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Sr. Application Engineer Resume Profile



Result-oriented Production engineer that possesses the ability to align business needs with technical solutions, and great emphasis on providing robust solutions to problems. Experienced with databases, applications, processes and production landscapes. Known for seamlessly coordinating business and software technologies with industry leaders in the fields of Web, ERP, Application, and database systems. Highly proficient communicator, effective at managing relationships between customers, users, strategic leadership, board members and third-party vendors. Core competencies include:

  • Database Management
  • Application Build Management
  • Web Management
  • SAP Configuration
  • Data Process Analysis
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Report Management
  • Implementation Management
  • Relationship Management


  • 12 years of production application and database system management.
  • 7 years of impact analysis, change management, dependence management and release management experience within the banking, loan reporting and the automotive markets.
  • Over 10 years of managing internal and external data processes, daily batch processes, vendor dependent processes, SQL jobs, dbms jobs, and file transfer processes within production Unix and Windows environments.
  • 6 years of web hosting experience, dynamic web design, and web administration on Unix and Windows Platforms.
  • 6 years of data reporting, data cleansing, data encryption, data analysis, and Obfuscation.
  • 2 years of SAP FI/CO configuration and 4 years of financial Corillian administration.
  • Management Experience with managing two monitoring technicians and Dbas.

Databases: Oracle 8/8i/9i/10g/11g/Berkeley DB, SQL Server 7/2000/2005/2008, MySQL, Access.

Applications: SAP ECC 6.0, Toad, Designer 6 6i, ERWIN, SQL Navigator, Litespeed, Docutreev, Epiphany,

Corillian Voyager, Service Now, Dreamweaver, VERITAS Volume Manager, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe VSS , SPSS, BPM, HP Quality Center, Subversion, Keynote, BPM, JBOSS, Apache.

Utilities: SQL Plus, Query Analyzer, Enterprise Manager, SQL Loader, Performance Monitor,

SQL Profiler, SQL Worksheet, PL/SQL Developer.

Operating systems: MS Win NT/2000/2003/Vista/7, Win Server 2000/2003/2008, Mac, Linux, Solaris.

Web Languages: Java, C , PL/SQL, SQL, JSP, PHP, Asp, Xml, JavaScript, Perl, Turbo Pascal, Visual Basics.


Sr. Application Engineer


  • Identified and managed the defect creation process as it relates to bugs using HP Quality Center and Service Now.
  • Managed the upkeep and deployment of code fixes to Autotrader's farm of 160 Unix based consumer site servers.
  • Managed the impact analysis process of existing and potential issues resulting from application defects, process defects, releases, and code deployments to various Production platforms.
  • Managed the frequency of incidents created by querying databases Oracle and using Service Now app.
  • Managed the deployment chat windows during deployments with developers, dbas, QA, and other team members.
  • Worked with release and change managers in the identifications of change agents tied to releases and deployments.
  • Retroactively cleansed various databases of corrupted data that had caused past and present code defects via Toad.
  • Managed the shunting of application traffic between various data centers for high availability via Akamai.
  • Maintained various processes and ensured all data points were successfully delivered to their respective customers.
  • Proactively fixed issues that could have resulted in hundreds of incidents by using Toad and PL/SQL developer.
  • Managed the effectiveness of key application monitoring and their impact on availability via BPM and Keynote.
  • Recommended and implemented the synchronization of various database table columns across applications.
  • Managed shell / Perl scripts, systems jobs and multiple processes on Windows, Linux and Unix environments.
  • Generated key reports that outlined the increase of proactively solved issues, and availability reports.
  • Tracked and monitored the status of change requests, discrepancy reports and request for changes
  • Troubleshoot multiple issues on various ftp, web, file, report and database servers using the Keynote application.
  • Wrote training and procedure manuals Runbooks for both management and support staff members.

Sr. Business / Data Analyst


  • Managed and owned the companies global loan reporting process for USA, UK, and Canada customers.
  • Improved the process of integrating new customers into the systems, via improved documentation and automation.
  • Automated multiple reports using SSIS, SSRS and identified various loan reporting error buckets.
  • Identified code and database design defects affecting the loan reporting process SQL Server 2008 R2 .
  • Worked with various customer and in-house developers in resolving various integration issues.
  • Created functional and technical documents involving procedures for fixing millions of incorrect consumer data.
  • Managed the process of integrating and reintegrating new and existing customers which included XML mappings.
  • Managed SQL Server jobs and batch processes related to loan reporting across multiple servers.
  • Developed solutions for complex software design issues during the product development cycle, and identified the scope, limitations and impacts to other integrated products.
  • Managed customer relationships, and educated and trained customers on loan reporting integrations procedures.
  • Worked with customers to resolve system generated loan-reporting issues and managed the process of one-time fixes of historical data during arranged upon maintenance windows using Query Analyzer.
  • Educated management and technical staff of existing issues and possible problem resolutions.

Sr. Application Consultant


  • Administered multiple applications, databases, batch processes and builds on Linux and Solaris platforms.
  • Ensured the stability of data access and quality across the organization through database support and maintenance.
  • Automated and administered various business owner processes via in-house built applications, cron jobs, dts packages, SQL Server jobs, shell scripts, batch scripts, dbms oracle jobs and materialized views.
  • Generated SQL Server reports using SSRS and report builder from various data points.
  • Performed security audits, created database user profiles, and managed disk space utilization.
  • Coordinated with system administrators in planning out storage, space management, naming conventions and paths for batch folders, db data files, redo, log files, and other relevant structures.
  • Performed operating system, cold, and hot backups of databases on various oracle and SQL Server platforms.
  • Cloned databases and application servers for Dev, QA, UAT, Staging and Production as needed for unique QA testing, Production migration and new User Acceptance testing environments.
  • Consolidated multiple applications, processes and database instances.
  • Developed long-term goals for production databases in conjunction with data owners and department managers.

Application DBA


  • Performed the primary function of being the banks primary database administrator of oracle and server databases.
  • Developed and maintained change control and process flow processes for various applications and systems.
  • Was the primary point of contact for applying software changes Oracle, SQL, .net and java into production.
  • Coordinated efforts with nine different business units regarding data cleansing and data integrity.
  • Created process flow diagrams using Rational Rose to highlight critical business processes.
  • Supported and applied Java related builds into QA, Staging and Production.
  • Applied, scheduled and monitored application builds and hot fixes to QA, Staging and Production.
  • Collaborated with multiple IT teams on 3 separate annual Sun Guard disaster recovery drills, leading the responsibility to recover all databases and related applications.
  • Created detailed reports utilizing proprietary tools and third party technologies to identify and resolve data quality issues to ensure quality assurance and drive data quality initiatives as instituted by management
  • Facilitated backup and recovery procedures and documentation of various application environments.
  • Installed and configured SQL Server 2000, and 2005 databases in clustered environments.

Web / Data Analyst


  • Managed dedicated customer accounts and web server migrations.
  • Primary point of contact for taking database related escalations from dedicated hosted server account.
  • Managed customer websites with dynamic data content on Unix, Linux and Windows platforms.
  • Managed the moving of dedicated customer server from one data center to the other.
  • Managed and supported various hosted ftp, web, file and mail servers.
  • Created user roles, profiles, objects and security permission policies for various customer accounts..
  • Automated the space utilization of hosted web, and mail accounts.
  • Performed data analysis and data scrubs of data and identified root causes of data inaccuracies.
  • Coded and developed oracle forms, reports, packages, and stored procedures.

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