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Filenet And Java Consultant Resume


Professional Summary:

  • Over 7+ years experience in the IT industry with JAVA, J2EE, C++, C around 5+ years experience in using FileNET P8 Suite.
  • Hands on experience in using IBM FileNET P8 Architecture such as Content Engine, Process Engine, Application Engine, BPF, eForms, Filenet Capture, Records Manager, Email Manager FileNET Panagon Capture professional, Kofax Ascent Capture, Panagon Content Services, Image Services, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 etc.
  • Experience in using FileNET P8 (3.5 / 4.0 / 4.5.1/5.1 )Content Engine APIs, Process Engine APIs, Process Analyzer, Business Process Framework(BPF), Records Manager (RM), Image Manager, Content Manager, Captiva Products etc.
  • Strong J2EE, Design Patterns, Object Oriented Programming, JSP, Servlets, Struts , JDBC, JNDI, Spring ,Hibernate, Web Logic 6.x, Web Sphere 6.x/7.0, JMS, XML, XSL and Parsers, Oracle 8x/7x, SQL Server 6.x, Unix, Linux, JavaScript, UML(Rational Rose), VBScript, Internet Information Server 4.0/5.0 and Apache Web Server. Knowledge of Web Services SOAP, UDDI, WSDI.

Technical Skills:

FileNET Suite : P8 Architecture( 3.0/3.5/4.0/4.5/5.1 ), Content Engine(CE), Application engine (AE), Process Engine(PE), Image Manager, Business Process Manager(BPM), Business Process Framework (BPF), eForms, eForms Designer, Records Manager(RM), Email Manager, Panagon IDM Web Services 3.0, Panagon IDM Document Services, Report Manager, Forms Manager, Image Services 3.5 etc.

Application Servers: Websphere 4/6/7, Weblogic 9.2

Languages: Java, J2EE, Visual Basic, UML, SQL

Frameworks: Spring 2.x/3.0, Hibernate 4.x, EJB 3.0, Apache Maven 3.x, log4j

Other Tools: Dojo toolkit, ThunderHead,

DBMS : Oracle 9i/10g/11i, DB2, SQL Server 2000/2003.

IDE: Eclipse, NetBeans, IBM RSA, RAD.

Professional Experience:

Client: Confidential, Pennsylvania

Role: FileNet and Java Consultant

Environment: FileNET P8 5.1, Content Engine, Application Engine, Process Engine, Business Process Manager, Records Manager, Java 1.7, svn, RSA, eclipse kepler, DB2, Web Sphere, Log4J, Scrum, AIX, Soup UI, XML, web services, spring, hibernate, snowbound, thunderhead.


  • Developed workflows for the claims, teach grants and many other complex process which involves lot of approvals, queues, custom components (to interact with outside world), wait for condition and many others.
  • Created work, component queues and added In baskets and filters on the work queues.
  • Configured Application space with users and roles assigning to In baskets.
  • Developed custom components using java, CE, PE APIs.
  • Developed core functionality for Confidential s own document management system, which makes calls to FileNet using APIs. This interface is used by the Confidential s Imaging UI to perform CE operations like adding documents, viewing the content, searching, etc…
  • Developed system monitor web application which checks for health of the filenet systems and other parameters like queue depth, storage area capacity, etc…
  • Developed batches for unlocking work items, synchronization check between document and work items, sampler (which samples the work items in a queue).
  • Developed workflow management service which performs workflow related tasks like creating workflow with or without document, approvals etc… from the Confidential s Imaging UI.
  • Worked on creating repository objects like document class, property templates, custom objects etc…
  • Worked on assigning security on object store, doc class, etc…
  • Worked on deployments of FileNet objects to different environments (Export and Import of CE objects, PE Objects from development environment to other environments like QA, Stress).
  • Worked on Installations, Upgrades and applying Fix Packs to FileNet on development box (did installation for Filenet 4.5.1 and upgrades to Filenet 5.1 in development environment).
  • Involved in data migration from global 360 systems to IBM FileNet 4.5.1.
  • Worked with architect’s team for Confidential s business solution through FileNet.
  • Worked with business unit, analyst and QA testing team for requirements gathering and testing applications.
  • Did, FileNet production support (like responding to service desk tickets from the Confidential clients for deleting document, meta data changes or other technical issues).

