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Software Consultant Resume

Ca, UsA

Professional Summary

Around 14 years of experience in designing and developing enterprise applications using Java, J2EE technologies in Enterprise Commerce, Insurance and Aviation domains. Have worked in diverse roles from software engineer to senior tech. lead leading development teams.

  • Proficiency and experience in Core Java, J2EE Technologies like JDBC, Servlets, JSP, SOAP and Web Services related technologies.
  • Strong expertise in Object Oriented Design, Collections, Multi Threading etc.
  • SQL, PL/SQL experience, including relational database design and development using Teradata, Oracle, DB2, MY SQL.
  • Designed Object Model (Class Diagrams), Functional Model (Use Cases, Sequence Diagrams) for software applications using UML with Rational Rose.
  • Experienced in designing and implementing Design patterns with J2EE architecture.
  • Good knowledge & experience on Multi Tier & Designs, including Web & Application tiers.
  • Experienced in using frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, Struts, WebWork etc.
  • Experienced in implementing SOA based Web Services and ReST based web services.
  • Around 5 years of experience in Enterprise Commerce domain using J2EE environment.
  • Experienced in build/deploy and continuous integration (CI).
  • Experienced in installing and configuring WebSphere, JBOSS, WebLogic and Tomcat servers.
  • Experienced in using performance and load testing tools such as JProbe, JVisualVM, JMeter, Parasoft LoadTest etc.

Technical Skills

Java Technologies

Core Java, Design Patterns, Collections, Multi Threading, JDBC, RMI, EJB, Servlets, JSP, Custom tags, JPA

Web Technologies


Frame works

Spring, Struts, WebWork, JPA, OpenJPA, Hibernate, JCS, Play Framework, Akka, Apache Karaf, OSGI, Joda, UML Diagrams.

Application Servers

IBM WebSphere 6.0, BEA WebLogic Portal Server 8.1, JBOSS, Tomcat 5.1/ 6.1

IDE and Tools

WSAD, Eclipse, NetBeans, TOAD, SOATest, Jtest, JProbe, JMeter, Rational Rose, Requisite Pro, DreamWeaver


Terradata, Oracle 8i/9i/10g, DB2, SQL Server, My SQL.

Version Control

Git, SVN, CVS, SourceSafe, CMVC

Operating Systems

Mac OS, Windows 2000, Windows NT, and XP, UNIX.

Test case Design

Mercury Test Director & Quality Center

Build and Test

JUnit, Mockito, PowerMock, Bamboo, Maven, ANT,

Professional Experience

Role: Software Consultant
Confidential:CA USA

The project involves building multiple web based tools for GE Aviation business, where GE can assess an airline's engine utilization, servicing effectiveness, and analysis of water wash effectiveness. The Water wash effectiveness tool (WWET) has a user interface that allows users to input engines, and analysis engine generates data to show effectiveness for each water wash in terms of fuel savings, temperature recovery etc.

The development of this tools is involves developing an analysis engine in Java, a data collation layer using Spring hibernate, a set of web services using Spring framework and GE's propriety Predix platform and a User Experience(UX) layer using an open source Play framework.


  • Designed and developed multiple ReST Web services using GE s Propriety Predix environment based on OSGI.
  • Build and deploy for the WWET using Maven, and Bamboo.
  • Developed framework to cache analysis data and design for refreshing daily.
  • Writing JUnit test cases for the services
  • Developed Object Relational mapping (ORM) using OpenJPA for persistence of analytics.
  • Writing query and loading in memory data from Teradata

Java, Spring framework, OpenJPA, ReST WebServices, Eclipse, Maven, Teradata, Oracle 9i/10g, WebSphere 6.1, JUnit, SLF4J, SVN, UNIX

Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW)

Role: Senior Tech Lead
Client: Cisco Systems Inc, Milpitas, CA USA

Duration: Aug 2009 Oct 2013

Role: Solution Architect
Client: Cisco Systems Inc, USA

Duration: Aug 2007 Oct 2008

Development of web services for providing services to validate, configure and search Cisco hardware, software and service. The configuration service is one of the tracks in CCW program which enables the creation and enablement of Configuration business capabilities through Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The web services developed would provide services to user interface layer and communicate with other applications to retrieve and update configuration data.


