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Lead Java Developer Resume

Albany, NY

Professional Highlights:

  • A dynamic and goal-oriented Lead J2EE Java Developer,Designer and Architect with over 10+ years of solid experience in requirement gathering, estimation, analysis, design, development and testing of web-based applications using Java/J2EE
  • Experience in comprehensive process framework like Rational Unified Process that provides industry-tested practices for software and systems delivery and implementation and effective project management.
  • Experience in creating various Use case diagrams, Class diagrams and Sequence diagrams and using Microsoft Visio, Rational Rose during the design phase of SDLC.
  • Have experience in using various open source web frameworks like Struts, JSF, Spring and Personalized Content Management Systems using Websphere Portal Content
  • 9 years of experience in deploying applications using IBM Web Sphere Application Server 5.0/5.1/6.1/7.0 (WAS), IBM Web Sphere Portal Server 6.0/6.1, Tomcat Web Server 6.0, JBoss Application Server 3.2.7
  • Experience in Object relational mapping frameworks like Hibernate.
  • Experience in various J2EE design patterns like Business Delegate, Session Façade, Service Locator, Model-View-Controller and Data Access Object .
  • Experience with Collection API and Multithreading, Cryptography in Core Java and various J2EE technologies like HTML Client with JSPs, Servlets ,Ajax, Dojo, JSON, JavaScript, CSS, Adobe Photoshop, JSTL, XML, XSD, XSLT ,EJBs ,Single Sign On,LDAP,Spring MVC
  • Experience in SOAP Web services using Apache CXF, JAX-RPC, JAX-WS,JSON Webservices
  • Having extensively applied JUnit Test Coverage for the application using Junit Testing Framework Junit 3.x.Jprobe for Memory /performance/coverage.Jmeter for testing the load handled by the webapplication,Selenium testing for the portlets
  • Experience in various messaging standards like Java Messaging Service and Active MQ Series that allows the application components to create, send, receive and read messages.
  • Extensive experience in working with a java-based logging utility like LOG4J and creating Custom Logging utilities.
  • Experience with multiple databases like Oracle 9i/10g,Oracle10g Express, MySQL and experience in writing Stored Procedures using PL/SQL,Mongo Database.
  • Experience in Drools Rule Language
  • Have got training on Talend ETL
  • Experience with developing and deploying web-based applications in UNIX, Solaris environment and WINDOWS environment.
  • Experience with various version control tools like Subversion,CVS, Tortoise SVN, Star Team and Visual Source Safe.
  • Effectively used Ant and Maven for automated builds,project development,, release management and experience with Nexus Maven Repository.
  • Experience with various integrated development environment (IDE) like Rational Application Developer (RAD) 6.0/7.5, Websphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD) 6.1, Eclipse Galileo and NetBeans 6.1.
  • Have Domain Expertise in Insurance industry Personal Insurance, Property Insurance, Commercial Insurance. Effectively worked on real time insurance applications (auto insurance, home insurance, umbrella insurance. Having done certifications in AICPCU American General Insurance INS-21,INS-22,INS-23
  • Have Domain Expertise in Finance industry- Banking & Investment
  • Effectively demonstrated technical expertise, leadership, organization and client service skills in various projects undertaken, that translated to improved client satisfaction, growth and profitability.
  • Have got extensive exposure in leading and managing team of developers as a Team Leader.
  • Effectively used Agile development processes like scrum /extreme programming in various projects that resulted into rapid delivery of high quality software.
  • Have strong communication and interpersonal skills.
Technical Skills:
J2EE Technologies :J2EE, Java, EJB, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, Java Messaging Services, LDAP, JNDI
Log4j, Active MQ Series, Soap Webservices with Apache CXF 2.3/ JAX-RPC/ JAX-WS,JSON Rest Webservice
UDDI, WSDL, Java User Interface Manual Testing, Junit for automated Testing,Selenium Testing,Spring MVC
Front End : JSP, Servlets, XSLT, XSD, XML, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, Dojo,JSON,
Adobe Photoshop
Group Ware : Personalized Content Management Systems -IBM Websphere Portal Content
Languages : Core Java, PL/SQL,Drools Rule Language
RDBMS : Oracle 9i/10G,Oracle 10g Express, MySql 5.o
DBMS : Mongo Database
Application Servers : IBM Websphere Application Server(WAS) 5.0/5.1/6.1/7.0 , IBM Websphere Portal Server
6.0/6.1, JBoss 3.2.7/JBoss EAP 5.0 ,BEA Weblogic 9.0/10.0
Web Server : Apache Tomcat-5.x/6.x,Jetty
Web Frameworks : Hibernate 3.0, Struts 2,JSF, Spring 2.5.6,Spring 3.0.2
Methodologies : OOPs, OOA/OOD, UML, Agile –Scrum Methodology
Tools :IBM RAD 6.0/7.5, Websphere Studio Application Developer 6.1,Rational Rose 2002 ,
RUP,MS Visio, Performance Testing tool –Jmeter, Jprobe ,Broker Toolkit , IBM
Webpshere Broker, IBM Websphere MQs ,RFHUtil
Version Control Tools : CVS, SVN, VSS, Star Team
Others : Maven 2.0.9/2.2.1 , Ant, Toad,PL/SQL Developer,Altova XML Spy 2010/2011
Operating Systems : Windows-XP, Sun Solaris,Unix

