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Senior J2ee Developer Resume

Long Island City, NY


  • More than 13 years of rich experience in IT with various domain like Government, Banking, Insurance, Travel & Hospitality, Utility, Document & Content Management, Workflow Applications, and E- Commerce using Java, J2EE, XML, Web services, EJBs and IBM FileNet suite.
  • More than 9 years of experience in FileNet including Panagon and P8 based technologies
  • More than 3 years of experience in analyzing and architecting business processes and performs needed assessments in an effort to align information technology solutions with business initiatives
  • Provides technical assistance in identifying, evaluating, and developing systems and procedures that are cost effective and meet business requirements.
  • Hands-on experience in OO Analysis and Design, Business Process Management, Mapping, Requirements management using standard SDLC methodologies including Prototype design, JAD sessions and workshops facilitation and Quality Assurance.
  • Plans, designs and recommends business processes to improve and support business activities.
  • Interpret business needs and translate them into system requirements
  • Experience in Visual modeling tools like Microsoft Visio to generate Use Cases, Sequence, State, Activity, Process flow diagrams
  • Experience includes involvement in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle including analysis, design, coding, testing, implementation, and maintenance
  • Extensively worked on IBM-FileNet-P8 suite of products like Business Process Manager, Business Process Framework, Content Manager, Records Manager, Email Manager, IBM Content Collector, IBM Classification Module, eForms, Content Federated Services, Workplace, XT in terms of P8 products implementation and IBM-FileNet-Panagon suite of products like Image Services, Content Services, IDM Desktop, Visual Workflo, Panagon eProcess, Panagon Capture, Open Client
  • Expertise or experience in FileNet Panagon to FileNet P8 Migrations
  • Extensive experience in J2EE architecture, EJB, Servlet, JSP, Struts, XML, Oracle, Weblogic, Websphere, Oracle 9i Application Server and Javascript
  • Proven understanding of DBMS concepts and proficient in ORACLE SQL/PL & SQL programming for testing Database Integrity
  • Actively involved in User Acceptance testing and Training of the end users
  • Fluency in MS Office applications, MS Visio (or other flow-charting tool)
  • Excellent ability to communicate (both verbal and written) with both technical and non-technical staff and clients
  • FileNet P8 Technologies
  • ECM, BPM, ICC, ICM, eForms, Image Manager, Records Manager, Email Manager, Rendition engine, RAC, CFS, Print Server, Fax Server, RightFax, Remote Capture, Workplace, XT & toolkit
  • FileNet Panagon Technologies
  • Content Services, Image Services, eProcess, Capture Professional, IDM Desktop, Visual Workflo, Kofax VRS
  • J2EE Technologies
  • Java, EJB, Servlet, JSP, JDBC, RMI, XML, XSL/XSLT, Struts
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Visual Basic, ASP, VB .NET
  • Development Technologies
  • HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, VBScript
  • Databases
  • Oracle 8i, 9i, MS-SQL Server 2000, MS Access
  • Application Server
  • BEA Weblogic, IBM Websphere, Oracle 9i App Server, Apache Tomcat
  • Version Control
  • Visual Source Safe
  • Testing Tools
  • Loadrunner
  • Development Tools
  • Eclipse, WSAD, Visual Studio, Visual Interdev, Dreamviewer, Jdeveloper
  • Operating Systems
  • Windows NT/2000/2003/XP, UNIX, Linux, Solaris


Designation : Senior J2EE Developer
Project Title : FileNet Document Management System Support
Client : Confidential
Environment : FileNet P8 v4.5 (CE, PE, AE, Workplace, XT 1.1.5, RE, RM, ICC, ICM), Websphere App Server, Oracle, Java, XML, Linux
Description: FileNet Document Management System Support.

