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Java Developer Resume Profile


More than 11 years of Software Design, Development and Implementation experience in Client Server Architecture and multi-tier Intranet and Internet based applications.

Sun Certified Java Programmer

  • Expertise in design and implementation of various Java, J2EE JSP, Servlets, EJB, JMS, JDBC, XML, CORBA, Swing, Java Beans,POJO, JSF, RMI and JNDI applications based on J2EE Design Patterns.
  • Expertise in developing GUI based application using HTML, DHTML, APPLETES, Siriusforce XMI, XML, CSS, Java Script, AJAX, and JQuery.
  • Comprehensive knowledge and experience in SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle, Sybase, DB2 and MS Access.
  • Hands on experience in OOAD Java Design Patterns Session Fa ade, MVC, Value Object, Data Access Object, Singleton, Factory, and Service Locator .
  • Experience in Application Design using UML, Rational Rose and Software methodologies like Agile, SCRUM and Test Driven Development, Junit.
  • Experience in UML - creating Usecase, Class, Sequence, Activity and Collaboration diagrams using Rational Rose, MaintainJ.
  • Developed highly customizable websites .Used JavaScript for complex form validation and navigation with CSS for common look and feel.
  • Strong experience in design and implementation of applications based on both Model I and Model II of MVC pattern.
  • Experience in creating and Deploying Web services using SOAP, and XML.
  • Knowledge of REST webservices using Resteasy.
  • Experience in Rational ClearCase, CVS, SubVersion, GIT.
  • Experience in Sonar with PMD, Checkstyle, findbugs plugins for code quality control standalone and through Hudson.
  • Domain expertise in Manufacturing, Logistics, Environment health and Safety Systems, Telematics.
  • Demonstrated expertise in SDLC on various phases that includes Requirements Analysis, Risk Mitigation Plan, Software Specifications, and High/Low Level Design, Testing and Deployment. We followed Agile SCRUM methodologies and V-diagram model in the complete Project implementation.
  • Well versed with Quality Processes Procedures. Experience in Planning, Estimation and Project management. Led and managed teams towards successful releases in the past 5 years.
  • Strong communication and support skills with all levels of Developers.
  • Outstanding problem solving skills in fast-paced, time critical environments.
  • Excellent work ethics, self-motivated, quick learner and team oriented. Continually provided value-added services to the clients through thoughtful experience, productive coding habits, and excellent logical aptitude and Communication skills.

Technical Skills:

  • Programming Languages
  • J2SE, J2EE, C, SQL Stored Procedures, Oracle Stored procedures.
  • Web Technologies
  • Scripting Languages
  • JavaScript, Perl, CScript, WScript, VBScript
  • Database
  • DB2/400, SQL Server 2000/2005, MySql, MS Access, Terradata, Oracle
  • Web Servers
  • IBM HTTP Server, Microsoft IIS, Tomcat
  • Application Servers
  • IBM WebSphere, JRun, JBoss.
  • Operating Systems
  • WINDOWS 98/00/NT/XP, AS400, Ubuntu 12.04, SUSE, CentOS6.3.
  • Framework
  • Struts MVC Model 2, JSF 1.2, Spring, Swing
  • ORM Tools
  • Hibernate
  • Messaging and middleware
  • MQseries, JMS
  • IDE
  • Eclipse, Net Beans, VAJ, WSAD, RAD
  • Design Language
  • UML, Rational Rose
  • Other Tools
  • JUnit, TsetNG, PMD, Checkstyle, FindBugs, Quartz, Front Page, iText, aspose, ANT, Log4J, RFT, DOM, CSS, JQuery, Applets, Swing, AWT, JIRA, Maven, Sonar, Doxygen, MaintainJ.
  • Version Management
  • CVS,ClearCase, ClearQuest, SVN, GIT

Project's in Detail:

Tech Lead / Sr.Java/J2EE Developer

Projects: Choreo

Description: Airbiquity developed an application called Choreo used to communicate with headunits in vehicles through the smart phones, it handles the different in vehicle apps and the user requests from the vehicle.