Professional Experience:

Confidential, Albany, NY
Lead Java Developer
Confidential has Mainframe Systems for tracking the stolen vehicle ,stolen guns,stolen vehicles and parts ,plates,missing children,women health facility,product tampering,clandestine labs,Identity theft,weather notifications and weather updates for troops in various places.NYSPIN Mainframe application is getting replaced by NYSPIN Portal Application
Architecture for Confidential is 3–tier J2EE which extensively uses the IBM Websphere Portal and JSF Framework,Business Services and IBM Websphere Broker
  • There are three main layers each mapping to one tier. These layers are:
  • Presentation Layer (Client Tier)-is developed using Portlet and JSF Framework
  • Service Layer (Middle Tier)- The service layer maintains business services
  • Data Layer (Data Tier)- The Oracle database is used for storage of request and response xml
  • The Broker Layer-IBM Webphere Broker is used to connect the DMVs and State Police Offices
  • Setting Up of the Environment for Portal Development including Maven, RAD and IBM Portal Websphere Server installation and configuration.
  • Designed and developed the GUI for Notification Portlets using HTML,IJ Tag library,Ajax-Jquery and JSF Framework
  • Developed the Page Code and Master Data Delegate Component
  • Designed and developed the Data Bean and Request Bean,Service Name Bean for notification Portlets
  • Developed the Assembler for Notification Portlets.
  • Configured the web.xml,faces-config.xml and Portlet.xml
  • Developed the Women Health Facility Notification Portlet using JSF components.
  • Developed the Highway Drug Interdiction Portlet.
  • Developed the Chemical Biological Notification Portlet.
  • Developed the Gun Criminal Clearing House Notification Portlet
  • Developed the Product Tampering Portlet.
  • Developed the Clandestine Lab Report Portlet.
  • Developed the School Violence Notification Portlet
  • Developed the Weather Report Notification Portlet
  • Developed the Weather Update Portlet for NSYP Troops
  • Developed the wsdl for Inter Portlet Communication
  • Developed the Hit Confirmation Request and Hit Confirmation Response Portlet using Inter Portlet Communication
  • Developed the Inbox Stylesheets for the Notification Portlets
  • Developed the Ajax JQuery methods for hiding and showing the Portlets fields ,using the blind/trigger feature of Jquery,generating the dynamic header section on change of Drop Downs using Jquery
  • Troubleshooted the request and response xml generated from the portal application and Business Service Layer
  • Refactored the Notification Assemblers.
  • Effectively used Maven for automated builds in Windows Environment
  • Deployed the Notification Portlets In Portal Server in Sandbox Environment
  • Setting Up of the Environment for Business Service Development including Maven, RAD and IBM Websphere Application Server installation and configuration.
  • Configured WAS 6.1 for Queue Connection Factory/Queue Managers/JMS Queues/Websphere MQs/Channels
  • Configured TBNotificationProcessor MDB with Queue and IJPInboxMDB with Inbox Queue using Activation Specification
  • Configured WAS JVM properties and shared libraries
  • Configured datasources on WAS
  • Developed the xslt for transforming the Coarse Grain Request to Fine Grain Request
  • Designed the schema for DMV Photo Request xml and Response xml
  • Developed the xslt for transforming the niem xml to soap xml and vice versa
  • Configured WAS Server for calling soap over https
  • Have built interoperable soap IJPRegistrationDomain web-service with JSR 109 which is based upon JAX-RPC so the datapower can communicate with the business services deployed in WAS using SOAP apis .
  • Developed client side api to make a call to the dmv photo webservice deployed in Datapower X150 from Business Service deployed in WAS using SOAP apis
  • Extensive use of RFHUtil for analysing the message content present in the Queue
  • Developed NYAlert Business Logic and also developed NYAlert Message Driven Bean

