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Solution Architect Resume

Professional Profile

Confidential has more than 13 year experience with Confidential Websphere Commerce Suites. Confidential roles is ranging from being a project lead, an architect, and a senior developer . Confidential has been workng with Websphere Commere Suites (WCS) since 1999. Prior to being an independent consultant, Confidential was a Senior IT Specialist in e-Commerce Solutions Practice at Confidential Global Services. The practice is responsible for defining, architecting, developing and implementing Enterprise B2C and B2B e-Commerce solutions.

Confidential has proven experience in defining, architecting, developing, and implementing enterprise B2C and B2B e-commerce solutions through the full software lifecycle. Extensive hands-on experience using Websphere (WAS), Websphere Commerce Suite (WCS), Websphere Application Developer (WSAD), J2EE, EJBs, Servlets, JSPs, SQL, XML, XSL, HTML.

Experience and Accomplishments

Company: Confidential

Architect/WCS SME (WCS 7 with Oracle Database)

  • Participate as part of the A-Team to provide SME on WCS
  • Performing requirement gaps analysis for American Girl Customer Programs resulted in a new approved Change Request of an extra 900 hours added to the project.
  • Leading the Technical High Level design for American Girl Customer Programs utilizing store related model in WCS and integrating the store with Endeca Search Engine.
  • Facilitating Technical workshop with the client.
  • Documenting the High Level Design document for American Girl Customer Program.
  • Working with client and the functional team to identify missing requirements for Mattel’s complex shipping rules. Identify which rules can be done by OOB Shipping framework and which rules need customization.
  • Configuring shipping rules as a Proof of Concept using the Shipping Calculation framework thru the use of XML and massload to identify the behavior of the OOB Shipping Calculation Framework.
  • Investigate on how to decouple Solr, an OOB WCS Search Engines, in order to integrate with Endeca.Search Engine.
Confidential, Solution Architect
  • Work with the I BM Sale team and the Confidential Business Project owner to define ecommerce solution for Customer as a presale project.


Lead WCS Developer

  • Provided W ebSphere v7 development.
  • Provi ded Commerce expertise, assis ted with implement ation and mentored client team on Custom C ommand Beans and codes .
  • Configured dynamic cache for web pages to improve performance.
  • Wrote hands on development; writing custom commands, java beans and JSP Pages to support the new functionalit y.

Company: Confidential

Team Lead/Senior Developer

Auto Catalog Project: Implementing a complex automatic system that integrate the product catalog information and customer pricing update from the backend SAP system to our frontend WCS system (Oracle) and also to our alliances. Confidential role on this project is the project lead responsible for project planning, labor estimation, requirement gathering, design, WCS development, and the point person between 3 teams (WCS, SAP, and Alliance team).

Migration from WCS 6.x/DB2 to WCS 7/Oracle - in this project, Confidential responsible for updating the custom code to work with the new WCS 7 software.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Confidential was the project Lead in this project leading a team of 6 people. Her responsibility entails being the project lead, design, providing level of effort, and also developing some of the code. The project is to convert our ecommerce B2B/B2C site to be SEO friendly using the WCS Commerce SEO framework.

Company: Confidential


Confidential was Java Developer for Disney Consumer Product Online store. Confidential responsibility is to design, implement, testing the Order Transfer Interface Application. This application is design to run as a scheduling job (is configured as part of Websphere Commerce Suite Package framework). It pulls out all the orders that places online from the Oracle database and constructs xml order messages to send to the backend system ( Commercial Ware) for Order Processing and fulfillment. The XML messages are sent to backend using Websphere MQ Adapter. The overall system architecture was based on Websphere Commerce Suite 5.6.1 (WCS 5.6) and employed a variety of technologies, including: Java, Servlets, JSTL, JavaScript, DHTML, XML, and Oracle Database. The front end Order Subsystem is designed to integrate with Commercial Ware order system in the backend which is run on an AS400.


Client: Confidential

Confidential was a Lead developer for Confidential ’ B2B eCommerce Site. Confidential is responsible for leading the design and development of the Order Subsystem. Confidential responsibilities entail gathering the requirements, designing the HTML mock ups to meet the business requirements for Order related pages, designing and architecting the functional requirements of the order sub system. Define and assigning tasks to each developer and managing their process. The overall system architecture was based on Websphere Commerce Suite 5.6 (WCS 5.6) and employed a variety of technologies, including: Java, Servlets, JSTL, JavaScript, DHTML, XML, and Oracle Database. The front end Order Subsystem is designed to integrate with SAP order system in the backend.

Company: Confidential

Java Application Architect/Developer

Confidential is an IT Architect/Developer for a major retailer company. Confidential was responsible for the designing of a customized java application which is used to feed Product Data from the client site, building using WCS 5.6, to all Partners such as Yahoo, BizRate, AOL, Froogle, MSN… so that these partners can display the client’s products on their stores. Whenever a shopper clicks on the link of one of the client’s products on the partner site, it will redirect the shopper to our client website. This application is design to run automatically or manually by business user to extract a subset of Catalog data from DB2 WCS Database and created a zip file in commas delimited format and send to the specified partner. Hibernate, JAVA, XML was used to implement this design.

