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Senior Java/jee Developer Resume

Frisco, TX

Senior Java/JEE Developer [End-to-end]

Technical proficiencies include...

Environments: UNIX (IRIX, Linux, Solaris, AIX), Windows, VMS.
Programming: C/C++, Java, JSP, JQuery/Javascript, HTML/CSS, Flex/Actionscript
Development: Object-oriented Design (OOD), Agile Development, PMI's Project Management, Test Driven Development (JUNIT, Log4j), Eclipse/SpringSource Tool Suite, Flex, JRuby, Web Services (SOAP/RESTFul).
Configuration Management: Clearcase, Subversion, Accurev, sccs/cvs, BuildForge, Maven, Ant, GNU make, Hudson/Jenkins.
RDBMS: Oracle, DB2, Sybase, SQL Server, MySQL. Entity Relationship/Data Modeling Expert.
Scripting: Perl, sh, ksh, csh, awk, sed, JQuery/Javascript, AJAX, HTML/CSS.
Frameworks: Spring Framework 2.5/3.0(Core, MVC, Flow, Security with LDAP integration, Web Services, AOP), Struts, JUNIT
Message Oriented Middleware: Tibco EMS, TibcoSmartsockets, Tibco Database Adapter, ActiveMQ.
Web Servers: IBM WebSphere, Apache/Tomcat, Weblogic.


Confidential– Dallas, TX
Summary: Web Application Development using Spring MVC 3.0, JQuery, JSP, Java Server Faces, Tag Libraries, Akamai Web Accelerator integration using Tag libraries. Performance Tuning of Java based web applications with over 2 million subscribers running in Apache/Tomcat environment. Defect analysis and rectification,and implementation of enhancements as requested by the customer.Implementation of RESTFul Web services endpoints.Selected projects include…

  • Performance Tuning/Profiling of Java Web Application using tools such as JProfiler, JMeter, analysis of Thread dumps taken in production/test environments, tuning of Hibernate queries and caching, tuning of Java Custom Tag libraries.
  • Implementation of Java Custom Annotations to track User Authentication states (Hard v/s Soft authentication).
  • Implementation of a publishing portal using Adobe Flex. Business users could use the publishing portal to save versioned content (both text and images) and select release dates into User Acceptance and Production environments. Also created Java Custom Tag libraries in the Web Application to display versioned content produced by the Business Users in target environments (UAT, Production etc.)
  • Implementation of Spring Web Flow to implement User Registration Flows.
  • Implementation of Custom Tag libraries which could be used to cache images using Akamai Web Accelarator
  • Ported a Java Web Application with over 2 million subscribers from Weblogic environment to Apache/Tomcat environment.
  • Design, implementation and testing of several critical business functions using RESTFul Web services.
  • Implementation of several business rules relating to Order Processing using DROOLS rules engine.Ported a Java Web Application from Struts to Spring MVC 3.0.

INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT, Oct. 2007 to Nov. 2010
Confidential– Dallas, Texas
Summary: Design, develop and maintain required-to-fly Airline industry software. Provide technical leadership to junior engineers. Collaborate with customer representatives, project managers, and engineering teams across the organization to ensure timely delivery of project deliverables. Carry support pager for critical business applications providing 24 by 7 on-call support. Selected projects include...

  • Integrated Dispatch Weather System: Designed and implemented a fault tolerant (hot-hot), load-balanced system to inject airline data into a 3rd party Weather Vendor's contract-first WSDL based web service.
  • Developed a Java based Transport Web Service (using Mule ESB as the transport) that consumes messages from a Tibco EMS message queue and multicasts them to redundant Consumer queues located in primary and secondary data centers.
  • Configured Tibco Database Adapter to listen to inserts into a Sybase database shadow table and publish the inserted data into a Tibco EMS message queue.
  • Developed components of a Java Based SOAP Relay Web Service. Used Aspect Oriented Programming to create separation of concerns.
  • Developed a Java command line client to interact with the Web Service to issue commands such as load, refresh, clean, start, stop etc. Command pattern was used to implement this functionality.
  • Used Spring Framework Dependency Injection and Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP).Used Hibernate for Object/Relation persistence.
  • Designed and developed a web application using Spring MVC framework and used Spring Security to integrate with the LDAP authentication to enable single-sign-on (SSO).
  • Used UML modeling techniques for detail component design (Class Diagrams, Class Collaboration Diagrams, and Sequence Diagrams). Tool used: StarUML.
  • Followed Test Driven Development pattern in which JUNIT test cases were developed before coding the actual implementation. Cobertura Maven plug-in was used determine test coverage.
  • Build Manager: Acted as the Build Manager over a code base of over 4 million lines of code and a suite of 107 Require-to-fly applications. Version Control System used: Rational Clearcase. Build tool used: IBM's BuildForge.
  • Rolled out a Version Strategy for Major, Minor, and Micro releases.
  • Performed Build Management activities including i) take inventory of all files checked in on the integration branch; ii) prepare a bill of materials (BOM); iii) communicate BOM to the development team and resolve any issues; iv) help the developers in merging code from their development branches to the integration branch; v) tabulating the list of applications to be built; and vi) build and deploy the applications into the Test/QA environment.
  • Developed Perl scripts for i) Reverse Merge to subsequent integration branches; ii) Set configuration specifications for Clearcase development and Integration views for the development team; iii) Staging of the binaries in target deployment environment; iv) Deployment of the binaries in target deployment environment such that the deployment can be backed out either in its entirety or a partial rollback.
  • Performed Deployment Management activities including staging the binaries, scheduling an outage for production deployment, coordinating the outage with the customer, putting certain Tivoli and Cron jobs on hold prior to deployment, deploying the binaries, restarting server processes, release of jobs put on hold prior to deployment.
  • Performed post production release management activities including merging the changes to the main branch and managing the reverse merge to subsequent integration branches where concurrent development had been under way for future releases.
  • Using BuildForge, created projects to perform daily builds on the tip of integration branches, label, build and deploy applications.
  • Created Wiki documentation for the entire Build and Release Management process.
  • Presented the process to development team and achieved 100% acceptance. The process improvements that I put in place, automated most of the build process to an extent where a full time Build Manager was not needed.

