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Program Manager Resume


  • Effective leadership with proven success record
  • Strong experiences with iterative development methods including Spiral and Agile/Scrum
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of Service - Oriented Architecture (SOA) including the use of XML, XSD, UML, J2EE and SOA Design Patterns
  • Experienced in formal architecture development methodologies including RUP and DoDAF
  • Solid verbal and written communication skills with polished client presentation abilities
  • Cyber Security - Cloud Shield Technologies
  • Use of UI interfaces for Mission Planning to include: Google Earth, Falcon View
  • Managed Teams from the East Asia
  • Lived in Philippines two years
  • GPS technologies with NGA in St. Louis

Top Secret Security Clearance


  • Windows J2EE Android
  • Linux UNIX Embedded

Database Technologies

  • SQL Server Confidential Mongo DB
  • DB2 MYSQL Virtual Databases

Programming Languages

  • JavaScript Java C#
  • C/C++ Objective C Ada

Tools & Processes

  • Confidential Fusion JBoss Tomcat
  • Web Services Apache WCF WPF
  • Eclipse Virtual Box SOA
  • DoDAF Agile BIRT
  • Deep Packet Inspection VMware MVC
  • WebLogic Enterprise Architect (EA) SDLC
  • Confidential Fusion Hibernate LINQ
  • UML 1.5-2.0 Cloud Shield LINPAD
  • Net Beans Google Earth VS2013
  • Xamarin


Confidential, Solutions Architect

Contracted by the Air Force via a SIBRS contract to move systems from physical to virtual. The NGA system is composed of a large Confidential RAID Cluster with Confidential Geospatial and over a thousand servers with multiple databases. Terry’s job was to first perform analysis on moving to virtualization. The subsequent analysis led to a prototype effort, which involved focus use of virtual appliances and minimization, NGA’s current web architecture. The system is now moving forward into production; with potential future use of the government’s secure Cloud. Confidential also recommended the use of thin and zero clients for end users (depending on need). This created for a simplified and centralized help desk.

Confidential, Solutions Architect

Confidential developed two different multi-threaded applications revolving around support for Mission Planning for the Air Force. The first application, translates mission-planning routes to differing formats used by both manned and unmanned operations. The second application performs the role of a proxy client to a secure File repository. The repository is similar to Drop Box, and the proxy downloads information automatically from the repository for all workstation users. The effort involved the use of VS 2013, TFS 2013, UML diagrams, and Agile. Used C#, .Net 4.5, Unit Test, and Re-shaper, as well as WPF and WCF web services to accomplish goal. Confidential also developed Software as a Service (SAAS) Interface for Mission Planning translation.

Confidential, Solutions Architect

As part of the Digital Transformation Program (DTP), Terry’s job is to recommend future state business requirements, processes, technologies, applications, and information systems to create future target. This entails performing and evaluating business requirements, processes, technologies, applications, and information systems to create an As-Is baseline. Confidential created several models, which will be implemented in a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). Confidential architected and implemented a SOA-based solution by means the Agile, an OGC-Compliant Geo-Server connected to an Confidential 11g back-end Geospatial data tier. For software development, the use of Java, Hibernate and virtual machines.

Confidential /Program Manager,

  • Worked with 3 million dollar budget on the Next Generation Remote Piloted Vehicle Operations Center provided through IR&D funding. The project entailed a detailed capabilities-based DoDAF Architecture, requirements creation, a CONOPS, and a Touch screen-based demonstration. The IR&D has had influence on current Air Force and Army RPA doctrine
  • System is designed to handle 15+ simultaneous video streams via satellite link to drones
  • Built on previous IR&D's work by creating a Cloud-based Health and Status network monitoring tool. The tool will provide network status via SNMP traps/polling, provide dynamic configuration, and provide analytic prognostication
  • Updated a Flex/Flash Demo to C# Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) with Virtual Earth and the incorporation of Network Monitoring Software as well as iPad connectivity.
  • Continued to work on a Mobile Network App for IOS/IPad platform
  • Promoted solid engineering design focused the DoDAF architecture products: OV-1, SV-6, SV-8, and Trade Studies. These products will directly funnel into the creation of both a Logical and Physical design specification.
  • To story board the architecture, created a Flex/Flash Touch screen Rich Internet Applications (RIA) demonstration which featured, Adobe LiveCycle Collaboration Service (LCCS) and walked through key aspect of the architecture. The demo highlighted the use of advance also used a concept dubbed Vision-Think (incorporating Imagery merged with Meta data) to create enhanced Command and Control Work flow
  • Incorporated the use of Virtual Machines in the project to include creation of Network appliances for export.
  • Created a SOA-based infrastructure to integrate VMs with Legacy systems
  • Implemented SAAS model to support Unmanned Operations for Air Force Special Forces

