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Sr Java/j2ee Developer Resume


As a Senior Software Developer with over 6+ years of IT experience, I am looking forward for a challenging and innovative assignment where I will have a chance of exploring my great passion towards learning and building the firm. Strength lies in ability to analyze given problems and develop timely & quality solutions.


  • Progressive technical expertise in the IT industry with design, development, web-based/3-tier/n-tier applications and experience in standalone application
  • Good in OOP, SDLC, multithreading and design patterns.
  • Experience in MVC frameworks( Struts 1.2, Spring MVC(Basic)
  • Good experience with Core Spring module, JBDC templates.
  • Data modeling and writing SQL ,Stored Procedures using in Oracle 9i,10g and Sybase
  • Experience in DOM, SAX,, Tomcat 5.xx, Web Sphere 6.0/7.0 middleware technologies using JMS, IBM MQ series
  • Experience in Financial (SecLending Trading Systems) applications.
  • Having experience in Release management.
CORE JAVA, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, spring, Struts1.1/1.2
Eclipse 2.1/3.0 , Ant
Oracle 9i/10g, Sybase 15
Web/App Servers
IBM Web Sphere 5.0/6.0,Apache Tomcat 5.1
Operating Systems
Windows , UNIX
Other tools
SVN, VSS , AquaData Studio, SQL Developer, Autosys


Confidential, NYC
Role: Sr Java/J2EE Developer
  • SecLending is a significant business in finance world whereby securities are temporarily transferred from one party (Lender) to another (Borrower) with help of an agent or intermediaries. Here a borrower obligated to return the securities to the lender either on demand or at the end of any agreed term. The loan is secured by acceptable asset provided by borrower in form of cash or noncash called as collateral. The lender collects interest (rebate or premium) from borrower for the securities whereas borrower gets some agreed percentage of interest of that reinvestment collateral. Designed classes based on Business Requirement Document, implemented using various java technology
  • Participated in the date model as to the relationship with the application.
  • Used front end Flex and JSP tags for the front end.
  • Wrote Sybase stored procedures using aquadata studio, SQL programming.
  • Used JDBC calls to access Sybase stored procedures. Used messaging through MQ series.
Environment: Core Java, Spring 2.5 JDBC, JSP, Websphere Application server 6.1, XML SVN, ANT, SQL Gupta, Unix,
Major enhancements by names.
Roles & Responsibilities
  • Consolidated Queue : This was completely backend change to accomodate wells account on board. My role was to work with BA’s to get the complete the MPD(Minor project doc) and wrote some store proc to compelete the requirement and unit testing . I was helping SIT team to do the regression testing.
  • MetsWeb ALD: This is new feed trasfered to DTCC for Wells account, which is know as Agency lending discloser. My role was to get the complete understanding wrote the script to accept wells feed and format it to CITI specific format with the borrower code and all required change. Establish the connectivity with DTC for this new feed through SCP(Secure copy protocol) and created autosys job to regularize this file transfer to DTC.
  • 3RD Party Special Market : This is special market keyword introduced to all the special market that SLS has with new market keyword to settel the trade in local market. My role was to gather the reqirement from business and working with BA to complete the technical specification document.Working with some offshore spocs on this to have all the changes for this to send all the swift messages (MT540,MT541,MT542,MT543). This was done from a Java backend process witch was responsible to generate all these messages. Simutaneously added this special market key to all Database tables.
  • Pending Substitution: Pending substitution was a requierement from SGIC, one of the major client in SLS to have to special report on Flex front end. My role was working with a team to complete this on the flex and java. Wrote some Flex action scripts, worked on various validation, business logic using spring and data access code.
  • SGIC Analytical Set up: This is specific requirement from SGIC again to have some Static Data screen on frontend with various functionality.My role was guide offshore team and wrote some JSP screen and POJO classes, used spring IOC and JDBC template.
  • Worked on some Client Implementations: I have wored on someof the client onboarding on SLS platform.
  • Stonewain Implementation: SLS have vendor application to have the feature of loan settelment directly with DTCC rather than going via Loanet(A sungard application). My role was establish the cmolete MQ set up from SLS to Stonewain and Stonewain to DTCC by derectional.
  • ODS : Operational Data Store is new platform on SLS to give a feature of various client reporting. Currently I am working on this project.We got all requirement for the phase-1 and working on the backend process to fetch various data like(Loan, inventory, accounts, price, securities) from SLS database and dump it in another DB instance name EDGE.Here we are using multi threading and java core packges to achieve some of the functionality.
Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Worked in the migration of (Loan Initiation, Return Processing & Settlement) of GSLS application from SQL gupta to Flex 3.5
  • Designed classes based on Business Requirement Document
  • Used Java technologies (Jsp, springs) for all the programming requirements
  • Wrote Sybase queries using aquadata studio
  • Used SQL for the database activities
  • Used JDBC calls to access Sybase stored procedures.
  • Responsible for the technical guidance and mentorship of the juniors in the team
  • Communication with offshore team for the development and support related activities.
  • Responsible for the delivery and deployment of the modules I was associated with
  • Worked on UNIX platform
  • Used SVN for version control
  • Used Adobe Flex 3.5 for custom UI creation , implementation and standard JSP and html pages.
  • Used Webshpere Application Server 6.1 as the application server
Confidential , INDIA
Role: Java/J2EE Developer

