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Java/j2ee Developer Resume

Des Moines, IA


  • Around 7+ years of strong experience in software development using Java/J2EE technologies.
  • Experience in development and deployment of applications using BEA WebLogic Application Server 8.1/9.1/10.0 , IBM WebSphere Application Server5.x/6.x/8.5 and IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer (4.0/5.1.2/6.0 ), Rational Application Developer (RAD).
  • Involved in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) phases which include Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing and Maintenance.
  • Well versed in using Software development methodologies like Rational Unified Process (RUP), Rapid Application Development (RAD), Agile Methodology and Scrum software development processes.
  • Expertise in J2EE technologies like JSPs 1.x/2.0, Servlet 2.2/2.3/2.4/2.5 , EJBs 2.0, JDBC, JNDI and AJAX.
  • Experience with various J2EE design patterns like Singleton, Command, Factory, Observer, Front Controller, DTO, DAO, MVC, Session Facade, Business Delegate, Service Locator, Transfer Object, and View Object in the development of enterprise applications.
  • Worked on Spring & JSF framework for developing Multi-Tier distributed enterprise applications.
  • Experience in developing web applications with various open source frameworks: Java Server Faces (JSF) 1.2, Spring Framework 1.2/2.0,Spring (MVC), Spring (AOP), Hibernate 2.0/3.0 ORM, JPA, Jakarta Struts Framework 1.1/1.2, Struts Validation and Tiles Frameworks.
  • Used persistence frameworks Hibernate ORM, JPA, iBATIS to map POJOs to a relational database.
  • Extensively worked on implementing SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) using XML Web services (SOAP, WSDL, UDDI and XML Parsers)
  • Worked with XML parsers like JAXP (SAX and DOM) and JAXB.
  • Expertise in applying Java Messaging Service (JMS) for reliable information exchange across Java applications.
  • Experience with tools like WSDL2J and JAVA2WSDL for generating artifacts for webservice engines/runtimes like IBM WebSphere and Apache Axis.
  • Extensively implemented web services using RESTful technologies like JBossResteasy, Gson, and JSON.
  • Expertise in coding standalone batch jobs, and providing monitoring and application support using SpringBatches, JavaBatches, etc.
  • Experience with advanced front-end technologies like HTML5, XHTML, DHTML, JAVA SCRIPT JSON, jQuery, CSS3, XML 1.1, XSL, XSLT, XPath, XQuery.
  • Proficient in SQL, PL/SQL programming. RDBMS experience includes Oracle, IBM DB2, and Sybase.
  • Extensive experience with Java complaint IDE’s like Eclipse 1.0/2.0/3.0/3.1 ,WSAD/RAD 6.0/7.0/7.5, JBuilder.
  • Experienced in database design, data analysis and development in DB2, Oracle, and writing SQL queries, Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages and Triggers.
  • Experience in writing Ant build 1.5 and Maven scripts for project development and deployment.
  • Hands on experience with JUnit, Http Unit, JWeb Unit andLog4j in developing test cases and determining application functionality.


Programming Languages: Java(JDK 1.1, J2SE 1.3/1.4/5.0, Java SE 6), SQL, PL/SQL, C, C++

Design Pattern: Singleton, Front Controller, MVC, Observer, Adapter, DAO, DTO Decorator, Session Facade, Business Delegate, Service Locator, Transfer Object, Strategy.

Client Scripting: JavaScript, VBScript, Flex, Applets, Action Script

Server Scripting: JSP1.2/2.1, PHP, Servlet, JSTL

Version Control: IBM Rational Clear Case 7.0/7.1 , Tortoise SVN, CVS, PVCS, SCCS, VSS

UML Tools: Rational Rose, MS Visio

Web Technologies: Servlet 2.3/2.4/2.5, JSP, JDBC, Tag Libraries, JAXP, JSTL, Applets, DHTML and HTML, CSS

MVC Framework: Struts 1.1/1.2, Spring 2.0/2.5, JSF1.1/1.2

ORM Framework: Hibernate 3.0 , iBATIS 2.2, JPA

JavaScript Framework: jQuery

Ajax Framework: Dojo, ProtoType, EXT-JS, JSON, MooTools

IDE: Eclipse 3.4/3.5, NetBeans, WSAD/RAD6.0/7.0/7.5, JBuilder

Web service Specifications: JAX-RPC, JAX-WS, JAX-RS(Restful)

Web service Tools: TCPMon, SOAPUI, HttpMonitor

Web service Imp.: Axis 1.0/2.0, Jersey, Metro, CXF


Messaging Services: JMS, MDB

Middleware Technologies: CORBA, EJB 2.1/3.0

Build Tools: ANT 1.4/1.5/1.6, Maven 2.2.1

Black Box Testing: JWebUnit, HttpUnit, JMeter, Jprobe, QTP, Load Runner.

