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Senior Java Software Engineer Contractor Resume Profile



Hands on experience in application development using Java, J2EE, EJB 2.0, Hibernate, JDBC, Spring MVC/Spring , Jquery/Ember.js, JSP/Servlets, Web Services, HTML, XML, RMI, IBM Rad 7, Websphere 6.x, Tomcat 6/7, Object Oriented Design Patterns in Java/Javascript.

Technical Skills

  • Languages: Java, JavaScript, C/C , PL/SQL, XML, HTML, Awk, Perl, Tcl/Mql, ksh/sh,
  • Databases: Oracle 11g/10g/9i, MS SqlServer, MySQL
  • Development Tools: Sun Workshop, SCCS, Eclipse 3.x, Script.aculo.us/Prototype, Ajax, Microsoft Visual Studio, Jprobe, Junit, ant, XDB, Xemacs, Spring 2.5/3.0, Toad, SQL Navigator, Modeling and Design Tools: CA Erwin, StarUml
  • Operating Systems: Solaris 2.x, Windows XP/2K Pro, AIX 5.2, Android, HPUX, Linux, VMWare
  • Web and Middleware Technologies: CGI, MOD PERL, J2EE, J2SE, EJB, JDBC, JMS, RMI, JSP, Corba, IBM Websphere WASD , IBM RAD, Tuxedo, Apache Tomcat, Apache Commons, Apache Digester, Apache Activiti, OC4J, Jboss 5 AS ESB, MQ Series, activeMQ, CXF, EclipseLink/Toplink/Hibernate, Ajaxtags-1.5.6
  • Project Management/Team Collaboration Tools: CVS, Subversion, eMatrix v10.x MatrixOne , MS Project, Visio, ClearQuest, Harvest, ClearCase, Livelink, Teamplay, SCCS, Compaq CMS, IBM Cognos/Transformer
  • ETL Tools: First Logics TrueName



Senior Java Software Engineer Contractor

  • Reengineered a prototype Web Application for HR Recruitment converting it into a transactional multi-user production ready application by adapting it with Spring MVC, JSTL, Jquery/Ajax, Junit, Tiles, Open source tools and key J2EE design patterns. The Manager Self Service application used for recruitment reporting and requisition creation would interface with the Taleo service via an Oracle schema which was updated with SQL LOADER periodically. As part of this process applied agile and software best practices. For several projects promoted and lead the use of IBM RTC in support of IBM's ALM in conformance with CitiGroups' ALM initiatives.
  • As a lead developer architect implemented a new J2EE Application based on the same technology stack for a CitiGroup Attestation configuration application which used role based access configuration, email notifications and RIA UI to utilized a work flow approval process to make configurations actionable. A project utilizing current best practices, technology stack for a J2EE transactional multiuser production grade application based on JPA/Hibernate, Spring MVC, Jquery/Pluggins, JSTL/Tiles and key design patterns which was just moved into UAT.
  • Worked with an emerging agile team of 5-9 members through the agile development cycle providing clear articulate knowledge transfer on software designs and strategies, fostering quality code using test-driven development TDD practices, providing expertise in software development technologies best practices to drive increased efficiency across the teams, eliminating duplication, and leveraging product and technology reuse, the use of static .


Senior Java Software Engineer.

  • Designed and implemented a CXF JAX-WS based Web Service I.e. w/ mtom for interprocess communication between the host Electronic Medical Records Management system and the PaperIQ digital pen platform for the transfer of documents and their updates used by healthcare and social services internationally.
  • Using appropriate Mobile Web Standards, XML, XSD, WSDL, HTML5, Java/J2EE, Jquery/Pluggins, CSS and Android SDK and eclipse mobile tools as a team lead developed customer client interface to medical records application.
  • Designed and implemented various Struts 2 based UI front end features such as timelines with corresponding backend business and service objects and persistence support using spring and ORM Hibernate 3.x.
  • Authored functional design and implementation specifications for various projects with interviews with the analysts/stake holders.
  • For the Electronic Medical Records Management system developed CXF Restful services clients which retrieved and saved client information by various criteria using Restful services to consume .
  • Via written and oral communication advocated, promoted and supported knowledge transfer in support of Agile/Scrum, software engineering best practices and tools. Provided instruction and tutoring in topics covering various best practice in Web Services, Soapui, mock/load testing and other technical matters to QA, testers and developers.


