, IntelliJ

Other Tools: Log4J, JUnit, Ant, Maven, Apache Lucene, Apache Tika, JIRA, Putty, Node.js, IBM WebSphere Message Broker, Jenkins, JTA, Putty, JBoss Fuse, JBoss BRMS, JQuery

Cloud Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS)-EC2, S3, SimpleDB, Dynamo DB, RDS, ELB, SQS, IAM, Cloud Watch, EBS, Cloud Front, VPC, Elastic Beanstalk, Security Groups, EC2 Container Service (ECS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, RackSpace


Senior Java Developer

Confidential, MD


  • Actively participated in complete development of “Agile Development Methodology” using Scrum and tested the application in each Iteration.
  • Administration in Unix/Linux environments with hands-on expertise in networking, scripting and systems integration with Java environment
  • Implemented "Model View Controller (MVC)" architecture for an efficient implementation of the view level customizations and interface with the application logic.
  • Developed AWS cloud formation templates and setting up Auto scaling for EC2 instances and involved in the automated provisioning of AWS cloud environment using Jenkins and chef.
  • Developed server-side software modules and client-side user interface components deployed entirely in Compute Cloud of Amazon web Services (AWS).
  • Build Restful API web services using Node JS and Express JS and used a full complement of Express, Angular JS, Node. js, and Mongo DB to store and present assessments.
  • Migrated the existing application from server-side rendering view technologies like JSP, Struts and Velocity to client-side rendering view technologies using AngularJS, Node js a popular Javascript framework for modern browsers.
  • Designed and implemented the User Interface using JavaScript, HTML5, XHTML, XML, CSS3, JSP, AJAX, Servlets, java Beans, EJB, JavaScript, JQuery, Json, XML
  • Implemented design patterns like MVC, Singleton, Factory, DAO, DTO and Spring IOC.
  • Used Spring Hibernate template to access relational DBMS via Hibernate.
  • Worked on AWS, high availability practices and deploying backup/restore infrastructure.
  • Involved in deploying systems on AWS Infrastructure services EC2, S3,Cloud Formation
  • Developed PL-SQL stored procedures to convert the data from Oracle to MongoDB
  • Developed business layer using Spring, Hibernate and DAO’s.
  • Developed Web services and written SOAP and created WSDL for web services.
  • Wrote unit test cases by using JUnit framework.
  • Used Ant, Maven, Gradle for build automation.
  • Developed EJB Components, both Entity and Session beans, modeling the business logic.

Environment: Linux/Unix, AWS, Java, J2EE, Spring, JDBC, JNDI, Hibernate, Apache Tomcat, Apache Camel, JBoss Drools, Eclipse, Oracle 10g, XML/XSLT, HTML, JavaScript, Angular.JS, Bootstrap, Squirrel SQL, WebLogic and JUnit.

Full Stack Developer

Confidential, Charlotte, NC


  • Participated in requirement gathering and converting the requirements into technical specifications.
  • Actively participated in complete development of “Agile Development Methodology” and tested the application in each iteration.
  • Developed Web interface using JSP, Standard Tag Libraries (JSTL), and Spring Framework.
  • Created interactive web pages and applications by usage of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Angular JS and JQuery.
  • Called Rest web services through Angular JS services to get JSON Object and modified the response object to display in UI.
  • Used Apache Camel for creating Enterprise Integration Patterns or Routes in spring XML.
  • Used Spring Security for Authentication and authorization extensively, Spring Core for dependency injection/Inversion of Control (IoC).
  • Used XML Web Services using SOAP to transfer information to the supply chain and domain expertise Monitoring Systems.
  • Implemented Locator, Data Transfer Object (DTO) and Data Access Object (DAO), Singleton, Factory.
  • Experience in writing EJBs (Stateless Session Beans) and Web Services for building the middleware distributed components and deployed them on application servers.
  • Implemented the Hibernate, Spring framework (ORM) to interact with database and for application transaction management.
  • Used Hibernate for Object-Relational Mapping and for database operations in MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra database.
  • Extensively worked with XML using DOM and SAX parsers for transferring the data between different components.
  • Used Jenkins for providing easy-to-use for integrating the changes to the project.
  • Used JTA to specify the standard java interfaces between a transaction manager and the parties involved in distributed transaction system.
  • UsedJBoss Fuseto create mediation or route message between Services.
  • Involved in deploying systems on AWS Infrastructure services EC2 instance, S3,Cloud Formation
  • Used Log4j and commons-logging frameworks for logging the application flow.
  • Responsible to write complex SQL and HQL queries to retrieve data from the Oracle database.
  • Extensively written unit and integration test cases using mock objects and JUnit.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Spring, JDBC, JNDI, Hibernate, JMS, Tomcat, Eclipse, Oracle 10g, XML/XSLT, HTML, JavaScript, Angular JS, Bootstrap, SQL developer, WebLogic and JUnit.

