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Independent Consultant Resume Profile


Profile and Objective

  • Profile: Sr Java developer with extensive front-end experience, and an interest in new technologies.
  • Web application/programming experience in server-side, ui/ux, oop, integration, security, system administration.
  • Programming, architecture, design, frameworks, testing, team collaboration, communication, prototypes POC's
  • Objective: Seeking long-term growth opportunity in advanced web mobile application technologies.

Web / Software Development Experience

Java J2EE, spring, struts, hibernate, jdbc, , jsp's, servlets, application servers, web services eclipse, STS.

J2EE Spring, hibernate, SOAP, REST, MVC, EJB, JPA, AOP, CXF, Axis2, web services, transactions JTA.

PHP Web development, php5 class oop features, MVC frameworks CMS, etc , Pear packages, smarty, krumo

Javascript MVVM, and MVC frameworks: backbone, knockout, angular, OOP javascript, underscore, ember, grunt, etc.

UI/UX html5, css3, boilerplate, bootstrap, Javascript MVC Event driven apps: backbone, spine, coffeescript, node.js

UI/UX jQuery, ajax, animate, dialog x-domain/CORS Canvas, charting, plotting, jqPlot, flot, rgraph, highcharts, rGraph

Web HTTP, headers, cookies, sessions, html5, css3, javascript, jQuery/ajax/json, DOM, flash, media, media-queries

Mobile Web-html5 for webkit/mobile, jQuery-mobile, Android development, ie:Phongap, Titanium, Sencha

Database Data modeling/schema design, prepared statements, stored procedures, backups, MySQL, Oracle, etc.

Security Authentication/Authorization mechanisms, permissions, roles, groups, visibility, ACLs, SSL/TLS, certificates

Others more technologies: Coffeescript, Ruby, RoR, Grails/Groovy, GoG, Perl, Python, .Net, Flash, VoIP

Career Summary

  • Consultant, Developer in J2EE, Spring, PHP, UI-FrontEnd, BI/Reporting, open-source: portals, mobile, CMS
  • Identity systems solutions consultant, architect/implementation/developer in Sun Identity Manager IdM : authentication/authorization, security, system administration/integration/middleware/developer role
  • Enterprise PHP architect/developer Trucking and Logistics: In-depth data model, database layer, logging, authentication, forms, templating, XML/XSLT reporting system
  • Java/eCommerce Specialist: Java/J2EE, Oracle, PL/SQL. Large secure eCommerce system with many packages, 2 Oracle instances, administration interface and end-user front end application module.
  • C/Perl/Unix Programmer on Solaris OS: Developed tools and implemented marketing programs
  • Web and internet technology specialist, covering web applications and programming.
  • Investment Analyst researching and writing newsletter and publishing online reports on stocks and options

Professional Experience / Focus on Technology

  • My professional experience has been varied and diverse with concentrations in some specific areas. I've seen constant growth in my career, immersing myself in the technologies I've been exposed to, and applying myself well enough to be highly effective in the areas of implementation as well as project approach and direction. I've also stepped into roles as team technical lead, doing knowledge transfer, mentoring, as Sr. team member.
  • I'm also constantly improving my skills in development/best practices/mastery of technologies new and existing
  • including: J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Javascript, jQuery, web2.0, mobile, CMS, LAMP and open-source frameworks.
  • Over my 15 years of IT experience, I've worked both as FTE and as a Contractor-Independent Consultant C

Work Summary

Independent Consultant


  • Web2.0 Portals, J2EE, Mobile, CMS, eCommerce
  • Some of the independent projects that I've taken on, are listed with a short description
  • Web2.0 Development in portals, mobile, webservices, lamp, java, front-end, cms, and ecommerce.

Independent, Java / Front-End Development / Reporting: Spring STS, Jasper Reports, Bootstrap


  • Extensive experience with Jasper Reports JRS, data-driven with PL/SQL and complex relationships. Use of Amazon AWS and the JR javascript platforms, highcharts, and visualize.js
  • Front end development including extensive cross browser support, html5, css3, css pre-compiler SASS, LESS, etc

Bank of America, J2EE Developer


  • Security developer, in a J2EE environment, working with WebLogic, SSL, authentication, Axis2, SOAP web services, Struts, javascript, proxy and network traffic inspection. Design and implementation of requirements.
  • Worked with SSL, digital certificates, multi-factor authentication, PKI, keytool and security configurations.
  • Did build out, software installation and configuration of RHEL virtual environment with Vmware Player.



In an agile environment, prioritized and completed Jira tasks, worked with security audit and implemented changes in server environment. Worked on mapping portal functionality, developing internal webservices and using the Navtech map object framework. Site based heavily on Front-End Javascipt / jQuery on LAMP and Web Services. Developed groovy selenium unit testing with java, maven project as a part of continuous integration with Jenkins.


Java/UI Developer supporting Portal and Mobile

  • UI, Mobile and Front-End technologies: For Portal working in a J2EE Maven project with MVC and Tiles,
  • html5, css3, adaptive web design, modernizer, polyfills, shims jQuery, Javascript technologies: ajax, json, jQuery-ui, jQuery-mobile, canvas charting, plotting: kinetic.js, raphael.js,
  • MVC frameworks for front-end spine.js, backbone.js CSS with stylus, prefix-less, sass, less, jslint, jshint


Ajax Developer

  • Seating reservation system with Public and Admin entry points, reservation management, heavy on data / ajax, incorporating Dates, guest records, reservation status codes and lots of data management. PHP,


LAMP Developer

  • Developed slick front-end with Javascript/jQuery, and smooth, secure registration process. PHP, XML/XSLT, DB
  • Enabled large file-uploads, designated areas on the server, file naming conventions and listings per music project.
  • Created dynamic, ajax-driven wiki comment board that supported links, uploads, music-players.


  • Price Comparison/Personalization Portal: LAMP, Database, Google maps, Ajax for user and admin modules.
  • Data feeds, parsing, adding new fields as part of Admin changes. FullText indexing as part of search features.

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