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Senior J2ee Developer Resume Profile

Senior Software Developer and Development Lead with 15 years of experience in software development including J2EE/Java, C/C and various other languages. Strong management and communications skills.


Programming Languages / APIs

  • Java/J2EE including AWT/Swing, GWT, Webwork Precursor to Struts 2.0 , JSPs,
  • Hibernate, Spring, Spring MVC, JQuery, JDBC, JNI, RMI, Webstart, SOA, REST, SOAP, Enterprise Java Beans, Servlets, Applets, Junit tests. C/C , Perl, PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, Ant, Maven, XML, SQL, HTML, CSS, shell scripting and VB. Various design patterns, OSGi, Apache Camel.

Operating Systems

Linux, Unix, Solaris, Windows, OSX, OS/400.

Network/Hardware/Applications Experience

  • Weblogic, Jboss, Apache/Apache Tomcat, WebSphere, WebMethods, IIS, network design, PC/Server hardware, SQL servers including Oracle DB, MS SQL, postgres and mysql , DB2 Administration, CGI development, Visual Caf , Java Eclipse, Hudson,
  • Rational Application Developer 6 7, Matlab, GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, BIND,
  • various mail servers, various antivirus servers.

Application life cycle management

Planning, developing, documenting and testing. SCRUM.

Management duties

Small development teams, generally under 5 persons. Code reviews. Time management

Work Experience

Software Development Manager

Manage day to day architecture and development of the RCP Case Management Suite for the Department of Defense. Duties include management of development staff, all architecture decisions as well as hardware and technology decisions. Reporting to Project Management as well as others as needed. Work with customer to develop requests and time estimates for those requests. Work with Business analyst to provide timelines for implementation and cost analysis.

Major technologies used:

  • Weblogic 12c - Admin
  • Oracle DB 11g SQL, PL/SQL
  • Java 7 Spring, Soap, Jax-WS, JDBC
  • Maven

Principal Software Engineer

Development of the LISA test suite. Assist in architectural decisions and development as well as aspects of the entire software development process according to SCRUM.

Major technologies used:

  • Java/J2EE All code conforms to Java and J2EE specifications
  • All major testing points. HTTP s , MQ, JMS, SOAP, REST, EJB, RMI, CORBA, SQL, FTP, file system, junit, and more.
  • Swing/AWT Much of the UI is swing based.
  • GWT Web interface is nearly all GWT based

Senior Java Developer

Development of web services and clients to assist in VA Chapter 33 project funded by the VA. Involved in Technical architecture and development of these services as well as assisting the functional business analysts with technical issues.

Major technologies used:

  • Java/J2EE All code conforms to Java and J2EE specifications
  • Spring MVC Our current jsp/controller architecture
  • JSP All JSPs use Jquery and Javascript.
  • JQuery Connections to the controllers are through JQuery
  • JPA/Hibernate Our backend model over an oracle database
  • Oracle DB SQL, PL/SQL


Senior J2EE Developer

Work with small group in the implementation of 911 Emergency software. Duties include design and development of various modules of the system. Additional duties include mentoring of junior and offshore personnel, assistance to field techs and involvement in future planning.

Major technologies used:

  • Java/J2EE All code conforms to Java and J2EE specifications
  • Eclipse RDP UI generated via RDP for eclipse is portable from application to web application
  • JDBC Used for speed in critical systems
  • JMS JMS for passing information peer to peer across client machines
  • OSGi Modular framework used to hot swap components as needed in critical systems


Senior Technical Lead / Team Lead

Development Team Lead for main application, Reimbursement Pro. Currently manage 4 developers, performing time management, code review and technical assistance and guidance. Also directly developing using various technologies including J2EE, Hibernate, JSPs, Webwork, Spring and GWT among others. Work with Service oriented architecture to facilitate data transfers between customers. Administer the Hudson continuous integration server and co-ordinate with system administrators, DBAs as well as product managers and customer service.


Major technologies used:

Java/J2EE All code conforms to Java and J2EE specifications

JSP used webwork and javascript for UI

Webwork Struts Connections to controllers via webwork

AJAX dynamic content retrieved via ajax calls for real time processing information

Hibernate use of hibernate for most non-critical db access

JDBC used for calling stored procedures and import processes

GWT Began converting JSP-based pages to GWT pages using AJAX and GWT styled controller models


Senior J2EE Developer

Write and test code for J2EE project. Perform code review for Junior/Intermediate developers. Lead small teams for application module development. Working with J2EE technology including swing, JSP, hibernate, XML and EJB technologies. Perform technical analysis of new modules as well as some architecture duties and database design.


Major technologies used:

  • Hibernate Connection to DB2 database through hibernate
  • EJB3 Connections to back end via EJB and Message Beans
  • Swing/AWT Used for application UI and graphics presentations
  • Java/J2EE All code conforms to Java and J2EE specifications


Systems Analyst

Worked with Confidential building out Solaris 10 servers with IBM DB2 and multiple WebMethods Integration Servers. High emphasis on scripting using ksh and Perl. Also working with cron jobs, startup/shutdown jobs and various JVM tuning techniques to make WebMethods perform well.


Scientific Programmer/Analyst,

  • Department of Defense contractor. Worked with many languages such as C/C , Java, Perl and many more. Work requires secret security clearance. Other job titles include Systems Admin and Information System Security Manager Government charged position . Duties as System Admin include protection and general security of all public as well as private servers. Duties as ISSM include security and administration of all company and Government-owned computer equipment housed at the PSI office.
  • Projects include, but are not limited to:
  • Development of a Navy application which allows selection of lat/lon on a generated map when coupled with various weather related variables to generate detailed reports or maps. Later redeveloped to a JSP/Applet program for use on the Navy's intranet and also SIPRnet. Technologies used: Java, AWT, Swing, HTML, Apache
  • Assisted with the underlying code to access MS SQL to run queries against farm insurance information. Technologies used: Java, Swing, J2EE, SQL
  • Development of another Navy program to collect information from generated files and generate unclassified ocean data. Technologies used: Java, Swing, J2EE, C, Fortran
  • Development of a GUI to display and refine data from a ground-penetrating radar and display in various ways. Technologies used: Java, Swing, AWT, C/C , Matlab
  • Development of a chat and FXP double-sided FTP program to run on a website via Java Webstart and applet technology. Technologies used: Java, Swing, Webstart, Apache, Perl
  • Development of software to run an Iridium satellite communications device. Technologies used: C, Scripting, Apache, Linux system admin, BIND.


Information Systems Specialist

Problem solving on IBM AS/400 system with some programming. Assisted head System Admin with duties. Technologies used: IBM AS/400, C, scripting

  • Confidential

Hardware Systems Specialist

Worked with IBM AS/400 and personal computers. Experience with Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0, WordPerfect Office, Microsoft Office, DOS 6.22, Windows 3.11. Developed web applications using Perl, C and Javascript. Extensive printer and small computer hardware experience.

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