  • Install/Upgrade FileNet P8 ECM, BPM, ICC Products, Components, Patches and Bug fixes, Import/Export Objects, XML Read/Edit
  • Configure, Maintain and Support Content Engine including:
  • Object Stores, Doc classes, Documents, Properties, Choice List, Indexes, Folders, Custom Objects
  • Content Search Engine, CBR Queries
  • Publishing
  • Storage Areas, Storage Policies, Fixed Content Devices
  • Events, Subscriptions, Actions, Code Modules
  • Bulk Operations like Search and Update
  • Object Default Security, Inherited Security, Owner and Authorization
  • Configure, Maintain and Support Process Engine including: Designing various workflows
  • Configure, Maintain and Support Application Engine including: Site Preferences, Access Roles, Component Manager, Workplace, Workplace XT, Search Templates, Entry Templates
  • Configure, Maintain and Support IBM Content Collector including: Designing various Task Routes for Email and File System
  • Troubleshoot production problems, Review Trace and System Logs, Work with product service providers to resolve issues and open PMR’s.
  • Participate in Business requirement and Technical review sessions.


Designation : FileNet Consultant
Project Title : GIAMS – Global International Assignment Management System
Environment: FileNet P8 v4.5.1 (ECM, BPM, Workplace XT 1.1.5, ECM Widgets 4.5.1, P8 eForms 4.0.1, eForms Designer 5.0, BAM 4.5, BPF 4.1), Websphere App Server, Websphere Portal, MS SQL Server, Java, J2EE, XML, Webservices
Description: In order to effectively take the global mobility function to the next level, IBM requires powerful process enablement and deeper integration with key systems and stakeholders. Risk and compliance considerations are taking an ever more important role in today’s global mobility technology decisions. As capabilities of local tax jurisdictions evolve and mature, their ability to track employee movements and payment timings becomes more sophisticated. The solution will mitigate compliance risk through the provision of up-to-date tax information, as well as facilitating a control point for IBM. Additionally, the application will leverage all the existing capabilities of the GA Suite. The IBM GIAMS will also build necessary customizations to facilitate business enablement and IBM’s specific objectives for Global Mobility. The solution will enable IBM to not only improve efficiencies in the execution of global mobility, but will enable higher value aspects of global mobility such as measuring productivity and return on investments.

  • Actively involved in the functional and technical design and architect.
  • Creating functional and technical design documents
  • Setting up the FileNet environment
  • Installing FileNet software and patches
  • Creating users and security policies.
  • Designing and developing BPM workflows
  • Good knowledge of configuration Component Manager and custom component queue developing
  • Implementing webservices as the communication channel

Designation : FileNet System Analyst
Project Title : ADIWS – Avis Document Imaging Workflow System
Environment: FileNet P8 v3.5.2 (Content Management & Business Process Management), IS v4.0, OpenClient 4.0, RAC 4.0.40, CFS, FileNet P8 eForms, FileNet Print v4.4, Fax Server v8.7.3, RightFax v8.7.3.100, IDM Desktop v3.3, eProcess v5.0, Capture v4.1, Remote Capture v1.0, FileNet Panagon Visual Workflo v3.5, Kofax VRS v4.5, Java, Servlet, JSP, XML, XSL, HTML, JavaScript, VB, Oracle9i, Weblogic Apps Server, UNIX Shell Script, Eclipse IDE
Description: Confidential has a FileNet document imaging system to store the documents of Corporate Records, Motor Vehicle Assets, Master Rental Agreements and Claims departments in electronic form as images. The FileNet system is used for processing of claims. The following applications/programs support the business requirements of the departments mentioned above.

  • Involved in Strategizing FileNet Solutions for BPM applications and user interfaces based on the organization’s unique requirements
  • Configured, Developed and Modified systems to meet client needs.
  • Facilitated meetings with clients to gather and document requirements and explore potential solutions.
  • Used IBM FileNet Content Manager and BPM to provide a framework for claims applications.
  • Implemented P8 eForms in the claims application
  • As a FileNet system supporter involved all FileNet server monitoring and administration responsibilities.
  • Managed 15 FileNet Servers including 3 Core P8 Engines (Content Engine, Process Engine and Application Engine).
  • Involved in Major upgrade project from FileNet Panagon to FileNet P8.
  • Involved in P8 upgrades from 3.0 to 3.5 and 3.5 to 3.5.2 and also updated required patches for the FileNet servers.
  • Supported Implementing FileNet Applications into Weblogic Servers.
  • Involved in the case study of FileNet 4.x solutions for implementing products like BPF, BAM, Records Manager, etc.
  • Used Kofax VRS for Scanning applications.
  • Creates test scenarios and develops test plans to be used in testing the business applications in order to verify that client requirements are incorporated in to the system design. Assists in analyzing testing results throughout the project.
  • Troubleshooting the server errors and performance issues.
  • Support and maintenance of the above mentioned applications.

