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Sr. Java Developer Resume

Rockville, MD


  • About 5 years of professional Java experience in software industry including all stages of SDLC like requirements gathering, design, development, testing and maintenance. I also worked on multiple projects in fast paced, dynamic, and highly demanding environment with diversified technologies like J2EE, databases etc. in development of business application software.
  • Full System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) experience including: gathering requirements, analysis of requirements, design, development, documentation, deployment, testing and maintenance.
  • Successfully designed and implemented systems based on N-tier distributed object architecture using J2EE technologies such as Java, JSP, JSTL, and Servlets.
  • Extensively worked on open source control frameworks Spring MVC, JSF, Struts 2, and spring O-R Mapping Technologies as Hibernate, and MyBatis and have in depth knowledge of most of the regularly used design patterns.
  • Solid experience in building n-tier web enabled GUI applications using Ajax, JSPs, Servlets, EJB 3.0, RMI, JSF, ORACLE, Apache Camel, IBM DB2, & MS SQL Server with adeptness on application servers; Adobe AIR, JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere, & Tomcat.
  • Experienced in developing database to create its objects like tables, views, functions, triggers, and stored procedures packages using PL/SQL in Oracle, MS SQL Server and My-SQL, DB2.
  • Strong experience in handling different Web Servers likes Apache Tomcat and Application Servers like Web Sphere, BEA Web Logic and JBOSS.
  • Experience in developing WebServices in Java using XML, SOAP, REST, WSDL and UDDI and well versed in writing JUnit Test cases.
  • Expertise in object modeling and OO design methodologies and UML diagrammatic representation using Rational Rose.
  • Good communication and inter-personal skills, accustomed to working in a team environment with tight schedules and capable of working efficiently under pressure, manage multiple projects and train junior engineers.

Technical Skills

Languages: Java, C, C++, XML, PL/SQL, UML.

Web/Enterprise Applications: J2EE, Java Beans, JDBC, JSTL, JSF.

Frameworks: Spring MVC, Struts, Hibernate, DOJO and JQuery

Middle Ware: RMI, JMS, Web Services, JSP1.2, Servlets2.2, XML, JNDI

Tools: Dream weaver, IBM RAD, Eclipse.

RDBMS/Databases: Microsoft Access, Oracle9i, SQL Server, DB2


Web/Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic, and Web Sphere

Tools and Methodologies: Software Engineering, UML, OOPS, Rational Rose, and Star Team

Platforms: Windows, UNIX and Linux

Testing Tools: JUnit framework

Version Control: Win CVS, CM Synergy, Visual Source Safe

Build Tools: Ant, Maven, & Hudson



Rockville, MD

Sr. Java Developer


  • Participated in project planning sessions with team members to analyze requirements. Also outlined, proposed and coded the proposed solutions.
  • Scoped functional and technical work units required to implement proposed solutions after extensively studying the functional requirements, involved in writing technical designs, and did feasibility study of functional requirements.
  • Used the loosely coupled Spring MVC architecture and separated controller, model object, handler object and dispatcher. In addition I also customized them as required.
  • Worked using Hibernate framework for the backend persistence and developed Data Access Object interfaces (DAO) to interact with the backend.
  • Implemented Web Services, Restful services, & URL to interact with external systems and worked with XML including parsing format using DOM (Document Object Model).
  • Wrote PL/SQL queries, stored procedures and database triggers as required on the database objects.
  • Involved in unit testing and system testing by designing and developing JUnit test suites and classes for code written. The test cases also helped for checking the code coverage.
  • Developed the front end web application using JSP, HTML, JQuery and CSS.
  • Did analysis of code and data analysis whenever required and took care of debugging, defect support and fixing of bugs that were found.


Java, J2EE, JSP, Dojo, spring, Hibernate, Servlets, JavaScript, JQuery, XML, HTML, CSS, WebServices, WebLogic, XML, XSLT, Ajax, Agile Methodology, Log4j, SVN, Eclipse.

