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Enterprise Architect Resume



  • Over 25 years experience in programming, database, Infrastructure Architecture, Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework,  Architecture Framework .Architecture, Cloud Service Architecture, Enterprise Resource Planning  Business Analysis Techniques, Architecture, and management & development.
  • Establishing and developing Communication Agent  IT policies, procedures, guidelines, and contract clauses that ensure that IT system requirements comply with policies.
  • Systems and operational architecture development and implementation. To provide the various products used . Architecture Framework and how those products are implemented using .



  • Telelogic  System Architect 9.x and 10.x DoDAF/C4ISR and Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework/Integrated Reference Model Architect.
  • DOORS, SPARX, iGrafx, Proforma's ProVision, NetViz, Troux,  Rational System Architect 11.3x and 11.4x.
  • Oracle 8i, 9i and 10g, SOA 11g, Access 97, 2000,Microsoft SQL Server 7,Sybase, Informix, Ingres, Unify, dbase, dBASE II, Intersolv Q+E editor, ERWin 3.5x and 4.1.1, Visio, IBM Rational.
  • Cold Fusion, Active Server Page (ASP), Visual Basic, Crystal Report, Power Builder, Java Script, CGI, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, SharePoint.
  • HTML, XML, UML, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, Web Services, SOA, C, C++, Visual C++, Java, Pascal, Lisp, Perl, Awk, Cobol, Assembly, APL, Prolog, Fortran, Forth, Modula-2, Ada.
  • Window NT 4, Window 2000, Window XP, UNIX Shell , UX UNIX SYSTEM V, OS/2. Solaris. CenterLine.
  • C-ISAM, Windows SDK, X Windows/MOTIF, Windows API, Vermont Views.
  • TCP/IP.,  Excel and Word, WordPerfect, Lotus 123, and Minitab for Statistic Analysis.



Enterprise Architect, DC


  • Manage the Enterprise Architecture  Portfolio containing Department of Defense Architecture Framework  Capability Viewpoints 2 and 4 of a “To-be” Private or Hybrid Cloud architecture based on a comprehensive set of Enterprise Cloud Services. Based on Cloud services architecture, to design, identify and act to improve individual and team knowledge of new technologies, business processes and project management skills. This extended works involve development environments. Technologies include Java/J2EE, web services and development of service oriented architecture.
  • Provide operations and maintenance support to the  environment for the testing of the  technology, including the connectivity to duplicate the  environment in the laboratory.
  • Develop Backend Cloud Infrastructure Build-Up and To-Be Enterprise Architecture Portfolio Integrated Cloud Services using  Create, analyze, and maintain architecture products in accordance with DoDAF 2.x.
  • Translate user requirements into capability, operational and system architectures.
  • Coordinate and provide connectivity to available enterprise services  attribute, directory, discovery services and enterprise active directory.
  • Produce the integration and validation between the new  with the Unified Collaboration/Communication chat capability 


Enterprise Architect, DC

  • Lead analysis and business process modeling to help define the right capabilities needed and recommend solutions that support business and IT 
  • Used  process to collaborate with the product development team for designing and coding application components in an Agile environment. This process utilizied a test driven development approach.
  • Developed, maintained and updated the  program management plan  as directed by the government.
  • Engaged with Divisions and Programs at the concept and needs definition level of the acquisition of IT capabilities to help define and capture the business processes, performance requirements, service reuse .
  • Completed the development of domain architectures in a manner, which enhances operational value of the  through the provision services and solutions.
  • Developed and populate contents of the Program Alignment Workbook 
  • Supported the collection and analysis of information requirements for each IT investment in accordance with the  Program Management Plan and  Strategic Plan.


System analyst, Arlington, VA

  • Performs high-level systems analysis, evaluation, design, integration, documentations, and implementation of complex applications. Directs and participates in all phases of system development with emphasis. 
  • Builds and provides the  Forensics and  Biometrics As-Is Enterprise Architecture viewpoints, which are subject to review and validation by key  based DoDAF 2.0. The Defense Forensic 


Assistant Technologist, Herndon, VA

  • Provides Business Assistance Technology Solutions Support and it is with Department Security  Office of Information Technology  Enterprise Architecture branch. The supported project involves the support of many other IT projects within as an extension of . Supports solutions for Capital Planning and Investment Control , as it relates to the  300s
  • Supporting IT projects involve consulting alignment through the Information Technology Lifecycle Management  process, Systems Engineering Cycle , subject matter expert technical support and life-cycle cost estimates  on enterprise, system and implementation issues, and other requested assistance upon approval.
  • Provides United States Citizenship and Immigration Services  in the information security policies, procedures, and best practices, which are related to the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 
  • Supports the Biometrics program through the  Gate Review process. Federal Segment Architecture Methodology is a step-by-step process for developing and using segment architectures, which will be applied to Biometrics program.
  • Provides supports for The Transformation Program Office  in a major modernization effort including 2A/2B gate review. It would be align the agency's technology with the target technologies that   defined.


