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Sr Java/j2ee Developer Resume

Nashville, Tn

Professional Summary:

  • Oracle Certified Java Programmer with good experience in Software Development using Core Java and Java J2EE Technologies.
  • Extensive experience in Object Oriented design, Systems Analysis, Software & Web Application development.
  • Expertise in Core Java, HTML, XMLwith strong experience in developing the GUI for desktop and web base applications.
  • Designed and developed various internal applications using scripting languages as JavaScript, PHP, JQuery. Developed Robust User Interface using Bootstrap, Angular, Jsp, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, HTML.
  • Experienced J2EE Development in developing Enterprise level Java/J2EE Applications using Enterprise Java Beans 3.0 (EJB), JSP, JSF, Servlets, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, JNDI, HTML, DHTML, ADF and Java Script, JAX-WS, Restful, JMS and other Java Frameworks.
  • XML experience includes creating XML files, DTD’s & XSDs, XSL/XSLT Style Sheets and parsing XML using XmlBeans, Xml WebServices – SOAP.
  • Experience with REST along with WSDL to describe SOAP messaging over.
  • Strong knowledge in Spring Framework using IOC/ AOP, Spring Transaction support (Declarative/ Programmatic), Hibernate in spring.
  • Experience with advanced front-end technologies like Bootstrap UI, HTML 5.0, XHTML, DHTML, JSON, jQuery, CSS, XML 1.1, XSL, XSLT and XPath. Used persistence frameworks Hibernate ORM, JPA, to map POJOs to a relational database.
  • Extensively implemented web services using Restful technologies like JSON.
  • Involved in developing SOA Web Services using XML, XPATH, XSD, SOAP, WSDL and Apache Axis.
  • Experience in using various web/application servers WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss and Apache Tomcat.
  • Experience in Requirement Analysis, Application Design, Development and Maintenance, Functional Studies, Quality Reviews and Testing.
  • Worked on frameworks like Spring 2.5/3.0 framework, Struts 1.0/1.1/2.x framework, O/R Mapping Hibernate 3.x framework and web services (SOAP and Restful).
  • Experience using Hibernate for mapping Java classes with database and using Hibernate query language (HQL).
  • Experience in Database Design, Creation and Management of Schemas, writing Stored Procedures, Functions, SQL queries.
  • Experience developing Advanced SQL queries for database, Triggers.
  • Worked in developing web applications using Java, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, Java Beans, AWT, EJB, JMS, UML, Rational Rose, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, JDBC, and Oracle.
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills, committed, result oriented, hard working with a quest and zeal to learn new technologies.
  • Good knowledge in development using Oracle SOA (BPEL), Oracle service bus and Oracle Web logic server.
Technical Skills:
JSP, Servlets, EJB, JMS, JDBC, JTA, JNDI, LDAP, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Annotations, AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming), IoC (Dependency Injection), Java Mail, JMS, SAX/DOM, Web Services (SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, and CORBA).

Web Technologies

Java API'S
Applets, AWT, JDBC, Servlets, Java Beans, RMI, EJB, JFC, JNDI, Java Mail API, JMS, JAAS, JAXP, JAXB, JAX-RPC

Distributed Web/Application Server
IBM Websphere, Oracle Weblogic, JBoss, Apache Tomcat

Design Patterns/ Life Cycle Skills
OOAD with UML (Rational Rose, Visio), GOF/J2EE/EJB Design Patterns, CVS, SCCS, MS Visual Sourcesafe, RCS

Struts, JSF, Hibernate, Spring, AngularJS

Web Service

Methodologies/Deploy & Testing
RUP (lite), Xtreme Programming, Agile methodology, JUnit, DBUnit, Ant, JMeter

IDE Tools
Websphere Studio Application Developer, Eclipse, MyEclipse, RAD, Netbeans, JBuilder, JDeveloper, Visual Age for Java

Oracle 9i/10g, MS Access (v2.0), DB2, MS SQL Server, JDBC, ODBC


Operating Systems
Windows XP/NT/7, MS-DOS, Unix, SunOS, Solaris, Cygwin, Redhat Linux.