This is an Online Application Product using MVC Architecture CCC in which a customer can transfer his Fund from one country to other through the Bank’s respective agents and CCC as the authorizing or guarantor in the middle of the transaction. Since this is online in nature it makes easy and faster payment of the currency to the respective receiver. Since CCC is the authorizing agent it makes the transfer safe.
  • Followed RUP is the methodology, converted Use Case documents to Techincal Design document
  • Wrote custom JSP tags
  • Wrote POJO beans as Form beans to utilize in Struts framework.
  • Used Java 1.5(Collections, Generics and other features).
  • Wrote deployment descriptors
  • Configuration of WAS environment and deployed of EAR files.
  • Involved in QA testing and defect tracking using HP Quality Center
Environment: Struts, Java 5.0, Websphere Application server 6.0 , , JSP, JSTL, Servlets, XML, XSLT, SVN, Ant, Oracle , Unix, JavaScript, HP Quality Center.

Confidential , India
Role: Java/J2EE Developer

This is a Online Credit Card Analysis known as Interactive Report Generation Tool developed using MVC Architecture for Bank of Baroda in which the user basically the banking analyst can make thorough analysis of the Credit Cards Distributions (geographically, Sector wise), Risky users, Profitability and Contribution, Funds blocked, Funds returned, Rating Analysis and Overall business view. Thus the analyst views the bad users and good users report and decide how much the credit limit would be varied.
  • Involved in the analyzing and coding part of application..
  • Wrote some EJB component
  • Wrote java code interaction with Database.
  • Held Level 2 support for the application, maintained autosys jobs, WAR deployment to unix environment of Tomcat
Environment: EJB, Java 5.0, Tomcat Application server 5.2.23,Eclipse 3.2, Core Java, JSP, JSTL, Servlets, XML, SVN ,S, Ant, Oracle , Unix, JavaScript, Autosys, Actuate reporting
Role: Java/J2EE Developer
It is a fully web based Customer Relationship Management software. It enables organizations to grow revenues more quickly, predictably and profitably by helping sales professionals focus on right deals at the right time. The application suite provides unparalled visibility in to the sales pipeline, enabling sales professional to identify specific actions that will help them better manage opportunities to rapid closure.
This project is for SAS tool ,Handling its customers in all the ways is the main aim of this project. Here we have to maintaining database the customers Visit of their executives .Here we have to maintain the following
Involve in coding and requirement gathering
  • Worked on business tier and data access layer. Wrote POJO Classes
  • Wrote XML and JSP with java scripts
Environment: Spring Framework, BEA WebLogic 8.2, MyEclipse, JDBC, JSP, Servlets, XML, VSS, Oracle 10g, Oracle SQL Developer, ANT, Unix, JavaScript, AJAX , log4j, MQ Series 5.3, Hibernate.

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