System analyst,Mnassas, VA

  • Responsible for building  and the Reference Models. Each  reference model needs to be extended appropriately to account for the unique lines of business. The following discussion proposes a structure and high level layout for each element. Business Reference Model. The current  includes a Line of Business and Sub-functions under this Line of Busines
  •  includes: Operational Defense; Strategic and Theater Defense; and Tactical Defense. Since the  supports functions under each of these areas, it makes sense to include Service Oriented Architecture Foundation as a construct separately under each sub-function.
  • Responsible for building the 5  Reference Models for Reduce and Delete XTreme Architecture Process 
  • Responsible for Enterprise Architecture, Governance, and IT  Management services to align their capabilities 


Senior Enterprise Engineer, McLean, VA

  • Managed to develop and analyze the  technical standards and recommend updates based on the current  direction embodied in the Log and Technical Standards v6 standards.
  • Providing medical information to  and streamlining processes, Field capabilities including: Medical Information Requests, Sales Training.
  • Established a database of standards using Oracle 9i and Access database and made recommendations regarding updates for  developed reports for review and analysis.
  • Integrated and implemented On-Line 05-2.0 and TV 
  • Supported  Electronic Business  and Electronic Commerce  program for formatting System Architecture of  services data; it was itemized by Information Exchange and Name.
  • Developed Systems Technology Forecast section for Repository, Collaboration Tools, Expert Location and Management , Business Intelligence/Data Mining with Oracle 9i and Access 2000.
  • Architected, implemented, and tested a J2EE-based  portal prototype system for  It includes the use of an XML-based communications development platform to obtain live feeds from reporting systems.
  • Responsible for inclusion of a decision support system with using SQL Server-based database, and for development of multiple  channels and the Java-based logic to control them.
  • Led to work on Network Performance Management Using Analyzed and conducted lab tests to determine the accuracy and reliability of using  products with their associated endpoints to measure the service being provided


Project Manager, Reston, VA

  • Led to determine capacity provisioning based on traffic monitoring of existing deployments, integration of current deployments into consolidated regions, and the design requirements of ongoing new deployments and multiple tier services.
  • Provided guidance to team members throughout data model design, coding, testing and deployment.
  • Planned and developed the requirements for the open access for Multiple Internet Service Providers . Requirements included bandwidth requirements,  Address allocation schemes and policies, Iaddress renumbering procedures, and high-level design requirements for implementing an  address management system.
  • Researched and evaluated emergent new networking technologies and products to enhance network efficiency and reliability.

Senior Integrated Network Engineering / Project Leader, Reston VA

  • Supported  for the Alternate Source Exploitation  project under  the network architecture and network element management systems design.Provided an extensive knowledge.
  • Developed and maintain applications dealing with Message Text Format reports on Central Data Base System  project 
  • Designed and developed various types of customized report software, including character based software with client/server tools from  and SQL Server database using C, C++.
  • Provided the distributed development on World Wide Web with utilization of  Script, HTML, and Java to deal with Message Text Format reports.


Senior Programmer/Analyst,Fairfax VA

  •  Informaton Engineering  methodologies and tools, reverse software engineering techniques, and tools in the development 
  • Handled the development and production environment that included symmetric Sequent servers  UNIX System V Release 3.4, ORACLE 7, and SQL Server for UNIX,  PC compatible 386.
  • Software development tools included: Windows 3.1., Visual Basic 3.0, ODBC interface  Access, Q + E Editor, Sheridan Systems 3DWidgets, and DataWidgets custom controls.
  • Database design tools included: Knowledgeware  Logicworks Configuration management tools include: Intersolve Polyversion Control System  and  for Visual Basic.


Chief Software Engineer,Herndon, VA

  • Handled RFP's and converted clients requirements into working solutions utilizing C,  Access, ORACLE v.6, SYBASE, UNIFY, DBMS's, PowerBuilder, Visual BASIC, and Visual C++ in a UNIX/MS-Windows environment.
  • Used Oracle v.6 in UNIX and wrote UNIX shells and scripts. Conducted phase IV & V testing of environmental software proposed for use in government and commercial applications. Conducted field training and evaluation using Quick Turnaround Method  software and downloaded data from database to remote sites.
  • Developed communication engine for a business application using Visual BASIC, Visual C++, PowerBuilder,Windows, SDK under Windows and client/server architecture.



  • Responsible for data analysis, system design, coding, and testing and maintenance of the Practi-Care Medical System on UNIX/XENIX using C, X-Windows/MOTIF, INFORMIX-SQL, and C-ISAM on Altos 2086 and Harris/Lanier 4200 computer.
  • Worked on Electronic Medical Claims programs to submit claims electronically from physician's office to insurance company. Installed and tested the medical system in various database systems including Oracle, SYBASE, and dBase; wrote programs in PASCAL.
  • Installed and tested the medical system in various database systems including Oracle, SYBASE, and dBase; wrote programs in PASCAL..

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