Environment: Java 1.6, RAD 7.5, IBM Websphere Portal Server, Single Sign On -LDAP , Mylyn Pugins, JAutoDoc, Maven Plugins, Ajax-JQuery, Hudson Server, Apache-maven-2.2.1, HTML, Mozilla FireBug, Junit, Selenium IDE, Hibernate3.0, Tortoise SVN, Windows XP, Oracle 10.2.0 Express, Toad, Nexus Repository, JSF, Unix, Altova Xml Spy 2011, IBM Websphere Application Server6.1/7.0, XSLT2.0, IBM Webpshere Broker, IBM Websphere MQs, Broker Toolkit , RFHUtil , Message Driven Beans , JMS ,Soap Webservices-JSR109 , Soap UI 3.5,IBM Datapower X150,Niem XML,Soap XML,XSD.
  • Confidential Block has tax webservices for their internal departments and it is not available to the H&R Block External Partners/Organisations.PUSL Project provides the set of tax webservices which can be invoked by H&R Block external Partners. Architecture for PUSL is 3–tier J2EE based on Rest Based Web Services embedded in Spring Framework
  • There are three main layers each mapping to one tier. These layers are:
  • Presentation Layer (Client Tier)-is developed using Spring Framework
  • Service Layer (Middle Tier)- The service layer maintains webservice related functionality
  • Data Layer (Data Tier)- The Mongo database is used for storage of authorization and authentication information
  • Setting Up of the Environment for PUSL including Maven M2 and Nexus repository
  • Designed the Rest Based JSON Web Service Layer Framework using UML-Class and Sequence Diagram
  • Designed and Developed the Path Interceptor and Authentication Interceptor for Security which is based on Amazon Style Authentication
  • Developed the Withholding Calculator Service Layer and View Layer for invoking withholding service
  • Developed the Framework Components
  • Developed the Transaction Controller
  • Developed Validators
  • Developed the Request Converter with XStream API
  • Developed the Transaction Converter
  • Setting up of Mongo Database
  • Setting up of subversion for code version maintainence
  • Developed Drools based Tax Benefit Finder
  • Consistently contributed in Manual Testing and Developed the Test Suite for Automated Testing of the Web Service Layer using Junit and Mocking Framework Mockito
  • Contributed in Performance Testing of the Web Service Layer using Jmeter
  • Developed the GUI for invoking Web Services using HTML,Javascript,Ajax Jquery and Spring Framework
  • Developed the BESL-Auto Entry Module for retrieving the W2 forms from Financial Institution based on Apache CXF Webservices which also incorporates Tibco EMS,Tibco Admin
  • Configured the Tibco Gems for monitoring the number of Auto Entry messages send and received from the Tibco Queue
  • Designed Auto Entry Database in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 which keeps the records of Financial Institution and Tax Customers and their different W2 forms
  • Developed the Auto Entry Module POJOs classes for DAO access layer using hibernate annotation
  • Effectively used Maven for automated builds in Windows Environment
  • Deployed the Web Services In Jetty Server in Dev Environment
Environment: Java 1.6, Thought Works XStream API , Spring 3.0.2, Servlets, Ajax, JQuery, JSON, JMS, Active MQ, apache-maven-2.2.1, Eclipse Galileo, HTML, Drools Rule Engine, Junit, Mocking Framework Mockito, Hudson Server, Jetty ,JSON Rest Based Services ,Soap UI, Apache CXF Webservices 2.3, Hibernate3.0, UML,Class Diagram,Sequence Diagram,Jmeter ,Eclipse Galileo Ide ,Drools ,Subversion ,Windows XP, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 ,Nexus Repository, Mongo Database, Terramara Machines in Cloud Environment