INFORMATION SPECIALIST, Jun. 2002 to Oct. 2007
Confidential,, Plano TX
EDS being the largest Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS) vendor, is the fiscal agent for several states. As a Technical Lead of the Claims Subsystem on several large scale MMIS implementations, I was directly responsible for the on-time delivery of project deliverables. Selected projects include...

  • Florida MMIS Implementation: Technical Functional Area Lead (Claims). Gap Analysis: Using the Request For Proposal (RFP) published by the state of FL, and the RFP response submitted by EDS, performed requirement analysis and gap analysis, to come up with Detailed System Design (DSD) documentation for the Claims Subsystem. Provided technical specifications for the change orders identified during Gap Analysis. Facilitated Requirement Review, and Detailed Design sessions with the customer. Using C/C++ with Oracle Database at the backend, designed solutions around following modules:Claims Pricing (DRG, APC, Max Fee, LTC, Hospice, Outpatient, Inpatient Per Diem, Level of Care etc.); Recipient Linking; Patient Liability and Spenddown; Third Party Liability; EDI Mappings to support various HIPAA transactions such as 270/271, 837/835, 276/277 etc.; and Audits/Edits.
  • Core MMIS Implementation: Using C/C++ with Oracle Database at the backend, designed an XML Transaction based HIPAA compliant solution that can be offered as a shared development environment to difference clients states.
  • Build Engineer and Release Coordinator: Designed and implemented the Configuration Management/Change Control Process to support the shared development environment. Scope of Change, Impact Analysis, Cost of Change, Release Schedule, Data Model Change Control, Software Versioning standard. Using PVCS as the versioning control system, a web application, and a combination of PERL, SED and AWK scripts, automated most of the Release Coordination workflow. Led several teams of Software Engineers to follow the designed workflow pattern.
  • Performed Multi-payer, Prospective Outpatient Pricing, and National Provider Identification (NPI) Enhancements to the Core MMIS System. Language: C/C++.
  • Kansas MMIS Implementaion: Using C/C++ based Claim Engine, PowerBuilder 6.5 for user interface with Oracle database at the backend, Co-lead the Claims Adjudication Subsystem Team primarily focusing on Recipient Eligibility, Benefit Plan Hierarchy, Claims Edits and Audits, Edit/Audit Dispositioning, Pricing algorithms, DRG Pricing, Spenddown Deduction/Patient Liability, Third Party Liability and Co-pay Deduction, Claims Adjustments, and Encounter claims from Managed Care Organizations. Awarded Nate Archibald Award for all-round performance.

CONSULTANT, Feb. 1998 to May 2002
Confidential, Southlake, TX

  • Supply Discrepancy Reporting (SDR) System for US Navy: As Web Developer on this n-tier Web Application, I was involved in the following activities:
  • Object Oriented Analysis for the Java (JDK 1.2) based Web Application development. Class Collaboration Diagram, Static and Dynamic Models using UML, State Transition Diagrams, and Data Flow Diagrams.
  • Development of an n-tier web application using Java Beans, Java Servlets, Custom Tag Libraries and JSPs (Java Server Pages) using iPlanet (now Sun One) web server.
  • Web Master: Change Control, Managed weekly updates, installed SSL certificates on the web server, monitored/tuned web server for optimal performance, coded shell scripts to (i) monitor and notify intruder/suspicious activity (ii) server load statistics.
  • Outstanding Performance Award.
  • As a production support Systems Engineer, for American Airlines, I supported several XMotif based C/C++ programs running under UNIX environment with Oracle Database at the back-end. In over two years for service, being on call 24 by 7, I never missed a pager call and played a critical role in prompt resolution of critical production issues. Reviewed the existing work-flow and identified and implemented several process improvements.


Master of Computer Science
Bachelor of Electronics Engineering


Exceeds Expectations in Annual Corporate Reviews (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2007)
Outstanding Performance Award, NAVICP Project (Dec. 2001)
Nate Archibald Award for all round performance (Oct. 2004)

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