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Senior Software Developer Resume

Miami, FL


Director of software development and marketing with over fifteen years of progressive experience in Newspapers, Magazines, Television, and Digital Marketing, Interactive Strategy and eCommerce.I helped launch well-known companies

Java, C#, .NET, PhoneGap & Cordova, Silverlight, C++, Object C, AngularJS, MVC, HTML5

SOFTWARE-Java (all versions), Swing, Applet, JMX, JDBC, and RMI. Built multi-threaded and TCP/IP socket Java apps.

Expert in: Winsock, C/C++, Object C, Java, C#, Silverlight, .ASP .NET, Silverlight, MVC, HTML5, etc.

WebSockets & COMET AJAX Servers, WebRTC, MVC (Model View Controller), MVVM,


Confidential, Director of Software Development,USA

  • Designed and built responsive HTML5 SVG Home Design Website with AngularJS & Bootstrap, JQuery, Fabric.js, and Zepto.js & MongoDB. Created Virtual jqGrid.
  • Wrote iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry apps using PhoneGap, Object C, Java, and Eclipse.
  • Did SEO for website and developed the entire marketing and media plan.
  • Built a custom HTML5 Bootstrap Fabric Editor for creating animations:

Confidential, Project Lead, Senior Software Developer,USA
  • Wrote Silverlight website for Battered Women websites to deal with their special needs.
  • Wrote ASP.NET MVC 3 Website with AJAX and Telerik Controls. Setup public server.
  • Wrote HTML5 Mobile App with JQuery for Mobile with Web Socket Server.
  • Installed SharePoint 2010, InfoPath, and Power Pivot.
  • Extracted, transformed, cleansed (ETL) Crimes Data from legacy to SQL Server & Oracle.
  • Wrote WPF Officer Desktop App & Databases. Used Telerik, Prism, MVVM, JSON.
  • Relational database analysis, design, performance tuning, SQL Server Integration Services, Reporting Services. PowerShell, MS Team Foundation Server, Exchange 2010, SharePoint 2011. Local Storage, Microsoft’s Sync Framework & Visio. Used Agile on several projects.
  • Wrote Silverlight WCF RIA Domestic Crimes App: MVVM, Entity Framework, CSLA, and Telerik. Used ArcGIS Server to display Battered Women Data geographically. Wrote T-SQL procedures for Graphical data displays of crime stats & Drill-Down Reports of crime data display on geo maps. Created ArcGIS for Android Mobile App.
  • Wrote App using Asterisk .NET library to interact with Asterisk PBX Servers that included both FastAGI and Manager API compatible with Mono.
  • Wrote C# Asterisk IAXClient library for the Inter-Asterisk eXchange (IAX) protocol that enables VoIP connections between Asterisk servers and clients.
Confidential,Project Lead, Senior Software Developer,USA
  • WPF Windows 7 Touch Screen CRM Kiosk. Wrote slick WPF Kiosk using MEF, MVVM.
  • Wrote WCF web service to synchronize data using Microsoft Sync Framework.
  • BlueZone C# Wrapper for Vista & Windows 7. Used: C#, NSIS. Scripted & automated Excel reports with Microsoft Reports (SQL 2008 R2 Server Reports). USED: Power Pivot and wrote and designed.

Confidential, Project Lead, Senior Software Developer (full-time employee),USA

Wrote several HTML5 Mobile Apps Compiled in Eclipse & XCODE. Wrote ArcGIS viewer in Flex. Also designed & built a Large Scale, Multi-Tiered Silverlight Web Site with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to integrate financial apps. Designed Business Intelligence (BI) Model all SQL, T-SQL, Triggers, Procedures, Cubes, OLTP, OLAP, etc.

Data Modeling. Used Bayesian regularization with a Dirichlet over model parameters to determine learned model structures for Black Boxes I wrote and mapped NODE TRAFFIC for N.Y. Stock Exchange to allow earlier bids..

  • Wrote PowerPivot for Excel Wrapper for the Web so clients could easily integrate data from multiple sources, and interactively model and analyze large amounts of info from within Excel by using PowerPivot for Excel
  • Wrote extended Stored Procedures in C++ for Bollinger Bands & 60 financial indicators.
  • Wrote custom scripting language using R-Language for users to create their own indicators.
  • Wrote Silverlight WCF & RIA & MEF, Prism that is Stock Market Data Server with Subscribe.
  • Wrote WebSocket Server that defaults to COMET AJAX if browser is not web socket enabled. Pushes stock alerts data to 100,000 browsers using a Memory Efficient Thread-Safe Pipe Stream and wrote a virtual JQuery Grid to display 100,000 rows of stock data in a web page.
Confidential, Project Lead, Senior Software Developer (full-time employee),USA

Company was a military contractor developing video surveillance systems for robotic drones.

  • ccessed WCF services using raw HTTP GET and HTTP POST requests as opposed to constructing elaborate messages.. Used WCF Syndication API for construction and parsing of ATOM and RSS
  • Developed Custom BizTalk FAX Adapter to fax data from different databases.
  • Customized IVR (Interactive Voice Response- Asterisk® & VoiceXML), Edge, and Focus.
  • Display of geo-spatial data, location-based indicators, metrics and KPIs on graphs and gauges
  • Set up and managed cloud-based services using SQL Azure & Incorporate data mining and forecasting using PowerPoint for Excel & Derive matrix, table, and chart data from OLAP cubes.
  • Wrote Mobile App using new ASP.NET Mobile Framework (AMF) and JQuery Mobile.
  • with ESRI products such as ArcSDE, ArcIMS, ArcGIS Server.
  • Reason for Leaving: Company failed to get military contract so programmers were laid off.
Confidential, Director,USA
  • Wrote Microsoft’s C++ Live Search Club Toolbar. Built both the Front End and Back End of Microsoft’s Live Search Club Website. Did Digital Marketing for Microsoft’s Live Search Club Website. Setup their SEO, Web Analytics. Extensive Hardware Integration across web farm and Microsoft’s Azure Cloud.
  • Worked with the founders , to develop a specialized, Behavioral Targeting System for Omniture & Microsoft using my background in Cognitive Psychology from Medical School and my work at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in Statistical Models, Analysis, Applied Math, and Statistical Hypothesis Testing for Human Factors and Cognitive Psychology.
  • Worked directly with Microsoft Teams for MVC, Windows Workflow Foundation, Silverlight, Entity Framework and Silverlight Team, MVVM, WWF, WCF, & LINQ,
  • Project Lead for from my home in Miami, FL for $200 MILLION Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains accounting project.
Confidential, Director of Software Development,Miami
  • Worked with Tom Anderson & Aber Whitcomb to plan strategic operations aligned to corporate initiatives using my knowledge of viral marketing & Cognitive Psychology.
  • Designed dozens of web based applications on their Cold Fusion website.
  • Website encompassing many disconnected enterprise apps through a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Architecture I implemented. Extensive Hardware Integration across web farm. Designed all Business Intelligence (BI) using SQL, T-SQL, Triggers, Procedures, Cubes, OLTP, OLAP, etc.

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