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Sr. Android Developer Resume

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Costa Mesa, CA


  • 5 Years of diversified experience in native mobile software development, web solutions and desktop software development
  • Software industry experience (SDLC) in storyboard, design, development, testing, debugging, deploying and analytics of web and mobile applications
  • Expertise in developing application forAndroid Operating System using Eclipse IDE with Android ADT Bundle, Android Studio IDE and Genymotion emulator
  • Fluency with android components including UI/Custom UI implementation, activities, fragments, custom adapters, services, Intent services, data manipulations, multithreading, background processes, broadcast receivers, content providers, data storage operations, camera and maps.
  • Good debugging and tracing knowledge using different tools like DDMS.
  • Experienced in using analytic APIs like Omniture.
  • Excellent understanding of OOP core concepts and data structures
  • Firm understanding and experience of interfacing to web services using REST API and parsing XML/JSON contents.
  • Knowledge of using version control repositories such as GitHub, Stash.
  • Developed application using third party web APIs such as Google map, Zbar, Zxing, GSON etc.
  • Agile and Scrum development knowledge and practice using TFS and Jira.
  • Self - starter with strong work ethic and willing to face new challenges.


Languages: Java, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Xml, JavaScript, C, C++, C#

Database: MySQL, SQLite.

IDE& Tools: Eclipse, Android Studio, ANDROID SDK, Visual Studio

Web Services: RESTful

System: Windows, OSX, VMWare.

Network Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP


Confidential, Costa Mesa, CA

Sr. Android Developer


  • Developed using Android Studio and Java for Android KitKat (API 16) and up.
  • Extensively utilized fragments to contain Recycler Views to dynamically generate lists using custom adapters from APIs.
  • Used OAuth 2.0 to boost network security and employed Keyczar Encryption Library to store sensitive information (username, password and SSN) for continued passcode login.
  • Utilized Volley Networking library along with Intent Services to carry out large number of multithreaded network calls and used GSON to inject response in Java POJO models.
  • Collaborated with API and Web teams to help design flexible API JSON response Data using Java.
  • Integrated multiple application analytics using Adobe to track usage and crashes.
  • Incorporated in app informative YouTube videos and playback.
  • Employed Universal Image Loader Library for image caching.
  • Utilized social networking SDKs such as Facebook for app marketing.
  • Used Source Tree for version control and JIRA for sprint tracking.
  • Provided local releases for QA and Product teams on TestFairy.
  • Followed best software design practices and best practices detailed in android guideline.
  • Utilized MVC design pattern and scalable data structures for application design.
  • Integrated GPS based timer to expire the user token after a fixed interval.
  • Heavily Incorporated Android 5.0 Lollipop material design components and enabled backward compatibility.
  • Took part in daily agile meetings and biweekly end of sprint Demo/Retrospective.
  • Worked with product and testing team to optimize UX design.
  • Took part in focus group demo sessions and modify application functionality based upon those feedbacks.
  • Generated apk and took part in deployment into Google Play Store.

Environment: s: Android 5.0 Lollipop, JDK 1.8, Android Studio 1.0+, ART, Genymotion, Postman (REST Client), GitHub, Stash, JIRA, TestFiary.

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Senior Android Developer


  • Developed using Eclipse IDE for Android Ice-cream Sandwich (API 14) and up.
  • Extensively utilized fragments to contain list views to dynamically generate list views using adapters from APIs.
  • Utilized Java, XML, Restful Web Services, SQLite, Async Tasks.
  • Environment configuration using hybrid tools and JavaScript.
  • Integrated Volley Library to implement smooth Restful web service calls.
  • Contributed in backend of the application that interacts with the database to form the XML/JSON structure required for Restful XML/JSON response.
  • Integrated and added the download framework for JSON and XML format.
  • Used Location services and google map API to locate and provide directions to nearest hospitals and clinics.
  • Incorporated informative video and audio streaming modules.
  • Extensively used Web Views to display web components and parent.
  • Utilized social networking and analytics APIs such as Google Analytics.
  • JSON parsing to get information from inside the files.
  • Used Crashlytics to detect and fix bugs.

Environment: s: Eclipse IDE, Genymotion, Bluetooth 4.0, Postman (REST Client), GitHub, Jira, SDK, Web Services.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Senior Android Developer


  • Extensively worked on data models of the client side together with major enhancements to the database.
  • Collaborated with web services team to implement the backend support.
  • Implemented Picasso library and adaptors for the UI.
  • Consumed web service from APIs and parsed JSON data.
  • Modified some file storage structures for the API and user data.
  • Saved search and purchase data in internal SQLite database.
  • Involved in application performance enhancement and improving application performance using indexing and Trace view tool.
  • Engaged in basic testing for the application.
  • Worked on restyling the UI and adaptation of some new layout features.
  • Tested the application on different android target devices and also debugged the issues that were found.

Environment: s: Eclipse ADT, Postman (REST Client), GitHub, TFS, Web Services.

Confidential, Columbus, OH

Android Developer


  • Worked on various phases of the development cycle including expansion of the existing design layout, development of new features, testing and deployment.
  • Developed update patches, modules and components to mitigate security risks.
  • Design screens using MVC pattern for the application with Eclipse IDE.
  • Secured connections with server using128 bit Secure Socket Layer and a protocol consisting of XML messages between the client and the server.
  • Used Android content providers with choosers for implementing features like sending E-mails, SMS, etc., from the app.
  • Tested using several testing strategy to meet the system requirements.

Environment: s: Eclipse ADT, GitHub, Jira, Web Services.

Confidential, New York, NY

Java Developer


  • Involved in requirement gathering & analysismeetings for enhancements.
  • Prepare Impact Analysis Document for requirements.
  • Implemented the functionalities as required.
  • Integrated new portlets and modified new portlets as per requirements.
  • Used XSLT style sheets for the XML data transformations.
  • Made the configurations in the application server for deploying the application.
  • Used JDBC for data retrieval from the database for various Queries.
  • Peer Review of code to ensure functionalities implemented and standards followed.
  • Prepare Unit Test cases and test the functionalities implemented.
  • Prepared build script for some applications using maven script.
  • Fixed the defects raised and track changes using Star Team Repository.
  • Created documentation of the requirements and solutions provided for future reference.
  • Prepared Application Handbookfor some applications.

Environment: s: Eclipse, SQL, Spring 2.5, Star Team, Web Services.

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