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Sr. Developer/ Tech Lead Resume

Prorfile, TX


  • 9 years of Informational Technology experience in Web development using JAVA / J2EE Technologies.
  • Full Software Development lifecycle experience implementing N-tier web applications using object oriented programming techniques.
  • Experience in Analysis, Design, Development, and Implementation and Testing of large scale Business Applications
  • Very good knowledge in functional domains like Logistics, Insurance and Investment
  • Strong working experience in application development using JDBC, Servlet, JSP, EJB, Struts, Spring, JPA and Web Services, EJB3.
  • Experience in developing web applications using technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 and JSP Tag libraries.
  • Good Extensive experience to GWT, EXT-JS, Bootstrap, Jquery.
  • Expert in implementing dynamic web applications using Application Servers like Resin, JBoss and WebLogic deploying in various environments like Windows and Linux.
  • Expert in implementing dynamic web applications using Web Servers like Apache, Apache Tomcat.
  • Hands on experience in using Integrated Development Environments like Eclipse and IntelliJ.
  • Working knowledge of Software Configuration Management tools like GIT, PVCS and SVN.
  • Experience in XML related technologies like SAX, and DOM Parsers.
  • Expertise in J2EE Design Patterns like MVC, Front controller, Adaptor, Builder, Business Delegate, Factory Method and Singleton.
  • Proficient in writing ANT build script to automate the application build and deployment.
  • Good knowledge on SoapUI tool to unit testing SOA based applications.
  • Very good knowledge in different development methodologies like Agile and SDLC.
  • Experience in RDBMS like Oracle.
  • Strong experience in writing SQLs, Stored Procedures.
  • Knowledge of UML for System designs using Visio tool.
  • Establish and Maintain Productive Working Relationship with Management, Clients and Team Members.
  • Excellence in Production support role in supplying technical support and customer service as well as monitor and investigate issues with the production applications.
  • Have good experience for application sizing/estimation and capacity planning.


  • Operating System: Windows , Linux.
  • Languages: JAVA, SQL, PL/SQL
  • J2EE Technologies: JSP, Spring, JDBC, EJB, Struts, Web Services, JSF
  • Web Technologies: HTML, XML, JavaScript, JQuery, GWT, Bootstrap
  • ORM Tools: JPA, Hibernate
  • Design Tools: Visio
  • Web Servers: Apache, Apache Tomcat
  • App/Web Servers: JBoss , Resin, Weblogic
  • IDE's: Eclipse, IntelliJ, TOAD
  • RDBMS: Oracle, MySQL
  • Version Manager: GIT,PVCS, SVN and Start Team
  • Tools: Log4j, Ant, JUnit and knowledge of Jakarta commons
  • JSF Component: WebGalileo, Quipukit, Backbase, ADF faces



Role : Sr. Developer/ Tech Lead

Technology Used : Java, J2EE, JavaScript, Jquery, Spring, JPA, Bootstrap, JMS, XML,

ANT, XML, Ajax, SQL,

Role and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for end to end development of application features. This included HTML, Javascript, and Less on the front end and Spring MVC RESTful JSON services, EJBs, JPA DAOs, and PL/SQL stored procedures on the back end.
  • Designed and developed reusable view components for menus, charts, portlets, navigation, validation, and other UI components.
  • Implemented client side routing using Director.
  • Designed and developed a schemaless user preferences framework.
  • Designed and documented RESTful service patterns for third party integration with external applications such as Laser App.
  • Facilitated the growth of the ADE project from a single scrum team to an international effort comprised of seven teams.
  • Designed and implement Token Management System for securely receiving requests from external vendors.
  • Conduct peer review and provide feedback.
  • Member of the SWP Architecture Team. Provided architectural guidance and direction for ADE teams.
  • Documented and developed example patterns for the ADE framework to more quickly on-board new developers and improve understanding.
  • Provided technical solutions for implementation problems to scrum teams.
  • Drove team planning session including estimates and sizing of features.
  • Mentored team members in various technologies and best practices.
  • Provided production application support.
  • Identified and corrected application security vulnerabilities.


Role : Tech Lead

Operating System : Windows 7

Technology Used : Java, J2EE, JavaScript, EXT-JS, XML, ANT, XML, Ajax, SQL, GWT

Database : Oracle

Tools : SVN, Eclipse

Web Server : Apache, Oracle WebTier

Application Server : Weblogic 11g upgraded to Weblogic 12c

Role and Responsibilities

  • Review of the requirements from BA.
  • Create Detailed Design for the activities to be done on the work requests with Visio.
  • Use SVN for Configuration Management.
  • Preparing status report with current work status, issues, dependencies, risk mitigation plan, future task details and process compliance.
  • Provide low level Design and guidance to team members.
  • Work on critical use case of the application.
  • Design and Develop a EXT-JS Framework for Interactive report Application.
  • Help Team members to setup local environment.
  • I am responsible to analyse the application inter dependencies and provide the best solutions.