Client: Confidential, Arizona

Role: FileNet and Java Consultant.

Environment: FileNET P8 4.0/4.5, Content Engine, BPF, Application Engine, Process Engine, Business Process Manager, Records Manager, FileNet Capture, Java 1.5, Clear Case, Clear Quest, RAD, Oracle, Web Sphere, Log4J, Scrum, Windows XP, Jailer, Soup UI, XML.


  • Developed workflows for the hearing process of the unemployment benefits claim, which involves lot of approvals and work queues.
  • Configuring In baskets, users, Roles, Application settings etc in the Business process Framework (BPF).
  • Worked on the developing component steps using java APIs, CE APIs.
  • Created custom Tabs and custom tools using Java, JSP, Java Script and CE APIs.
  • Worked on FileNet Capture to capture the information from the scanner. Captured required properties as the document properties during the scanning process of the mails in mail room.
  • Created subscriptions with the documents entered and launched the workflow based on the workflow subscriptions, which uses different document types.
  • Created document separator for the batch scanning process and indexing the documents.
  • Developed nightly reporting process which will fetch data from CE and puts into Oracle database for generating nightly report.
  • Writing technical design document for custom screens in the BPF, reporting process and Data migration.
  • Worked on creating and defining properties, choice lists and custom objects classes in the Content engine.
  • Worked on creating lookup JSP for getting reference data from the oracle database.
  • Worked on creating component step, which will be used in the workflow cycle for various purposes.
  • Handful expertise in writing up high level design documents, deployment documents and Application Information Document (AID).
  • Responsible for migrate the code to development server, testing server, UAT server and production server. Used websphere server to deploy the application.
  • Did field level security on the custom screens. And exposing the tabs to the appropriate Inbaskets using BPF explorer.
  • Created a process which will load the data into oracle database from the Content Engine every night for generating reports through crystal reports.
  • Developed a process to migrate the legacy system data into FileNet BPF cases and created a workflow for that. Mapped legacy system data fields with the newly design system fields and used that in mappings in the data migration code.
  • Migrated more than one million cases from the legacy system database to the FileNet using data migration code. Run the migration from 5 different machines to achieve the fastness and accuracy in the migration process.
  • Worked on clear case as the source control tool. Used to do daily label on the code and the release label on the code.
  • Worked with architect, Business Analysts to gather requirements to design the framework and improve database design.

Client: Confidential, NYC, NY

Role: Senior FileNet Consultant.

Environment: FileNET P8 4.0/4.5.1, Content Engine, EForms, BPF Application Engine, Process Engine, Business Process Manager, Records Manager, Java 1.5, spring, Hibernate, Clear Case, Clear Quest, RAD, DB2, Web Sphere, Scrum, Jailer, Soup UI, XML, JUnit, Adobe Flex.


  • Developed complex workflows for the approval process of the ratings system, which involves more than twenty approvals and about fifty work queues.
  • Worked intensely on Process Engine and Content Engine in P8 4.5.1.
  • Worked on CE 4.5.1 APIs for storing document into object store, retrieving documents, deleting documents, Creating Choice lists, Properties, Versioning.
  • Developed Component Integrator steps for workflow which queries CE, retrieves data object and updates with workflow data, Updates database using Java and FileNet CE-PE APIs.
  • Worked intensively on PE APIs such as defining filed values and assigning the participant, Queues, Dispatching, changing the attachment etc.
  • Developed Custom tools in BPF web application to make use of eForm with workflow policy as step processor, workplace integration servlet, Custom tabs, Event handlers, Lookup servlet, Custom actions and business objects.
  • Created BPF Inbaskets, Roles, User templates, Layouts and configured workflow filters, web application settings, attachment retrievals, Document SQL queries, Import/Export BPF Metastore.
  • Developed intelligent eForms using eForms Designer 5.0 which provides a comprehensive set of operators and functions like Auto increments using JDBC Connection, Tab data hide.
  • Developed web services, which retrieves data from the workflow to the database using spring frame work.
  • Using Business process workflow processed the queue object, tracked the particular queue and assigned the work item to the users. .
  • Worked on IBM Infosphere Enterprise Records 4.5.1 for declaring records, destroy records, Legal holds, Retentions, Record Categories, Dispositions, Cutoff , Disposition workflows and File Plan import export tool.
  • Worked on creating JUnit test cases for all database level method callings.
  • Helped in created Views from the PE and CE database for generating reports according to the requirements to the business.
  • Worked on XA data source, JMS.
  • Worked on Spring AOPs with advanced features like Custom annotations, Auto wiring, Used Criteria for all search related functionalities.