  • Analyzed the requirements, designed and developed the aqtas and client gateway Application modules.
  • Developed rest APIs for producing content for the vehicles.
  • Developed test cases using the TestNG, Junit
  • Developed SQL server stored procedures and triggers.
  • Using JIRA to create and manage development tasks and maintenance issues, Confluence to manage project.
  • Setup Sonar and configure it to all the projects through Jenkins/Hudson for automatic build quality reporting.

Environment: Java, XML, J2EE 1.5, Eclipse, Clearcase, GIT, Jboss 5.2, Maven, Java script, JSON, Quartz, Mysql 5.5, MS SQL.


Tech Lead / Sr.Java/J2EE Developer

Projects: CORE

Description: Confidential uses a home mortgage application called Core, it handles the different stages of the loan creation, approval, and closing. The application also facilitates the creation of loan documents, storing and retrieval of the same.


  • Analyzed the requirements, designed and developed the DocGen and Prepaids Application modules.
  • Developed XMI based UI using the Siriusforce framework.
  • Developed test cases using the TestNG
  • Developed Java classes for scheduling Document delivery jobs using Quartz
  • Migrate JavaScript based BPDs from teamworks BPM software to Java.
  • Dynamically update only the generation and delivery status parts of the screen using Java script and JSON.
  • Developed Oracle stored procedures and triggers.
  • Using JIRA to create and manage development tasks and maintenance issues.

Environment: Java, Siriusforce XMI, Servlets, XML, J2EE 1.4, Eclipse, Subversion, Jboss, Maven, Oracle, Java script, JSON, WScript, PLSQL, SQL Developer,Quartz, Oracle stored procedures.


Team Lead / Java Architect

Description: Confidential is a tool used by 3M to provide global data for weight-based Environment, Health, and Safety regulations such as REACH.

Regulatory Volume Tracking System automatically extracts quantities and product data from GEDW for stock numbers made in or imported purchase, transfer, or sale into a market. The output is the weight of each stock number aggregated for each combination of source legal entity, destination legal entity, and date range.


  • Designed and developed User interface using JSP,Tiles, JQuery 3.0.x.
  • Designed and developed search framework by leveraging Java 1.5 features like Annotations, Generics and Enums.
  • Used Hibernate as object relational persistence framework.
  • Involved in technical discussion to design complex user interface and helped developers on UI implementation.
  • Designed and Implemented Service and DAO Objects using Struts and Hibernate.
  • Involved in performance testing
  • Lead the team consists of developers from India, and USA.
  • Developed Stored procedures, functions in SQL Server 2005.
  • Collecting requirements and scoping of the project.
  • Architecture of the new web solution and integration between WebSphere and Authoring ERP systems using WebServices.
  • Providing the architectural design and leadership in the implementation of the online user authentication in Active Directory via LDAP.
  • Setting of the Spring, Hibernate and other frameworks on the backend. Providing the MVC architecture, design and implementation of this solution in Java.
  • User interface development in JSP, JSTL, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, jSON, HTML, etc.
  • Providing MS SQL development, including tables, materialized views, store procedures and other components, which are required for the application. Using DDL and PL/SQL scripts. Analysis of the data model. Development and the change implementation. Fixing of data inconsistencies. The data flow, the data migration and the data backup.
  • Configuration and supporting of Websphere Application Server for Development, QA and Production environments.
  • Managing the releases for the application including versioning, ant scripts, builds and deployments.

Environment: IBM HTTP Server, Websphere 6.1, JSP 2.0, Struts 2.0, Hibernate 3.0, Webservices, SOAP, WSDL, Axis, XML, ANT, IBM RAD 7.5, SQL Development Studio 2005.


Team Lead / Sr.Java/J2EE Developer

Description: 3M requires Chemical Data Management System and the Authoring application which houses the Chemical substances information which is critical for EHS department to maintain safe practices - both in terms of compliance liability and corporate responsibility.