White Box Testing: JUnit 3.0/4.0/4.1, DB Unit, Load Test.

Methodologies: Agile, RUP, Scrum, RAD, Test Driven Development


Databases: Oracle 8i/9i/10g, Sybase 11.9/12.0/12.5/ , DB2, SQL Server 7.0/2000/2005 , MS Access, MySQL

Database Tools: Toad for (SQL Server/Oracle/MySQL), ERWin, Altova DB Spy.

Loggers: Log4J 1.2

Transaction Control: JTA, Hibernate Transactions.

Application Servers: Web Logic 6.1/7.0/8.1/9.0/10.1 , Web Sphere 5.0/6.0/7.0, JBoss 4.2.2/4.3, Apache Tomcat 5.5/6.0

Platforms: Red Hat Linux, Solaris, Unix/ Linux, Windows 2000/NT/XP/Vista/7.


Confidential, COLUMBUS, OH



  • Involved in the analysis, design, and development and testing phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Use Agile (SCRUM) methodologies for Software Development.
  • Implemented SOAP Clients using Apache Axis API.
  • Implemented persistence using Hibernate for Data projects, involved in writing POJOs, mapping to entities and writing HQLs.
  • Used Microsoft Visio for developing Use case diagrams, Activity flow diagrams, Class diagrams and Object diagrams in the design phase.
  • Developed the application using Spring MVC framework and implemented.
  • Used JQuery, JavaScript for client side validation.
  • Used Java Message Service for reliable and asynchronous exchange of important information such as pricing data for export.
  • Used Oracle 10g as the backend database. Involved in creating the PL/SQL scripts to package business requirements in DB.
  • Used JIRA for bug tracking, issue tracking and project management functions.
  • Involved in creating PDF for user invoices/Statements using iText API.
  • Used HP Service Manager for Defect reporting and Tracking.
  • JUnit framework for unit testing of application and ANT to build the application and deployed on Web Logic 10.3.
  • Used Sonar for continuous inspection of code quality.
  • Used Log4J for logging error messages and debug messages.
  • Used SVN for version control and Eclipse for development.

ENVIRONMENT: JDK 1.5, IBM Rational Rose, UML, JSP 2.0, CSS,AJAX, JSF 1.2, Spring 3.0, Hibernate 3.0, JPA (EJB3.0), XML, XML Schemas, XSLT, Altova Database spy, SOAP-UI, WSDL, JMS 1.1, Oracle 10g, Toad, JUnit 3.8,ANT 1.5, Log4j 1.2, Web Services(JAX-WS), JAXB, DOJO, WebSphere Application Server, IBM Rational ClearCase 7.1, IBM ClearQuest, Rational Application Developer(RAD)

Confidential, DES MOINES, IA



  • Created the Mock-ups using HTML and JavaScript to understand the flow of the web application and created class diagrams using MS Visio 2005.
  • Involved in the process of analysis, design, and development of the application.
  • Developed the user interfaces using HTML, JSP and Servlet for different User Interfaces using RAD tool.
  • The entire application was developed in J2EE using Spring (MVC).
  • Developed Spring Controller classes, Command classes and configured dispatcher-servlet.xml for Spring (MVC).
  • Created dynamic HTML pages, used JavaScript, JQuery, and AJAX to create interactive front-end GUI.
  • Used Spring IoC and inserted the Dependency Injection for the Action classes using ApplicationContext.xml.
  • Configured the deployment descriptors in Hibernate to achieve object relational mapping.
  • Developed Hibernate persistence layer modules using EJB Java Persistence API (JPA) annotations and Entity Manager.
  • Involved in writing procedures, queries using PL/SQL to process the data on MS SQL Server 2005 database.
  • Performed regression testing, unit testing using JUnit and performance testing using JProbe.
  • Used Web Services (JAX-WS) for exchange rate calculations and used WSDL and SOAP messages for getting credit card information from third party and used SAX and DOM XML parsers for data retrieval.
  • Used Apache Maven 2.2.1 as build tool.
  • Used IBM Rational ClearCase as version control tool for maintaining source code and project documents.
  • Implemented Log4J 1.2 for Logging Errors, debugging and tracking using loggers, appenders.
  • Performed deployment of Application on Websphere Application Server.

