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Frontend Performance Engineer Resume Profile

Del Rey, CA


Overview With 16 combined years of web development 11 years , network support/engineering, and intelligence analysis military and civilian , offer an excellent range of experiences including implementing and developing web solutions with high and low traffic volume and users. This includes programming and application/graphic design redesigned and developed major online applications for multiple government and commercial organizations, supporting network infrastructure technologies, planning and implementing complex projects, managing project financials, assuring quality systems, and research/analysis support.

Relevant Work Skills

HTML/DHTML/XHTML table-less design and layouts , CSS/CSS Sprites/CSS LESS, Twitter Bootstrap CSS and JS , Javascript Object oriented , JQUERY, AJAX, require.js, Magento CMS, Angular JS, Responsive Design, Media Queries, Progressive Enhancement, Play/Scala Framework/MVC, Git/Github, Grunt, Brew, Akamai, JBOSS, Apache, Page/Site performance and load testing front end , Real User Monitoring tools Soasta RUM, Keynote RUM, Keynote Synthetic , Charles, Google PageSpeed, Yahoo YSlow, Site and code optimization for performance, Adobe Target A/B Testing , Facebook Connect, Twitter/Google Plus//Pinterest, Degradation, Backbone.js low level , Dojo, XML, JSTL/JSP/Struts tags and logic Java/J2EE Environment , PHP/MySQL low level , MVC, Eclipse, Sublime 2, Postgres, ActiveMQ, MongoDB, Maven2 for builds, Flowdock, MAMP, Facebook Connect/Like, HTML5 Boilerplate package and standards, Google page, YSlow, IBM Rational 7 RAD , WebSphere, Subversion/Tortoise SVN and version control, Cross Browser development and testing, 508 Compliancy Standards, Putty, ClearCase, Google Web Tool GWT-EXT , EXT Javascript, Visual Studio Express, JAWS Software, JIRA Application Framework, Internet Information Services IIS Web Server , Jenkins, Tomcat Application Server , SVN Repository/Version Control, CMMI Level 3 and SCRUM Standards and Processes, Actionscript Flash Professional, Photoshop, Image Ready, W3C Standards, 508 Compliance/Standards, SCORM 2004 Compliance, Illustrator, Freehand, Fireworks, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Audition Audio , Adobe Premiere, SPSS, SmartDraw, QML Perception .

Professional Experience

Frontend Performance Engineer


  • Led efforts and assessment for frontend performance for sephora.com desktop and mobile . Also implemented Adobe Target on select sections of sephora.com. The performance processes included initial and post page load times, component functionality, dynamic content, home page, category and product pages, checkout and view cart, search, and brands. Multiple tools were used for testing and assessment included real user monitoring RUM such as Soasta RUM and Keynote RUM, which track user experience and events, bounce versus conversion rates, above and below fold render times, component load time, business goals and tracking, real time user metrics. Also used Keynote synthetic for other assessment and tracking. Additional tools included browser consoles Chrome and Firefox and Charles byte by byte tracking, asset info, etc .
  • Implemented code assessment and updates for my performance recommendations which included caching leverage techniques with use of Akamai or local/session storage browser memory , source code enhancements javascript techniques, DOM manipulation, CSS/HTML enhancements, lazy loading , asset minifying and concatenation JS and CSS , asset versioning, compression techniques, header leveraging, and sub-domain usage.
  • Created and developed a weekly report using the performance metrics tools Keynote and Soasta for the desktop and mobile sites. Reported to the CIO, VP, directors, and all teams and leads.

Lead Software Engineer Frontend


Led a small frontend development team for Gifts.com. Rebuilt the frontend architecture for the new Gifts.com platform, Play/Scala, converting from a Java/J2EE platform. The frontend technologies that I implemented for this new architecture include: Play view templates with Scala logic/URL routing/MVC, Play concatenation/minifying/compression GZIP /compiling of assets, JSON data objects and API/AJAX, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap CSS testing for now , LESS CSS preprocessor, fully responsive design and development down to 320/480 devices, media queries, custom javascript for dynamically loading images for responsive standards, JQUERY and custom javascript and a global namespace for all functionality re-wrote a lot of legacy code , require.js to dynamically load the javascript modules, Twitter Bootstrap JS, modernizr.js, respond.js, html5shiv.js, SEO practices, and new implementation of Omniture use of Omniture's data objects built from the backend . Used Google Pagespeed and Yahoo YSlow for page performance and benchmarking with different browsers Chrome, Firefox, IE .

The project is based in AGILE/SCRUM standards daily morning status meetings . I used GIT for the project repository and for our code base command prompt/multiple branches . Jenkins is used to do several builds of different branches to our DEV environments Gifts 1.0 and 2.0 . MYSQL is used for our databases. VPN access is used for remote work. JIRA is used for issue/bug tracking. Maintained an internal wiki for development notes and issue tracking/notes. Worked closely with the design and product team to help consult and set standards for the new features, design PSDs/PDFs , and responsive design practices.

For the current Gifts 1.0 Java/J2EE environment, I routinely updated for Gifts 2.0 the JSP/JSTL for conversion. Local setup technologies include haproxy, tomcat, memcache, and MYSQL. Other dependencies include the Play/Scala setup and VPN to fully run the integrated environments for local development and testing.

Senior UI Developer


  • Was responsible for all front-end development of the content for the TOMS.com websites. These sites included all desktop sites for the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and mobile. Technologies used for this project included Magento CMS, GIT/GITHUB command prompt , Javascript/Jquery, HTML, and CSS.
  • Photoshop and PSDs were used for creative comps. JIRA was used for requirements and task tracking. Tasks were usually completed in one to two week sprints and deployments were done every week. Use of Skype and other resources were needed for communication with an offshore development team located in India QA and UI development . Worked closely with management and the client for requirements and assets gathering.

Lead UI Engineer


  • Developed and designed MaestroDev's DevOps application. Responsible for taking lead and developing all front end/user interface core functionality development and design. Technologies used for this project included angular.js framework data binding js/MVC/MVVM , RESTful services/in-house API, jquery, HTML, CSS/CSS3, Git/Github project Git app and command prompt , Postgres, ActiveMQ, Agents, MongoDB, Maven builds , node.js/angular.js for unit testing.
  • Communicated and worked with an international team to include members in Australia, Spain, and Texas. Constant use of Flowdock and Skype for daily communication on an everyday basis. Issues and tasks were tracked through Jira and Agile/Kanban.

Senior Web Developer


Developed and programmed sections for the CBS Sports March Madness Brackets mobile website. Technologies used for this project included HTML/HTML5, CSS, Javascript/Jquery, Backbone.js, AJAX, and SourceTree repository access/versioning control/code merge . Project resided in a Git/Github environment. Code was written in an object oriented format. Created and developed code/modules for Ad banners/sponsors Ad Marvel , Omniture statistics, bracket functionality, home page functions, and Facebook/Twitter share functionality.

Quickly learned basics and objects/extensions for the backbone.js framework in relation to the Model, View, Controller MVC structure.

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