The Chemical Data Management System CDMS distribution facilitates in sending out MSDS and Safety information to all its customers whenever a new product is ordered by the customer or when there is a change in the safety data of the product already being used by the customer.


  • Active role in the framework designing and the configurations using Java and Struts 2
  • Analyzed the requirements, designed and developed the Create and Submit Application module.
  • Involved in the design and development of Single Signoff functionality
  • Used dependency injection with Struts 2 actions
  • Used Validation Annotation for validating user input data.
  • Implemented pagination framework using Java Collection, JSTL custom tags
  • Used JSP, HTML, Tiles, JavaScript CSS to implement UI screens
  • Used Struts 2 UI tags extensively
  • Involved in design and development of SSIS packages to port data from Terradata to MS SQL server 2005.
  • Overrode Struts framework java classes to use Database as source for Message Resources.

Environment: Java, JSP, Servlets, XML, J2EE 1.4, RAD 7.0, IBM Rational ClearCase, Websphere 6, IBM HTTP Server, SQL Server 2005, Java script, VB Script, Cscript, Microsoft SSIS, PLSQL, HTML, Query man, Terradata, CGI Authoring ERP application.


Java/J2EE and AS400 Developer

  • Description: The Confidential facilitates the procurement of transportation services from the contract carriers, the short-term planning and optimization of transportation activities, and the execution of transportation plans. The application uses routing software to build optimized loads and takes care of the order delivery process through carrier.
  • The project involves rating of the carrier and customer charges. The customer charges are used for generating the invoice for customer and billing. Using the calculated carrier charges, the carrier settlement is also managed by the project.


  • Responsible for interacting with Client and working with five member offshore team.
  • Developed the Technical Design documents with Use Case Diagrams, Class Diagrams, and apps flow diagrams for any business / functional requirements.
  • Actively involved in re designing the web application including designing data base
  • Sustained and enhanced the existing services, providing immediate fixes to several issues in production environment.
  • Involved in the development of Transportation rating functionality in RPGLE, SQLRPGLE, and CLLE.
  • Developed the support documents of the application and maintaining up to date support procedure to off shore and on shore teams.
  • Configured all the different customer applications on websphere 5.1 to use the same server side session properties for a single sign on authentication.
  • Responsible for analysis and documentation of artifacts like Detailed Technical Design document which provides the screen-to-screen navigation, interaction between the flow controls and Database tables.
  • Key involvement in interacting with Client and Business partner.
  • Incorporated various change requests in the application within a limited timeframe and yet delivered a quality code.

Environment: Java 1.5, J2EE JSP, Servlets, JDBC, JMS, EJB, JNDI , WSAD 5, JavaScript, JQuery, CVS, AS/400, OS/400, RPG, RPGLE, CLLE, Websphere 5.1, UML, XML, DB2/400, Struts 2, Hibernate 3.


Java/J2EE, and AS400 Developer

  • Description: Confidential wanted to leverage e-Commerce to manage all activities including interaction with customers, trading partners manufacturers, transport operators, retailers, etc. , provide improved information exchange including online ordering, order / inventory tracking etc. , online status of orders, inventory etc. in a distributed data environment, increased internal efficiency through workflow and employee productivity monitoring and provide timely reports consolidated against various parameters.
  • A web based Internet solution eUSCOLD provides USCS' customers with facilities to inquire on real time integrated information on the inventory, receipts, orders and schedule of inbound and outbound shipment of all the goods in storage facilities. Using this application the customers can enter track order until delivery of the order. The customers can generate reports at various levels from individual warehouse to all warehouses in which the customer is doing business with.