Management Responsibilities:

  • Responsible to report the defects status to the project manager on behalf on whole team. And setting deadlines to the defect by analyzing the risk factor of the defect in the development perspective.
  • Responsible to collect the code from whole team , label it and need to deploy it in all the environments (QA , UAT , BA, DR, Staging)
  • Responsible to analyze the defect and assign it to right person in the development team.
  • Worked as Scrum master for some period.

Client: Confidential, St. Louis, MO

Role: FileNET and Java Engineer


  • Designed and implemented custom interface which integrates UI which are built using java swings and FileNet using PE 4.0 APIs and CE 4.0 APIs.
  • Worked with FileNET P8 4.0 Content Engine APIs, Process engine APIs, workflow APIs
  • Developed Servlets that takes the request action from the applets and writes the respective action into the oracle database.
  • Worked on customization with step processors, work classes, distributor queue, work items etc.
  • Added content to the object store. Retrieved the content from the Image Services.
  • Created Search Templates for allowing the users to retrieve the documents from the Image services.
  • Developed controller servlets that takes the request action from the JSP and invokes the respective action controller Bean.
  • Content Engine API is used to interact from Application Engine to CE and access the data from CE. Worked heavily with P8 Content Engine API and Process Engine API - dealt with session objects, workflow objects, work queues and batched them.
  • Analyze the Business requirements from clients and interpret in technical terms
  • Worked with the architect to collect requirements to design the framework and improve the database design.
  • Defining the document classes and document properties for different kinds of documents, developed entry templates.
  • Created process capturing the documents from scanner to uploading to FileNet Repositories using FileNET Capture Professional Desktop.
  • Capturing the images by using FileNET Capture Professional. Created and integrated custom captures components in VB from Capture.
  • Worked on manual reassign of work objects between queues and inboxes.
  • Responsible to maintain release notes, Configuration changes for bi-weekly deliver to QA.

Client: Confidential, Nashville, TN

Role: FileNET and Java Developer


  • Worked with FileNET Content Engine 3.5 API, Process engine 3.5 API, workflow 3.5 API
  • Designed and developed the Session and Entity beans and deployment in the WSAD on creating EAR files.
  • Given the input from FileNet application and retrieved the data from People soft Server
  • User Security module development with LDAP. Worked with work objects, captured the documents.
  • Developed Java components for retrieving document GUID, version series ID etc from the work item attachment and integrated the same into Workflow to fulfill system level operations.
  • Developed Custom tools, Inbaskets, Inbasket Filters, Users & Roles, Queue filters, Custom tabs, Lookups, Custom actions and business objects.
  • Business logic components were written using EJB and involved in trouble shooting the server and client side technical issues.
  • Validated the client side and server side code using JavaScript. Created several security components using EJB technology used Bean Managed and Container Managed persistence schemas.
  • User Security module development with LDAP. Worked with work objects, captured the documents
  • Worked with XML Schema transformation with XSLT, handled multiple formats of data types and data patterns in reading different documents (MS-Word, Excel etc).
  • Worked with work classes, work queues, work objects and batched them in a queue using workflow API.
  • A hand on experience in deploying custom applications over Application Engine using WAS Admin Console, Troubleshooting FileNET Web services, Log retrieval from runtime messages of AE.

Client: Confidential

Role: Java System Developer


  • Developed java based application.
  • Involved in the development Business and Data Layer using JSP
  • Implemented Security for Authentication and Role Based Authorization. (Developed Custom Principal Classes)
  • Involved in System Analysis and Designing activities. Designed and developed Front-end GUI by using HTML, JavaScript. Designed and developed components for Risk Management & Back-office modules. Deployed both Session
  • Designed, developed and lead the development of Technical and Case Management Framework that can be reused for similar projects by minor customization
  • Specialized in the design and development using the Java Technologies.
  • Managed day to day activities which includes designing, coding, testing activities, debugging, writing the documentation

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