Professional Experience:
Confidential, Nashville, TN
Role: Sr Java/J2EE Developer
  • Involvely used Hibernate in data access layer to access and update information in the SQL database.
  • ed in Technical and High level Design Review Meetings with Business Customers.
  • Developed high level functional specifications for documenting requirements.
  • Developed the presentation layer with responsive web design experience using Bootstrap, Angular JS, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and JQuery.
  • Used the MVC feature of the AngularJS java-script framework for developing UI screens.
  • Developed the UI screens using AngularJs, java script, HTML 5, JQuery, and CSS3.
  • Designed and developed Service layer using Spring framework and Hibernate.
  • Extensively used AOP concepts using Spring for logging and declarative transactions using Spring proxy Beans.
  • Designed and developed Service layer using Spring framework and Hibernate for Mobile WebService application.
  • Involved in writing SQL queries in Oracle using SQL Developer.
  • Extensively used Spring JDBC template and Hibernate for performing Database Transactions.
  • PL/SQL queries and JDBC module is developed for querying the database to get members.
  • SOAP UI is used for Unit Testing the web services and Altovo XMLSpy for testing XSD s.
  • Tested persistence layer and service layer using JUnit test cases.
  • Experience in using various version control tools such as CVS and SVN.
  • Experience in writing build and deployment scripts using Apache Ant, Maven.
  • Involved in Fixing the UAT Bugs, change requests (CRs) analysis and impact analysis of CRs.
  • Worked on various activities deployment and integration of all the modules as part of Integration Team.
  • Involved in analyzing and resolving production issues during production support.
  • Extensiv
Environment: JDK 1.6, Angular JS, Bootstrap UI, Spring 4.0, Hibernate 3.0, JPA (EJB3.0), XML, XML Schemas, XSLT, SOAP-UI, WSDL, JMS, Oracle 10g, Toad, Maven 4.0, Log4j, Web Services(JAX-WS), JAXB, REST FUL, Web logic.

Confidential, Plano, Texas
Role: Sr Java/J2EE Developer
  • Involved ated in configuration management, change management activities and code re-views.
  • in Technical and High level Design Review Meetings with Business Customers.
  • Developed high level functional specifications for documenting requirement.
  • Wrote front-end code for developing new pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Used the JQuery java-script framework to complement with AngularJs as needed.
  • Developed UI layer components using Spring MVC framework.
  • Developed UI pages with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, JSTL and JSP.
  • Extensively worked with Servlets and Spring based multitier applications in developing J2EE Components.
  • Designed and developed the Data Access Layer modules with the help of Hibernate Framework for the new functionalities.
  • Configured Spring xml files from scratch with core concepts of Dependency Injection
  • Developed the application using Spring IOC to communicate with the persistence layer.
  • Used various Core Java concepts such as Multithreading, Exception Handling, Collection APIs to implement various features and enhancements.
  • Used log4j for logging information into log files
  • Developed test cases with Junit
  • Performed code build and deployment using MAVEN.
  • Involved in Production Support and Maintenance of the application.
  • Particip
Environment: Java 1.6, Javascript, HTML, CSS, JSP, Spring 3.0,Spring MVC, Restful Web Services, Hibernate 3.0, jQuery, jQuery UI, Log4J, Maven, JBoss 5.1,Tomcat 6.0, Oracle 11g.

Confidential, Northbrook IL
Role: Java/J2EE Developer

  • Invomed Unit Testing using JUNIT Framework.
  • lved in the Design and Development of the Auto and Property Business Application project.
  • Developed User Interface Layer using Struts 2 MVC framework with JSP/Tiles, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Developed Web Service Clients to fetch Quoting Data from legacy systems using Spring Web Services.
  • Implemented the Persistence Layer using Hibernate.
  • Wrote Action classes, Business Objects and Service classes.
  • Configured Struts-config.xml with all the mappings required by the architecture.
  • Used Struts tag libraries in the JSP pages.
  • Used various design patterns like BOs, DAOs, TOs, Facades etc.
  • Used Object/Relational mapping Hibernate framework as the persistence layer for interacting with SQL.
  • Worked on Hibernate object/relational mapping according to database schema.
  • Developed Data Access Service Layer using Spring and Hibernate Frameworks.
  • Implemented Logging mechanism using Log4j APIs.
  • Modified existing database structures to support additional features using SQL queries.
  • Interacted closely with the QA team to understand and fix issues.
  • Involved in analyzing and fixing bugs reported by the customers.
Environment: Java 1.6, JSP, Spring 2.5, Struts 2.1, Spring-WS, SOAP Web Services, WSDL, Hibernate 3.0, Log4J, Maven, Websphere 7.0, Oracle 11g, SOAPUI.

Confidential, Hyderabad, India
Role: Java Developer

  • Involved with the QA team to understand the information that are part of the QA weekly report and also the desired layout.
  • with the development team to come with the design and implementation of the project.
  • Developed modules to create, view, delete and search the weekly reports of the QA team using Java, JDBC.
  • Implemented the User Interface using JSP, AJAX, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.
  • Used EJBs (Session beans) to implement the business logic, JMS for communication for sending updates to various other applications and MDB for routing priority requests.
  • Worked on creating JSPs, Form Beans and Action classes and configured in Struts-Config.xml.
  • Used Design patterns such as Business delegate, Service locator, Model View Controller, Session fa ade, DAO and DTO.
  • Involved in implementing the JMS (Java messaging service) for asynchronous communication.
  • Designed and created the database tables in Oracle 10g using SQL/ PL-SQL.
  • Implemented logging using Log4J to log user understandable messages.
  • Developed Test Cases for Unit Testing using JUnit Test Cases.
  • Resolved issues and made changes as needed by the QA team.
  • Interacted
Environment: Java, JSP, AJAX, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JDBC, Oracle 10g, Struts1.2, JMS, Servlets, JSP, AJAX, SOAP, XML, WSDL, JUnit, EJB2.0, JavaScript

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