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Software Consultant Resume

Sacramento, CaliforniA


Programming Languages: Java, C/C++, x86 Assembler
Scripting Languages: Unix sh/ksh, JavaScript/AJAX/JSON/JQuery
Development Tools: CVS, make, ANT, Log4j, Eclipse, JDeveloper, PL/SQL Developer
Web Technologies: XHTML/CSS, XML/XSL/XSD, JDOM, Servlet, JSP, JSTL
Databases: Oracle, MySQL, PL/SQL, JDBC, Hibernate

Application Servers: Glassfish J2EE Application Server, Apache Tomcat
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris, Ubuntu Linux, IBM AIX

Frameworks: Struts 2, Java Server Faces 2


Software Consultant, Confidential, Sacramento, California

California Department of Justice, Law Enforcement Division

  • Develop and maintain multi-tier Java applications to receive and process biometric data from law enforcement agencies for archiving at the DOJ databases
  • Provide Java Swing and web GUI clients for agencies and DOJ to search for and access to archived records, and to correct the processing errors
  • Produce JAX-WS webservices for the California court systems to submit case management and disposition records to the DOJ databases

Software Technical Staff Confidential, Santa Clara, California

J2EE Application Server, Solaris Network Technology,

  • Lead the software quality engineering tasks for the web tier component in Glassfish J2EE Application Server products (1/2003 - 11/2007 )
  • Developed functional test applications to verify the compliance of Glasssfish J2EE web container to the Servlet, JSP, and JSTL specifications
  • Developed Java applications to stress test the http/https connections, sessions, caches of the web container
  • Automated the execution of the functional test applications on multiple operating systems using the ANT build script
  • Lead the software quality engineering tasks for the CORBA component in Glassfish J2EE Application Server products (5/2000 - 12/2002)
  • Developed distributed Java applications to verify the RMI-IIOP and Java IDL specifications
  • Automated and synchronized the execution of distributed Java applications on multiple Solaris/Unix machines using “make” and rsh/sh/ksh scripting
  • Verified the RMI-IIOP and Java IDL interoperability between Sun's ORB with other vendors' ORB (Borland Visibroker, IONA Orbix) on multiple operating systems
  • Lead the software quality engineering tasks for the Solaris Enterprise Authentication Mechanism (SEAM 1.0) and its interoperability with Microsoft Windows 2000 Kerberos v5 services
  • Created sh, ksh, Expect/Tcl scripts to verify the kerberized network services, remote Kerberos administration with Command Line Interface, and Kerberos utilities
  • Developed test applications in C to verify the interoperability between GSSAPI on Solaris and with SSPI on Windows 2000
  • Automated test execution on the Windows 2000 domains and SEAM 1.0 realms environment

Software Engineer Confidential, Austin, Texas
LAN/Distributed System Division

  • Created multi-thread, multi-tier client and server applications in C++, REXX, sh/ksh to test the OSF Distribute Computing Environment on IBM AIX, OS/2, and on Microsoft Windows NT 4, Windows 95 operating systems
  • Designed and implemented the Command Line Interface, Network APIs, and network printing components in IBM OS/2 LAN Server products
  • Developed tests in C, DOS batch files, and OS/2 command files to verify the PC to host communication APIs, display and keyboard emulator APIs, and print and file transfer utilities of the IBM 3270 Host Terminal Emulator products

Research Engineer Confidential, Gaithersburg, Maryland
Institute for Computer Science and Technology

  • Maintained the simulator applications in C to generate the experimental network activities and traffics in the network layer of the OSI data communication model on Unix systems

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