ENVIRONMENT:Java 1.5, HTML, JavaScript, JSP, Spring, AJAX, Spring 2.5, Hibernate 3.0, JPA, Web Services, XML, XSD, XQuery, SOAP-UI, DOM, SAX, JSTL, UML, Eclipse, MS Visio 2005, MS SQL Server 2005, Maven 2.2.1, JUnit, ANT 1.6, Rational Clear Case, Linux and Log4J 1.2, WebSphere Application Server, Rational Application Developer(RAD)

Confidential, BENSENVILLE, IL



  • Responsible for functional design documents and detailed design documents based on the requirement specifications SRS, assisting team members in understanding the Legacy AMDOCS API and legacy AIM application.
  • Implement SOA using Oracle Service Bus (ESB) to integrate all the Vendor and USCC services.Implementation of AIM web application security layer using Spring Security.
  • Developed ESB Service to insert the new XML message in to the JMS Queue in order to processed by OrchestrationMessage Driven Bean(MDB).
  • Implementation of Cache for loading the reference data like price plans and feature level information.

ENVIRONMENT:JAVA 1.5,Web logic Application Server 11, Oracle Service Bus 11g,Eclipse 3, JQuery, Spring MVC, JPA, EJB 3, Spring Security, Oracle 10g, Linux, JUnit , Log4J, Ant, Clear Case and Clear Quest




  • Responsible for changing the existing Grainger’s Authoring framework in order to reduce the duplicate code to upload or download the excel file..
  • Development of Error handling mechanism on the Flex side by catching the error code and message streamed from server and wrapping it in a custom ExceptionObject.
  • Creating user friendly screens using different types of Containers, Controls, Navigators, Writing Stored Procedures and Functions to perform operations on Oracle.
  • Implementation of the Email module, which included setting up JMS message queue, designing and developing email client which sent Java messages to the message queue.
  • Design and developing message driven beans that consumed the messages from the queue and sent emails using contents from the message.

ENVIRONMENT: J2EE 1.5, Web Logic Application Server 10, Eclipse 3.2, Oracle 10g, Linux, JSP 2.1, AJAX, HTML, DOJO, Struts 2.0, EJB3.0,JPA, JMS, JNDI, JAAS, JTA, XML, XSL, JAXB, SOAP, UDDI, WSDL, JUnit , Log4J, ANT, VSS




  • Implemented User Interface in Model-View-Controller Architecture, which accomplishes a tight and neat co-ordination of Struts MVC, JSP, Servlet and Custom Taglibs.
  • Developed User Interface POC based on MVC frameworks like JSF, Spring MVC, Struts.
  • Developed the User Interface validation framework in combination of custom validation built on top of Struts validation frame work from the form bean.
  • Implemented Dependency Injection (IoC) feature of spring framework to inject dependency into objects and AOP is used for Logging.
  • Developed Server side components with coordination of EJB, Hibernate and Spring using web established frame work designed under the guidelines of Business Delegate, session facade, Service locator.
  • Configured Hibernate to make use of second level EH caching to display the static lookup data from the database.
  • Developed Unit testing frame driven by Test First methodology (TDD), used mock objects, easy mock, Selenium to develop the test cases for server side as well as for user interface.
  • Developed and utilized J2EE Services and JMS components for messaging communication in WebSphere Application Server.
  • Developed Web service modules based on SOA architecture to consume services.
  • Developed services that are reusable and interoperable, based on Basic profile 1.0, SOAP, JAX-RPC Web services using AXIS.
  • Configured development environment using WebSphere application server for developers integration testing.
  • Optimizing the WebSphere Application server for maximum throughput. Involved tweaking configuration and settings.

ENVIRONMENT: JDK 1.5, JSP 2.0, CSS,AJAX, JSF 1.2, Spring 3.0, Hibernate 3.0, JPA (EJB3.0), XML, XML Schemas, XSLT, SOAP-UI, WSDL, JMS, IBM MQ Series, DB2, Oracle 10g, Toad, JUnit 3.8,ANT 1.5, Log4j 1.2, Web Services(JAX-WS), JAXB, WebSphere Application Server, IBM Rational ClearCase, Rational Application Developer(RAD).

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