  • Involved in developing Class diagram in UML showing generalization and other relationships, Sequence diagram describing the interaction of objects over time
  • Designed new services using various J2EE design patterns like DAO and POJO.
  • Used XML and XSLT for formatting and displaying reports.
  • The front end was composed of JSPs, JSTL and HTML.
  • Used Struts Framework and Hibernate to map to DB2/400 Database.
  • Integrated Quartz with J2EE for Job Scheduling.
  • Utilized JavaScript to enhance the user interface and meet client requirements.
  • Implemented Model View Controller MVC Architecture.
  • Hibernate Query Language HQL as the Persistence Framework, for mapping the object. Oracle as the Database.
  • Extensively used Hibernate 2.0 in data access layer to access, update and persist information in the database.
  • Used ANT as an application building tool and deployed the applications on
  • Websphere.
  • Used CVS for version control repository across common source code used by developers

Environment: Java 1.5, J2EE JSP, Servlets, JDBC, JMS, EJB, JNDI , WSAD 5, JavaScript, JQuery, CVS, Struts 2.0, Hibernate 2.0, Quartz, ANT, Ajax, CSS,HTML, HQL, AS/400, OS/400, RPG, RPGLE, CLLE, Websphere 5.1, UML, XML, DB2/400.


Java/J2EE, and AS400 Developer

  • Description: WWL does Consolidation of its customer database for the analysis, report generation, and customer maintenance, this is very important for getting a detailed information about the revenue that the customers provide to WWL by using its warehousing, transportation facilities. This solution results in a clear and detailed picture of all the customers and their revenue inflow to WWL.
  • Customer Consolidation CC facilitates the assigning of Customers to Companies, Companies to Parent Companies, and grouping of Companies. Information about Customer Details, Revenues is the main goal of this application.


  • Involved in Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML include development of class diagrams, Sequence diagrams, and State diagrams.
  • Developed code for supplements using Java, Jsp, HTML, JavaScript which allows to check the supplements available and to take the supplements during the booking process.
  • Implemented Model View Controller MVC-2 Architecture using Struts Framework at presentation tier.
  • Hibernate Query Language HQL as the Persistence Framework, for mapping the object. DB2/400 as the Database.
  • Extensively used Hibernate in data access layer to access, update and persist information in the database.
  • Used JavaScript for client side validation.
  • Involved in Unit Testing.
  • Wrote SQL procedures for specific business requirements.
  • Used ANT as an application building tool and deployed the applications on
  • Websphere.
  • Used CVS for version control repository across common source code used by developers.

Environment: Java 1.5, J2EE JSP, Servlets, JDBC, JMS, EJB, JNDI , WSAD 5, JavaScript, JQuery, CVS, Struts 1.0, Hibernate, Quartz, ANT, Ajax, CSS,HTML, HQL, AS/400, OS/400, RPG, RPGLE, CLLE, Websphere 5, UML, XML, DB2/400.


Java/J2EE Developer

Description: Adroba security solutions give capability of monitoring viewing live streaming video the locations remotely by employing powerful IP cameras. Clients can monitor live streaming video and access recordings of past events.


  • Designed Database and Modules.
  • Extensively used SQL in data access layer to access, update and Persist information in the database.
  • Designed and developed UI using JSP, CSS, and HTML.
  • Extensively used java script and css.
  • Maintained Sessions and Transactions.

Environment: IIS Web server, JRun 2.3, JSP, JNDI, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Windows XP.


Software Engineer

Description: The ayurheritage.com provides the facility to manage villas it can be purchased and given for rentals. Based on their access privilege, each user can use facilities provided in the site The functionalities are classified as Villa Management, Villa Booking, Contact Management Survey, Search, Reports, Feed Back and Guest Book. Access to the above functionalities will be based on the user type.


  • Designed Client Screens using JSP, XML, CSS and HTML.
  • Involved in storedprocedure development, SQL scripting in SQL Server.
  • Developed common utility classes in Java.
  • Wrote Test Cases and performed Unit and Integration Testing.
  • Extensively used java script and css.
  • Managed CVS for the project.

Environment: JSP, Java Servlets, Java Swing, Applets, Java, JUnit, JNDI, MS VisualSourceSafe, Perl, XML, CSS, XSL, Jakarta-tomcat 3.2 and SQL Server 2000.


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