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Solutions Architect Resume Profile

Arlington, VA

Professional Summary:

Over 15 years of strong technical experience in Information Security Engineering, Computer Associates Security Services and products expert, primarily SiteMinder and SSO, trained on Arcot and Layer 7 Architecture and design for client's security needs and support presales engineering and management. Write up requirements, design and implementation, run book and SOWs. Previously expert on Oracle Database Administration management, Single Sign ON SSO , Modeling, Implementation and Business Application Support of specifically on UNIX based Operating Systems Environments with Oracle 10g and 11g. Managed security team and lead the departments.

Technical skills:

Programming Languages:


Operating Systems:

UNIX/LINUX/WINDOWS with all versions




Oracle 10g / 11g / 12c Oracle Identity Management OID, ODIP, OVD, ODSM, OIF, OIM , Microsoft SQL

Design Programs:

MATLAB, Dreamweaver, MS Visio, Office, Lotus Notes, Erwin, Toad, Power Designer

Network Systems:

Wired and Wireless networks, DWDM/CWDM, SONET, ATM, GSM, WAN/LAN, 802.1x, TCP/IP, Broadband, Cloud and all other network principles


Enterprise Single Sign On eSSO , CA SiteMinder Netegrity , CA Identity / Access Manager Netegrity IdentityMinder, eTrust Admin , CA Directory, AuthMinder, CloudMinder, DataMinder, CA Arcot, CA Layer 7, FTK Forensic Tool Kit , Cryptology, Powerbroker



Web Technologies:

JSP, Java Applets, Java Servlets, JDBC, JavaScript, WebSphere, Weblogic. JBOSS

Project Management




Role: Solutions Architect


Lead Security Architect - implement products of chosen expertise as a single Business Unit multi-product solution and/or a cross Business Unit multi-product integrated solution within the client environment through utilizing CA Services Best Practices. Products include: CA SiteMinder, CloudMinder, Arcot, AuthMinder, RiskMinder, IdentityMinder LDAP, and Advanced Authentication. Manage and Lead project with Run and Operate Write up proposals and technical documentations for clients' requirements and solutions. Travel to client side for technical presentations and hands on implementations, writing up technical and functional design documentations as well as run books.

Environment: UNIX/Linux Solaris, IBM-AIX, HP-UX, Red Hat and all other platforms , Windows servers' all platforms


Role: Lead Information Security Engineer


  • End to end mobile wallet development security for Android and IOS devices
  • Define security policies, intrusion detection, incident response
  • Forensics investigations
  • Database security Oracle
  • OpenLDAP design and implementation on Red Hat 6.x platform
  • System hardening for UNIX and Windows systems
  • Vulnerability management for Banks and Telecom companies
  • WhiteHat Security
  • User management

Environment: LINUX Red Hat OS, Oracle 11g. Identity/Access Management, Android and IOS


Role: Software Engineer/Oracle DBA


  • Custom design, architect, install, maintain, document CA Directory recent version r12 SP8
  • CA Siteminder installation
  • Implement monitoring services
  • Lead e-Trust Directory project and document step by step Method of Procedures
  • Establish performance benchmarks, deployment of Load Balancer, Firewall, Switch, Optical solutions
  • Set and apply standards, monitoring
  • Configure, installed and documented procedures the application database servers in three data centers
  • Create scripts for automation tools, tables, records, procedures, functions, triggers
  • Run batch, cron jobs for loading database tables from flat files
  • Prepared program specifications for SQL procedures and function
  • Supported LDAP and Siteminder for migration to version R12 in Federation environment
  • Set up SiteMinder servers, Web Agents, defined policies, configured Policy Servers
  • Documented Architecture and model for the next phase integration

Environment: LINUX Red Hat OS, Oracle 11g. Identity/Access Management


Role: Lead Software Engineer/ Oracle DBA


  • Oracle Database and Server Management at UAT/SIT/Development/Production
  • Table Space management, Object and Schema Creation, Storage, Patching, Performing Capacity Management, Reorganization data, Backup and Recovery, Maintain and Upgrade, Monitoring and Achieving, Release management, Testing new releases, instances, Prepare documentations, Building and Configuring new servers, Root Cause Analysis, Suggestions and Consolidations for better, faster, reliable services, Data Security, Change Management
  • Oracle 10/11g administration ASM, RACK, PL/SQL, RMAN Backup, Dataguard, Data Replication, GoldenGate installation and configuration, High Availability Network
  • Administrate Oracle Database objects, tables, clusters, indexes, backup, tune, measure performance and all other Oracle
  • Built new clustered systems for Oracle Internet Directory OID in UNIX environment, install and configure necessary OS
  • MSSQL/MySQL technical support for applications, design and integration, develop and maintain existing databases, install and maintain software, monitor databases for error logs and securities, resolve performance issues, CPU and Memory utilization, tuning and taking the responsibility for business continuity in all major production environment.
  • Architect, maintain and support Security Solutions using SSO and LDAP technologies
  • Design, develop and implement Enterprise level solutions
  • Design and configure CA components including resource adapters and synchronization
  • CA SiteMinder installation and configuration for SSO services end-to-end that includes server building, partitioning, customizing, patching
  • Test and troubleshoot Identity management components and provide support and implementation
  • procedures as well as working with Oracle Engineering group, solve issues, minimize cost and maximize utilities
  • packages, patches, backup and recovery and any necessary other objects
  • Support SSO and LDAP services 24x7
  • Coding in Java and C as needed of Wireless devices information storage for Single Sign On
  • Prepare Technical documentation, presentation of the assigned projects

Environment: UNIX Solaris 10 /LINUX Red Hat , Windows 2003/2008 OS, Enterprise Single Sign On eSSO


Lead Software Engineer/DBA

Responsibilities: Including requirements, customer interface, proposal development, cost estimating based on client's needs. Applied monitoring tools that are all in UNIX based environments, configured systems, troubleshoot network related issues, responsible for continuous working system environment as implemented automation tools and scripts.

Review requirements for the deployment, discuss pros/cons, leverage Oracle GoldenGate to move transactional data in real time between systems without interrupting services, cross platform data migration, configuration HA High Availability , ETL Extract, transform, load .

Cisco and Juniper network components routers and switches testing and configuration for 911 circuits Troubleshoot any type of issues, root cause analysis, data center support, monitoring alarms, setting up network monitoring tools, checking incident logs and resolving them with clients, document procedures and lead shifts.

Environment: UNIX Solaris 10 , IBM AIX OS


Role: Software Engineer/DBA

Tier 2 and tier 3 level application support thought-out design, develop and support Verizon Communications wholesale customer services which provides various telecommunications services to internal and external clients. Systems include GUI based tools, EDI, CORBA development.

Responsibilities: Internal parameters configuration, Planning, Testing and Implementation, Metrics Collection design, Capacity Planning.

Environment: UNIX Primarily Solaris 10 Platforms OS

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