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Software Engineer Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • 13+ years of experience in designing and implementing Enterprise class n-tier software applications using Java / J2ee technologies.
  • Expertise in J2EE Technologies like Servlets, JSP, EJB, JSF, SPRING, JMS .
  • Extensively worked in developing applications using SWING, Servlets, JSP, STRUTS, SPRING, JSF, AJAX, Hibernate, EJB, XML, JDBC, Java Beans, AWT, UML, HTML, JavaScript on Windows and UNIX environment.
  • Extensively worked on development using JQuery.
  • Experience in deploying, managing applications in WebSphere, Jboss, Weblogic
  • Experience in Jboss ESB
  • Experience in developing applications using Camel, CXF
  • Experience in Liferay Portal
  • Experience in Jboss Fuse Service Works
  • Experience in developing and consuming web services using CXF, REST, JAX-WS
  • Experience in developing Web Services using AXIS framework.
  • Experience in developing and deploying of portlets into Weblogic Portal container.
  • Experience in developing Portal container
  • Experience in developing applications using open source technologies like iText, JEXL, JXL, AXIS.
  • Experienced in working with ECN vendors for Straight through processing ( STP ) of Trades
  • Experienced in developing and supporting Trading application for repo traders
  • Knowledge of Fixed Income Security Processing. Worked with different teams ranging from GL, Clearance, and Trade capture.
  • Experienced with working on interfaces with CDCC, CDS.
  • Experience in Deploying and Maintaining Products on SAAS environments.
  • Experience in implementing MVC framework using Jakarta Struts 1.1, Spring2.0, Webwork 2.2 in J2EE architecture
  • Comprehensive understanding with the capabilities, constraints and methodologies of open source and vendor specific XML based parsing technologies of SAX, DOM using JAXP Framework.
  • Excellent experience with databases such as Oracle9i, SQL Server 7.0, and DB2.
  • Adept in use case driven analysis, OOAD, applying Design Patterns and frameworks including MVC architecture.
  • Hands on experience with complete software development life cycle and exposure to proven software engineering methodologies, including Rational Unified Process
  • Aware of all CMM levels and all processes involved.
  • Hands on experience in Extreme programming (XP), agile practices and Test driven development.
  • Experience in Pair Programming.
  • Experience in leading a team as a Technical Project leader.
  • Experience in writing Ant scripts and automating the build process.
  • Experience in Performance Testing using Load Runner controller.
  • Experience in recording Load runner scripts using VU Generator.
  • Experience in developing applications using LDAP and eDirectory.


  • Working as Principal Software Engineer at Confidential , Atlanta GA
  • Worked as Associate at Confidential , Boston MA
  • Worked as Technical Project Lead Confidential , Bangalore India
  • Worked as Software Engineer Confidential , Bangalore India
  • Worked as Software Consultant Confidential Bangalore India


Programming languages: Java

Web technologies : JSP, Servlets, Web Services, HTML, AJAX, Java Script, Portlets, JSF, JQUERY

Web frameworks : Struts, Spring, Webwork

Open Source Frameworks: Axis, iText, Jexl, JXL, JIBX, XML Beans, Hibernate, XStream

GUI : Java – Swings

Enterprise technologies : EJB, JMS, RMI, CORBA

Application Server and web Server : Weblogic, Websphere, JBoss, Tomcat

Operating systems : Windows, Solaris, Linux, AIX, HP-UX

Development IDE : Eclipse, JBuilder

Software Engineering Tools : Rational Clearcase, Rational Rose, VSS

Soft Development models : Water fall, Test driven development

Automated Testing frameworks & Tools: JUnit, JSUnit, Cactus, TagIt, SAHI, Load Runner



Responsibility: Development and Maintenance

SCOPE is a collection of

  • Supply Chain Process Platform (SCPP)
  • Supply Chain Solutions – DOM, TLM, WMOS, Labor, IO, Planning & Forecasting, OLM
  • Supply Chain Event Management (SCEM)
  • Supply Chain Visibility (SCV)
  • Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI)
  • Total Cost to Serve (TCS)
  • Supply Chain Dashboard

As a member of Manhattan R&D Architecture team my roles are

  • Developed SCPP Dashboard
  • Developing new modules / Frameworks and integrating with existing SCPP Platform.
  • Researching and analyzing of latest technologies / Frameworks and suggesting the implementation to different SCPP Product teams.
  • Helping Product teams in performance testing.
  • Supporting customers in migrating to new version of the product
  • Maintenance of various versions of the product
  • Participated in Performance testing of TMS product in ASP Deployment
  • Participated in Performance testing and support of TMS - Kroger go live project
  • Performance Testing of the application and benchmarking with previous versions of the product
  • Designing and developing of enhancements as per clients requests
  • Acting as Technical Leader and assigning work to team members while team leader absence; this was during TMS 2008 ASP upgrade.
  • Communicating with India office and handing off the work.
  • Deploying new builds and applying patches in SAAS environment.

