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Architect And Senior Software Developer Resume



  • Architect and Senior Software Developer with experience of 20 years of C++ and 15 years of Java in J2EE environment.
  • Used UML, Rumbaugh & Booch Methodology and Design Patterns in projects for the last 16 years.
  • Designed and implemented multithreaded large-scale application by fulfilling the constraints of scalability, performance and reliability in real time and clustered distributed environment.
  • Designed and implemented distributed, real-time software using TCP/IP, RMI, CORBA, JMS etc.
  • Designed and developed Oracle database schema for over six years.
  • Researched and estimated the projects, and advised about software architectures and feasibility to the executive management for the last 12 years.
  • Lead, researched and advised software engineers in developing customized algorithms, explaining design options for scalability and performance bottleneck, and debugging problems for them to make successful projects.
  • Masters Degree in Computer and Information Sciences from University of Pennsylvania.


Software/Languages/ Class Libraries:

  • Sun Sparc C++, HP C++, Gnu C++
  • Visual C++ .Net/ Visual C# / MFC/ ATL/ OLE/ COM/ ActiveX/ ODBC /ISAPI
  • Java/ Servlet/ Applet/ Swing/ AWT/ JDBC
  • Microsoft C, Vax C, STL, boosts, Rogue Wave Tools.h++
  • XML, HTML, Java Script

Operating System:

  • Linux, HP-UX, Solaris , Sun-OS,SCO Unix, SCO Xenix, Ultrix
  • Windows 7 ,VMS

Distributed Systems:

  • Socket (TCP/UDP) using C, C++,C# and Java
  • Sun RPC using C++
  • Visigenic Corba for C++ and Java
  • Tibco rv and Hawk, JMS


  • Versant, Oracle, Informix, Sybase, Rational Rose ,Enterprise Architect, MKS Lex and Yacc, antlr, Clear case, Visual Source Safe, Subversion, IIS, JWS
  • WebSphere, Tomcat, Jboss, Weblogic, XML Spy


  • Pentium, HP-9000/900,SPARCstation-10, SPARC-3000
  • Micro Vax, Vax 8600, sparc SUNW,Ultra-80



Architect and Senior Software Developer

Project: Confidential and ePRO

Project Description:

The Confidential system determines the cardiac safety of drugs in centralized patented ECG evaluation software. eRT cardiologists evaluate ECGs from clinical trials on behalf of the organizations that are trying to obtain product approval from the appropriate regulatory bodies such as the FDA in the US. The ePRO system is a patented multimodality application. ePRO captures patient reported outcomes from clinical trials and evaluates psychiatric condition of a patient for depression or suicidality.


  • Architected and Developed ePRO solutions product line. Presented the new idea of multimodal ePRO to the Team. Developed the prototype as a proof of concept. Lead and guided the team in developing multimodal ePRO.
  • Lead the development efforts in rewriting of ePRO in EJB-3 and JBOSS clustered environment using message driven infrastructure. Researched and lead development and IT team members to make the infrastructure fail-safe and fault tolerant.
  • Designed and developed Job scheduling application framework over TCP/IP for suicide alerts and report delivery in Visual C #.Net. Implemented scoring algorithms for psychiatric evaluation in Java. Enhanced the software for reliability and performance for a real time environment. Presented the new idea of VoiceXML to HTML translator. Developed the system using antlr and Java.
  • Designed and developed expert2 report delivery gateway by Email and Fax, barcode generation for ECG in Java. Designed & developed ECG scanning and an image processing system in Visual C++ .Net. Designed & developed Pdf generation tool using images from the expert2 database in Visual C++ .Net

Environment: Java 1.7, Visual C++ 2010, Visual C# 2010, Enterprise Architect 6.5, Websphere Application Developer 5.1.1, MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 8.x , Oracle-11g, antlr-3.1.1,Javacc-5.0, Ext JS 4.2, mxGraph, EJB-3, JMS,JPA,Hibernate, JBOSS-7.2.0, Voice Object-9.1,Linux 2.6.18, Windows 7


Architect and Senior Software Developer

Leading Other developer, troubleshooting, and design and development of enterprise software in Java, JMS.

Environment: Java 1.4.2, WebLogic 8.1, IntelliJ IDEA 5.0, Rational Rose Liberty Mutual, NH Java 1.5, XML, Soap, Websphere SAD 5.1.0, Windows XP, JMS Verizon Wireless, NJ Java 1.4.2, JSP, Sun OS 5.8, XML Spy, Oracle Jdeveloper 10g, Oracle AS 10g


Architect and Senior Software Developer

Client: Confidential, NJ

Estimation, Design and development of real time and distributed systems infrastructure in Java, Tibco for performance enhancement and up gradation.

Environment: Java 1.4.2, Tibco RV 7.2, Tibco Hawk 4.2.0, Sun OS 5.8, linux

Confidential, NJ

Senior Software Developer

Design and development of real time and distributed system infrastructure, Algorithm and Telephony Software for a speech recognition application in Java and Visual C++.

Environment: Java 1.4.1, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, XML, Nuance 8.0, Visual C++ .Net, STL, ATL, Windows 2000, SQL server, Oracle8, XML, SNMP, MySql, Tomcat, JBoss, UML/Visual Modeler

Fourth Technologies Mar 1996 – Aug 2001

Senior Software Developer

Design and development of enterprise wide real time and distributed systems infrastructure in Java and C++.


Environment: HP-UX 11.0, HP ANSI C++ 12.10 (64 bit compiler), Visual C++ 6.0, ATL3.0, Versant 5.0, UML/Rational Rose 4.0, Rogue-wave tool.h++ and Professional, STL, Visigenic Corba for C++ 3.2 , Java 1.2.2 & Swing/AW Win’95/Win NT4.0, Visual C++ 5.0, MFC 4.21, Visigenic Corba for C++ 3.2/Java 3.2, Java 1.1.6, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, Swing 1.0.2, ODBC, Sybase 11,Sun Sparc 3000, Solaris 5.5.1,Sun Sparc C++ 4.2, STL, Rogue Wave Tool.h++ 7.0,Noble Net EZ-RPC, Web Sphere, Netscape Web Server HP 9000, HP-UX 10.0, HP-UX C++ A.10.11, Rational Rose 3.0, Informix 7.2, Rogue Wave Tool.h++ 7.0, Booch Component 2.3

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