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Senior Software Engineer Resume

Moorestown, NJ


Accomplished senior level Software Engineer with 15 years of professional experience, specializing in object - oriented design and development of large-scale projects. Proficient in C++, Java, Linux/Win OS.


Languages: C++, C, Java, Visual C++, Oracle PL/SQL, JPQL, Shell script, Python, Perl, UML, VB, Eiffel, Ada, Assembly, XML, HTML, Java EE Servlets and JSP, Objective-C, JavaScript

Systems: Linux, UNIX, Windows (Win32 API, MFC), MS-DOS, VAX/VMS, Mac-OS

Network & Protocol: Sockets, TCP/IP, SNMP

Software: Eclipse, Hibernate; Eclipse RAP; MySQL/Workbench; Apache Tomcat; XCode/Interface Builder; NetBeans; Subversion, Sun Studio, Visual Studio, Rational Rhapsody, ClearCase, Clearquest, DOORS, MS Visio


Confidential, Moorestown, NJ

Senior Software Engineer

  • Designed and implemented the ThreatLocker Web Application to manage a repository of data files. Technologies used include MySQL database to store metadata; JPA & Hibernate ORM was used for data access layer. The GUI front end was developed on the Eclipse RAP platform using Java API. Apache Tomcat was used for application server.
  • Architected, designed in UML using Rational Rose, and implemented in C++ on Linux OS, an Aegis Anti-Air Warfare (AAW) Weapon Control System (WCS) model for use in simulation. The engagement sequence diagram I created on this project is used by every new team member to learn the WCS model. The object-oriented design utilized several design patterns including State, Singleton, and Observer.
  • Re-architected above model, and using the Abstract Factory pattern, added Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) capability to the above WCS model, for use in Aegis simulation to provide engineering analysis for the Navy. Developed shell scripts to run regression tests prior to check-ins.
  • Using Visual Studio in C++ on Win XP platform, developed GUI front end for the WCS model, for use by the Navy for Aegis training.
  • Developed enhancements in Core Java to Weapon Resource Scheduler component of WCS, connected to C++ components via JNI interface.

Confidential, Camden, NJ

Senior Software Engineer

  • LMD/KP project: Designed and developed client/server application for Classified Electronic Key Management System. Created data flow, Sequence, and Class design diagrams using Rhapsody UML modeling tool. Presented design to customer at Critical Design Review. C++, Ada, Oracle DB, and PL/SQL used for development on SCO UNIX OS. Required experience in TCP/IP Network Programming.
  • Developed GUI in Java using the Swing API and Eclipse IDE on Win OS, for testing and customer demonstration of the unityCP programmable ASIC Crypto Engine. Utilized Java Socket API and Observer pattern.
  • Developed Java GUI to demonstrate secure SME PED Smartphone interface to NSA customer.

Confidential, Syracuse, NY

Software Engineer

  • Utilized OOD and OOP using C++ on UNIX to develop the multi-threaded Communications Mission Software (COMS) configuration item (CSCI) of the Radar Data Processor (RDP) software. The RDP controls, processes targets and manages tracks for the FPS/TPS 117 Ground Radar. COMS managed communication between the radar internal components and external interfaces. Internal components include the Tracker, Radar Performance, Radar Control, Detection Processing, and communication was via inter-process communication (IPC) devices. External interfaces include incoming operator command messages and outgoing radar data messages to/from the Windows NT-based display over a CORBA interface, and to customer-specific passive display users via HDLC or a Synchronous Bit Stream connection.
  • Taiwan Passive display user interface
  • Designed in UML, developed in C++, passive user display interface w/ messages sent/received over synchronous bit stream connection.
  • Italy MATRA C2M display user interface / Italy RELM project (RIS display user interface)
  • Modified the current 117 RDP system to support the 50-message C2M display user interface over RS-232 connection via HDLC protocol. This included working with Systems Engineering to create thread analyses, update interface documents, and create system requirements. Performed loopback test prior to integration.
  • Updated UML Design doc and implemented in C++, the additions and updates to the COMS software required to support the interface to the C2M display. Developed a C2M display simulator for testing, and wrote test procedure document.
  • Traveled to Bari, Italy on site survey to analyze C2M display, to help write site acceptance integration test.
  • Traveled to subcontractor Northrop Grumman’s C2M display test lab in CA for integration testing. Troubleshot and corrected on site, all software issues that came up during integration, including endian issue.
  • Updated CORBA IDL interface between the RDP and the Windows NT-based tactical display.

Confidential, Malvern, PA

Software Developer

  • Developed enhancements to the PROFILE/Anyware (P/A) banking solutions product, which functions both as a server to the PROFILE for Windows product, or as a stand-alone, character-based application.
  • Converted M code into an object-oriented version of M called PROFILE Scripting Language (PSL).

Confidential, Rochester, NY

Software Engineer

  • Developed a VHF Radio Programming GUI Application, in Visual C++, for the RF-5800V combat net radio.

Confidential, Durham, NH

Software Developer / Integration Test Engineer (Co-op)

  • Developed a C++ SNMP trap handler for Confidential 's network mgmt product SPECTRUM. This required using Spectrum’s C++ Inference handler API, and understanding SNMP traps and how traps are used in device management.

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