  • Designed and developed multiple SOA Web services using Cisco Services Development Framework(SDF) for using by multiple Quote to Order applications within Cisco.
  • As Tech Lead, co ordinating development efforts from offshore as well onsite.
  • Ownership of build and deploy process for the CCW Config application using Maven, Hudson, HP Kintana Workflow.
  • Developed framework to refresh JCS based in memory cache across clustered JVMs using JMS
  • Involved in debugging performance related bottlenecks in web services. Resolving performance issues such as memory foot print, service response time by working closely with Performance testing team
  • Writing JUnit test cases for the services, and testing services using SOAtest and SOAP UI.
  • Handling Web Services deployments in WebSphere 6.1 on Cisco s RCDN environment, including Ace XML Gateway and SecureSpan Layer 7 Gateway setup.
  • Developed Object Relational mapping (ORM) using JPA for persistence of Configuration data.
  • Defined XSD and WSDL for various XML transactions and web services.
  • Created build scripts for releases using Ant & Maven
  • Created Local debug environment with simulators using JBOSS.
  • Coding and debugging rules using Drools Rule Engine for Cisco s subscription and technical services configuration
  • Analyzing core dumps and instructing people about what needs to be done.
  • Responsible for overseeing the Quality procedures related to the project defects. Working with QA and offshore team to close defects during test cycles in all four releases.

Java, JSP, EJB, JMS, JPA, WebServices, XML, XSD, XSLT, Eclipse, ANT, Maven, TOAD, Oracle 9i/10g, Websphere 6.1, JBOSS, JUnit, ANT, Log4J, CVS, UNIX, Windows XP

Confidential Role: Developer

Designed and developed J2EE based client server application that allowed Automobile Association (AA) Patrol Vans to search and sell motor parts to AA members. The system was developed on specially built Panasonic laptops which hosted the client application. The server application was deployed on an existing server called MTI Server (Mobile Telephony Infrastructure). The client application communicated with the server using asynchronous messaging over the GPRS/GSM network. The application was also designed to work offline, incase GPRS/GSM network was not available. The searching of motor parts called as retail parts was done locally, and the latest part prices were retrieved from the MTI server. Whenever a part was sold the payment transaction details were sent asynchronously to MTI Server for further processing. The client hosted Oracle 9i Lite database which stored all the various vehicle makes, model, engines, as well all the different types of parts associated with each vehicle.


  • Creating design document based on requirement spec, database schema etc.
  • Designing and developing touch screen interface for specially built Panasonic laptop using JSP/Servlets.
  • Coding Struts based action classes, Servlets, JSP and debugging the application.
  • Designing data structure for storage of transaction data in MS SQL Server.
  • Interaction with client with regards to requirements spec, design issues and presenting application demo to the client.

Java, JDK 1.3, Eclipse IDE, Struts, JMS, WebLogic 7, Oracle 9i Lite, MS SQL Server.


Role: Tech Lead

BITE ISIS refresh program is a technology migration program of existing system of Automobile Association (AA) of UK The AA is an insurance broker in Motor and Home insurance domain having call centers across UK. The BITE application is used by call center operators who provide customer data to the application while interacting with the customers. The application then provides to the cheapest insurance quotations corresponding to the risk information provided by the customer to the Call center operator. The client side has been developed in Java Swing, which communicates with various legacy mainframe systems to come up with insurance.


  • Creating design document based on requirement spec UML diagrams using ArgoUML.
  • Developing stateless Session EJB for each input function on Swing front end application.
  • As tech lead, allocation and coordination of development tasks among team members.
  • Interaction with client with regards to requirements spec, design issues and presenting application demo to the client.

WebLogic 9.1, Eclipse, JBuilder, Java Swing, Stateless Session EJB, ArgoUML and Oracle 10g.