Confidential, Reston, VA

Software Engineer
DI project deals with screening the newborn child’s hearing ability. Kids who do not pass the screening are recommended for follow-ups. Either if they don’t improve or if they have hearing loss they are referred for early intervention and for further treatment. They are given appropriate medicine or devices and all of this is recorded in this application. A qualified representative enters all relevant data into the system and the application reminds the future course of action (if any) that is to be done for each kid. At the end Diagnostic Evaluation and Amplification for each child are also recorded and this completes the whole process. Since the application is very dynamic, the column names and their contents are directly fed from the database.


  • Part of planning sessions with team members to analyze requirements. Outlined, proposed and coded the proposed solutions.
  • Development of Action Forms, ActionServlets, Action and Validating Action Forms in Struts framework.
  • Configuring Action Mappings in Struts-config.xml. Extensively involved in the development of Web Services interface to workflow system to facilitate setting up of customer’s modem.
  • Developed the bean, the business method interfaces and the DAO for the workflow Web Services framework.
  • Design and implementation of J2EE patterns E.g. MVC, Value Object, Data Access Object, Business Delegate, Service Locator, Session Facade.
  • Developed the web application using JSF framework with user interfaces using JSP, HTML, and CSS. Also used JSF validation framework for front-end validations.
  • Involved in coding ANT Scripts to build the application and deploying of the application into the BEA WebLogic Application Server.
  • Proactively worked on performance tuning of the application and did root because analysis of whole order fallout handling, to get the client requirements defined clearly and trained end-users how to use the application.


Java, JAX-Web Services, SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), JMS, Oracle WebLogic Server, Struts MVC, iBatis, JSPs, JSF, Dojo, JUnit, XML, PL/SQL, Linux and Oracle.

Confidential , Troy NC

HR Management

Java Programmer

A web enabled tool for managing Human Resources. It is a tool, which enables to utilize the Human Resources of an organization effectively to optimize their performance. It facilitates managing and tracking of the activities of recruitment, sales, timesheets, expenses, projects and schedules of employees. The tool can be used at different levels in the organization to manage the entire gamut of Human Resource Management. It aids the HR Managers as well as the employees of the organization in their functions.


  • Used Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Level 3 to establish and improve standard processes used by the organization
  • Displayed various charts with financial & other data using the front-end web presentation layer using HTML, JavaScript, JSPs, on spring and Hibernate frameworks using rules and mediation.
  • Responsible for generating build script using Ant which builds an EAR file and deploys the application on the application server.
  • Designed JSP pages with embedded custom tags that populated the http request object with java based value objects required for rendering the data on the user’s browser.
  • Used JDBC, Prepared, callable statement, Stored Procedures to connect, update and delete from database.
  • Designed and Developed Java Servlets to store details of requirements, resources and remarks to the database and retrieve data from the database


Java, JDBC, HTML, oracle, JavaScript, Servlets, JSP, spring, Hibernate, WebSphere, Ant, XML, and XSL.

Confidential, India



This application provides different services like Courses, Library, Bookmarks, Topic and Channels. Any Professor, Student and other Staff of the campus can register into it and select their preferable services with their preferable look and feel. In brief about services, Courses provides different courses available, Library maintains access to various books online, Bookmarks provides the facility to organize preferable readings, Topic provides interactive teachings and discussions and Channel provides the way to implement creative works.


  • Worked with the team in the development of Use-case diagrams and class diagrams for the business modules.
  • Developed Java Servlets at server side for handling requests and responses from the web page that were developed using JSP, HTML
  • Created various DHTML Pages to Validate and record the Order Processing Parameters and implemented Database access through JDBC at Server end with Oracle as backend.
  • Responsible for Database design and creating database tables.


Java, JavaScript, JSP, Servlets, Apache Tomcat, HTML, XML, Eclipse, CSS, JDBC, and Oracle

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