WCS 5.6 Lead Developer

Confidential is Lead Developer on a $5 million B2C e-Commerce initiative at a multi-billion dollar office supply retailer. The goal of the initiative was to streamline the retailer’s I/T operations across sales channels and to expand its international presence. The overall system architecture was based on Websphere Commerce Suite 5.6 (WCS 5.6) and employed a variety of technologies, including: Java, Servlets, JSPs, and DB2. Confidential led the efforts of 6 Java developers. Development was performed using Websphere Application Developer 5.1.1 (WSAD 5.1.1) and Websphere Commerce Suite 5.6 (WCS 5.6).

Confidential is responsible for leading the completion of the architecture, design, coding, unit testing, and integration of coupon functionality. Coupon functionality for this client’s site has been designed to utilize the WCS Promotion Engine. The WCS Promotion Engine is a new feature in WCS 5.6. This client’s website must provide the capability to support up to 10,000 different coupons. Confidential assisted the client in ensuring that their requirements were properly documented and implemented, while at the same time collaborating with Confidential 's researchers in Toronto to ensure the design of the WCS Promotion Engine could support the client’s functional and performance requirements, along with ensuring the Promotion Engine was extensible and scalable.

WCS 5.4 Developer

Confidential worked as a WCS Developer on an e-commerce Website for a large religious institution based in Salt Lake City. She was responsible for requirements gathering, design, and custom development for the magazine subscription portal of the e-commerce site. She also designed the mass loader process to load new products and SKUs into the existing catalog and was responsible for the custom configuration of WCS to handle the complex sales tax requirements required because certain magazines were only taxed in certain states and the tax rates varied by state.

Java Lead Developer/Architect Assistant

Confidential worked as a Java lead developer on an e-Commerce B2B website for a multi-billion dollar healthcare equipment provider. The website integrated the 13 different business units of the company, representing 10 different countries and multiple languages. Ms. Tran' responsibilities on this project included assisting in the coding of the java classes and EJBs required for integrating Websphere Commerce Suite (WCS 5.1) with Interwoven's Teamsite content management product. The design allowed each of the 13 business units to customize their own content for the site while maintaining a common look-and-feel. Oracle, Sun, and Window 2000 are used as platform for the development of the application.

Confidential also assisted in the design and coding of the company's User Community portal. Confidential helped lead every phase of the Community portal – from requirements gathering to object design, EJB design, database table design, catalog structure, and coding.

Confidential was also responsible for assisting the client to use Websphere Catalog Manager (WCM) to generate and load the data for their User Community portal.

WebSphere Catalog Manager Version 1.2 Lead on Win NT/AIX platform

Confidential was involved in an E-Commerce B2C project for a major Retail Company using WebSphere Commerce Suite 5.1, WebSphere Catalog Manager 1.2 and Commercial Ware on a Window NT test environment and an AIX production environment. Confidential was responsible for gathering functional requirements, designing and implementing the catalog sub system using Websphere Catalog Manager 1.2 (WCM) and M.U.S.I.C, a Commercial Ware application for data loading from the Backend AS400 Database system to WCS Database System. WCM is used to create catalogs, categories, and products relationship. These relationships are specified in spreadsheets. Also, WCM was used to load Cross-sell products and bundle products such as outfits.

WCS 5.1 Lead Developer/Build Manager on Win 2000/AIX platform

Confidential engaged in an e-commerce B2B project for a major chemical company using WebSphere Commerce Suite 5.1 and WebSphere Catalog Manager 1.2 on a Windows 2000 platform, which will then be migrated to AIX platform for staging and production support.

Confidential worked as a lead developer/Build Manager/Post Production Support Manager on this project. Her responsibilities included:

Understanding customer catalog requirements, installing WCM1.2 Server and Client, implementing and testing the procedure for loading the customer data into the WCS 5.1 database using WebSphere Catalog Manager version 1.2. This data loading process requires an understanding of XML and XSL programming with a deep knowledge of the WCS 5.1 application database schema in order to customize the process of mapping the database schema from the backend database to WCS 5.1 database, and also to customize the WCM Web Editor; another interface allowing business users to modify data directly from the WCS 5.1 database

Industries: Retail and Distribution, Telecom, Manufacturing, Insurance, Restaurant Chain, Chemical.

Project Domain: Java developer, Web Application Development, Application Analyst, Package Integration and Customization, Lead Developer, and Project Management.

Hardware: SUN, Confidential, RS/6000, AS400, OS/390, Confidential Mainframes, PCs and Compatibles

Operating Systems: UNIX, AIX, Linux, SUN Solaris, Windows 2000,Windows NT, Windows 9x, and MS-DOS

Computer Languages : Hibernate, EJB,Java, JSPs, Servlets, Net. Data, SQL, C/C++, HTML, CGI, JavaScript, CSS, JDBC, UML, XML, XSL,, Teamsite Interwoven Template Generation,

Database: DB2, Oracle

Development Tools: Visual Age For Java, WebSphere Studio, DB2 Control/Command Center, Toast for Oracle, SQL Plus, WSAD, eclipse

Applications: Microsoft Office 97 and Microsoft Office 2000, Rational Rose, Visio, Teamsite

Protocols: TCP/IP, Confidential HTTP Server, Web Application Server, Apache, Web Domino Go Server.

E-business Packages: Net.Comerce 3.xx, WebSphere Application Server 2.xx/3.xx, WebSphere Commerce Suites 4.1/5.1/5.4/5.5/5.6/6 x/7.0, WebSphere Catalog Manager 1.2, Websphere MQ Serries

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