Confidential, Philadelphia, US
Lead Java Developer

Confidential its IT infrastructure assets through two different applications: Service Center and the Managed Services Portal. The primary system, Service Center, is a client server application developed in the mid 90's. As such, its data model and application structure have not been capable of supporting the rapidly evolving environments that Sungard must manage.In an effort to introduce a flexible, performant and cost effective back end for the existing Portal it was decided to employ a Java based, open source source stack as the back end's implementation platform .For the back end implementation CMDB web application has been developed ,which facilitates the Data Service Center Customer Care executives in maintaining the infrastructure assets. In the ITIL context, a CMDB represents the authorized configuration of the significant components of the IT environment. A CMDB helps an organization understand the relationships between these components and track their configuration.
  • Architecture for CMDB is 3-tier J2EE based architecture.There are three main layers each mapping to one tier. These layers are:
  • Presentation Layer (Client Tier)-is developed using Spring Framework
  • Business Layer (Middle Tier)- The business logic layer maintains the application-specific processing and business rules of an application. It will expose business services to the client through Business Delegate.
  • Data Layer (Data Tier)- The data access layer uses Hibernate 3.0 to connect to the database, prepare the query/update statements, execute the query/update statements in the database and retrieve the results from the database
  • Diligently involved in the analysis, design and development of CMDB System.
  • Extensively worked on Rational Rose to design the class, activity, sequence diagrams for Admin Interface and Business Matrix Module.
  • Environment Set Up with Maven Repository and Nexus
  • Designed the three tier framework for the application and mock up prototype for checking the feasibility of framework UML-Class and Sequence Diagram
  • Consistently contributed in designing the Database schema and developed the POJO classes for DAO access layer using hibernate annotation
  • Configured hibernate configuration file, and wrote the xml file to map objects to Oracle10g Express database.
  • Co-designed and implemented the authentication and authorization using Spring Security.
  • Developed the GUI for Admin Interface and Business Matrix Module using Ajax/JSTL/Tile 2.0 in Spring MVC using Scrum Methodolgy
  • Effectively used Maven for automated builds in Windows Environment
  • Setting Up Hudson Server and Deployed the application on Hudson server running in Unix Enviroment.
  • Extensively involved in Production Support and in fixing defects
Environment: Java 1.6, Spring 2.5.6, Hibernate3.0, Hibernate Envers, JSP, Servlets, Ajax, JMS, Active MQ, Ant Apache, Maven 2.0.9,Nexus, Eclipse Galileo, HTML, DHTML, UML,Class Diagarm,Sequence Diagarm, RUP, Drools Rule Engine, Junit, Hudson Server, Tomcat 6.0, JBoss EAP 5.0 , Apache CXF 2.1.4 Soap Webservices,Tortoise SVN, Junit, Jprobe, Jmeter, Xml, Xslt, Oracle 10g Express, Eclipse Galileo Ide,Altova XML Spy Windows XP, Unix
Confidential, WA,USA
Architect/Technical lead
Confidential The Project has various modules which facilitates New Member Quote, Issue Policy, and Endorsements & Renewals for all US Geographic set of Locations having line of business as Auto Insurance,Home Insurance,Umbrella Insurance online.PPS provides Single Sign On for accessing the above mentioned functionalties from the Safeco Portal .
Confidential System has J2EE 3 tier Architecture. In this application the presentation layer, business layer and data access layer are physically located on the same JEE server. Business logic has been embedded in Session Beans The data access layer handles all the logic to save and retrieve the data from data base using Entity Beans. The different layers of the application are isolated from each other and connected through well defined interfaces.J2EE Design patterns like Session Facade, Business Delegate, and DAO pattern has been incorporated in the Architecture.
  • Extensively involved in Content Management for the Safeco portal using Websphere Portal Content
  • Designed Renewals Module User Interface in HTML,Adobe Photoshop.
  • Designed the Rewewal Module using UML-Class and Sequence Diagram
  • Developed the Renewal Module in JSF using Agile Methodology
  • Wrote the code for Auto completions of Text Fields using Ajax and integrated with JSF Page
  • Used XML/XSLT for Report generation
  • Deployed Personal Policy System JSF based web application on WAS6.1
  • Installed and configured the Portlet Factory development Environment.
  • Designed and Developed Portlets using JSR 168 Portlet and portlet factory.
  • Improved performance of the application by using the dynaCache caching mechanism provided by the WAS to cache objects.
  • Migrated IBM portlet code to JSR168 and JSR286 specification for BroadcastMessagePortlet and Merchandise Locator Portlet
  • Deployed BroadcastMessagePortlet and MerchLocatorPortlet to Websphere Portal Server
  • Did cross-band enhancement to BroadcastMessagePortlet
  • Created and configured Web log using log4j framework
  • Developed the Web Service Client using JSF Webservice tool in Rational Application Developer to generate the Insurance Sales Revenue Data Yearly
  • Handled production high severity defects