Designation : Java/Filenet Consultant
Project Title : CBNA (Citi Bank North America) eForms
Client : Confidential, Long Island City, NY
Environment : Filenet P8 V3.0, Filenet P8 eForms V4.3, Java, Servlet, JSP, XML, Struts, JavaScript, Oracle9i, WebSphere Apps Server, WSAD, Siteminder
Description: Confidential is a web based intranet application for an automated forms submission, routing tracking and processing system for CBNA. The eForms package from the FileNet P8 platform will be utilized as the base component of the overall solution architecture. A number of custom components will be developed to complement the standard functionality to meet the functional requirements.
  • Team lead for the project involving Design and Development on Filenet P8 eForms platform
  • Involved in the installation and configuration of the Filenet P8 eForms platform
  • Worked on Requirement Analysis from the end users and transforming those requirements into technical requirements
  • Involved in the design and development of the eForms workflow application which have multi-tiered, distributed and component based architecture based on the MVC architecture using the Filenet Content Engine and Process Engine Java API
  • Responsible for creating document classes, properties, queues, workflow maps, subscriptions
  • Working knowledge of Workplace and customisation of Workplace
  • Installation and configuration of Netegrity Siteminder webagent which provides single sign on solution
  • Integration of the eForms application with the Siteminder policy server to authenticate users for access to resources on the eForms server and related components
  • Installation and configuration of WebGedi software which interact Citibank Corporate Active Directory Services Global Address Book and returns an file which contains user employee id, name, email address, etc.
  • Developed the user interface level components as JSP pages, which will be rendered to the client browser as HTML pages
  • Developed the core workflow service components of the application as Java Servlets, deployed on the WebSphere Application Server and will interact with the Filenet P8 Process Engine runtime Java APIs
  • Java Script used to perform all client side validations
Designation : Java/Filenet Developer
Environment : FileNet P8 with J2EE (JSP, JavaBeans, Servlet) in Websphere 5.1, Oracle8i, Windows 2000
Description: Document management, in general, is the automated control of electronic "documents" through their entire life cycle, from creation to archiving. The electronic documents they manage can include any kind of digital object—bitmap images, HTML files, PDF, graphics, spreadsheets, and word-processed documents. Document management allows organizations to exert control over the production, storage, management, and distribution of electronic documents yielding greater efficiencies in the ability to reuse information and to control the flow of documents. The other major features are like two level versioning, Check In and Check Out, content search, automatic e-mail notifications, subscriptions and rendition of the documents. The Active Directory Services (ADSI) Features of FileNet P8 is used for Authentication and Authorization.
The Document Management System – DMS is based on P8 ECM.
  • Involved in requirement analysis.
  • Involved in the preparation of detailed design document and program specifications·
  • Involved in the administration and configuration of the FileNet P8 server.
  • Designed and developed programs using the entire feature of FileNet P8 Content Engine.
  • Integration of Modules and unit testing of the same.

Designation : Senior J2EE Developer
Environment : Java, EJB, Servlet, JSP, XML, JavaScript, Oracle, Oracle 9i App Server, Dreamviewer, JDeveloper, Loadrunner
Description : Confidential, web based application is a central repository for tracking programs, services, activities and costs among multiple agencies delivering services through the Workforce Development System for State of Tennessee, Confidential.
  • Involved in the requirement Analysis.
  • Design and development of the Prototype and pilot implementation.
  • Design and development of the entire architectural framework using J2EE Design Pattern adhering to MVC architecture.
  • Involved in the development of the model component of the architecture, which is implemented using a combination of Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) and other business object.
  • Involved in the development of the presentation layer, as seen by the end user. This is implemented using Java Server Pages (JSP).
  • Involved in the development of the controller which co-ordinates application flow, invoking model components in response to user requests over the web, and presenting the results of business processes to the user via JSPs. The controller is implemented using servlet technology, which contains the session control needed to maintain state during a user session.
  • Developed various components, which uses J2EE design patterns like ‘Front Controller pattern’, ‘Business Deligate’, ‘Service Locator’ and ‘Session Façade’.
  • Developed various standards and ensured the implementation of the same.
  • Designed and developed utility package for eCMATS.
  • Java Script was used to perform all client side validations.
  • Handled Financial Management Module. The financial function maintains financial information related to program from contract, to budget, to service fund authorization and to invoice.