Environment: Java, JSP, Servlets, JSF, AJAX,JQUERY, Web Services, HTML, Java Script, EJB, Struts, Oracle, DB2, JMS, MQ, Web methods, JBoss, Websphere, Windows, Linux, AIX, LDAP, eDirectory, Rational Clear case and Clear Quest.

Fixed Income Portal

Confidential, Boston MA

Responsibility: Development and Maintenance

  • Flexible Management Reporting
  • Credit Research System
  • Currency Order Workflow Systems
  • Spread Option Calculator
  • Calypso Calculator
  • Fixed income linkers.


  • Supporting customers in migrating to the new version
  • Handling development of multiple projects.
  • Developed Spread Option and Calypso Calculators as Web Services using AXIS framework.
  • Developing JSP pages using DWR (AJAX framework) for asynchronous communication
  • Writing Action Controller for handling Request and Response.
  • Developing JSP Custom tags for handling the Authorization
  • Using Hibernate framework for database communication
  • Using JavaScript and CSS for client side validation and control display.

Environment: Java, JSP, Servlets, Struts, iText, DWR, AJAX, CSS, XML, JXL, JEXL, AXIS, Tomcat, Oracle, Solaris. ISAP (integrated Server Application Platform)

Confidential,Bangalore, India Responsibility: Development and Maintenance


  • Requirement analysis, designing, coding and testing.
  • Developing applications using Test driven development
  • Automating web application testing SAHI tool.
  • Supporting the customer in migrating to the new version
  • Patch preparation and patch deployment
  • Developing a Web Service enabled EJBAction components.
  • Developing JSP pages using AJAX for lazy loading and part submission.
  • Developing Struts, JSP portlets and deploying into Weblogic 8.1 portal
  • Integrating Tomcat 5.5.17 into iSAP
  • Integrating Spring container into Webwork container to support loading of beans
  • Developing Re-usable UI components using DOJO scripts
  • Developing a UI framework by enhancing Webwork.
  • Developing EJB Container ( Stateless, State full and Entity)
  • Making EJB Container compliant to EJB2.0 Specification
  • Developing a container using WAF Framework for telecom services.
  • Integrating spring container into Portal for loading and initializing the portal server.
  • Developing EJB (entity, stateless beans) and deploying into Weblogic 8.1 EJB container using Weblogic console.
  • Developing a Swing based Deploy tool for viewing and deploying the applications ( EJB and Web applications)
  • Developing a Swing based tool for health check of the Weblogic application server.
  • Developing a flexible layout for portal to load the portlets using templates.
  • Involved in writing and reviewing test plans and test case and executing test scripts.
  • Writing Ant scripts for making the build and automating the build process
  • Writing the database PL/SQL statements for loading and initializing the portal server.

Environment: Java, JSP, Servlets, JSF, AJAX, Web Services, HTML, Java Script, EJB, Struts, Spring, Webwork, Swing, Portal, Portlets, Web Clipping, Oracle, Informix, MySQL, Derby, JMX, MOM, Weblogic, JBoss, Websphere, Windows, Solaris, Linux, AIX, HP-UX.

HRMIS (Human resource management information system)

Client : Confidential India, Bangalore

Responsibility : Maintenance / Enhancements

Human resource management system is an in house product of Hewitt used for processing and maintaining of clients payroll. Contains different suites for managing employees, companies and their payrolls. Has an income tax calculator which calculates the tax for individual employee using the tax rules of the corresponding financial year as part of payroll process. The employees can login and view their pay slips online and can log the queries regarding their tax calculations and pay slip details.


  • Developed Enterprise java beans which holds the employee accounts and deployed into Websphere application server.
  • Debugged PL/SQL procedures to fix the backend problems.
  • Extensively worked in developing JSP pages and writing Servlets as controllers.
  • Developed a Session Façade (Stateless session bean) for single point of access.
  • Involved in performance testing and tuning
  • Developed the test cases for unit testing using JUnit
  • Automated the UI testing using SAHI.
  • Implemented the mechanism of logging and debugging with Log4j.
  • Written XSL-T scripts to convert the employee pay slips from HTML to PDF format.

Environment: Java, JSP, Servlets, HTML, Java Script, EJB, Oracle, Websphere, Windows, Solaris.

Business Process Reengineering System

Confidential, India, Bangalore

Responsibility: Client interaction and development


  • Interacting with the customer and deriving the requirements
  • Analyzing the requirements along with the team lead and preparing the Software requirements specification.
  • Developing a prototype and demonstrating to the customer
  • Developing JSP pages and Servlets and deploying in to Tomcat
  • Unit testing ( Manual)
  • Writing the PL / SQL statements for JSDB interactions and reports.
  • Writing Java script functions for client side validations.

Environment: Java, JSP, Servlets, HTML, Java script, Tomcat, MySQL

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