Senior J2EE Developer

Confidential, Birmingham, AL


  • Designed the UML class diagrams and sequence diagrams using Rational Rose.
  • Used JSP, HTML, Java Script, Angular JS,Bootstrap and CSS for content layout and presentation.
  • Used JMS for Point-to-Point asynchronous messaging for high transactional Banking operation.
  • Worked on JQuery, AJAX, JASON and JSF for designing highly user interactive web pages.
  • Implemented AJAX for better user experience by dynamically providing Asynchronous request and response communication between the client and the server.
  • Created data access layer using SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Integrated part of web layer of the application based on Struts into Spring.
  • Implemented the design patterns DAO, Service Locator and Business Delegate.
  • Wrote Spring configuration files for the beans defined and properties to be injected into them using spring's Dependency Injection
  • Incorporated new Spring DAO implementation of Hibernate components for enrollment module.
  • Used Spring’s AOP to implement logging feature seamlessly into the application.
  • Successfully implemented the MVC pattern by writing the JSP’s as a view and Java beans i.e., POJO’s as a model and ActionServlet is the controller.
  • Developed Persistence classes and O/R mapping (.hbm) files for Hibernate.
  • Used Jenkins to build the results by RSS or email to get real time notifications on failure.
  • Used Hibernate in the DAO layer to persist the data to the Database.
  • Used HQL queries and Criteria API for efficient object retrieval
  • Developed stored procedures and Triggers using PL/SQL to access the database.
  • Used on DOM parser to read XML files
  • Incorporated new methods into existing service business components
  • Performed logging using log4j
  • Performed unit testing by writing test cases using JUnit.
  • Developed ANT scripts that checkout code from SVN repository, build EAR files, and deploy the EAR files on WebLogic Application server.

Environment: Core java, Java 1.5, J2EE, JSP, JSF, Servlets, Angular JS, Hibernate, SQL, HTML, Springs, JQuery, JNDI, JMS, PL/SQL, JBOSS, ANT, XML, Java Script, CSS, Windows, Eclipse, Log4j,SVN

Senior Java Developer

Confidential, Cincinnati, OH


  • Implemented all the phases of SDLC including Requirements Collection, Design & Analysis of the Customer Specifications and Development of the Application.
  • Followed Agile approach for the development process.
  • Developed the server side business logic using Action Classes, Action Forms, Helper classes and DAO access layer classes.
  • Used JSP, HTML, Java Script, Angular JS,Bootstrap and CSS for content layout and presentation.
  • Developed Web services and written SOAP and created WSDL for web services.
  • Developed various modules using MVC Struts.
  • Used Spring IOC, AOP modules to integrate with the application.
  • Used Hibernate as persistent layer by mapping to the tables.
  • Experience in writing Beans, Action Classes and Business Delegates using Action Forms, DynaActionForm and Validator Action Forms.
  • Create Hibernate.hbm mapping files for Data Models and configuring in hibernate.cfg.xml.
  • Implemented the design of the applications using J2EE using Model/View/Controller (MVC) design pattern.
  • Developed Spring Beans and Configured Spring using applicationContext.xml.
  • Involved in the integration of Struts with Spring Framework and implemented Spring MVC, Spring IoC, Spring AOP, Spring JDBC, Spring Persistence with JPA.
  • Configured Front Controller in springapp-config.xml of Spring MVC and implemented Spring Web flow.
  • Written DAO classes to interface with Database using hibernate.
  • Used XML parsers to parse the XML data
  • Used O/R mapping tool Hibernate for persistence data.
  • Developed and flexible, scalable, utilizing open source technologies like Hibernate ORM and Spring Framework.
  • Wrote the Hibernate-mapping XML files to define java classes - database tables mapping.
  • Used Hibernate Template for various database update, insert, delete operations and for invoking functions, stored procedures, triggers.
  • Created Database tables and schema in Postgres based on data flow requirements.
  • Written database Functions, Procedures and Triggers as per the business logic requirements.
  • Build scripts were written to create a run time environment for ANT.
  • Wrote JUnit test cases for testing the Business layer and the service layer.

Environment: Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Postgres, MVC, AJAX, Java Script, CSS, HTML, ANT, JUnit, Apache Tomcat Server.

Java Developer



  • Development and testing of the website usingStrutsandSpringframework.
  • Implemented application logging and exception handling usingSpring AOP.
  • Used theAgileasSDLCprocess for the project execution.
  • Designed and developed GUI components usingStruts Taglibs, JSP, HTMLandJavaScript.
  • Developed highly responsive, dynamic user interface components usingAJAXandJQuery.
  • Used object oriented programming concepts of Java Script like Prototypes and Closures for client side data manipulation and encapsulation.
  • Implemented MVC using Spring Framework.
  • Handled the database access by implementing ControllerServlet.
  • Implemented PL/SQL stored procedures and triggers.
  • Used JDBC prepared statements to call from Servlets for database access.
  • Designed and documented of the stored procedures
  • Used Websphere Portal as a server application. And also some implementations with RESTful.
  • Developed the CSS Classes for all Error, Form Elements and Warnings.
  • Performed client side validations using JavaScript.
  • Used Log4J to monitor the Error Logs and Used Maven to build the application.
  • Deployed application on WebLogic Application Server and development using Eclipse.

Environment: Java, JEE, JSF, RAD, Ajax, JavaScript, JAX-WS, Web Services, SOA, SOAP, WSDL, JMS, Hibernate, JSTL, Spring, XML, XSLT, WebSphere, Junit, SVN, MavenLog4J,Servlets,JDBC.

Java Developer



  • Developed the GUI of the system using HTML, JSP and client-side validations was done using JavaScript. Built and accessed the database using JDBC for ORACLE 9i.
  • Struts Framework in conjunction with JSP and Tag Libraries used in developing user Interface for administrative screens and user interaction screens.
  • Developed Session Beans for necessary transactions like fetching the data required, updating the customer information
  • Worked on coding of Servlets and EJB communication
  • Worked on Maven for getting latest jar files including common-collection.jar, common-logging.jar etc from Apache.
  • Developed Servlets to process the requests, transfer the control according to the request to Corresponding Session Beans, JSP pages.
  • Developed WebLogic container security components for adding vendor specific Security Realm to application using JMX.
  • Java Servlets and JSP pages were deployed on the WebLogic Application Server for retrieving user information and posting related data.
  • Worked on database interaction layer for insertions, updating and retrieval operations of data from oracle database by writing stored procedures.

Environment: Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, HTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, Spring, Eclipse, WebLogic, PL/SQL and Oracle9i.

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