Java Software Engineer.

  • Designed and implemented as junit Before Class functionality configurated for authentication and other options using properties file for the purpose of Batch database initialization. Used for junit regression and integration test suites it made use of Jcraft's Java implementation of SSH2 services to perform tcp remote exec calls on targeted 64bit linux VMware Workstation hosts running JBoss AS 5 ESB from eclipse on windows workstations or from batch Hudson jobs running on the network.
  • Designed and implemented a new JBoss ESB integrated Webservice for the creation of Train Location History Reports for locations that are contained in the trains schedule based on time ranges and districts. As a webservice using stateless session beans and JPA it was incorporated into the Jboss AS ESB application.
  • To retireve data model and standard objects used by the Movement Planner system developed Restful services which retrieved information by various criteria .
  • Prototyped security schemes using OpenAm in order to implement enterprise authentication and identity management for a new application used to optimize railroad train schedules. Making use of LDAP and OpenAM provided a case study on its use and support of security standards.
  • Provided instruction and tutoring in topics covering various best practice in Web Services, Soapui, mock/load testing and other technical matters to QA, testers and developers.


Java Software Engineer

  • Provided system analysis, design, development and implementation of UI applications supporting the clients Websphere/Struts 2/JSP/JSTL based Booking application.
  • Enhanced an email notification with flexible generic content configuration using a new packaging feature with the Spring Framework support for Velocity to display package business data and added support for message bundling as well extending the persistence layer using annotational AOP transactions with Spring supported ORM Hibernate, with MAVEN and CI.


Java Software Engineer

  • Provided system analysis, design, development, and implementation of UI applications for Websphere JSF/JSP/JSTL WEB based software.
  • Applied Vanguard IT development methodology standards in keeping with the corporate Architectural standards, including all Information Security policies and procedures.
  • Implemented technical specifications, and/or design models into code for new or enhancement projects for internal or external clients .
  • Developed Web based application enhancements using JSF/JSP/JSTL and mojarra complying with best practices.
  • With Agile methodology elevated code which involved Unix/Windows, scripting and CONTROL-M background jobs in the development, test, and production environments on schedule.
  • Provided follow up Production support, submitted change control requests and documents.
  • Participates in design, code, and test inspections throughout life cycle to identify issues and ensure methodology compliance.
  • Participates in systems analysis activities, including system requirements analysis and definition, e.g. prototyping.
  • Participates in other meetings, such as those for use case creation and analysis.
  • Wrote system/technical portions of assigned deliverables for several JSF/JSP/JSTL Web based projects.
  • Assisted technical team members with the system/technical roles. Performed unit testing and wrote appropriate unit test plan requirements.
  • Joined in integration, systems, acceptance, and other related testing as needed.
  • Using Maven as the build manager for several IBM WAS 6.1 Web Application used for Transaction Workflow processing were converted to a Windows x86-64 based platform from Solaris 11.


Software Engineer

  • Implemented Struts 2 based Web pages, JSF/JSP/JSTL tags and supporting Java middle and back layers to control report content, summarization and formatting of Turbine Engine time series data.
  • o For a new reporting feature which provided summary and detailed turbine generator start and failure metrics used an implementation which used the Struts and Spring-based business and persistence layers.
  • Improved ant build and development process for a Web based application used to monitor fleets of client turbines engines by adding PMD reporting and other refinements.
  • In a lead role provided direction to improve software engineering quality, application of best practices and overall application architectural implementation for the advancement of core application.
  • Corrected numerous core application defects which required the programming of the Struts front-end and Oracle backend.
  • Provided production support to the operations engineers in the use of the core Turbine Engine Monitoring and the CRM application both in the U.S.A. and Germany.

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