Environment: Java1.5, JSP, JavaScript, Servlets, XML, XSLT, HTML ,CSS, Adobe Photoshop, JSF, JSR168, JSR286, log4j, Portlet 1.0 and 2.0 specification, Session Beans, Entity Beans, Ajax, Websphere Application Server (WAS)6.1, Websphere Portal Server 6.1, Soap WebServices, BEA Weblogic 9.0/10.0 , Single Sign On-SSO-LDAP, Oracle 10g, RAD 6.0, Microsoft Visio, Star Team, Windows XP,Unix.

Confidential, TX ,USA
Lead Java Developer

Confidential The website was developed for Defence Personnels to get the Auto Insurance and payment of premiums online and to avail the facilities of Banking and Investment.The Auto Insurance Application facilitates the New Member Quote, Issue Policy, and Endorsements & Renewals for all US Geographic set of Locations. With application available 24 X 7 for the End Users, it has increased the business revenue from Auto Insurance Policies.The Banking and Investment Application was developed to maintain the member information for the Customer Care Executives and also enable the members to view their profile ,banking and investment details online. PAS has three tier J2EE Architecture having MVC Design Pattern

  • Was effectively involved in the complete software development life cycle i.e. requirement gathering, Use Case analysis, designing Class, Sequence and Activity Diagrams , and development and deployment of the application.Waterfall Methodology has been used
  • Worked as a GUI architect and designed the web interfaces using DOJO widgets in a fluid layout.
  • Effectively implemented JavaScript validation at the form level submits for the DOJO widgets, and the fields in editable grids.
  • Improved the site performance by DOJO custom builds, JavaScript file compressions, implementing lazy parsing of DOJO widgets.
  • Built the custom tabs as an alternative for DOJO tab container for performance improvement as well as with the additional functionalities such as disabling/enabling of the tabs, highlighting the tabs on validation.
  • Integrated DOJO widgets in Java Server Pages and effectively handled loading of the widgets such as Filtering Selects
  • Diligently developed JSP and JSF-Dojo based front end and integrated it with the server side layer.
  • Consistently contributed in Oracle database schema design.
  • Developed the New Member Quote Module
  • Developed the Issue Module and designed the Issue Module using UML Class Diagram and Sequence Diagram
  • Designed and developed the Account Summary Module of members for USAA Banking Application
  • Designed and developed the Mutual Fund Module
  • Diligently designed and developed the frameworks to achieve Logging and Exception handling.
  • Developed DAO framework for accessing the data in oracle database.
  • Implemented the Soap web service for getting connected to another application USAA online banking and fetched the Banking data and member ship information about the customers in USAA PAS Actuary and Pricing System .Developed the Service Implementation Class and Service Endpoint Interface
  • Build and deployed application using Web sphere.
  • Used XML/XSLT for Report generation
  • Responsible for User acceptance testing, building, packaging and shipping of the application for the development, staging and production environment.
  • Deployed the application in Unix Environment