Role : Onsite Team Lead

Operating System : Windows XP/ Windows 7

Technology Used : Java, J2EE, Struts, Web Services, XML, ANT, XML, RMI, EJB, JQuery,

IBM MQ Series, Linux, Shell Script, Ajax, SQL, Socket Connection, GWT

Database : Oracle and SQL Server 2005

Tools : PVCS, Eclipse and MyEclipse

Web Server : Apache

Application Server : Weblogic 8.1 upgraded to Weblogic 10.3

Role and Responsibilities

  • Review of the requirements from Business users.
  • Analysis and initial study on the work request enhancement/development .
  • Provide architectural inputs for defining the architecture of the application.
  • Design the activities to be done on the work request enhancement/development and for new Application by creating Detailed design Documents with Visio.
  • Configuration Management using Serena PVCS.
  • Preparing status report with current work status, issues, dependencies, risk mitigation plan, future task details and process compliance.
  • Providing technical guidance to the team on design and development.
  • Implement critical module of the application and providing utility methods.
  • Completely responsible for Weblogic server upgrade and application migration from Werblogic 8.1 to Weglogic 10.3
  • Responsible to analyze the application dependencies and provide the best solutions.
  • Deliver new and complex high quality solutions to UPS Open Account clients in response to varying business requirements.
  • Responsible for managing scope, planning, tracking, change control, aspects of the project.
  • Establish Quality Procedure for the team and continuously monitor and audit to ensure team meets quality goals.
  • Creating work breakdown structure and work allocation to team members
  • Responsible for performance testing setup and stub creation
  • Evaluating RFC's and providing sizing with implementation milestone plan.
  • Review test plan with QA and CIM.
  • Providing signoff for Business Requirement, Functional requirement and UI wireframe to different stakeholders.
  • Working with migration team for application deployment and troubleshot any issues encountered.
  • Involved in PVCS version control administrator to creating labelling, promotional group and migrations.
  • Defect Management with Serena Team Track.
  • Propose improvement areas in the existing application and architectural changes.
  • Involved in code quality analysis. Proposed milestone dates and implementation plan to client which is accepted by UPS client.
  • Involved in creating Application Monitoring control for UPS Open account application.
  • Interacting with all interface team to get the interface document, reviewing interface document and providing signoff to them.
  • Implemented IBM MQ interface with Mainframe systems.
  • Working on App Monitor Application with GWT with Design and development.
  • Create GWT UI with UI Designer and GWT 2.5
  • Extracting required information from Production logs with shell script.
  • Creating report using shell script.
  • Configure Apache web server for Weblogic app server.
  • Deploying static contents and apache web server and making available in application.


Role : Sr. Java Developer

Operating System : Windows

Technology : Java, JDBC, XML, XSL, GWT, Ajax, JQuery, Servlet, SQL

Database : Oracle 9iAS, Oracle 10g

Tools : PVCS, Eclipse

Server : Oracle App server

Role and Responsibilities

  • Involved in Functional Requirement Analysis and Design activities.
  • Involved in Application Development and support.
  • Code inspection for standards and business logic and ensure programs adhere to industry standards
  • Mentoring the new joiners to the team and giving KT to the Team members, Testing and Support team for the developed enhancements.
  • Configuration Management using PVCS.
  • Responsible for personalization of GUI of the application using GWT.
  • Responsible for code customization and new feature addition.
  • Communicate activities/progress to project managers, business development, business analysts and clients
  • Developed framework which parses the template and create GWT UI
  • Dynamically displaying the GUI fields by retrieving field attribute information from database.
  • Based on the Wireframe create exact GUI by applying appropriate CSS.
  • Involved in Re-engineering activities to modernize the exiting application module.
  • Fixing the defect which are reported In QA Testing and UAT Testing.
  • Track dependencies and highlight the risk on time.
  • Responsible for displaying dynamic contents using JQuery.
  • Responsible to retrieving the database information using JDBC and use in GWT to display UI fields.
  • Responsible to fix the defects for application where XSL was used.
  • Defect Management in Serena Team track.
  • Involved in Code Review for Deliverables from Team.
  • Made separation of GWT UI and business logic to make it client side Java code becomes extremely generic
  • Kept minimal dependency on GWT implementation I strictly followed HMVC: Hierarchical MVC layered pattern to handle events and application navigation.
  • Designed GUI Structure, I mean container for easy access in all the application module to set the required widgets in the container
  • Used dispatcher patters with GWT-RPC to handle application flow and defined clear and low coupling interaction between View/Controller Model.
  • Separated out server-side transport data formats from GUI in utility classes.
  • Developed good mechanisms for managing Events, Controlling widget and Flow of application
  • Kept less Shared code between client and server to minimize complexity of the GWT in MIC application.

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