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Architect In Obiee/odi/java Resume

Tx, UsA


Senior Developer/Architect in OBIEE/ODI/Java


  • Hands on expertise on Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and working knowledge on OOA & OOD.
  • Excellent problem finding and solving skills
  • Good communication skills, working as individual or as a team member
  • Years of experiences in OBIEE/OBI Publisher(4+), ODI(4+), Java (10+), SQL/T-SQL/PL-SQL (10+), C/C++ (9+), ATL/COM/DCOM (2), Visual Basic (3+) and XML/XSLT/XDR/DTD (4+).
  • Strong at SQL Performance Tuning, particular with PL/SQL and/or ODI Knowledge Modules.
  • Familiar with all Windows platforms, working knowledge on Linux/Unix.
  • Master of Client/Server/Internet/Intranet Developments (3-Tier Client/Server Infrastructure, TCP/IP, SOAP, Web Services).
  • Proficient in various databases including Oracle 11g, MS SQL Server 2005/2008, Sybase SQL Server, POET, Object Store, etc.
  • J2EE(EJB/Servlets/JSP), Struts, Maven, JMS etc. on Weblogic 10g/11g, Oracle Application Server 11g, IBM WebSphere, JBoss
  • IDE used includes Eclipse, NetBeans, JBuilder, Visual Studio.


Confidential , TX USA

BI Architect

  • Upgrade existing implementation on OBIEE 10g to 11g, including OBIEE repository/catalog as well as BI Publisher reports, on Windows 2008 64bit and on Oracle Enterprise Linux 64bit.
  • Providing technical support for BI Publisher development as well as environment configuration for on-shore and off-shore team.
  • Providing technical support for internal business user using OBIEE.
  • Developing OBI Publisher reports, fixing bug and optimizing multi-sheet Excel generation through XSL translation as well as SQL query optimization and stored procedures in cross platform database environments.
  • Skill used: OBIEE 10g/11g, OBI Publisher 10g/11g, Weblogic 10g/11g, SQL Developer, SQL Server Management Studio, Oracle 11g, Microsoft SQL Server.
Confidential, , Richardson, TX USA
Senior Application Developer
  • Bug fixing for NTTA project
  • Skill used: Java/JSP/Struts/Maven/Eclipse/Weblogic
Confidential, TX USA
Senior Application Engineer
  • Main Developer in migrating custom built BI application (former INSsight) to OBIEE 10g. Building repository, dashboard, users with privileges etc from scratch and migrated to 11g when it is available.
  • Main Developer in migrating custom build SQL Loading procedures(in T-SQL) to ODI 10g. Again migrated to ODI 11g later. Works included building Master repository, work repository, packages, interfaces, procedures, variables, knowledge modules, etc.
  • Leverage ODI Java API to build ETL process dynamically based on the user requirement captured.
  • Tuning performance on PL/SQL as well as in various ODI Knowledge Modules. Analyzing indexes, execution plans, rewriting/reorganizing SQL as well as ODI interfaces. Really fun work and had a great performance gain on the result.
  • Migrated Visual SourceSafe repository into SVN repository.
  • Mentored other team members in India in task assignment/tracking progress/giving technical directions and direct help when needed.
Confidential , Frisco, TX, USA
Senior Software Developer
  • Main Developer in Thazar INSsight product, which is a business intelligence product for insurance company in use with IBM WebSphere 5.0/5.1/6.0 App Server, Oracle 10g App Server and JBoss 4.0.3SP1.
  • Key Developer in optimizing ETL process on various layers, including T-SQL Stored Procedures, Tables and Indexes and application layer for the complete data warehouse solution.
  • Main Developer in Data Profiler & Load Manager, help improving data quality and work automation.
  • Main Developer in rewriting Trycos Integration Server (TIS) by Java/J2EE. Heavily used EJBs, JMS, Web Services, XML/XSLT with Jboss 3.2.1. Used in implementation for building hospitality management and distribution system.
  • Designed and implemented Workflow engine compatible with BPEL 2.0 in TIS Java Edition.
  • Built Java Installation Package for TIS Java Edition.
  • Port Thazar INSsight application to Oracle Application Server 10g and JBoss 4.03SP1, including design, code, test and deployment.
  • Constructed a utility for batch exporting of Crystal Reports files to PDF format.
  • Port Oracle PL/SQL code (packages, stored procedures) to MSSQL T-SQL code for Thazar INSsight.
Confidential, Dallas, TX, USA
Senior Software Developer/Leade
  • Led a group of 6 developers for making Trycos Integration Server (TIS) in design, implementation, test and integration with over 40% of coding. Job also includes mentoring other less senior group members as well as communicating with the Executives and customers. TIS enables users to integrate all kinds of ERP systems including legacy systems over Intranet/Internet via adaptors (plug-ins) and SOAP/Web Service. TIS provides XML driven adaptors to communicate with back-end ERP systems and message queuing system for added protection and flexibility. TIS also accepts common XML formats like BizTalk, cXML, xCBL with built-in XSL Converter.
  • Designed SAP Adaptor for TIS in VC++/ATL, which allows customers to talk to any SAP system without SAP DCOM Connector. It provides the ability to access any RFC function in any SAP system in minutes from scratch. Both input to and output from the adaptor are in XML format. The adaptor generates XML Schemas and validates the input XML on execution of functions as well.
  • Designed and developed multi-queue MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queue) Monitor and Dispatcher NT/2000 Services with message-dependent priority control and behavior.
  • Developed Installation Project for TIS by using InstallShield Windows Installer/Developer. Created custom actions such as creating virtual directory mapping, creating message queue during installation, etc.
  • Developed several kernel components of eCentral, one of our main products, including ATI (Advanced Technology Integrator), which integrates different types of ERP systems and different versions for same ERP systems to work with each other seamlessly in Visual Basic.
  • Developed load-balancing components, which run as Windows NT/2000 services in eCentral product. They allow users to dispatch requests fully dynamically upon different eCentral Servers based on performance and connection availability.
  • Skills used include Visual C++ 6.0(ATL, MFC, STL, COM/DCOM), Visual Basic 6.0(COM), Visual SourceSafe 6.0, SQL Server 7.0/2000, Oracle 8i, OO4O/OCCI/OCI/Pro*C, XML/XSL/XDR/DTD, Site Server 3.0, MTS 2.0, IIS 4.0/5.0, SAP 3.1H/3.1I/4.0/4.5/4.6B, RFC SDK for SAP, DCOM connector, ISAPI, MSMQ, BoundChecker/Purify, InstallShield Windows Installer/Developer, Windows NT 4.0/Windows 2000.
Confidential , Ypsilanti, MI, USA
Computer Analyst/Programmer
  • Based on customer requirements, developed an integration system between Symantec Act 2000 and Microsoft Access97, taking advantage of good user interface, nice contact management of Act 2000 and powerful database manipulations in Access97. It captures every input in Act 2000 and automatically synchronizes it with Access97.
  • Skills used include Visual Basic 6.0(COM/ActiveX Control/Events), Act 2000, Microsoft Access 97, PowerBuilder 6.0, Windows NT.

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