Environment: Java1.5, J2EE, HTML, DHTML, JSF ,Xml, Xml Schema,Dojo, Ajax, JSP, Servlets, Java Soap Webservices- JAX-RPC, JAX-WS, Hibernate, Session Beans, Log4j, Javascript,Oracle 10g,UML, Class Diagram,Sequence Diagram,Websphere Application Server(WAS 6.1),RAD,Rational Rose,VSS,Windows XP,Unix

Confidential ,Alwar
Java Web Developer
Confidential has been developed to meet the requirements of Tehsil of Alwar, a lot of manual records was maintained by the tehsildaar, the entire data has been migrated in soft form where the SDM, COLLECTOR, TEHSILDAAR could view the snapshots as well as detailed information of Tehsil .It comprise of modules of COURT CASES, RODA, VIGILANCE, AUDIT, CERTIFICATES, CORRESPONDENCE, PDS.
  • Designing the UI
  • Coding and Integration testing of the application
  • Code review and walk-through of the developed codes for change requests and enhancements.
  • Analyzing the Change requests and enhancements
  • Preparing Integration Test Cases for change requests and enhancements
  • Did Integration testing.
  • Defect fixing as a part of System Testing..
Environment: Java &J2ee(Jsp, Javabeans, Servlet), Eclipse IDE JDBC, Tomcat, MySQL database

Confidential, Lucknow
Java Web Developer
Confidential System is a web based System, which is developed using J2EE 3-tier architecture for Sales Person. This System will be accessed using internet browser by its users in different countries having different kind of roles like sales person, sales supervisor, sales manager and national sales manager.It is designed to support multilingual feature. The base System is in English language with support for Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian languages for users from Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia respectively. The support for these languages is at both user interface level and data entry level.

  • Successfully developed, deployed and delivered business critical, high volume transaction based web application.
  • Effectively involved in complete software development life cycle for the assigned modules (Admin) I was responsible for the requirement gathering, Use Case Analysis, designing Object Model, Class, Sequence and Activity Diagrams. Effectively handled various business components from the design / analysis phase to the development / integration phase including unit testing.
  • Effectively used Hibernate framework in the application and developed various helper classes for convenient access of Hibernate framework. Developed various POJO objects and generated their corresponding Hibernate mappings files.
  • Consistently contributed in Oracle database schema design. Extensively worked in Oracle database tuning PL/SQL (stored procedures, functions, cursors, triggers, sql queries).
  • Diligently developed JSP and Struts based front end and integrated it with the server side layer.
  • Effectively used Rational Rose to design and develop various use cases.
  • Was responsible for UAT, enhancing functionalities of the application, building, packaging and shipping of the application for the production environment. Provided Production and Troubleshooting support to the client.
  • Effectively used RAD 6.0 for development. Successfully built and deployed application using Websphere 6.0.
Environment: Java, EJB, JSP, Servlets, Ajax, Struts 1, Hibernate, Oracle 9i, UML, Rational Rose, IBM RAD 6.0, Websphere 6.0, Windows XP.

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