Designation : Software Engineer
Project Title : Site2Wireless
Client :Confidential ,Herndon, VA
Environment : Java, RMI, Servlets, EJB, XML, JBuilder, MS Access, BEA Weblogic Server, POSE
Description: Confidential is a Wireless Framework that will enable any site to GO Wireless Overnight and ensures mPresence Anywhere leading to Wireless Internet Profitability. This Wireless Framework is a plug-in solution that will sit besides the existing web site. Requests from mobile devices will be serviced after the on-the-fly conversion of the web contents transcoded according to the requesting edge device’s content handling capability.
  • Development of EJB Components using JDK 2.0 for mapping a XML page with XSL page and displaying HTML after transformations using Apache XML parser and XSLT processor. This Component is tested successfully, concurrently and iteratively after deploying on Web Logic.
  • Responsible for the development and implementation of the RMTE (Rapid Mobile Transformation Engine) Prototype for the Proof-of-Concept. The Prototype was developed using Java Servlets, JDBC and MS ACCESS. This prototype should be able to split the existing web pages into small cards so that it can be rendered over to any edge device, converting images so that it can be displayed on hand held devices and reading XML/RDF format device profile from database. This prototype is demonstrated successfully on Palm OS Emulator (POSE) to the CEO of iORMYX Inc., USA.
  • Involved in the Design and Development of RMT Engine. RMT Engine has been developed, as RMI Server and is converted into EJB Component.
  • Involved in Integration and testing of all the 4 modules of Wireless Framework namely RMTE (Rapid Mobile Transformation Engine), ESCAPE (Engine for Script Control and Page Execution), CE (Caching Engine) and PM (Proxy Module).
  • Involved in converting RMT, which has been developed as RMI Server to EJB (Stateless Session Bean). Also deployed and tested RMT Bean successfully on BEA Weblogic 6.0.
Designation : Software Engineer
Project Title : HR Package
Client : Confidential., Herndon, VA
Environment : Java, JSP, JavaScript, Dream Viewer, Oracle8, Tomcat
Description: This project is being done as a part of the ongoing Research and Development effort of iORMYX India. The objective of this project is to automate the functionality of the HR department, which will help to drastically reduce the time and resources, spent doing it manually as it is done now. The scope of the project will encompass all the current operations of the HR department. This includes computerization of the major functions like resume tracking, employee records, training documentation and policy manual.
  • Involved in the requirement analysis and system design.
  • Development of the front end pages using JSP and HTML.
  • Writing of SQL queries and procedures and connecting the database thru JDBC calls.

Designation : Software Engineer
Project Title : Confidential India Office Automation
Client : Confidential, Herndon, VA
Environment : Java, JSP, JavaScript, Dream Viewer, Oracle8, Tomcat
Description: Designed for complete office automation in Confidential India. The project handles employee Management, internal Library system, Leave processing, Internal mailing system etc. The module handled is Leave processing. The prime needs of this package is to maintain the leave calculation, the leave status, to get a view of the leave histories, generating timely reports regarding the day’s or month’s total leaves in credit of a particular employee. Another purpose is to make it on-line. Currently recording the details in bunches of papers and entered in Ledgers does this manually. As this process is tedious and time consuming the organization thought of making it on-line.

  • Involved in the requirement analysis and system design.
  • Development of the front end pages using JSP and HTML.
  • Writing of SQL queries and procedures and connecting the database thru JDBC calls.
  • Responsible for preparation and modification of technical documentation.

Designation : Trainee Software Developer
Project Title : Fixed Asset Management System
Client : Confidential, Mumbai
Duent : Developer2000 (forms4.5, Reports2.5), Oracle7.3, and Windows95
Description: This is a package for maintaining the fixed assets of the company. The main objective of the project is to calculate the depreciation of the fixed assets.

  • Involved in the requirement analysis and system design.
  • Development of the front end pages using JSP and HTML.
  • Javascript used as the client side validation.
  • Writing of SQL queries and procedures and connecting the database thru JDBC calls.

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