Confidential , Systems Engineer/Architect - Contract

  • Used Rhapsody/Systems Architect created System Engineering DoDAF artifacts (OVs, SV's) in support of a Health and Status monitoring tool (GOHST) for the BMDS shield
  • Gained knowledge of interfaces systems to include GMD Radar, Missile, and Satellite Assets. Architecture was created through the use of Use Cases, Sequence diagrams, state diagrams, system flows, and trade studies to assist Confidential in a multi-year project
  • Participated in four (4) Technical Exchange meetings (TIMs) and helped author Interface Control Documents (ICDs)

Confidential, Business Architect

  • Worked on a system, which entailed processing of USMTF message traffic, converting them XML, then displaying coordinate information to an ESRI, client via Geospatial coordinate look up. Cross-Domain security (High-level to low) was obtained via Confidential 's OAS, OID, and LDAP protocols through roles and label security. For the Java/J2EE environment used WebLogic and Java Servlets
  • Created business development paper for Air Force Weather (AFWA). The paper outlines a strategy of employing SOA architecture and Confidential best practices to enhance current AFWA system. Real time data feeds and data processing are handled by Confidential 's Real Time Database "Times Ten" and the RTTI connection. Queries are accomplished via web services an Confidential 's Application server. Data storage is estimate to be in petabytes

Confidential, Software Director/ Architect - Wide Band Global Systems

  • Functioned as a PM and Lead Systems Architect, lead a team of fourteen (14) engineers working on a Satellite power control systems for communications on the Wideband Global Systems program (essentially a WAN in the Sky). This project included the use of Voice Over IP (VoIP) in support of the Future Warrior Effort
  • Used a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach, supported Satellite communications in the Ku, Ka, and L and X bands to replace current/legacy Defense Satellite Communications System (DSCS)
  • Project scope included: RF Spectrum analysis and uses Internet Protocol Satellite Modems for message traffic
  • Used Reverse Engineering as well as wrote new Visual C++ software in creation of NT services. For SOA, used XML, MSM Queues and an Confidential 10g database to round out the components.
  • Created functional specifications, system requirements specifications, detail design documents
  • Used of Enterprise Architect for data modeling and UML use cases, state, sequence and class diagrams
  • In 2007, my team was integral in achieving Launch Capability for the first WGS Satellite, one of a five cluster system

Confidential, Project Manager/Software Architect

  • Used MetaMatrix for Enterprise Information Integration (EII) tool modeled and mapped incoming data sources into a standard model in support of Intelligence community
  • Used the model-driven architecture, the product was used in the creation of a federated query system
  • Used JDBC and WSDL connectors forming connections to disparate data sources and placed them into MetaMatrix Virtual Models and Virtual Databases
  • Utilized Rational Rose, for source Data Modeling and UML sequence diagrams
  • Used SOA architecture via a WebLogic App Server with Java and JMS for data integration with Meta Matrix
  • Worked on a three-tier application this used WebSphere application server, JavaBeans, and Java Portlets to a back-end Confidential 9i database. The effort, created for a government agency, was on time, and on budget
  • Received an award in contributing to Confidential 's CMMI Level 3 compliance effort
  • Developed C++ software for Satellite Mission Management using Rational Rose, UNIX workstations, and PVCS. Large LOC (Line of Code) effort involving satellite data
  • Used Purify Tools as well as XML, X-Windows (Motif), also used Forte Workshop which allows for and IDE for software Debugging and creation in C++ and Java
  • Created five GUI screens, as well as utilized a Model View Controller (MVC) paradigm for data presentation and storage. Pro*C was employed as the back-end mechanism for database storage/retrieval

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