Role: Offshore Team Lead

Disk Storage Feature Activation (DSFA) application was primarily targeted towards the IBM customers who have bought IBM s DS6000 and DS8000 series storage systems. The application provided users to enable or disable optionally priced features on these systems. The application generated a feature activation code that when fed into these hardware machines would enable or disable certain features. The features that could be enabled or disabled were mainly related to storage capacity expressed in Terra byte (TB) as well distribution of these TBs across one or more storage images. The application is hosted in IBM s standard hosting environment where the application is deployed on AIX system with WebSphere server as the application middleware and DB2 as the database.


  • Major role was to create sequence and class diagrams based in internal design document, using Rational Rose.
  • Developing Struts Action classes and designing JSP according to OneX IBM UI standards.
  • Using HttpUnit, JTest for testing DSFA Web application.
  • Developing custom tag for use in JSP pages.
  • Code review, defect logging and status reporting to the client.
  • As offshore lead, task coordination among team members.

WebSphere, WSAD, Struts, Design patterns, JSP, Servlets, Rational Rose and DB2


Role: Developer

Confidential Health Alert Network establishes the communication, information, distance learning and organizational infrastructure for a new level of defense against health threats, including the possibility of bio terrorism. HAN solution is a full re write of a similar solution developed using Microsoft Technologies, but using J2EE on Linux. This solution uses open source third party APIs for features such as document library, white board, conferencing etc


  • Developing JSP pages and customizing Jive framework for document library and discussion forum.
  • Developing WebWork Action classes and customizing Jive s action.
  • Code deployment on JBoss, defect logging and status reporting to the client.
  • Developing online Jabber chat system using XMPP API.

JBoss, JSP, Servlets, Apache Ant, WebWork framework, Jive API, XMPP API and MySQL etc.

Product Knowledge Management System (PKMS)

Role: Software Engineer, Team Lead
Client: Atrenta Inc, USA, Get2Chip Inc USA

Duration: June 2001 July 2003

Organisation: CoVisible Solutions (Pvt) Ltd., India

The web based product was used to manage the knowledge about the product development. The application captures the different phases of development of any product, the problems encountered during the development, the solutions found for the problems. The un addressed issues present in the product get transferred to the errata list. The discussions that take place during the development / usage phase of the product is be captured. The query/replies that take place for a product is also be captured by the system. The system has facilities to convert an existing query reply conversation to an FAQ or add a new FAQ altogether. The system generates Knowledge base, which can be browsed product wise, query wise, etc. such gathered/generated knowledge can be used to generate efficiency in subsequent product developments.


  • Conceptualizing the User Interface and Look and Feel for the application using HTML, CSS.
  • Developed JSP, and Servlets and Model classes in java.
  • Developed custom remote scripting framework (Predecessor to the AJAX framework), and remote collapsible Tree HTML widget based on remote scripting,
  • Developed HTML chat client based on remote script.
  • Code deployment on Tomcat, JBoss and WebLogic servers.
  • Involved in monitoring and the performance tuning of applications
  • Responsible for coordinating with team members in development and testing
  • Responsible for overseeing the Quality procedures related to the project

Java 2.0, Java Beans, Servlets, JSP, JavaScript, ActionScript, MySQL, HTML, XML/XSLT.


Role: Software Engineer

An XML/XSL based content engine for generating API documentation on the fly. The application involved data entry module, and back end content transformation engine (XSL), for generating help files in .htm, .txt, .doc and .pdf formats. This system was to be used by developers who would use CoVisible s CoServer SDK, to develop Knowledge Management systems.


  • Developed User Interface for entering help contents.
  • Developed XSLT to render HTML content.
  • Developed framework to implement searching and indexing xml content.



Role: Software Engineer

Various DotCom websites involving city based yellow pages, custom news articles, and image galleries. The website allowed uses to involve in discussion forums, search for city based information as well as upload photographs of cities. Sites published local news, articles on daily basis.


  • Developing and designing home page for the websites.
  • Developing ASP pages to pull data from backend
  • Developing SQL queries
  • Performance tuning and monitoring web traffic etc.


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